Mocktropica Island Guide


Poptropica is under new management, and it’s falling apart at the seams! The newest Island isn’t finished, the staff is nowhere to be found, and you can’t take two steps without running into a game-breaking bug. Get ready to go behind the scenes for your most important adventure yet — because this time, you’ve got to save Poptropica itself!

For walkthroughs on Mocktropica Island, scroll down.


Released: December 19, 2013 (for members)
or January 16, 2014 (for all)
Common Room: The Bluelocust Restaurant
Preceded by: Virus Hunter Island
Succeeded by: Monster Carnival Island

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Island Extras

Video Walkthrough

For a written walkthrough with pictures, scroll down on this page!

Written Walkthrough

Walkthrough written and pictures taken by Brave Tomato & Samwow5
Special thanks to: HPuterpop & Slanted Fish

Welcome to Mocktropica – an adventure of Poptropica’s management mishaps and fourth wall breaking! You’ll find yourself in front of Poptropica HQ with odd glitchy music, barking hydrants, an unfinished scenery, and potted plants turning into cupcakes. Um… this does not feel right. At all.


Talk to the woman in green standing outside Poptropica Worldwide Headquarters. She’ll explain that Poptropica is under new management and they fired almost all of the Creators and slashed the budget.

Once you both realize she’s the Random Poptropican who tells you what’s wrong, go inside Poptropica Worldwide Headquarters. Inside, head left and talk to the guy with the glasses. He’s the focus tester who asks kids what they want so he can make them happy and therefore make money. Talk to him and he’ll give you a piece of Cake.


Next, go up the elevator to visit the various floors, and be sure talk to all the people there. On the second floor is the safety inspector; the third, the obnoxious ad sales lady; and the fourth, the frugal resource manager who comes up with ridiculously cheap island ideas like these:


Some of these islands sound interesting, I wonder if they will ever come out with these islands? Or are they just ripping off of some islands we’ve already got?


After visiting all the floors, leave the building and come back in. The girl from earlier tells you that everyone is in the basement, and unlocks the door for you. Once inside, talk to everyone, then talk to the girl with frazzled blonde hair, and ask if you can help. She’ll send you on what’s totally a fetch quest, despite claiming otherwise.


She wants you to find some of the employees and will give you their (three!) ID Badges. Go to the computer to the right of her and move the buildings around in the island editor (doesn’t matter where). Leave the basement, and once you’re upstairs, you’ll see the focus tester again, who will now tell you about this “achievements” feature he’s implementing. Also, if a pop-up ad randomly shows up, just click on it to get rid of it. They’ll show up from time to time.

Now, leave the building and head right towards Ephraim University. You’ll probably earn some useless achievements along the way.


Once you reach the university, go inside. You’ll see one of the employees that you’re supposed to bring back to Poptropica HQ. He’s the professor and writer, Max McPatrick. Talk to him and he’ll show you the poem… while an ad is bouncing around. Click on that ad multiple times and you’ll end up accidentally burning his copy. Oops. Well, he says that he’d return if you got him some soda (that will come later in the walkthrough).


Head back to the Poptropica HQ basement and click on the second computer to the left where it says “Island Maker Home Edition”. Click to change the mood from “grumpy” to “happy”. Don’t forget to save!

After that, leave the building, and head right to the cheese factory. Because you changed the mood, the guard will let you into the building. Once you go inside, hop up to the second floor. One of the people you need to bring back to Poptropica HQ is there – Lance Pitcher, the designer.


He says he doesn’t want to leave, though, because his current job is stress-free. When you leave, he’ll give you some Cheese Curds.


Leave Grunwald’s Cheese Factory and go back to Main Street. Click on the medallion-wearing boy and press spacebar. The Narf pet will chase after him. Now go back to the cheese factory and you’ll find that the Narfs are multiplying!

The boy will run back to Main Street, so follow him, and he will run to the cliff (Mt. Funshine). Follow him there. Throw a cheese curd into the chasm and all the Narfs will run after it, filling up the chasm, allowing you to cross.


Once you cross, climb the mountain, and grab the Climbing Axe. After you get the pickaxe, go down the mountain and head over to the cheese factory. Haha… time to teach the cheese curd guy a lesson-

BUT WAIT! You are pulled over by the focus tester, who has yet another bad idea: PopCoins! That you have to pay for certain things – including leaving Main Street.

Go into PopHQ and to the development basement. Click on the monitor to the farthest left and set the time of day to night. Don’t forget to save! Go outside and you’ll see a guy dressed in a dark outfit lingering around like a creeper.

He’s offering Counterfeit Coins to use as currency. He’ll give a lot to you. Great, now you can leave Main Street! First, attempt to leave by going right to go to the cheese curd factory. After a brief argument with the focus tester (Bad Idea Guy), give him a counterfeit PopCoin and he’ll let you go.

Go into the Cheese Factory. Go on the second floor next to the control panel and use the climbing axe to destroy the machine next to the worker and transform the factory into a vat of cheesy goodness. Distraught, Lance Pitcher agrees to return to his job at Poptropica HQ.


While you’re in there, click the settings back to “day” and “clear” (because Lance made it rain to fit with his “dark soul”). Don’t forget to save!

Now, go back to the mountain. Once you get to the mountain, go all the way up to the top. You’ll find one of the employees you’re supposed to bring back to Poptropica’s headquarters.


He’s the developer, Billy Jordan, and he says he will go back if you beat him at Mancala (just in like Nabooti Island!). Basically, the goal is to get the most stones into your big tray, which is on the right (the opponent’s tray is the other big one). In each turn, you select a cup, and the stones inside of it will be dropped into the cups after it (one at a time) until all the stones from that cup have moved. If the last stone lands in your tray, you get to go again. If the last stone lands on an empty cup, you get to capture all the stones across from that cup into your tray. Also, the bugs don’t count at all. (Tip: Get rid of bigger clumps on your side so he can’t “capture” them!)

Once you win, he appears back at the basement of Poptropica HQ.


While you’re in there, click “Random” on the island editor that moves stuff around on the island around until you get this (oh, and don’t forget to save!):

Now you can easily hop onto the top of Poptropica Worldwide Headquarters and grab the Soda.


Also, the safety guy will appear and give you a Helmet because he deems it unsafe to jump down from high heights without one. Put it on, then hop down to the right and there’s a crate blocking the way. Go back into the basement and click on the island editor where you move the buildings. The crate is in the far right location – click on it and it will break. Don’t forget to save!

