🏆 The Poppies 2018: Let the hype commence! 🏆

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Roll up to the blue carpet, Poptropicans… The Poppies are upon us!

🏆 What are the Poppies? 🏆

The Poppies are an annual Poptropica community awards event, hosted by Poptropica fans for Poptropica fans. This will be our fourth year celebrating, and as always, we welcome you to participate in the festivities and tell us where you think the spotlight deserves to shine in all things Poptropica.

First, we begin with the nomination round where you get to nominate your favorite picks for certain award categories. This round starts today (Thursday, July 12) and will end next Wednesday, July 18.

Then on the following day, July 19, comes the voting round, which lasts for a week.

This will culminate into the big day on July 26, when we’ll celebrate the PHB’s 10th birthday with a party on the Poptropica Help Chat (PHC). At the event, we’ll be announcing the winners via livestream as we hang out in multiverse rooms! More details on the party will be announced as the end of the voting round approaches.

Part I: Nomination Round

Today marks the start of the nomination round. Each award category will be announced below and followed by a brief description. To keep the nominations a surprise, you’ll be putting your choices in our survey anonymously (though you could reveal your identity if you choose).

Please limit your nominations to a max of three per award. Also, you’re not required to nominate for every category, though it is encouraged!

Keep in mind that some of these categories are applicable to both Poptropica Worlds and Original Poptropica.The awards for the taking this year are:

Poptropica Gameplay Awards

Best Poptropica Worlds Island: There are only a few islands on Worlds thus far, but even out of the few, one has to be the best. Which island had the best storyline? The best scenery? The best soundtrack? Since there are only a few islands on Worlds, they are all automatically nominated.

Best Poptropica Worlds Character: “Best” is a pretty broad term, but it’s definitely not a bad thing—that gives a wider range of characters to choose from! Many new characters have been introduced in Worlds already, but whether it’s a coin-giving pirate, a crazy lady in a carrot costume, or a purple-haired emo teen, which one stands out to you the most?

Most Educational Island: One of Poptropica’s primary goals from the get-go was not only to entertain but to educate as well. Out of the 40+ islands between both games, which one do you feel you learned the most from?

Best Accessory: Whether it’s a rare handheld item from Poptropica Original or one of those color-changing gadgets from Poptropica Worlds, what’s the coolest accessory every Poptropican should have in their closet?

Most Evil Poptropica Villain: Over the years, Poptropica has seen some pretty mean-spirited characters perverting the name of justice. From the carrot-nabbing, slave-driving Dr. Hare to the Booted Bandit trying to frame you for a crime you didn’t commit, which villain takes the prize for being the absolute worst to your Poptropican?

Community Awards

Best PHB Author: We have a great team of staff writers who work diligently to put out entertaining, interactive, and informative content, and we’re all very different. The current staff includes Slanted Fish, Brave Tomato, Spotted Dragon, Lucky Joker, Fierce Flyer, and Sporty Boa—and we’re all automatically nominated!

Best PHB Series: Throughout the years, many unique and fun series have made their way onto the Poptropica Help Blog. Whether it’s still ongoing or a thing of the past, which ones have you enjoyed the most?

Best Ask Blog: Past Poppies have had category for fan sites, but this year we’re focusing it on a growing trend in the Poptropica community known as ask blogs, which are fan blogs in which Poptropicans can send in questions for the appointed “owner” of the blog—a Poptropica character—to answer. You can find many of these in the #Poptropica ask tag on Tumblr, among other places.

Best Fan Art of 2018: Many Poptropican artists have created stunning masterpieces throughout the year so far, but which of them deserves the title of “best”? Our DeviantArt group page and Community Creations posts are great places to start searching for fan art! This category looks for works that were created/published in the year 2018 only, to give the more active artists a chance at the award.

Best Poptropica Portfolio: Our amazing Poptropica community wouldn’t be complete without the works of Poptropica Creators, who’ve helped build this game into what it is. We’ve featured several Creators’ portfolios on the PHB, showcasing the stunning visual or written work integral to Poptropica—but who did it best?

Well, there you have it—10 awards for 10 years of the PHB. Can you believe it’s been a whole decade since the PHB began?

