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Climb Aboard for a Costume Crusade 🧥🗺️

Ahoy, Poptropicans! It’s time to embark on another journey and uncover some Poptropica news. We’ll admire some amazing artwork, say “Bonjour!” to the Baron, and chronicle some creative costumes. Let’s go!

Here are some fan art features from Pop’s recent Instagram stories. Plenty of fan art per usual, but also some promo for the Baron’s Crusade!

Two of the stories relate to the new Baron’s Crusade side quest. One is a poll asking users if they had played the quest, and the other is a Poptropica TikTok video that was posted on a Bones Day. We can safely say that this quest is Noodle-approved. 🦴


Be careful what you wish for, the Baron heard y’all wanted a Bones Day 💀 New side quest is out NOW ft. 🦴🦴🦴 #bonesday #bonesornobones #gamingtiktok

♬ original sound – Jonathan

The Creators’ Blog also published a walkthrough for the Baron’s Crusade side quest. The written walkthrough and accompanying video show players how to complete the quest and uncover the hidden Easter eggs. You have one week left to set off on this once in a lifetime adventure and to snatch some Halloween goodies, including the six winning designs from September’s costume contest. Good luck, adventurers!

Speaking of costumes, I’m excited to share that I wrote a guest post for the Creators’ Blog! Since the PHB Halloween costume contest is still open, I wrote Gentle Dolphin’s Declassified Costume Creation Guide (Points if you get the reference😉)! This guide gives tips for making custom in-game looks and showcases some examples as seen below. I hope these tips help you create your ideal costume whether it be for trick-or-treating, island perusing, or contest submitting.

You may also notice a new Contests page on the Poptropica website menu. So far, this page only features the original announcement of monthly costume contests from June 2021. Maybe this is where the Creators will post updates about upcoming contests? There hasn’t been any word regarding a new costume contest in October, so I think we might get an announcement in early November. We’ll wait and see!

That’s all for now! Did you play the Baron’s Crusade side quest yet? What did you think of it, and did you discover every secret? Have you entered the PHB’s Halloween costume contest yet, or are you planning to enter this coming week? Let us know in the comments below!

Thank you for reading, and have a good day!

—Gentle Dolphin 🐬

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Popspiracy: Poptropicans as futuristic hybrids of humans and aliens 👶👽

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Silver Horse. Enjoy!

Hello, fellow Poptropicans! When you see a Poptropican, with their large head and noodly limbs, what do you think about its biology and anatomy? A bird, plant, maybe a robot? Well, I have a theory that makes a lot of sense as well, at least to me. Here it is…

Part 1: The anatomy of a Poptropican

Now, as my theory goes, Poptropica takes place in the 4200s, on a future earth. (For this to work, Astro-Knights would have to take place in an alternate dimension.) Yes, you heard that right. 4200s.

Back during the 2200s, a society of aliens from Astro-Knights on the moon accidentally opened a portal to our dimension, ending up on a tropical island in Hawaii, which is where the “tropican” in the “Poptropican” species name comes from.

When they first found Earth, the aliens didn’t know English or any other human language, so they communicated with body language before they started learning ways of speaking and writing. After finding other intelligent life on Earth, the aliens ended up having kids with humankind, creating the first generations of Poptropicans. The aliens had three fingers per hand, so averaging out with the humans’ five fingers, Poptropicans ended up having four fingers on each hand, and for some reason only had one oval toe on each foot.

A Poptropican’s average height would be around four-and-a-half feet tall, between a human’s six feet and an alien’s three feet. Their head and eye shape was inherited from the aliens, able to breathe despite having no necks or noses, by having a really thin piece of skin in their faces that allowed air to trespass. The necks are anti-gravity, having a wormhole between the bottom of the head and the top of the body, with the vocal chords in the top front of the body. 

The authorities on Earth had not realized the aliens and their half-human children, dubbed “Poptropicans,” were a threat, but conflicts grew into a worldwide war between humans who sided with governments and humans who sided with the aliens and Poptropicans. By the time the war was over and the Poptropicans survived, the humans were very few, and had no choice but to reproduce with the aliens and Poptropicans. A few generations later, and humans went extinct.