Now, leave the basement and go to the University and give the professor his soda. He’ll tell you that when he sees a Poptropica script, he throws it away. Go back to HQ and down to the basement again. You’ll see that Slash the cost-cutter has decided to save money on chairs by making people sit on each other’s laps. Awkward.

Now go over to the moving luggage and then move it out of the way to find a sleeping guy… in front of the trash can. Talk to him, then use the Cake (after he does his dialogue!) and he’ll move away from the trash bin.


Click on the bags to move them. Dig through the trash and you’ll eventually find the Script, pictured below. You can also read a page of the typo-ridden script by clicking “Examine” on the item in your inventory, if you want to.


Leave and go back to the university. Click on the English professor and give him the script. Leave the building, and an annoying ad will pop up. Go back to HQ, up to the third floor to Ad Sales and pay the lady with your Counterfeit Coins to get rid of the ads for you.

Now ride the elevator down and the budget lady will appear. She will tell you that she eliminated most of the servers so Poptropica would run slow. Now go inside the basement, and you’ll find that you’re stuck in a perpetual loading screen. This is not a glitch! Go to your inventory, put on your protection Helmet, then bust all of the letters with your fat head.


After you bust all the letters, you will be in Poptropica’s internal servers. Here’s the map you can use for reference when you redirect the beams:

First, head over to the red cord and click on it until the red line points down.


Then click the blue one once, and then click the green one twice, and the server is all fixed.

You’ll talk to the lady in green again, thinking that you’ve saved Poptropica. But… the blond lady knows her stuff, since she notes that we still need to experience the Poptropica-style villainous twist. As if on cue, all four of the meddling managers reveal themselves to be workers for Poptropica’s rival website, Mega Fighting Bots!


And they plan to destroy you for fixing all of their hard work! So they summon their fitting Mega Fighting Bot and form together Power-Rangers style into one giant robot in Poptropica’s coolest cutscene yet.

And so the gratuitous action sequence begins!

To defeat this mega-bot, keep on shooting your fake PopCoins at it just by clicking on the big bot. Move out of the way when it throws rocks and its fists at you! It’s an easy boss fight, but a boss fight indeed. Once the robot goes ka-put, throw the coins at the achievements to end their meddling once and for all!

Defeated, the four managers lament and then retreat into their airplane back to their game! Thanks to you, Poptropica is back in the right hands and you are rewarded the island medallion! Congratulations, you’ve completed Mocktropica Island!

Bonus Quest: members only

Go back into the basement of Poptropica Headquarters. Talk to the developer, Billy Jordan, and you’ll be told that one of Poptropica’s best programmers, Mark Hertz, has been lost to the rival game, Mega Fighting Bots (MFB).

Click on the Island Editor. Talk to Bucket Bot and click on the huge computer screen on the right. Follow Bucket Bot into the Arena. All you do in the bonus quest is play Mega Fighting Bots!

The first bot you are to battle is Safety Bot. He is very cautious, and avoid most attacks. Here’s a little tip I used to best not only him, but all the bots (click to animate):


Wait for him to come around the bend, then attack!  Even more, you can lure him by standing in the corner, and then when he starts to come toward you, go down a square, to where your bot would be in the gif above. (actually, he is the only bot that the tip doesn’t fully work on… >.<)

Repeat this again and again for all the bots — it really works! You have to beat each bot in two (out of a maximum of three) rounds to defeat them.


Ad Bot is quicker than Safety Bot. She is also not the smartest in many ways. If you keep attacking her from a corner, she’ll keep coming back for more. Be sure she is in your target zone before you attack — she changes directions quickly.

Shredder Bot is easily ticked and has a bit of a temper. She hurts… a lot. Hard to defeat.  She will come at you with different angles and has a broader strategy.

Focus Bot is very smart. Out of them all, he’s really easy. Just use the corner tactic. He is not hesitant like Safety Bot. When he comes at a different angle, he will follow through.

Finally, there’s the Mega Bot. He’s the lost programmer, Mark Hertz.  Of course, he is the biggest, fastest, strongest, and smartest. And he is appropriately named. Once you defeat Mega Bot, he will get thrown out of the ring!  You have brought back the lost programmer!

programmer sad

After you’re both transported back home, you get a little present from the now famous Bucket Bot. It’s a terrific Bucket Bot Costume! Congrats, you’ve finished the Mocktropica Bonus Quest!


Looking for more walkthroughs? Check out our Island Help page! 🙂

Album Photos

These pictures are collected in your Poptropica photo album in the profile section. Click to enlarge.