Remember, the voting round starts next Wednesday, and next week’s poll options will be based on the most popular nominations. So, be sure to keep on popping in to keep pace with the Poppies going on throughout this month! In the meantime…

Place your nominations now! ✨

Have fun!

Pop Fan Artist Spotlight: SmileyFaceOrg

Hello, everyone! It’s time for another Pop Fan Artist Spotlight! Today, I’ll be highlighting the works of SmileyFaceOrg (who’s so talented that it should be illegal)!

SmileyFace has been drawing digitally for about 4 years now using Photoshop, and as you’ll see, has just about mastered her craft. Check out this collection of her amazing work (click the images to enlarge them):

Recently though, she’s been drawing traditionally like she used to way back when. Take a look at this comparison of one of her older pieces of art to one of her more recent ones; the improvement is remarkable (but honestly, they’re both so good):

I’m in such awe and I’m sure I’m not the only one. If you’re interested in seeing more of her art, she’s on DeviantArt, so go and check her out!

I hope you enjoyed this look into a Poptropica fan’s artwork. If you’ve created some of your own Poptropica fan art, we’d love for you to share it on our DeviantArt group gallery, We-Love-Poptropica.

On the topic of fanart—don’t forget to nominate your favorite piece of 2018 (along with other categories) in The Poppies this week! And for Community Creations this month, our theme is “Blogs & Fans.”

Thanks for reading as always! Feel free to check out the other artists I’ve featured on the PHB, and I’ll talk to you all soon… pop on!

– Lucky Joker 🍀


Storefront sketches and the gate to Big Nate

Hey Poptropicans, Slanted Fish here, with two bits of news. 🐠

The first is this: another sneak peek! Yup, soon after the Creators posted a sketch of a pet barn on their blog, we find another view of the same scene posted on their Instagram. This one includes a movie theater (hopefully it’ll be better than the current one), store (which we’re familiar with), and the aforementioned pet barn. Check it out:

barn peek2

The caption on Instagram offers some insight into the island creation process:

Ever wonder how games like Poptropica are made? It all starts with our artists working on lots of concepts like this one! Once a design is chosen, it’s redrawn in Photoshop! Stay tuned for more behind the scenes pics! 🎨

And the comments reveal a little more. A commenter (hiskeyblade) asked, “Do you guys start just random doodles after you figure out a plot of a world?”

To which the Creators replied: “We do! We also create mood boards with photos of real places and other inspiration!”

Pretty cool to hear about — it’d be great to learn more about their creative process, and the prospect of seeing more behind-the-scenes pics is one we can all look forward to!

Now for the second shocker: there’s a good chance that Big Nate Island, which is currently locked for members only, will be unlocked for all to play! See for yourself:

The hundred-plus comments received on the Creators’ proposal on Instagram are overwhelmingly in favor (albeit with some repeat “votes”).

As it should be! Poptropicans who hear about the sponsored islands being made members only are still as salty as Cap’n Salty’s about it as the day the news broke three years ago. With Poptropica Original likely to fade by the end of 2020, perhaps all features should be made free — better that more of us get to enjoy it than not at all, right?

That’s all for this post, but be sure to scroll down the blog for more news. We’ve had a lot going on in the Poptropica sphere lately!


A poptastic Pet Barn peek

How’s it going, Poptropicans? Lucky Joker here with, for the first time in a while, a sneak peek from the Creators’ Blog! (Looks like SD’s post had some effect… 😉 )

Today, an anonymous creator posted this picture of a simple sketch. In the picture, we can see a store, a pet barn, and another building (which looks like another design for a pet barn) at the bottom. It looks a little Club Penguin-ish, but I think it looks cool! I can see Home Island looking like this in the near future. See for yourself:


In the Creators’ Blog post, the unknown blogger says “The Poptropica creators are hard at work on some new updates to Poptropica…”, so it’s unclear as to which Poptropica they’re referring to—Worlds or Original. I personally hope the update is for Worlds since it is the future of the game, but I get the slightest feeling it isn’t… maybe that’s just me.

Anyway, what do you think of this sneak peek? Share your thoughts in the comments! That’s it for now. Thanks for reading, as always! Pop on!

