Contest-winning and 10th Birthday Costumes, plus a Pop Worlds Livestream!

Hey Poptropicans! Looks like things are popping on Pop again. 😉

It may have taken a good seven months, but it looks like the Poptropica Creators are finally about to bring the winning designs of the #MyPoptropicaCostume contest to the game, with confirmation that that means both Poptropica Worlds and Original! Check out the awesome sneak peek, featuring mermaids and letterman jackets:


They haven’t given an exact release date, only “soon,” but it’s a comfort to know they’re at least being worked on (it is rather long overdue). Maybe my earlier nudging helped – but in any case, it is nice to see a glimpse of what they’re working on (we’ve been pretty starved for regular sneak peeks lately!).

Here we see the grand prize winning designs, “Ocean Princess” designed by Creepy Peanut and “Hip Hop Boy” by Speedy Toes. The 6-month memberships they won have probably expired by now, but at least they’re finally going to see their costumes for real, and with designs for more than one gender, expanding upon their original entries! Hopefully, the top 10 runner-up costumes will soon follow.

Speaking of costumes, the 10th Birthday Costume has finally been added to Worlds, this time glitch-free! You can find it in the store for free. Get it while it’s here!

If you’re playing on mobile, be sure to update your app so you’ll see this costume in the store, along with the all-new Ye Olde Shop building!

worlds 10th bday

pic credit: Young Hippo & Yujo_Jacy_the_Jumpy_Coyotekans

(And it only took an extra week compared to Pop Original…)

In other news, Poptropica had their first ever livestream this weekend: specifically, this past Friday (Sept 22) at about 4:40 p.m. EST. It was completely out of the blue, not having been announced on any of Poptropica’s social media channels except YouTube. You can catch the entire 22 minutes of video here:

The livestream is hosted by one Creator, a young lady in the corner of the screen who introduces herself as Stephanie. Her game username is later revealed as PopTrop_Steph. A quick look-up in the Avatar Studio shows that she has never played Pop Original (at least not on her account), since Worlds accounts that have never played Original (like hers) will have the “Afro Guy” appearance (as she does – so it looks like she’s probably a new Creator). (Personally, I’d like to see some livestreams for Pop Original too, though I guess the closest we have are Captain Crawfish’s walkthroughs!)

Indeed, the whole video focuses on Poptropica Worlds, from creating an account to landing on Home Island to – well, that’s about it, really. What Stephanie goes through will probably be familiar if you’re not completely new, but if you want to watch a Poptropica Creator narrate an exploration of Worlds while eating a bunch of gummy bears, this is the video for you. Oh, and we’re promised there’s more to come in the future.

We’ve never met Steph before, but she seems pretty friendly and excitable. It looks like we’ll be seeing more of her on future YouTube livestreams – the next episode, she says, will be about what you can get with membership in the store. That might get some kids interested in membership, but we hope Poptropica will remember to keep up the love for the free players as well.

It’s not clear whether or not Steph is responsible for the rest of Pop’s social media these days, although I would guess not, since the mystery blogger on the Creators’ Blog has previously used a yellow-haired male character. Regardless, it’s nice to finally know at least one face and name – and if there are other social media staff working for Pop, we hope they’ll introduce themselves as well!

What did you think of the livestream video? What would you like to see in a future video from Poptropica? Share your thoughts in the comments below!



My Place in Poptropica: Striped Cactus

This is the My Place in Poptropica story of Striped Cactus, a writer who likes to play Poptropica Islands for story inspiration. See below for how to send in your MPIP!

mpip stripedcactus

Now there are about ten million and one ways I could start this, but I need something that’s going to hook my readers, so, um–

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

How I Discovered Poptropica

It must’ve been like 2009 when I first heard about Poptropica. I don’t remember where I first heard the name of it, exactly. But I remember that back then, when I was in elementary school, Poptropica was like “the cool thing.”

The kids I knew wore Poptropica t-shirts on a daily basis. They bragged about how they passed Astro-Knights Island by themselves to their friends (meaning they probably used the PHB, but let’s be honest, who doesn’t?). They showed off their memberships and bought ye olde Poptropica guide book.


Now, I was a very cautionary child growing up. I felt superior to any and all people who played video games of any kind. Pokemon was popular, and so was Call of Duty (yes, even amongst mere third graders!). I warned the boys in my grade (the ones playing the video games) about the dangers of gaming: how it was bad for the eyes, the body, and the mind. And then…

Well, one day at school I was on Funbrain, very obviously doing important school things, when I scrolled to the bottom, probably on accident, and saw a small blue link that said Poptropica. Instantly, I began freaking out. It’s that thing all the cool kids are talking about! Omigosh I found it!!!