  • Mocktropica Island is Poptropica’s 36th island. It was released on December 19, 2013 for members and January 16, 2014 for non-members. The login screen had the Poptropica logo glitching into small white rectangles. The members-only bonus quest came out on January 9, 2014.
  • The island is a parody of Poptropica itself, hence the name [mock + (pop)tropica]. It is the first island to break the fourth wall, in that it acknowledges that Poptropica is a computer game.
  • The desktop wallpaper contains a “to-do list” which mentions “Balloon Boy Rescue Island.” Balloon Boy is a running gag in Poptropica that started from Counterfeit Island – could we be seeing his actual return this time?
  • Common room: The Bluelocust Restaurant (labeled “est. 2007” – the year Poptropica was released!)
  • Before the island was released, temporary Creator Gamer Guy advertised the robot-smashing game on the Creators’ Blog. MFB is referenced during the Mocktropica quest, and features heavily in the members-only bonus quest. However, non-members can play MFB by clicking on the computer screen in the university, as well as just!
  • The fraternity house at Ephraim University has the Greek letters Pi Omega Pi, which translates to POP – for Poptropica!
  • The outside of the Poptropica Worldwide Headquarters displays several references to other islands in the P-shaped glass windows. Among the items, you can see a statue of a Greek goddess fromMythology, a shark statue and palm trees from Shark Tooth, the Hair Club from Spy, cacti fromWild West, etc.
  • Inside the basement of Poptropica HQ, there is a doll of Medicine Man from Shark Tooth Island on the ground, and dolls of Dr. Hare from 24 Carrot on the tables. On the wall, there is a poster referencing the Konami Code of video games.
  • The development computer in the basement contains a desktop filled with icons, designed like an early Windows computer, including a System32 folder. Clicking on some of these icons will result in an unhelpful “P” troubleshooter, a parody of Clippy, an old Microsoft Office gimmick.
  • The cost cutter on the top floor of Poptropica HQ says that if she had friends, they’d call her “Slash.” You can ask her if it’s because she plays the guitar (in reference to the guitarist Slash), but she tells you it’s because she slashes expenses.
  • The poem that the writer/professor at Ephraim University was trying to teach his students was O Captain! My Captain! by Walt Whitman.
  • The “We Can Moo It!” moo-tivational poster at the cheese factory is a reference to the American wartime propaganda poster “We Can Do It!”
  • The trash bin in the basement contains some interesting contents, such as pages referencing characters from other islands (Salerno from Lunar Colony as “Salami”, Zeus from Mythology as “Spruce”, El Mustachio from Wild West as “El Mustachito”, Dr. Hare from 24 Carrot as “Dr. Beev”, Binary Bard from Astro-Knights as “Binary Investment Banker”). There was also a page that saidMonster Carnival, slashed out by a big ‘NOPE’, plus blueprint pages for ‘the return of Balloon Boy’ (a running gag since Counterfeit Island) and ‘Battle Arena’ (a feature promised for Legendary Swords that was never fulfilled).
  • Also in the trash are random artifacts referencing various tidbits from Poptropica, including: a toy figure of afro guy (the white-skinned, black-haired character that occasionally displays when loading gets glitchy), the bathroom door with the message (seen in New Jersey on Cryptids Island), tickets for the underground tunnel tour from Counterfeit Island, the bag of popcorn fromWimpy Boardwalk, the bottle of Valley Rain from Gamer Guy’s apartment in Zomberry (also, the name is a parody of Mountain Dew), and a mailed travel letter for Joe Stockman from Virus Hunter. After digging through the trash, you’ll eventually find a script for Zomberry Island.
  • If you examine the Zomberry Island script, you’ll find that it’s ridden with typos and talks about what the player can find in Gamer Guy’s (or “Videogame Guy’s”) apartment. At the bottom, the part where it talks about finding the empty Valley Rain bottle in the trash is crossed out in red with the note “Cliched! No more dumpster diving on Poptropica -Jeff” – ironic because you’d just been dumpster diving to find that script in the first place. Jeff may refer to Jeff Kinney, the guy who created Poptropica.
  • At the edge of the cliff of Mt. Funshine, after you’ve changed the mood, the safety guy says “You shall not pass!” – a reference to Gandalf’s famous line from The Fellowship of the Ring.
  • One of the chalkboards at the university says “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog,” a sentence which contains every letter of the English alphabet at least once. The other board has a mind map about woodchucking, a reference to the tongue twister “how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?” There is also a ridiculous essay prompt combining rodent-based deforestation, Moby Dick, and the advent of movable type.
  • A large Poptropican-ized portrait of William Shakespeare hangs on the wall of the university, as well as smaller portraits of Jane Austen and Homer.
  • The boy with the orange poofy hair sitting in the second row of the university classroom is a parody of the titular character from Napoleon Dynamite, and his “do it” shirt is stylized like the “vote for Pedro” shirt Napoleon Dynamite wears in the film.
  • A statuette of Rodin’s sculpture The Thinker is nested underneath the cubby hole in the back row of the university.
  • The island editor in the basement is on a “Graycom Tablet 4000 series,” perhaps a reference toWacom drawing tablets. There is also a Zeus statue to the left of the editor.
  • The cake given to you by the focus tester is a Black Forest cake.
  • A horned version of the Skull Mask from Legendary Swords sits on top of some drawers on the second floor of Poptropica HQ. There is also a Dr. Hare doll on a desk.
  • The third floor of Poptropica HQ has a sign advertising “Sports Nectar, Poptropica’s favorite sports drink” – first seen on Cryptids Island.
  • The fourth floor of Poptropica HQ contains large mounted icons of non-existing Poptropica islands, including Aqua Knights Island (the ‘knights’ part of the logo looks like the one for Astro-Knights), Tax Cut Island, The Return of Crawfish (a reference to Skullduggery), and Giant Island (a reference to Cryptids).
  • The trailer video contains a morphing cow, which may be a reference to the viral YouTube video “cows & cows & cows“.
  • You are given the ID badges of Poptropica Creators Lance Pitcher (designer), Billy Jordan (developer), and Max McPatrick (writer). Perhaps these are real-life references to Creators Jon Pitcher, Jordan Leary, and Max Brallier.
  • According to a tweet by professional artist Coralee Lazebnikova, the blond pony-tailed Poptropica worker from the basement is modeled after her.
  • The developer with the sleep mask in the basement says, “All work and no play makes me want to curl up into a ball and cry,” a reference to the proverb “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”
  • Members get an additional Mocktropica gear pack, which includes Unfinished costume, Glitch power, and Narf follower. The Unfinished costume is ONLY available until the end of Early Access!
  • Bonus quest: A rogue programmer has conquered a rival website and now rules it like a king. You must venture outside the safety of Poptropica to bring him back — if you can last long enough to find him!

Quick Guide

For a full walkthrough with pictures and more detail, scroll up on this page.

