Island Help Walkthroughs


Poptropica is filled with a variety of islands, each one unique with its own stories and characters. Help the people solve their problems and save the day!

🏝 Each Island Guide below comes with a written walkthrough with pictures along with other fun extras like wallpapers, trivia, and more.

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Poptropica (Desktop and Mobile)

🖥 Poptropica on desktop is also known as Haxe, the engine it began using in 2020 instead of Flash. Read more about Flash vs Haxe here.

📱 Poptropica also has a mobile app available on both the iOS App Store and Google Play Store which matches the desktop game, unless you have the pre-2022 version of the app, which mostly matches Poptropica’s Steam bundle.

🍭 Candy Crazed Mini Quest »

Follow the treat tower’s trail and grab all 100 gumdrops to rescue Hansel and Gretel from the witch! You can replay this to earn more credits.

🧚‍♂️ Fairy Tale Island Guide »

Someone has stolen the happy endings of the people of Fairy Tale Island! Get to the bottom of the mystery and make new happy endings!

👑 Rumpel’s Challenge Side Quest Guide »

Those who have completed Fairy Tale Island can also partake in this follow-up side quest in search of the true king.

👩‍🚀 PoptropiCon Island Guide »

Everyone is dressed up for the biggest sci-fi and fantasy convention in Poptropica. At PoptropiCon, the most important thing isn’t what you do — it’s how you look doing it!

🪲 Jade Scarab Island Guide »

A curse has befallen those looking for the Jade Scarab. Can you get to the bottom of it?

🤪 Goofball Island Guide »

Someone is blandifying the goofy citizens of Goofball Island. Only you can return them to abnormal!

🐝 Blitz on the Fritz Side Quest Guide »

Members only bonus quest for Goofball Island: Katie’s camera bot is changing the islands! Help her put everything back to normal.

🌊 Mission Atlantis Island Guide »

It’s a different world under the sea… but the ancient secret at the bottom of the ocean is beyond your wildest dreams.

🏴‍☠️ The Baron’s Crusade Guide »

Help the Baron uncover a hidden treasure on a distant isle not found on your map. (Playable once, whenever the Baron lands on Home Island.)

🦄 Amelia’s MiniQuest Guide »

Find Amelia’s cargo somewhere on Survival Island and return it to her in her home!

⚡️ Mythology Island Guide »

Zeus needs a champion — and he wants you! Battle monsters, swim the depths of the ocean, and descend into the underworld. Will you emerge a hero?

🐫 Arabian Nights Island Guide »

Journey to an ancient land of sultans, thieves, and a magical lamp with power beyond imagination.

🥕 24 Carrot Island Guide »

Kids, carrots, and a cat have gone missing! Help solve the mystery! Island tips: Find the cat. Get into the factory. Avoid detection. Save the world!

🕰 Time Tangled Island Guide »

A malfunctioning time machine has messed up history! It’s your job to go back in time and set things right. Because if you don’t, who knows what the future will hold!

👮‍♀️ Escape From Pelican Rock Island Guide »

Pelican Rock is the toughest prison ever built. And after you’re framed for a crime you didn’t commit, it’s your new home! Use your wits to devise an escape plan, and your nerve to pull it off. But getting out is just the beginning — because the real criminal is still out there!

⛰ Survival Island Guide »

Miles from civilization, it’s just you against nature. Can you survive in the wilderness and find your way back home?

👖 Timmy Failure Island Guide »

When danger lurks, and criminals hide around every corner, you need the best detective money can buy. That detective is not Timmy Failure — but don’t try to tell him that. You’re about to come face to face with the craziest cast of characters ever to appear on a Poptropica Island. Trying to solve this mystery is only the beginning!

🏡 Home Island Guide »

Home Island is the first island you land on when you visit Poptropica, and your rest stop between islands. Here you can find the store and your clubhouse. You’ll also find a short side-quest called “The Greatest”!

Poptropica on Steam

For about US$20 (or less in some regions), you can get a bundle on Steam, the video game distribution platform, which includes 17 islands (including some also on Haxe), Realms, and Flash-era features like the Costumizer. Read our review here.