Belt It Out: Someone get Kuiper on the line.

Part 2: A rough Poptropican timeline

Now, maybe you’re wondering, “But Silver Horse, Poptropican technology looks just like present-day tech!” Well, I have an explanation for that, and there are a few high-tech things.

Firstly, going back to when the humans went extinct, the Poptropican officials vowed to start over from the year 0 and follow in humans’ footsteps. To keep the new order of the universe, they formed the secret organization “‘Tropicans in Black,” which are the spies from Spy Island.

During World War P, as I like to call it, a combination of climate change and bombs and the like caused most continents* to split apart, forming Poptropica’s current islands. Mythical creatures and beings also revealed their existence, which explains islands like Fairytale, Mythology, and Realms. (*An exception is Africa, which stayed intact, as canonically seen in Nabooti Island.)

By the time of current Poptropica in the 4200s, time travel and alternate universe travel had been invented, as seen in the likes of Time Tangled Island. The ‘Tropicans in Black were compelled to take more extreme measures and invent the PoptropiLens, an equipped device that allows Poptropicans to see all humans and animals in the past as Poptropicans and Poptropican-like animals, without altering anything else, and without explaining what this technology was for.

Whattya Buyin: Got some good things on sale, stranger.

There were some mess-ups, though, such as a few statues in Time Tangled being humanoid, and handprints in Mystery Train and Back Lot having five fingers and not four. Other high-tech devices include the Colorizer, a permanent, automatic skin and hair dyer; CJ’s shrink ray; and the aforementioned time and dimension travel.

Print It: The marks of a legend.

There was also the introduction of sapient animal-like Poptropicans, which are either half-Poptropican hybrids (Silver Horse is one of these, albeit ¼ Poptropican) or through a Frankenstein-like surgical process, enlarging an animal’s head, transplanting a Poptropican’s brain into it, removing the Poptropican’s head, and sewing the animal’s head to the Poptropican, similar to deities of Egyptian mythology.

Other than these, the tech and life of Poptropicans is almost exactly like ours as humans, except for things accommodating their four fingers, like musical instruments for example. 

Finally, Poptropica’s Amelia was the actual, human Amelia Earhart. During her disappearance, she accidentally flew into a portal that turned her into a Poptropican, crashing on Home Island, leading to the events of Monkey Wrench Island.

Your Poptropican is a secret agent working with the ‘Tropicans in Black to save islands, and is actually a 20-something adult. Since your older self in Time Tangled (50 years into the future) looks at least 70, this seems to check out. Plus, correct me if I’m wrong, but the only times your Poptropican gets called a kid appear to be in the sponsored islands, which mostly take place in alternate universes where you would seem the size of a child, because the average height in those universes is taller than in the Poptropican universe.

With that, my theory is done! Let me know your possible explanations for why Poptropicans look the way they do, and how that might relate to future Poptropica. See you next time!

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Silver Horse. If you did, you might also like another post of his: a Clubhouse Tour with animals galore!

The Poptropica Help Blog welcomes interesting Poptropica insights from anyone in the Poptropica community with thoughts to share. Interested in writing for the PHB? We’d love to hear from you! 📰✨

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Treasures laid for the Baron’s Crusade 🗺☠️

Ahoy, Poptropicans! The Baron’s side quest is here as promised, and it’s available to all players. Read on for a spoiler-full walkthrough!

To get started, meet the Baron in her quarters, a new room you’ll find aboard her big airship. Head inside the Cabin of Curiosities and open the hatch below the Baron’s throne. Under the shop, you’ll find the Baron poring over maps. She’ll ask you to join her in digging up treasure on a secret island that’s not on your map. Accept, and off we go!

You’ll land on the shore of a quiet island that feels kinda like the final scene of Skullduggery Island, where OG Poptropicans would have beaten Captain Crawfish to a hidden treasure. Curiously, the Baron later mentions that the treasure we’re now looking for belonged to the captain! (Is he still alive…?) Anyway, head up the hill and enter the cave.

(Sighting secrets: In the water, there’s a purple alien orb reminiscent of Mission Atlantis, while in the distance, we can see the skull-shaped rock of the Pirate Outpost from Skullduggery. Thanks to Ammonite for the tips!)