  1. Talk to the lady outside of Poptropica HQ, then go inside HQ and talk to the focus tester who will give you Cake. Then ride the elevator to each floor and talk to all the people inside HQ.
  2. Leave Poptropica HQ and come back in. Talk to the girl from earlier, then go down to the basement and talk to everyone. Then talk to the girl with frazzled blonde hair who will give you 3 ID Badges.
  3. Move the buildings randomly in the island editor and save. Leave the basement, talk to the focus tester, then go to Ephraim University. Go inside and talk to the professor, who will show you a poem. Click on the moving ad until it burns the poem.
  4. Go back to the basement and change the mood to “happy” in the Island Maker Home Edition (on the other computer). Save, leave, and head right until you get to the cheese factory. Enter and talk to the worker, who will give you Cheese Curds when you leave. Equip the box.
  5. Go back to Main Street and press the spacebar to throw a cheese curd near the Narf pet. Go back to the cheese factory to find the Narfs multiplying. Run left all the way to Mt. Funshine and throw a cheese curd over the cliff, then cross the Narf bridge. Go left, climb the mountain, and take the Climbing Axe.
  6. Go back to Main Street, talk to the focus tester, go back to the basement, and change the setting to “night.” Head back to Main Street and talk to the creeper who will give you Counterfeit Coins. Use this to leave Main Street and go back to the cheese factory. Enter and use your Climbing Axe to destroy the machinery, which will bring Lance Pitcher back to HQ.
  7. Change the settings to “day” and “clear” and then climb the mountain again, this time all the way to the top. Talk to the bearded man (Billy Jordan) and beat him at Mancala, which will bring him back to Poptropica HQ.
  8. In the basement, move the buildings around in the island editor from shortest to tallest, then save. Go outside and get to the top of the HQ building to pick up the Soda. Take the Helmet from the safety guy, jump down, and talk to the focus tester about the crate blocking the right side. Go back to the basement and destroy the crate in the island editor, then save and leave.
  9. Enter the university and give the prof his soda. Return to the basement and click on the shuffling luggage bags to reveal a sleeping man. Use the Cake from your inventory to move him, then dig through the trash can and take the Script. Give it to the university prof.
  10. Leave the university, talk to the ad sales lady, then go to the 3rd floor of HQ and pay the ad lady with your coins to get rid of all ads. Go back down and talk to the budget lady. Attempt to leave and you’ll find yourself stuck in a loading screen. Wear your Helmet and pop all the letters. Now you’ll be in the internal servers.
  11. Redirect all the beams as shown in the map on the server floor. Simply go to the red cord and click on it until the red line points downwards, then click the blue cord once, and then the green cord twice. Then a cutscene follows, and all the new managers reveal their true intentions.
  12. In this final boss battle, just keep shooting your coins by clicking on the mega fighting bot over and over until it is destroyed. Move away if it throws rocks or its fists at you. When he’s gone, throw coins at the achievements until they disappear too. Congrats, you’re done!

– Achievement Unlocked –

survived the glitches of mocktropica island


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    • Shaky Dragon says:

      did it scrool down the screen when you pressed the spacebar? because that always happens to me when i press the spacebar to activate the special action for an outfit or a handheld item. sometimes it doesnt do that.

      • Omegasonic2000 says:

        That happens because, how to express it, the keyboard and the game aren’t “syncronised”, so to speak. If that happens, click the game screen and press spacebar again.

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    The Final Boss Battle isn’t coming on, even though I did the server thing. Can you help?

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    The Mega Fighting Bots and the four villains kinda remind me of Power Rangers (with the anime art shift and the music (ps, I loved that music) and the shout with the robot coming together).

    Also, with the infamous cake glitch, the Creators accidentally made another Portal reference. It’s even a Black Forest cake. The cake is a lie?

    Well, yeah… I liked this island, I hate mancala. Good day. 🙂

  3. RG says:

    Anyone else recognize the dude who gives us the popcoins? If not, i’ll tell ya who it is….

    It’s the Black Widow’s henchman from Counterfeit Island! They look very similar.

    • fruitbat7777 says:

      I did recognize that! It’s nice to see it when they mix stuff from different islands. Do you by chance happen to see the shark tooth doll on the ground in the basement of the Poptropica building?

      • Andy O. says:

        Have you also noticed that outside of the HQ, when you jump on the window washer thingy,
        there was a guy from Early Poptropica?

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    Ugh, these new reborn and created islands are full of glitches that halt progress. Also, the mancala game on this island is much harder than on Nabooti

    • Popular Heart says:

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  5. RG says:

    Islands shown on the screen of the far computer in the basement:

    Early Poptropica Island

    24 Carrot Island

    Nabooti: Choose Your Own Adventure Island

    Red Dragon Island

    Shrink Ray Island

    Zomberry Island

  6. Boooooo!8 says:

    When I got stuck on MT Funshine Adds kept on going on the page if the thing did not load soon I would not see my character any more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I keep retrying to get to the top of the mountain to play Mancala with the developer, but when the two people come out of the air ride thing they fall to down instead of talking to me. And it just keeps showing the waiting cursor thing for them to talk to me but they are trying to get up and jump back up. It’s not working. Anyone else have the same problem?

    • Silly Flame says:

      Yeah… I tried a different browser and everything but it still doesn’t work. I don’t know how to fix it since you automatically run up the mountain instead of being able to move forward so they jump properly.

    • Nameless UnDEFiNed says:

      I loggd out and went back to that part a couple of times, then they finally started to get off of the ride and talk to me… But my game still freezes when I play Mancala.

      • Nameless UnDEFiNed says:

        Oh… Well the “New” Poptropica doesn’t work on my Ineternet Explorer, but I can’t upgrade to the next version (Because I have Windows Vista)… I used Chrome, but the bugs mess with me a lot less on Opera… FireFox doesn’t work at all ;P My dad made me try them all and download them all, so trust me xD

      • Shaky Dragon says:

        i use chrome and dont have any problems so either your whole browser is glitched or the people who see you playing see the glitches that are part of the game and try to fix it and have failed.

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    Cool Berry the Unicorn Cat

    • Nameless UnDEFiNed says:

      I had that problem the first 7 times I was on that part… Then when I’d log out and in, it would be raining… When it does that, log back into Poptropica, click on a Mocktropica Ad while at your Poptropican Home, and then go back to the basement to change the weather.

      If this doesn’t work, and I can’t believe I’m saying this because I got tired of everyone else telling me (Whether it’s true or not ;P ), but you might need to try another Browser… It actually DOES change ;P Don’t use Chrome for Mocktropica… Opera might take second to load, but it works.

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    Anbody notice that if you click the “Chasm Ahead” sign it turns into either “Chair Ahead” or “Chalk Ahead” for a second?

  10. Burt Macklan, FBI says:

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    I’m sure no one knows what I’m talking about but a couple people might.

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    BTW the end of the demo is when you try to go to Ephraim University
    *sigh* I wish I was a member.
    But, there’s always Christmas, right?

  12. ★A Very Merry Christmas to you all from the ACES★ ★May there be Peace in this World★ says:

    I contacted the creators about the mancala glitch,and they responded:


    I am sorry that you had run into trouble. We have recently released a number of fixes including the mancala bug. I would suggest resetting your browser and trying this scene again. Please let me know if you have further questions.


    David W
    Family Education Network

    And I didn’t even copy/paste it!