🌍 Poptropica Realms »

A journey of infinite discovery awaits you in Poptropica Realms. Create a brand-new world, and then use the power of Svadilfari to shape it into any form you can dream. Explore randomly generated terrain. Meet strange creatures. Build never-before-seen structures. In Poptropica Realms, the only limit is your imagination!

🦛 Reality TV: Wild Safari Island Guide »

Have you ever wanted to be the star of a reality TV show? Well, now’s your chance! Duke it out with your fellow contestants to win the show’s grand prize.

🥇 Snagglemast Island Guide »

Collect gold coins while learning basic game mechanics. For first-time players.

🗺 Mystery of the Map Island Guide »

A lost Viking settlement… an island unstuck in time… a magical map with power beyond understanding… and a devious plot that could unravel the very fabric of Poptropica! Join Mya, Oliver, and Jorge for a thrilling new adventure that lifts the veil from the greatest secret of all: the origin of Poptropica!

🌭 Galactic Hot Dogs Island Guide »

From the hit graphic novel comes the zaniest Poptropica adventure yet. Hop aboard the Neon Wiener for an intergalactic voyage with Cosmoe, Humphree, and Princess Dagger!

🎡 Monster Carnival Island Guide »

In the dead of night, a caravan rumbles into town. The traveling carnival has returned! But this is no day at the park. Behind the lights and the laughter, the carnival harbors a dark secret. Buy a ticket if you dare, but beware — once you enter, you may never be able to escape the Monster Carnival!

🖥 Mocktropica Island Guide »

Poptropica is under new management, and it’s falling apart at the seams! The newest Island isn’t finished, the staff is nowhere to be found, and you can’t take two steps without running into a game-breaking bug. Get ready to go behind the scenes for your most important adventure yet — because this time, you’ve got to save Poptropica itself!

🤽‍♂️ Poptropolis Games Island Guide »

Once every 100 years, the ancient capital of Poptropica — Poptropolis — rises from the sea to host a tournament created to prove tribal supremacy. Each of the tribes of Poptropica sends a representative to compete across a series of grueling events for a chance to become the Champion of Poptropica. Do you have what it takes to vanquish the competition and win glory for your tribe?

👃 Virus Hunter Island Guide »

Somewhere in Poptropica, an unknown citizen harbors within his bloodstream a dangerous new virus. Your mission: locate Patient Zero, and eradicate the disease before it spreads. Prepare for a perilous journey to the most far-out place of all — inside the human body!

🔬 Shrink Ray Island Guide »

A young genius has invented a ray gun that shrinks anything it touches – including you! But when the scientist and her invention go missing, you’ll have to keep the shrink ray from falling into the wrong hands, and find a way to bring yourself back to normal size. To solve a problem this big, you’ve got to think small!

⚡️ Mythology Island Guide (Classic) »

Mighty Zeus, king of the gods, needs a hero – and he wants you! To satisfy Zeus, you’ll need to battle monsters, swim the depths of the ocean, and descend into the mysterious underworld. Will you emerge a hero like Hercules, or face the fiery wrath of Zeus and his thunderbolts?


Roblox is a platform hosting games from many creators, including Poptropica.

🧟 Zomberry: Humans vs Zombies Guide »

Get lucky and you’ll stay human… for now. Or transform into a zombified Poptropican and infect the healthy players. 

🦄 Unicorn Frenzy Guide »

Fly to the baby unicorn kingdom in the clouds and then gather them up as fast as you can! Collect as many unicorns as you can. Play against your friends. Use the lightning bolts for speed power-ups.

Poptropica Original (Flash)

Due to the end of Flash technology in 2020, many of Poptropica’s classic islands (built in Flash) are harder to access. Poptropica is working on converting some content to newer technology (Haxe) so they may officially return someday.

In the meantime, you can play some of the classic islands with Flashpoint (*except Monkey Wrench, which can be accessed through a separate AS3 Flashpoint, or a Chrome extension and alt Flash — both of which also offer the Steam islands).