– Lucky Joker 🍀

Pop Petition: What we want from the Creators’ Blog (and a message)

Pop Petition Header

Yep, Spotted Dragon here with another Pop Petition! Like our previous petition posts, today we’ll be voicing some of our top concerns and hopes for our favorite game. And you’re welcome to chime in down in the comments!

There’s always room for improvement, right? Well I certainly think so. Not only have Poptropica islands been a bit lacking as of late, but the Creators’ Blog itself seems less than impressive lately as well. It seems like forever ago when we had frequent posts by notable personalities, but now it’s hard to tell who is doing the posting in the first place!

#1: Frequent Updates

This one seems a bit obvious, doesn’t it? A little update wouldn’t hurt anyone, and in fact would ease the minds of many fans! These days, what posts we do get from the Creators’ Blog seem to be “filler” at best.


It seems to me that the main purpose of the Creators’ Blog should be updates. Leaving Poptropicans completely in the dark about the game’s future simply sparks concerned theories and, well… posts like this. It is totally understandable that not everything can be revealed, but it’s hard to maintain interest in something that you know nothing about.

That being said, we have gotten some posts recently that fall under the “update” umbrella, ranging from ad announcements even to an actual island announcement. Posts like these certainly make me optimistic, but trends do not exactly show consistency, nor on-time publication. And it may just honestly be that we aren’t getting the right kind of updates we are hoping for?

#2: Fan Interaction

We’ve all seen the  comment capabilities on the blog, in hand with the “liking” system, but we’ve also had our fair share of complaints about it. We’ve also seen new interactive “games” being featured on the blog, like one that looks a whole lot like some of our own community members game ideas

Guess the Island

A big complaint we’ve already faced is the time it takes for a comment to get approved. While this is of course understandable, it does seem to take longer than necessarily… necessary. Additionally, there are original content concerns, which at this point is to be expected. The “guess the island” style game has circled fan blogs for years now, and the Creators are really late to the punch.

These issues are not only fixated on the Creators’ Blog, but stem to their other social media outlets too. Fans continue to miss Skinny Moon, Poptropica’s old social media manager, and for good reasons. With her in charge of social media, someone’s job was literally to interact with fans on a daily bases. Voices were heard more often then than ever, and since she has left that feeling has steadily declined. We persistently tweet questions and try reaching higher levels of interaction these days, but whoever is behind Poptropica’s Twitter (and Blog of course) today just doesn’t do as much as we’re looking for I suppose.

#3: Behind the Scenes Looks

Concept art, sneak peeks of upcoming features, HQ photos, you name it. Behind the Scenes pictures always seem to intrigue fans, if not only a little bit. And while we do get the occasional glance behind the curtain on the Creators’ Twitter, their blog posts are less than enticing in that department.


Again, it is understandable that not everything can be revealed. That would take the fun out of everything! But hints here and there lead to amazing theories and excitement among Poptropicans. With the length between island releases increasing, it is important to keep up moral and interest in the fanbase.

Though it’s nice to see some photos from HQ on Twitter fairly often I suppose, the Creators’ Blog continues to not live up to its potential. And our hunger for information on islands is constantly unsatisfied. This doesn’t mean we want a bunch of repetition between the social media platforms, but it does mean that the Creators should catch on to what their audience gravitates towards.

#4: The Archive Feature

Lucky Joker was quick to point out that the archive feature on the Creators’ Blog was recently removed. Though there is still a search-bar, the sidebar of the blog has always seemed a bit bare.


Currently, the sidebar on the blog consists of a little welcome message, social media links, a search-bar, popular posts, and the list of island info pages. But what if you want to… pop down memory lane? Archive features can be super useful when you need or want to look back at old posts. While a search-bar provides a similar service, sometimes you don’t know what a post’s title is, or you aren’t looking for anything specific. Archives are especially useful when you’re looking for something in a particular month or time-frame.

Though this feature obviously is not a constant need, it’s a nice tool for both those nostalgic Poptropicans and those intense researchers. It wouldn’t be used everyday, sure, but what’s the harm in keeping it up? It doesn’t take up a huge amount of space and it adds more purpose to the sidebar as a whole.


Yes, this request definitely overlaps some points I’ve made in this post already, but I still think it deserves a full section of it’s own! Similar to fan interaction and frequent updates, I think “answers” sums up most of what I’m looking for.