  13. Burt Macklan, FBI says:

    ok, so i beat the fighting bots, but the screen went dark and the little poptropica loading logo came, and then the blond lady was like “i dont beleive it you fixed bla bla” and the whole sequence with the “it is i” and stuff went again. i beat them again, it is doing it a third time.

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    Has anyone noticed that when you go down to the basement, you like push a guy down the stairs? It’s funny!!!!! Lol lol lol

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    Slanted Fish: Take a look at the first Q&A on our FAQ page.

  16. Invisible Bird A.K.A. Orangey149 says:

    I went to the college, and talked to the proffesser guy, but he didn’t say he wanted a soda, he just showed me the poem, “Oh Captain, My Captain” (which, by the way, I can’t get out of without logging out of my account and logging back on again) so I ignored him and continued the island, but now I’m stuck at the part where you retrieve the soda from the water tower, because the soda isn’t there!!! Anyway, I’m desperate for advice. Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(

  17. Magic snowball wishes you all a merry christmas and a happy new year! says:

    The demo is so short! *plays demo* Ends nearly straight away! *Gets Anoyed*

  18. Red Singer says:

    Hello everyone, i am red singer. Pls add me as a friend of all of you. my username is helenb1029 i am on the part of fighting the megabot. but the megabot never moves and i dont really what to do with the coins. they dont really attack that much so im just asking for help.

  19. Magic snowball wishes you all a merry christmas and a happy new year! says:

    Just click the megabot! just keep clicking him. If he is going to throw his fists or a rock at you, quickly dodge

  20. Nameless UnDEFiNed says:

    Fishy, if Sam hasn’t written it for you yet (Or someone else), could I write the bonus quest guide? I am almost finished writing it.

  21. Scary Plug says:

    The bots from MFB are the executives, right?
    (Safety Bot: Safety Inspector
    Ad Bot: Ad Lady
    Shredder Bot: Slash
    Focus Bot: Focus Tester)

    Slanted Fish: Yup, and the final Mega Bot is Mark Hertz himself. 😛

    • Nameless UnDEFiNed says:

      I had this same bug the second time I went to play the Bonus Quest… Just refresh the page, which will lead you back to the Poptropica Home Page, and log in again. Then, when you’re on the Home of your Poptropican, click on the bottom left of the screen and click on the Mocktropica Ad, it will transport you there.

      This should work, please let me know if it doesn’t…

  22. dman32397 says:

    I was standing right next to the spot where you go to mount funshine and threw a curd which floated all the way to main street… I don’t think this was supposed to happen!

  23. Whatspoppin' says:

    When I got to the part about the crate, I tried everything, but every time I went in the basement to destroy it, it wasnt there! Please help!

      • Striped Socks says:

        You have to talk to the stupid developer guy whose freaking out before you can do it. It’s tricky because he’s standing so close to the crate, but once you talk to him, you can go to the basement and break it.

    • shoeless fire says:

      go to mount funshine and there will be a guy that will leave his climbing axe on the mountains because the mountains have not been completely made so he will give up leaving his climbing axe for you to take

  24. petman73 says:

    there is a glitch that does not let me complete the island. when we exit the poptropica headquarters the focus tester says the same thing about pop coins instead of saying
    about the soda bottles

  25. omglitches!:( says:

    Nameless Undefined, I’ve been reading your comments and I have the SAME glitch. Mancala is sooo annoying… it just freezes up randomly.Also, I have google chrome as well.The few times I actually finished it ,I lost… Does anyone know how to fix this? Please help!

  26. Brighty says:

    I can’t get to the university. How do I move the buildings so it lets me get around?

    Slanted Fish: Randomly move them using the island editor computer in the basement.

  27. Magic snowball is back on poptropica! (Usaully playing random islands) says:

    Has anyone had this glitch where you move the mouse and its the hand arrow and not the jump arrow/?

  28. percy jackson fangirl says:

    When I come back from the Cheese Curd factory, the medallion guy isn’t there and everything is covered in bushes. Also, when I’m on the street in front of Ephraim University, I’m invisible. Is it just my computer?

  29. PIGGYWOLF says:

    I found a cool glitch.

    1. Equip Cheese Curds

    2. Jump

    3. Quickly Press Space ( throw cheese curd)

    You should be able to freeze in the air to throw the cheese curds

  30. Anna says:

    when I get to the boss battle I’ll throw the coins for a bit then the screen gose black and I have to start the battle over and over again and again! What do i do help!!!!

  31. barney says says:

    i always hated that stupid nabooti island game…
    and here it is again!
    i guess i have to waste another day trying to win”
    by the way im:queeeeeeen

  32. Lee Care Gene says:

    Three glitches:
    1 I talked to the focus tester and he disappears.
    2 My poptropican jumped in the lift when it is moving and nearly got crushed.
    3 When i complete the island and the developers try to escape by a plane they jumped for a minute and 3 of them got on and left, leaving one behind still jumping.

  33. youmegoing says:

    i don’t understand. why is everyone saying there are many glitches! i played the island 2 times and never got one. and if there ARE, maybe they’re there on purpose! it IS mocktropica (island of the glitches) island!

  34. keishya100 says:

    um im not getting the pet to follow the medallion boy i don’t know what’s happening, a glitch?

    Slanted Fish: Throw a cheese curd at the pet(s).

  35. Mop1313 says:

    Funny. It actually froze when it ‘froze’ lol. Overall a very easy game. I’m happy I didn’t pull my hair out…but those adds…and then the mountain thing reminded me of that other one, and then the construction reminded me of another island, and then the corny advertising for ‘Megabots’ infuriated me.

  36. Bright says:

    Okay, So, I never got the Helmet. Ever. I didn’t even get a loading arrow at the supposed-to-get-it-part. I came here seeing what I should do at the loading screen. someone help. .n.

    Slanted Fish: If you’re at the loading screen part, you’ll need the Helmet, so it may be a glitch. Contact Poptropica so they can help you.

  37. Sav says:

    OK…So, I got the soda and the guy appeared. I talked to him and he never gave me the helmet. So, now, I can’t break the poptropica letters! Every time I go back, he is not there. Why!?

  38. Sav says:

    I need help. When ever i got the pop bottle, the construction guy popped up, but he never gave me the hard hat after i talked to him (because my computer glitched and i had to refresh it). But every time i go back, he never appears..HELP!!! 😀

  39. Sav says:

    OK…SO the safety dude appeared and I got the helmet. But, now, the writer guy at the college is gone! ANd I have to soda to give him! What???? Is it a glitch?