🐵 Monkey Wrench Island Guide* »

The Flying Ace Race is underway! But one evil pilot is about to throw a monkey wrench into your plans. To beat the Red Baroness and win the race, you’ll need to build the fastest yellow blimp in Poptropica! Get ready to take flight in a compact adventure made especially for first-time players!

🎬 Back Lot Island Guide »

The greatest filmmaker of all time has come out of hiding, and he needs your help to make his masterpiece. But will you be producing the next big blockbuster, or is there trouble in tinseltown? From the first frame to the final cut, it’s lights, camera, action!

🛍 Night Watch Island Guide »

After the stores have closed and the shoppers have all gone home, the mall is your playground. But are you alone on the night watch… or is someone watching you? From escaped animals to creeping cat burglars, get ready to find out what really happens after hours!

🔦 Zomberry Island Guide »

One by one, the citizens of Eastman are mutating into something horrible. Now, the city is quarantined, the survivors are trapped, and ghouls prowl the streets. No one knows how the zombie outbreak began… but how it ends is up to you!

🍫 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island Guide »

After years of silence, Willy Wonka’s magical chocolate factory is re-opening, and you’ve got a Golden Ticket. But when a group of misbehaving kids threaten to destroy Wonka’s candy creations, he needs you to save the day. Prepare to untangle a confectionary conundrum that’s full of sweet treats and sticky situations!

😈 Super Villain Island Guide »

Deep inside a top-secret prison, four of Poptropica’s most infamous villains float in suspended animation. Your mission: to infiltrate their minds and extract the sources of their evil. Can you withstand a journey to the heart of darkness, or will their twisted dreams trap you forever?

🌚 Lunar Colony Island Guide »

An abandoned space station. A missing astronaut. A signal from beyond the stars. Blast off for a Poptropica adventure like no other! Get ready to explore the secrets of the lunar surface, and uncover a mystery as old as the cosmos…

⛱ Wimpy Boardwalk Island Guide »

It’s summertime, but the living ain’t easy for a wimpy kid. When Greg and Rowley visit the boardwalk for a relaxing beach vacation, they never expect to run afoul of thieving teens, ravenous seagulls, and crooked carnies. Only you can clean up Greg’s mess before vacation ends!

🌳 Twisted Thicket Island Guide »

A quiet seaside village has been attacked by mysterious beings that dwell nearby. You are chosen to enter the dark woods and confront the creatures. But beyond the forest’s edge lies a world of magic and danger, where the only thing more twisted than the tree trunks is the truth.

🦇 Vampire’s Curse Island Guide »

For centuries, a truce has existed between the people of a remote mountain village and the vampire who lives in the castle high above. Now, that truce is shattered, and Count Bram has captured a young villager. Can you rescue her from his evil clutches — and avoid being struck by the vampire’s curse?

🚢 S.O.S. Island Guide »

When a whale-watching expedition strikes an iceberg, a pleasure cruise becomes a disaster scene. As the ship sinks deeper and deeper into the frigid waters of the North Atlantic, can you rescue everyone onboard before it’s too late?

👻 Ghost Story Island Guide »

Hemlock Harbor is a town with a secret. Restless spirits are said to haunt its shores, but no one knows who they are, what they want — or how to get rid of them. Can you hunt the ghosts of Hemlock Harbor and uncover the mystery that will set them free?

🤖 Game Show Island Guide »

Welcome to a future where robots rule. Building computers to compete on TV game shows seemed like a funny idea – until the machines wanted more. Now, after years of robotic dominance, Poptropica needs a savior. Are you clever enough to beat the robots at their own games, and restore the dignity of all Poptropicans?

🚂 Mystery Train Island Guide »

How do you solve a mystery when everyone is a suspect? It’s 1893, and some of the world’s brightest minds are traveling by train to the World’s Fair in Chicago. But after a dastardly crime puts the fate of the Fair in peril, only you can piece together the clues and collar the criminal. All aboard for a whodunit that will keep you guessing until the last twist of the tracks!