Inside the cave, the Baron follows you. Head right, skipping over all the gaps until you reach some greenish stone. From here, head downwards, watching out for the poison darts that will knock you back. When you touch water, swim left until you come across a lever. Click on it to lower the water level, which allows you to swim right to the next lever by the barred hole. Click that and the water level goes down some more, allowing you to swim all the way left, where you’ll find the next puzzle.

You’ll come face-to-face with a giant stone wheel with mysterious markings on it (is that a % sign?). But don’t worry about that — the Baron’s got it under control. While she’s the brains of this operation, you’re the brawn. With the Baron’s trusty wrench, you’re all set to whack any “guards” of the treasure… and here they come now!

A mini-game will start, and it’s basically whack-a-mole with skeletons popping up from any of the nine large holes under the treasure wheel. You’ll have to move your view back and forth as you can’t see all the holes at once. The skeletons don’t go away easily either: they have to climb out quite a bit first before smacking them has the desired effect, but you can’t wait too long, or you’ll have to start the mini-game over.

Once you successfully hold off the skeletons long enough, the Baron will unlock the wheel, revealing a treasure vault full of gold, gemstones, and Captain Crawfish’s hat and sword. For your part, she’ll share 500 credits and a pirate costume with you. Congrats and enjoy!

Back at the Baron’s, you can learn more about this daredevil sky pirate through conversation as well as exploring her home, just like in Amelia’s side quest. Speaking of Amelia, there’s tea to be uncovered…

Over in the top right corner of the Baron’s quarters, there’s an abandoned little box with a unicorn plushie and frame jutting out. Click on it and you’ll see an old news clipping behind smashed glass, with a photo of Amelia and the Baron together like best buds. The headline from the Poptropica Times reads, “Local Adventurers Save the Island.”

What fractured their friendship? For now, the Baron reveals only that she had a crew once, and that “trust is hard to come by.”

There’s more to discover around the Baron’s quarters. What surprises have you found? Read on for more trivia and theories!

Baby Ack plushie, golden Rumpelstiltskin, and more treasures await…

To the left of the Baron, you’ll find her fearsome portrait with first mate Ack the monkey, and a familiar green skull that activates the whack-a-mole mini-game from earlier (just for practice!). Playing the Baron’s Bucket of Bones earns you 50 credits per completion, much like “Clear the Skies,” the plane mini-game on the airship deck.

Head down to the lower floor and you’ll see a map on the wall that shows the Baron’s been looking for a “golden city.” Could this be a hint for the upcoming Secret of the Jade Scarab Island, which involves archeological digs for treasure? At any rate, the map bears some interesting port names (potential relations in parentheses): Yoller or Holler (a loud shout), Mustang (sports car), Rhe or Rye (grain), Sanders (Bernie or Colonel?), Omamora (close to omamori, Japanese luck amulets), Lagos (Nigeria’s largest city).

You can also scan through titles of books on her shelf: Lost Cities of Poptropica, Grappling with Grapple-Pap, Into the Maw of Glowbhax: In Search of the Island Devourer (perhaps a reference to Haxe, which did kind of devour many islands). The Baron sure likes her myths legends.

Also in this corner nook, you’ll find a framed photo of the Baron and Ack inside a bank, throwing money down to people on the street. Robbery with a Robin Hood twist? Anyway, there’s another pic of this adventuresome duo beside where Ack sleeps, and it’s adorbs.

Thanks for joining us in exploring the Baron’s Crusade and cabin! What did you think of this side quest of skullduggery? Do you have theories about the Baron’s history with Amelia, or any other aspects of her life? Share with us in the comments. Happy sailing!

🌟 For more Poptropica walkthroughs, visit our Island Help page. 🌟

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Little pastel pets and a big red dog 🐶🐾

Hey Poptropicans, we’ve got a store update, TikTok throwback, and — a whole ad island for an iconic big red dog? Let’s pop in for a look!

A new week brings a new rotation of outfits at Adventure Outfitters, with both grim and whimsical contenders for Halloween costuming.