  40. Brave says:

    When I collected the soda bottle from the top of the poptropica building, my computer froze and I was unable to collect the helmet. The game kept going after a while, and I saved the bottle but not the helmet and now I can’t get the helmet.

  41. warriors041 says:

    I am stuck between giving soda to script writer part and the sever slow down it wont let me get to the slow down server i have the helmet and everything

  42. Sriyogirl says:

    Slanted fish whenever I try to go to ephram university the focus tester guy comes for the pop coins but for some wierd reason he just stands there and the arrow keeps loading and i wait for him to ask me for the pop coins but he just stands there and it just keeps loading! Slanted fish is there any way to solve this or is it just a glitch?

  43. AddyLizard says:

    When I got the fizzee pop, the safety guy appeared, but he didn’t get the part where he gave me the helmet, cuz it was stuck loading. When I refreshed the page, he was gone, I was on the ground, and I had no helmet. Now, I am stuck on the loading screen where you need the helmet. STUCK. I had to make a new account. I tried reloading and cheese curds and pickaxe and nothing worked.

  44. bubbleseb18 says:

    i’m up to the part where your poptropican is with the floating logo thing and before that i did not get the hat because it wouldn’t load so i went on to a new tab then i went back up to the building to get it but he wasn’t there. what do i do?

  45. bubbleseb18 says:

    ok i went to menu and clicked the blimp and clicked ok then i went back on the island to try and fix it .it worked! he is up there but i click him it won’t do anything except my poptropican walks over to him and nothing help and please please pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaase!!!

    Slanted Fish: If you’re stuck because of a glitch, contact Poptropica via the contact link on their website.

  46. FastWalker says:

    When I got the soda the safety inspector never came so I never gt the helmet so I’m stuck at the loading screen where I have to bust all the letters.

  47. bushra says:

    i pressed the boy wearing the medal then pressed space and the pet did not go after it it was already there then i went to the factory it was not there then the boy was still in main street the pet was multiplying there i went to the mountain and throwed the thing it did not went after it

  48. janace says:

    so i beat that robot thing and afterwards the people came down and talked then they went to the ship. they wouldnt get in so i refreshed it and when i went back only the man dropped after a couple minutes (and yes i mean minutes) nothing happened. everyone juststood there and the spinning circle never went away. i refreshed and shut down and restarted the computer a thousand times and the same thing happened. what do i do?
    please help!!!!!

    • TimmyToothache says:

      Omg I hate new poptropica. It’s so buggy even in a game thats supposed to have bugs! Atleast the old 1 let you save wherever you wanted. D: I miss the good ol’ days. And the new levels are the old good levels too!

  49. anonymous says:

    I wish u could save certain checkpoints and u could load them whenever u wanted in case a glitch gets u stuck

  50. NEON says:

    i never got the safety hat from that guy and now im stuck in that loading screen where u have to break the letters-what should i do?

    • Striped Socks says:

      Is it raining? I had the same problem and I think it was something to do with the rain because once I turned it off i was fine.

  51. Shifty Seal says:

    Okay somehow I didn’t get the helmet (have no idea why) so I’m stuck on the last level where it’s on the loading screen because I don’t have the helmet to break the Poptropica letters. :/

  52. short icicle says:

    every time I talk to someone after that my poptropican’s mouth keeps on moving like it’s talking but it actually isn’t. Is that a part of Mocktropica island of another glitch and my mouth disappears too.

    • Incredible Sword says:

      The way to restart the island is to go to the menu, click the gear in the top left corner, and then there should be a button to restart the island. I had to figure it out, too. Mine glitched and I had to restart as well! 🙂

  53. turbohamster says:

    Um… I’m at the part of the island where you go to pop the poptropica bubbles with the helmet on the loading screen but I never got the helmet. After I got the soda bottle the safety guy never came and I just continued on. Do I need to restart the island?

  54. Sarah says:

    im at the part where youre supposed to get counterfeit popcoins from the guy and the guy isn’t there. What dod I do?

    • IcyFoxPoptropica says:

      Click on the computer in the basement.
      Change “Day” to “Night”.
      Go outside and he will be on Main Street!

  55. AD says:

    HOW TO GET A HARD HAT if you glitched and didn’t get it on the roof, like I did. You go into the building and up to the second floor with the safety inspector, click on the customizer button and the inspector. Click on his hard hat and then hit accept. Now you have the hard hat you need!

  56. Haylbells says:

    Uhm… I didn’t know we were supposed to get a helmet since no one really came forth to give me one or I didn’t really think about returning to the guy. So I’m at the part with the poptropica buffering and I don’t have a helmet.. What do I do?

  57. Popular Storm says:

    When I press spacebar on the boy for the pet to chase after him, the load cursor shows and it doesn’t stop. Do you know why?
    Popular Storm

  58. IcyFoxPoptropica says:

    I’m going to try this again, but I keep throwing coins at the robot and it turns red, but it doesn’t start throwing rocks at me. D:

    • Louis730 says:

      Did you click on the crate? If still didn’t work refresh page p.s. it will bring you to your last save (Just a suggestion)

  59. Louis730 says:

    Im stuck on the perpetual loading screen part because when I try to pay the Ads lady my character says “Nothing but worthless virtual currency” help!

  60. Val says:

    I’m stuck in between two boss cut scenes, I can’t move and I can’t use my cursor to restart the island. What do I do?

  61. TimmyToothache says:

    Hi I need desperate help. I got the orange soda gave it to the guy, came back to mainstreet was stuck in the box. I rejoined the map and destroyed the box, but now I cant talk to the saftey guy ontop of the roof. I need the helmet to pass the area so please help me!

    • TimmyToothache says:

      I did the hardat thing by customizing, but now I cant get to the blue loading screen where you need the hardat

  62. shoeless fire says:

    that’s weird guys???? everything worked fine for me just a bit freezing but I never had to restart the island

  63. Perfect Comet says:

    Help pls? I’m stuck right after I get the first guy back on the job. He says he changed the scene a little darker but then my backpack thing turns into pixels and crumbles away, and the first computer dude says “Oh no, a critcial glitch! Who will help us?” or something like that, and my mouse is the loading circle. I tried reloading but it won’t work. What should I do?