🐉 Red Dragon Island Guide »

The Magic Tree House has landed on Poptropica! Join Jack and Annie on a journey back in time to a world of samurai warriors, sumo wrestlers, and even greater dangers that lurk in the clouds. When trouble strikes, it’s up to you to master a set of elite ninja skills and undertake a dangerous rescue mission. Can you find your way back home, or will you be stuck in old Japan forever?

☃️ Wimpy Wonderland Island Guide »

The kids in town are enjoying a snow day – all except for Greg Heffley, whose little brother Manny has gone missing! It’s up to you to find Manny, but before you do, you’ll have to contend with surly teenagers, crabby senior citizens, and those rotten Whirley Street kids. Join Greg, Rowley, Rodrick, and the rest of the Wimpy Kid characters for a snow-capped adventure you’ll never forget!

🤠 Wild West Island Guide »

A shadow is creeping across the frontier, and its name is El Mustachio Grande. He’s the meanest, nastiest, outlaw in the land, and he’s terrorizing the good folks of Wild West Island. With your trusty horse by your side, only you stand between the Mustachio gang and total anarchy. Can you bring Mustachio to justice, once and for all?

🐲 Cryptids Island Guide »

An eccentric billionaire is promising a big reward to whoever can prove the existence of cryptids — hidden creatures. The hunt is on for Bigfoot, Nessie, and other legendary beasts. But watch out: you’re not the only one in search of these monsters…and your competitors will stop at nothing to find them!

🎃 Great Pumpkin Island Guide »

Halloween is here, but not all of the PEANUTS kids are celebrating – not when Charlie Brown keeps getting tricks instead of treats, Snoopy is attacked by the infamous Red Baron, and Linus waits all night for the Great Pumpkin. Can you set things right and save Halloween?

⚙️ Steamworks Island Guide »

The silence of empty streets welcomes you. Metal and machines fill the lonely halls, and a growing mystery lurks behind a shroud of steam. Can you uncover what happened to the inhabitants of this ancient island? Gear up for a steam-powered adventure you will never forget!

☠️ Skullduggery Island Guide »

Set sail for adventure! Outwit cunning pirates and battle fierce sea monsters in the biggest Poptropica quest yet. Build your ship. Assemble your crew. Rule the sea!

📺 Reality TV Island Guide »

Have you ever wanted to be the star of a reality TV show? Well, now’s your chance! Duke it out with your fellow contestants and avoid elimination to win the show’s grand prize and become a hero to your home town.

🔍 Counterfeit Island Guide »

Some of the world’s most famous artwork is on display at the island’s museum, but rumor has it someone’s out to steal it. Can you explore the dark and dangerous side of Counterfeit Island and save the day in this crackling canvas caper?

⚔️ Astro-Knights Island Guide »

Launch thyself into a new adventure on Poptropica! The Princess hath been kidnapped and taken to the far reaches of space. Thou must assemble a space vessel and fly among the stars on an intergalactic quest to rescue her and save the kingdom of Arturus.

💩 Big Nate Island Guide »

Get ready for a whole new type of adventure on Poptropica. Enter the comic strip world of Big Nate – a wisecracking kid who holds the all-time record for detentions at his school. You’re on a mission to find a long-lost time capsule which, if found, can save the school from demolition. You’ll need help from Nate and his friends to complete your quest!

🦁 Nabooti Island Guide »

For centuries, the Nabooti tribe has been protected by the power of seven sacred jewels. But now, the jewels are missing! Take across Africa to find the missing jewels and return them to the Nabooti tribe. You’ll visit pyramids, ancient mines, and giant waterfalls on your quest.

🕵️‍♀️ Spy Island Guide »

A new sinister menace has been discovered by Poptropica’s three top spies, but now the spies have vanished! You will need the skills of a cunning spy to rescue them and discover all the clues. Get ready for gadgets, sneaky moves, and hair raising adventures!

💥 Super Power Island Guide »

A giant meteorite has crashed into the island’s prison, freeing hardened criminals and giving them super powers. Now they are wreaking havoc on the island. Only a true super hero can stop them and save the day.