Gone forever?

All in all, we simply can’t have radio silence if we still want this fandom to thrive! The community is strong, but we would be lying if we didn’t acknowledge the diminishing interest in Poptropica. But is that anyone’s fault? No fan is to blame for slowly moving away from something that doesn’t update, retain relevance, and well… answer questions!

I know this request sounds vague, but it can be hard to pin down exactly what can save this game. It’s not that Poptropica isn’t fun anymore, or that characters aren’t appealing, or that storylines don’t pull you in. I think that a huge portion of the problem stems from how things are currently being run! Fans are left in the dark far too often. The Creators’ Blog should be a way for those behind Poptropica to reach out to its fanbase, to answer questions, and to collectively find ways to improve the game.

Remember that this post isn’t meant to bash the Creators, but instead voice the opinions and suggestions of fans. We all want Poptropica to be as awesome as possible!

So, what are your thoughts? Do you agree with our list? What do you want to see more often on the Creators’ Blog? Be sure to let us know what other Pop Petitions we should make as well!

Silver Wolf - Transparent BackgroundMoving on however, I do have some bad news to add to the end of this post…

Silver Wolf has decided to leave the PHB, a choice that no one can blame her for, of course. Her passion for both blogging and Poptropica has lessened, as it does for many fans over time (not to mention how time consuming preparing for senior year of high school can be!). Still, what she brought to the community was thoughtful posts, creativity, and kindness!

I’ve personally become close friends with Wolfy over both of our author careers, and we started blogging around the same time. She will certainly be missed by all the PHB authors, but don’t worry too much! She will still be active on Discord and I may just force her to never leave DeviantArt.

She assures us that she will not be completely leaving the community, and will be sure to leave her own blog up. It was an honor for her to work on the PHB and she appreciates everything that this fandom gave her, including amazing friends and experiences!


New author, Sporty Boa, slides in


“Sporty Boa” by napstachill

Greetings, everyone!

Yep, I’m Sporty Boa, the Poptropica Help Blog’s newest author, and I’m just as surprised as you are! What can I say except that I’m feeling extremely humbled, blessed, and honored to be chosen by the PHB team to be, well, part of the PHB team.

Who am I? Sporty Boa’s the name, but you can call me SB for short. I’m just a teen with big dreams, big hair, and a huge love for Poptropica!

Besides playing and blogging about Pop, I also busy myself in other hobbies such as sports (mainly basketball), reading (Bravelands & Warriors are some of my favs), and playing video games. And I can’t forget to mention that I have three amazing pets (two cats and a bunny), plus other animals I take care of outside my home. (I really love animals!)

Shout-out also to my family, who’ve always been there for me and actually introduced me to Poptropica! My sister was the first to show me the game when I was just a nerdy third-grader, and as for my younger brother, Fierce Flyer… let’s just say he’s found his place within the community. Excited to blog with ya, bro! 🙂

Anyway, when I first started blogging on the Sporty Boa Blog, my slogan was: “Great experiences make great stories.” For me, Poptropica was more than just an awesome game — it was an awesome experience, one that I just can’t wait to share with you guys.

Thanks again to everyone, the staff and the readers, for accepting me as the PHB’s newest author. Boa out!

Announcing the Poptropica Sticker Design Contest!

Hello, Poptropicans!

It’s been a little less than a week since the Poptropica Stickers app was released for iPhones and iPads, and now, Poptropica is introducing a sticker design contest for it!


To enter the contest, post your design on Instagram with the hashtag #PoptropicaStickers so that the Creators can see it. You can create with any medium—digital or otherwise—and you can enter as many times as you’d like!

The deadline is July 25, so that gives you about two weeks to submit as many entries as you can. And the prize? To have your sticker design featured in the next app update!

Will you be participating in the contest? I think it’s great the Creators are once again giving Poptropica fans a chance to show off our creativity. I mean, we’re a pretty talented group of people. 😏

(Though we are still waiting for Pop’s promise about runner-up costumes being available in the game from the #MyPoptropicaCostumeContest to become a reality… 😉 )

Well, that’s it for now. Thanks for reading as always, talk to you soon… pop on!

– Lucky Joker 🍀