Needless to say, that was the beginning of an obsession that hasn’t yet died out – which, for me, is extremely rare, considering that my other obsessions at one time or another haven’t lasted quite as long.

My Only Source of Computer Entertainment

The first island I played was Spy Island. Advanced for a third grader? Probably. But man, I did not stop talking about it for weeks. I told all of my friends that I was a real spy, that I had defeated Director D, and that they should all be calling me by my Poptropica name, “Striped Cactus,” now. Poptropica was literally one of the only things I did when I opened my computer.

Then, I got stuck on Wild West Island, and I was so frustrated. But then an idea came to my fun brain and I thought, I wonder if the Internet has the answer? Lo and behold… PHB had the answer. PHB had all the answers, in fact, to the next thirty or so islands I completed.

My dad and I played Mythology Island together, talking about Greek mythology as we did so (we’re both really big history nerds). He also helped me conquer Astro-Knights Island. People could brag about finishing it all by themselves to their hearts’ content, but I took pride in telling people that I completed it with my dad.

A Source of Inspiration

Something I didn’t mention, but perhaps you’ve picked up on it: I am… a writer. I write short stories, novelettes, articles, the occasional MUSICAL (that was a big one), and mini plays that get performed every other year at my local theater. As a writer, I get this virus every so often known as “writer’s block.” And yes, it sucks. But the only way to hunt said virus (see what I did there? okay, so it was a bit of a stretch) is to distract myself with something mindless and entertaining, but has the potential to punch me in the face with a fistful of inspiration. Sounds a whole lot like Poptropica if you ask me.

Whenever I’m stuck in a story and want to get out (see what I did there, musical theater superfans? ), I play the Poptropica Island that most resembles the theme of the story I’m writing. While writing a novelette retelling of Snow White, I spent a bunch of time on Twisted Thicket. While struggling in the middle of a Star Wars tale I was itching to tell but couldn’t quite figure out how, I slashed and stabbed my way through Legendary Swords. And when I was working on an intense but complicated story where the narrator gets kidnapped by the villain and has to be rescued, I continuously played Mocktropica. I swear, there’s a Poptropica Island for every story idea that comes to mind.

An Awkward Conclusion

Well, that’s my story. I know self-promotion is overrated, but follow me on Wattpad anyway (please?) or at least give one of my stories a nice big yellow star! 🙂 I’m @booky_wookiee.

Poptropica’s a great place, PHB is pretty awesome, and stay safe out there, everybody.

Hope you enjoyed this “My Place in Poptropica” story!

If you haven’t already, we invite you to send in your own. Please include your username and a minimum of 550 words, typed with good spelling and grammar, and divided into labeled sections. If you send in your story, we will continue to post new community MPIPs!

~the Poptropica Help Blog

Pop 5: Most Educational Islands

This post originally appeared on Clawtropica and is being shared on the PHB courtesy of the author, Purple Claw. If you’re interested, you too can write for the PHB!


Hey Poptropicans, it’s Purple Claw, and today I’ve got a Pop 5 list for Poptropica’s most educational islands! Previously, I made a post asking which Poptropica (Original or Worlds) was more educational, and [spoiler alert] Original won that round.

So now, I’ve made a list of top 5 educational islands, all from Pop Original! Keep in mind that this list is just my opinion, and it may contain spoilers. That said, let’s get into it!



Counterfeit Island is really well-made, with lots and lots of art, a really exciting mystery, and a super cool villain (#BlackWidowFTW). Also the Balloon Boy long-running gag started on this very island, so you can blame Counterfeit Island for the whole “dearest Balloon Boy” thing in new Poptropica Worlds trailer.

The most educational thing about this island were, of course, the art pieces at the art museum. That’ll probably help you a bit in class, in case a teacher that lame asks you about a painting and who made it, and if you know it because you saw it on Poptropica, you’re in luck! If you didn’t get that info from Pop, well… kudos to you. If you didn’t know the answer at all… then… you’re on your own.

I’m getting off track here… so let’s continue on, shall we?



Hear me out on this one. I’m aware that this island is hated by, like, most of the community because of its glitches and its overall grossness, but it can still be educational.

Basically, on this island you travel through a person’s body to kill a deadly virus. In your adventures, you travel through different parts of a human’s body, such as the heart and brain, plus you learn how dangerous deadly viruses can be. It could be more informative, but it’s a decent start.

Still, I must say, this island isn’t really that well made. The bright colors sometimes hurt my eyes, plus the difficulty is extremely hard and a bit annoying at times. But overall, it’s not half bad.



Red Dragon Island is one of Poptropica’s most popular islands, and for good reason. It’s visually great, the story is really interesting (though it’s inspired by a non-Poptropica book), the platforming is fun and not too frustrating, and it’s also pretty educational.