🦈 Shark Tooth Island Guide »

The citizens of the island are having BIG shark trouble. Only you can save the day by discovering the many secrets of Shark Tooth Island.

🐷 Early Poptropica Island Guide »

Poptropica’s oldest inhabitants have a problem: someone’s been stealing their stuff! To return what’s rightfully theirs, you’ll explore creepy sewers, pitch-black caverns, and even a giant’s garden in the clouds. See how it all began with the very first Poptropica Island: Early Poptropica!



Mini quests don’t quite have full storylines like the islands—rather, they’re fun little games. Check the guide pages for updates on where to access.

🫐 Zomberry Hero Guide »

Another batch of tainted blueberry smoothies are the culprit behind the latest outbreak. Once again, it’s up to you to be the hero!

🎁 The Grapple-Gift »

An old man has asked you to deliver a Grapple-Pap gift to his sister, Clareta, in a far-off land. It’s a short side-quest only here for a limited time!

🐰 Hoptropica Guide »

Jump your way to the top of the skies and collect as many points as you can in this limited time mini-game, playing as either Dr. Hare or Dr. Beev. (Also in birthday style!)

🐻 Lost Cubs »

Search through the wintery landscape to look for mama bear’s five lost cubs! You can replay this to earn more credits.

⚔︎ Legendary Swords: Match 3 »

Match rows of three and score as many points as you can in three rounds of 60 seconds each in this mini-game styled after the original Legendary Swords!

🌴 Forgotten Islands for 3DS or iOS »

Climb aboard your blimp and explore the vast, uncharted Island chains of Poptropica®. Steer clear of hazards and discover exotic Islands beneath the clouds. Take to the Islands and embark on quests, discovering the secrets of Poptropica’s past one artifact at a time. Poptropica: Forgotten Islands is the adaptation of the most popular virtual world for kids on iPhone and iPad. Customize your avatar and travel across multiple Islands, on foot or by blimp. Collect artifacts and other items and discover the mystery of the Forgotten Islands!

🐀 Poptropica Adventures for Nintendo DS »

In Poptropica® Adventures, the Poptropica museum is in ruins and needs your help! Explore three amazing Islands and find missing artifacts to help restore the museum to its former glory. Meet interesting characters, collect artifacts, solve puzzles, and play mini-games in the ultimate on-the-go Poptropica experience! Looking to stand out in a crowd? Customize the look of your avatar with new clothes, hats, hair styles, and more to show off your unique Poptropica style!

👾 Nano-Combat Training »

On Virus Hunter Island, it’s up to you to battle tough germs in the microscopic environment of a human body. But it would be foolish to do so without training! With this members-only game once available in the Poptropica Store, you can practice taking control of a tiny ship and dealing some big damage.

🚃 D.C. Diner »

Poptropicans are all getting ready to board the train to the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893! Before they hop on the train, they want to grab a quick bite to eat at the D.C. Diner!

🤼‍♂️ Prepare for Impact! »

Push or be pushed! In this sumo wrestling tournament, you’ll want to be the first one to click after the gyoji (referee) says “begin!” to get the advantage and beat your opponent. Be careful, though: if you click too early you will be disqualified.

🎈 Shrink Shot »

The object of the game is to bounce your miniaturized Poptropican around a room, causing as much mayhem as you can to rack up big points. Achieving high scores will earn you bonus powers that will help you score even more points! Can you unlock all of the upgrades and win the grand prize?

⛈ Blimp Adventure »

Travel to the edges of Poptropica and beyond with your own inflatable, 30-inch Poptropica blimp. Players who get the Poptropica blimp will unlock an exclusive in-game adventure!

⚔️ Legendary Swords »

On a distant planet, a hero explores a strange land to discover a race of aggressive and bizarre robots who are planning an invasion of Planet Poptropica! The only way the hero can stop this invading force is by using a series of hidden mystical swords that are scattered throughout the planet. Driven by courage (and a little fear), the hero must stop the invading robots and their diabolical master; the mysterious E. Vile!