For all players, we see the return of the Ice Cream, Tie-Dye Hoodie, and Fairytale costumes, while pets get new cuddly creature capes — the Lemon Shark, Bubble Gum Unicorn, and Fuzzy Monster (for members) — to go with their Poptropican counterparts still available in-store. Check out the Creators’ Blog for the full stock »

Continuing the “Spookiest Moments in Poptropica” short video series, Poptropica recently posted a part 3 on TikTok, highlighting the haunting moment from Ghost Story Island (this month’s PHB Island Flash-back!) when you’re peeking through the telescope and Fiona’s quiet voice pops out for real from the computer. (Also, hey, it’s Thinknoodles!)


There’s 2 kinds of people: those that were terrified by Ghost Story and LIARS. 🔊🆙 to relive the fright of your life as a kid 😰😫 #nostalgia #scary

♬ original sound – hi

On the subject of frightening yet fleeting clips, Poptropica’s earlier TikTok of Squid Game in Poptropica is also now available as a YouTube short. So if you’re only on one of these platforms, you’ll still get to see it!

There’s a new spot on the map — and while it’s not Mission Atlantis, there’s still ad-venture to be had! In anticipation of the upcoming movie Clifford the Big Red Dog, Clifford Island is here for a limited time only with games and prizes. Upon landing, a big gift awaits: a Clifford Emoji!

Clifford’s owner Emily will also challenge you to a race to the movie theater. Make it to the top of the hill before she does, and you’ll win Clifford Paw Prints! You can hold the paw prints in your hand and also leave a print by pressing the spacebar.

As you explore the “island,” you’ll find a weightlifter by the small pool who hints that there’s another surprise to be discovered if you follow Clifford’s red paw prints. Sure enough, they’ll lead you to a third prize: Clifford’s Grow Power, which makes your character bigger, like the godly powers from Mythology Island! You can even try it out in common rooms for other players to see you tower above them.

That’s a wrap for this update! Enjoy the store items, visit the Big Red Dog on Clifford Island, and stay spooky, Poptropicans. 🐾🩸


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Baron witness to firing squid stories 🦑🔥

Hey Poptropicans! We’ve got news of a side quest, a Squid Game takeover, Cinder’s punk rock glory, and fan art stories. Let’s fire away!

It seems the Halloween surprise we’ve been waiting for may not be the return of Zomberry Hero, but something completely new and involving the Baron! According to the Pop Creators’ Blog, “The Baron’s headed on an adventure and rumor has it, you’re the prime candidate to come along.” They even shared this stunning Pop portrait of the Baron with Ack, the monkey and first mate! Nice touch with the monkey wrench.

With the Baron here only until the end of Red October, and the mention of the Halloween surprise, it seems likely we’ll get to play this upcoming side quest sometime this month. Plus, unlike Rumpel’s Challenge, the adventure will be available to all players!

Stay tuned for more news of the Baron’s latest tricks and treats. For now, enjoy the Red October skies and all the fun stuff aboard the big airship!

Turns out there are bloodier shenanigans than the Baron on Poptropica, and they involve a much-hyped Netflix show! The Pop Creators have advanced from simple Squid Game memes to recreating its deadly world in the game itself, as seen in their latest TikTok clip:


Squid Game but make it ✨Poptropica style✨ Y’ALL GOTTA BE SQUIDDING ME IF YOU SAY YOU’RE NOT DOWN 🦑👀 #foryou #gamertiktok #poptropica #fyp

♬ original sound – poptropicacreator

While Squid Game with its firing squads is not made for children, Poptropicans of all ages can still appreciate this kid-friendly tribute that takes the Gamer Clubhouse to a whole new level with its stacked beds and coffins. As for the prize: how about 45.6 little glowing bunnies?

Speaking of fiery tales, remember Cinder’s iconic transformation from Fairytale Island? Poptropica shared a clip of the punk rock princess on TikTok a couple months ago, and now, it’s available as a YouTube short:

Wrapping up this post is a series of posts shared on Poptropica’s Instagram stories, including an answer box to share about your Halloween ‘fit, as well as tons of fan art. Enjoy!

Remember: Two more weeks until the PHB’s Halloween Costume Contest closes on Friday, October 29! Get your grim grooves and whimsical whooshes going strong, and see you in the next one! 👻🎃