It’s a really beautiful island which introduces us to good ol’ ancient Japan and its culture. From sumo wrestling, to helping random strangers, writing Japanese characters, catching mythical river demons, snipping meticulously at bonsai trees (that’s sorta educational, right?), to fighting Japanese dragons – this island is full of interesting tidbits!



While I think Time Tangled is a bit, well, overrated, there’s no denying it’s one of Poptropica’s most educational islands. I mean, when you go back in time to various periods of history, there’s just so much to see.

You go to Mount Everest, to Ancient Greece, to all sorts of places to repair the future, but while you’re doing that, you actually learn something. The new SUI version doesn’t have those Fact Monster bubbles I mentioned in a previous post (thankfully), but even still, you might pick up a new fact or two as you explore these historical environments.

However, there’s a glitch to play the non-SUI version of Time Tangled, with all the Fact Monster bubbles. To activate it, make sure you have the time device given to you by your older self, then go into the Party Time Tower common room, use the device to go to any time period, and voila! The whole island will be a non-SUI! (Special thanks to Tall Melon for reminding me about it!)



Ah, Mythology Island! This island intrigued me, not just because of the wonderful storyline and the visually great graphics, but because I learned a whole lot about Greek mythology too!

As some of you might know, I was born in Greece. I learned a little about Greek mythology in third grade, but not much, so it was really cool to explore it more in Poptropica.

Everything about this island is educational, and really fun at the same time. There’s the museum of Olympus (which has info about various Greek gods and goddesses), Aphrodite’s minigame where you’re supposed to guess the deities’ names, and all the mythical creatures you get to meet. The whole island is really well thought-out!

I congratulate Poptropica for making islands that are both educational and really fun at the same time. They really can appeal to everyone!

If you enjoyed reading this post, check out the original post on Clawtropica, and browse the blog for even more cool content.

Thanks for reading! I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

🐾 Purple Claw 🐾

Tra-la-la, Ye Olde Shop has docked on Home Island!

Hey Poptropicans! Look what showed up on Home Island on Poptropica Worlds…

A pirate ship! No, wait, it’s just the exterior of a new building that’s decorated like a ship – and a small tower with a blimp weathervane. And according to the sign, it’s Ye Olde Shop! Which, really, just brings up the clothing shop panel. But now it has a physical building on Worlds, so that’s pretty neat. There was going to be new clothing, but…


pic credit: idk

Earlier today, the promised 10th birthday costume (which came on Friday for Pop Original) finally made its way to Worlds, but the excitement was short-lived. The costume soon encountered glitches like backwards-facing caps, disappearing heads for those wearing it, and downwards-facing fireworks.

Not too long later, the costume was deleted from Worlds. Hopefully it’ll be back soon – we’ll let you know when it returns.


pic credit: Young Hippo & idk

Although new clothing on Worlds is still a work in progress, you can still pick up something new for your avatar on Poptropica Original!

On Pop Original’s Home Island, there’s an ad for Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie (coming to DVD and Blu-ray), and inside the building is a common room, so you can meet and battle with other players. A “don’t touch” button, when touched, will bring up an animation of Captain Underpants zooming on your screen. If you go all the way to the end, you can costumize a red spotted billowing cape for your avatar.

captunderpants ad

Back to Worlds: you can also find the Captain Underpants Movie ad on your TV screen inside your house, but no prizes.

It’s interesting to note that when it comes to updates for Pop Original and Worlds, Original continues to get better (or faster) ones. For the 10th birthday costume, Pop Original got the update right on time, but we’re still waiting for the one on Worlds to be ready. For recent ads such as the Captain Underpants one, the offering on Pop Original is more complex and interesting than what appears on Worlds.

It seems like the Creators are still figuring things out with building on Unity, which is the engine Worlds runs on. Pop Original continues to be more familiar, hence the quality updates we’ve been used to over the years continuing to appear in-game without a hitch.

Considering that the Creators are willing to update Pop Original with them when they had originally said they wouldn’t be updating it, it seems the issue is not that they don’t want to keep up with these cool ad buildings, but rather that it’s taking time to figure out how to do it on Worlds. After all, on Worlds, they still aren’t ready for multiplayer functions like a common room, and even adding a new costume is proving to be a struggle.

Still, because the big reason Poptropica decided it needed to create Worlds was to adapt to new technologies, it looks like this is just the way things are for now, and it’s something we should keep remembering. For our part, let’s keep trying to enjoy both Poptropicas, knowing the Creators are still striving to make them fun for all.