🐽 Don’t be an Energy Hog »

Within the house are some energy hogs, who don’t know how to conserve energy, because all they do is keep appliances on — how wasteful! You have 60 seconds to go around turning electricity off, and if you can keep the energy meter at an acceptable level, you’ll win an Earth Day shirt!

🃏 Dr. Hare’s Secret Lab »

In the secret lab of Dr. Hare, you need to collect three colored key cards hidden around the room without being detected by the guards. The reward is a Rabbot costume you can wear!

🏚 Haunted House »

Step foot inside Poptropica’s creepiest creation — if you dare. In the darkest reaches of the Haunted House, you’ll find creepy critters, poltergeists, and painted portraits that watch your every move. Can you make it through the night without being scared out of your wits?

Poptropica Worlds

Poptropica Worlds was an alternative version of Poptropica available from 2017–2022 as a syncable desktop and mobile game. It is no longer playable.

⛵ Greek Sea Odyssey Island Guide »

Set sail on the newest adventure in Poptropica Worlds: Greek Sea Odyssey! Travel through Ancient Greece and beyond in search of the items that will allow you to topple Zeus once and for all!

🐰 Dr. Hare’s Revenge Guide »

In Dr. Hare’s Revenge, you’ll explore a series of diabolical mazes full of twists, turns, and traps. Collect all of the carrots before time runs out, and advance to the next maze. Fail, and…

🥕 24 Carrot Island Guide (Worlds) »

Something strange is happening on 24 Carrot Island. People are going missing, and the virtual world’s carrots are disappearing as well. It’s up to you to get to the bottom of the mystery and to bring the Island back to its former splendor!

💎 Crisis Caverns Island Guide »

Unravel the mysteries that lie in the caves of Crisis Caverns. A deadly supervolcano threatens Poptropica as we know it! To stop it, you must start an adventure taking you deep into the earth and explore areas that have yet to be discovered.

Hope you find our resources helpful! Comment below if you have questions — or if you just want to leave a tip or friendly note. 🙂

⭐️ Keep on popping on, Poptropicans! ⭐️


660 thoughts on “Island Help Walkthroughs”

  1. OK, thanks a lot for your help. How many trophies do you have? For me poptropica worlds doesn’t load. 😦

  2. Uhh. Can you get Jeff Kinney to upload all the islands that are not available on the poptropica app with doctor hare on it available.

  3. to slanted fish, it has been kinda dang depressing because flash went extinct. but i’m still keeping the door open a crack just in case a miracle happened. the old memories, flashbacks and moments have cheered me up a bit. so i came back just to try out fairy tale island. people have sent complaints that it was to easy etc. but the island was…well…Modern. the graphics were new and it was a (“little”) adventure

    1. Thank you for your comment! It’s nice to hear that the PHB’s attempts to preserve those memories made a difference. We’re also hopeful for more old islands to return.

  4. New side quest out with the Baroness, gotta say, even for a naysayer like me it was pretty cool, used a decent amount of stuff from some old islands, I won’t spoil, nice challenge at the end and a sweet reward, though sadly it’s not a costume. Though technically I already have the costume it would have been. Anyway it was enjoyable and allows a replay of part of it for extra credits (+50 per round) like the Baroness’ plane game. Some interesting pop lore reveals too if you look around.

  5. Has anyone heard if the game developers are planning on releasing any of the older islands on haxe anytime soon? cause as im a relativly new poptropica player it kinda makes me sad that im hearing that there used to be over 40 islands and since the good old days of the adobe flash player died i haven’t been able to play all of the islands and it makes me kinda sad

    1. The Poptropica Creators are currently working on bringing back the episodic islands — Survival, PoptropiCon, Mission Atlantis, Arabian Nights — which are available in various stages on Haxe. There are also more islands on Steam, but unfortunately it’s not free.

  6. Do you think that you could update the survival island guide? I was playing through the island recently and I think when survival island transférés to haxe they changed how you get the striker and I can’t seem to figure it out

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