    • devinbobo14 says:

      your inventory crumbling is part of the game. to get your inventory back, you must give the teacher the “soda pop” you get on the top of Poptropica HQ. Then, he will come back to work for Poptropica HQ and fix the bug, and you will get your inventory icon back, with all of your stuff still in tact. 🙂

  64. Ashlynn Stamps says:

    Hey so my game is glitching. I went to click the trashcan but my computer won’t pop up the hand to click on it. Help? Reloading doesn’t work…

  65. Fast Flame says:

    Look people, maybe you should REREAD the guide and PAY ATTENTION before you go posting comments about you struggling. And even if the guide DOESN’T cover what you need 2 know, read the OTHER COMMENTS please! Some1 may have already asked your question and the PHB has replied! And, also, if you do post a comment, try to spell words right and although it is okay 2 use text language sometimes (2, 1, u, r, etc), PLEASE make sure your comment has correct grammar, spelling, and generally makes sense. Please don’t spam. Taking the actions above will help clean up the PHB immensely.
    Yours sincerely,
    Fast Flame

  66. Sliver Sun says:

    when the blue poptropica loading screen camed i were thinking it was glitch and i refreshed and then the girl. was not there the last maniger was also not there when i entered basement it camed like old no loadings help me !

  67. bobby bob says:

    its taking so long for me to defeat the boss idk what im doing
    like whenever it ogt his it turned red kinda?? but now its not even doing that

  68. rayray15251 says:

    At the beginning of the island i talked to the boy and he ran off then when i went to the cheese factory he ran off again and I didnt know i wasnt supposed to so i talked to Lance Pitcher the cheese curd guy and got the cheese curds then when i went back to the main street the madallion wearing boy said these pets are driving me crazy and doesnt run to Mt.Funshine and i tried to just throw a curd in there already with out him there but it didnt work

  69. rayray15251 says:

    I left Mocktropica Island to color my hair in 24 Carrot Island and when I came back Mocktropica Island started over, I have no items or achievement or experience talking with anyone, but things like the basement doors were unlocked and the Narfs are still in the chasm making a bridge but nothing else is the same.(mostly)

    • Cool Foot says:

      Yeah, like a underwater sea thing with a hidden kingdom anyone has ever seen before…(dun dunn dunnnnn) But really, I mean it!

  70. victoria says:

    I defected the boss nd destroyed the ads but after that it just freezes nd i cant click anything nd i tried reloading the page nd logging back it nd it just did the same thing

  71. Tyson4924 says:

    Hey guys,I finished the island the day it came out for members and I am trying to restart the island because 1.They didn’t even give me the island photos.
    2.I haven’t got a chance to play the bonus quest.
    I’m doing everything right but every time I try to go Ephraim University at night,it will take FOREVER,SERIOUSLY,I left my computer on overnight (I went to bed at 12:00am) now its freakin’ 10am AND IT IS STILL LOADING!!The first time I played it,it took seconds to go to Ephraim University and I haven’t even experienced any glitch you guys mentioned and I tried 2 computers and ALL 3 BROWSERS and brrrrrick,won’t even load,someone PLEASE help!

  72. zuraide hart says:

    Okay so, I see the big crate blocking me from going to the university and the cheese factory, bit everytime I try to find it in the placement editor things on the computer, I can’t find it! It just doesn’t show up, im bot sure what to do.

  73. cant1think2of3one says:

    i do all the steps up to where you need the soda then rearrange it ok?
    then… i climb up and… THE SODA IS NOT THERE!!
    please help!

  74. ANGRY PERSON says:


  75. Busy Star says:

    I NEVER GOT THE SAFETY HELMET! UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!! i climbed back up to the top of the building and the safety guy kinda just sat there and blinked even when i clicked on him. apparently ill have to redo the island according to the other commentors D:<

  76. xdagentv says:

    slanted fish,I challenge you to beat me in the ghost story island before me.I saw your profile and I saw that you don’t have the ghost story island,so I challenge you with this island.the winner buys for the other a membership card for 6 months.ok?

  77. Esther says:

    When I was just inside the servers thingy, I accidentally pressed on something on my computer and I went back and it took me back to the homepage where I logged in and I got so confused, because the ad is not there, the trash guy is not there, the teacher is not there and I don’t know what to do now…

    • Catherine says:

      Neither did I, I just logged out and logged back and the screen went away, but now I can’t get it back. I’ve been trying to get the guy to give me the helmet by going up to the top of the building and he’ll appear when I click on something in my bag, but nothing happens when I click on him. Can somebody help us because without either you can’t finish the game!

  78. Llama says:

    the crate isn’t showing up on island editor mode for me? does anyone have this problem? how do i solve it???

  79. king geek says:

    the part where you click the boy wearing the medallions and them click spacebar will not work for me. please help

  80. mimi says:

    uh after i talk to all the people in the building, i come out but when i go back in, everythings still the same!

  81. NormieReee says:

    My game had pathfinding issues, and i never got the saftey helmet. At the time I didn’t think anything of it, but now I can’t advance past the “perpetual loading” screen. Any advice?

    • yami says:

      go to the tree place and then rearrange the setting place and go on top of the poptropica headquarters and the safety guy will give you a helmet and that will blow up the create!!!>>>>>>>>

  82. cca494 says:

    Here’s a tip for the bonus quest: When you’re fighting, always go to the middle of the area around the blocks. Don’t move, and eventually the other robot will take the bait and then you can hammer him down.

    • cca494 says:

      Also, on the desks of the “new managers” have their robot on top of them. (In the focus tester’s area, there’s a picture on the blue door.

  83. Moody Ice says:

    For some reason, when ever you have to make it night time to get the fake coins, it won’t load when I try to go right. It just keeps loading and loading. I have refreshed the page and closed the page several times, Someone please help!

  84. raven6661113 says:

    Ugh! I had to restart the island 8 times to finally complete it, at times, I was also forced to completely exit out of the page and re-login.

  85. Corrupted Dragon says:

    Help!! My game glitched out and let me jump before i got the safety hat now i’m stuck at the perpetuate loading screen what do i do!?!?!?!?!?

  86. Tashafluffykitty, also known on Poptropica as Prickly Octopus says:

    I’ve been throwing coins at the fighting bot at the end for ten solid minutes!! How long is it supposed to take to make him die?! Also, in case this is significant to helping me fix this problem, I figured out pretty early on in the battle scene that when I clicked on the Bot, the coins were thrown far to the left, and when I clicked far to the right of the Bot, the coins were thrown straight at the Bot and hit it. So, I guess the aim is really off, but I was dealing with it just fine by simply clicking to the right to hit the Bot, until I realized it had been ten minutes and the Bot still had not died. My entire right hand has cramped up from clicking so fast for so long. I’m pretty sure this is not how it’s supposed to work. Either tell me what I’m doing wrong, or inform me that this is simply a glitch so I know to stop wasting time trying until you fix the glitch. Also, if it is a glitch, please fix it.

  87. Kat says:

    UGH… I can’t get the loading screen in which I am to brake the POPTROPICA letters. So i’m traveling from the basement to the HQ over and over again…

    • DJScratchStep says:

      Go back to the right desktop in the basement and randomize everything again, then replace one building with another by holding the left mouse button down and dragging it to where you want it to be until you get it the way it should be. Otherwise, restart the island.

  88. Tall Cactus says:

    This is a great island- but it makes no sense! How the heck do people make a game inside of the game they’re making?!? I guess this proves that Poptropica is just a computer game and that’s why all the timelines in the islands are different. But then the comic and the graphic novel prove Poptropica to be another universe- not a game! Which one is true? Tell us Creators!

  89. Gentle Thunder says:

    I got a trouble, i was playing this island and my poptropican started jumping and i couldnt move, then, i reloaded the page and the island was on reset! There is a way to can get back all my progress?

    P.S Sorry for the bad english

  90. izie says:

    the crate in the far right corner in the editor does not show up there for i am not able to break it.what do i do
    p.s. try hitting the back button if that does not work there is no way to retrieve the former game

  91. kayla says:

    every time i go to the cheese factory to get the guy to come back to work at the work place at night it does not even let me go to the cheese factory, what do i do?

  92. Ok HELP ME says:

    I just beat that freaking guy in that game and its taking FOREVER to load!!! It took me over 20 tries to beat him, Should I log out or will I have to beat the game again.

    • DJScratchStep says:

      That’s simply what I call “Glitching in Mocktropica.” I chucked cheese curds while I was running from the factory scene over to Main Street, and before I could get to the next area, I lagged and my character stayed in place for a few seconds!

  93. Connor White says:

    I am stuck in the loading screen after the cost cutter took down the servers. And earlier I didnt get the safety helmet so I am stuck

    • DJScratchStep says:

      If you still can, go to your settings and click “Restart Island.” That way, you can get the helmet before you get to the Poptropica loading screen scene. You’ll have to do everything over though.

  94. Maroon Cheetah says:

    Ok I’m stuck on this: I didn’t manage to get the helmet because the achievement popped up and it glitched and my character went back on the ground and kept jumping. I re-entered the island and completed everything up to the poptopica load screen. I don’t have the helmet, so I re-entered. Now I see the safety guy, but I cant talk to him (on top of the building)

  95. A person says:

    I have a type of ocd and when the annoying ad pops up, it only goes on the left side of the screen and my odd is that i need everything balanced. FIX THIS JEFF KINNEY!

  96. Zany Foot says:

    omg i actually finished the island i had to do the boss 3 times and whenever i go anywhere at night it takes forever to load plz fix this bug ppl

  97. hi says:

    hello! im on the part on the boy with the pets when you have to click and press the spacebar. It’s not working, he’s not running and keeps saying “These pets are driving me insane!”

  98. Popular Peanut says:

    Do we even need the cheese curds? I was able to just walk across the gorge without a “bridge.” I just thought it was one of the things that made Mocktropica wierd. Am I right

  99. Darcey says:

    I just started this island a few minutes ago and I’m at the part where you need to “head right towards Ephraim University”, but the problem is that I CAN’T go right. My character in the game simply says ‘Where is the rest of this island?!’ every time I try to go right. Help?

    • Darcey says:

      Okay… I’ve just realised that they have completely changed this island and what you have to do to complete it. Is there any updated version of this walkthrough I can use?

      • Slanted Fish says:

        They haven’t changed the island since its release, so this walkthrough is updated. You can try starting from the beginning and making sure to follow every step before moving on to the next step.

  100. Antoine says:

    Im at the part where I need to find the mancala guy but I can’t get past the bad-idea guy because I can’t access my items. HELP!!!

  101. koolpotato says:

    When I jumped off the top of the building getting the soda, I didn’t get a helmet or the man running up to me. Also that loading poptropica screen won’t come up, maybe because I didn’t get a helmet. Man, I really hope I don’t have to do this over again… can someone help?

    • Spotted Penguin says:

      I got that, too! It’s so frustrating. It brought up the fake load screen, and now I can’t get out. Be careful what you’re doing when you go to the next area so you don’t get stuck like I did 😦

  102. disboi says:

    I NEED HELP! I am at the part where i lost my backpack, and have to find Billy Jordan, but i can’t leave. The professor guy tells me i need a pop coin, BUT I DON’T HAVE MY BACKPACK! D: PLZ HELP

  103. Josie says:

    I “bought” the ads, but I don’t think the sales lady told me about the servers (unless she did it while I was looking at the walkthrough in the elevator), all she says is “My bank account is suh-weet” and I don’t go to the loading screen.

  104. pat says:

    I cannot get past the manacala …… Is there a cheat i can use to bypass it?

    slantedfish: Not that I know of, but keep trying! You’ll get it eventually. 🙂

    • Slanted Fish says:

      As the written walkthrough states, go into Pop Headquarters and enter the development basement. Click on the computer monitor to the farthest left and set the time of day to night. Sorry you’re not able to see the video!

  105. Spotted Penguin says:

    I can’t get the safety inspector to give me my hat, and I’ve tried everything. Unsafe jumping, relentless clicking, refreshing, and nothing has worked. Is there something to help this?

    • Mighty Pear says:

      Did you try going to the dungeon, clicking the computer left of the lady who put you on the quest, then clicking the “Island Maker Pro Home Edition”?

  106. Brianna says:

    I know it’s been awhile and no one is probably on here but there was a glitch and my inventory ‘broke’. I can’t leave now, and I don’t know what to do.

  107. v says:

    I can’t get the big crate in the island editor. What should I do? I’ve gotten the soda and helmet, it’s just that when I load up the island editor there’s no crate anywhere.

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