Well, that’s all for now! Enjoy the New Olde Shop and the Captain Underpants cape! And, if you missed the events of this past weekend, be sure to check out our party recap and birthday news post below. Keep on poppin’ on, Poptropicans. 😉


A Decade of Poptropica: Party Recap and Reflections

10th bday pop

You’ve probably heard us say this a lot this month, but it’s a big deal, so we’re saying it again: 🎉 Poptropica is 10!!!!!!!!!! 🎉

That’s a pretty long time to be popping about. In fact, many of us here at the PHB have grown up seeing its progression over the years, from our pre-teens to early adulthood. Many others in this community are themselves just 10 years old, having been born right around the time of Poptropica’s launch! Whatever the case for you, whether you’re a longtime player or just discovered the game yesterday, you’ve got to admit it’s a remarkable thing to have made it here.

This past weekend, to celebrate the big milestone, the PHB threw a party on Poptropica and our chat server, the PHC. We brought our 10th birthday monkey hats and filled Multiverse rooms with laughter, head-to-head battles, and a standard dose of lag. Despite some hiccups with the party rooms, we still had plenty of fun meeting friends and hanging out on the PHC. Check out a recap of the shenanigans in the collage above, or this video captured by TallMeloniscool which recorded a portion of the events!

Here at the Poptropica Help Blog, we’re immensely blessed to have Poptropica be a part of our lives. This game and fandom – for all its whimsical complexities, hearty community of players, and skillful creativity – has made its indelible and unique marks on all of us who are celebrating its tenth anniversary this month.

To that end, the current PHB staff would like to share some reflections with you – our thoughts straight from the heart. You can also check out our “My Place in Poptropica” (MPIP) stories, linked below, for more about how the game has impacted our lives.

Brave Tomato:

bt1010 years? Wow, thanks for making me feel old, Poptropica. 😛 Anyway, I could never be any more grateful to be part of such an awesome community. Over the years, I have gotten to see numerous things, news, and such come and go as Poptropica evolved, and it has been great to get to experience it all.

It helped me gain new interests, build up my confidence to pursue an animation degree while in college, gave me an opportunity to share stories and artwork, and I got to meet so many amazing people through the fandom. I know this is weird for me to say, but being part of this changed my life. Thank you, Poptropica, for not being afraid to teach us not only educational lessons, but also to smile, laugh, cry, face our fears, and most importantly, bringing us all together.

Check out her whole MPIP story here.

Happy Lobster: 10bdayhl

Well, 10 years does seem like a very long time – but for me, playing since 2008, it strangely doesn’t feel like a very lengthy time looking back. As I grew older, I became more and more interested in Pop, ultimately leading up to my discovery of the community, and taking part in it since the start of 2016.

Since then, I’ve met so many amazing people, all of whom share a common interest, and made new hobbies that I almost definitely wouldn’t have began if not for the community – blogging, graphics, digital art. I wouldn’t change a single bit of my time with Pop and its fandom – and I’m very pleased to see Pop’s 10 birthday.

Check out his whole MPIP story here.

Lucky Joker:

lj10The fact that it’s been 10 years that these wide-eyed, formerly neckless characters have been around is still dawning upon me. I consider myself nothing more than privileged to have had this amazing game a part of my life for so many years. From mindlessly wandering around Poptropica in an elementary school computer lab, to secretly playing during the awkward years of middle school, and now to blogging on the biggest Poptropica fan site as an almost high school graduate, Poptropica has been with me all the way. It is with disbelief, but great joy as well, that I’m here today reminiscing on the huge impact Poptropica has had on my life, both online and off.

Looking back at the growth and evolution of this game feels so surreal. I remember earning my first medallion, purchasing my first membership, my first merchandise item… all like it was just yesterday. Because of this game, I’ve developed interests in mythology, astronomy, story writing, art, and journalism, and have also been learning to seek higher successes. This other world has truly influenced me, and for the best way possible. Anyway, I better stop before I get too emotional. Happy 10th birthday, Poptropica, and here’s to many more! ❤

Check out his whole MPIP story here.

Purple Claw:

pc10Poptropica is more than just a game, at least for me. Poptropica is an inspirational world that inspired thousands of people to make fan art, write fan-fiction, start blogging and writing, become more familiar with coding, and more. This game was what kept me sane through my teenage years (2014-2016, thankfully I’m much better now), my hard times, and whenever I wanted to be alone.

Joining the community is probably one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life, and I’m really thankful for every single one of my friends. Everyone here is so nice. Being in this fandom made me realize that Poptropica is my home, and I’m really happy to see this world become 10 years old. Here’s to many more! Stay poppin’! (:

Check out his whole MPIP story here.

Silver Wolf:

sw10Poptropica has become a huge part of my life, and I even remember the first time I played it, which was about 9 years ago (I was in elementary school!). I didn’t become part of the community, though, until 2012, and that was possibly one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I only know some of my best friends because of how we met on Poptropica chat rooms or blogs, and I’m so happy to have them in my life. Even my family asks how blogging is going, and it’s become a conversation piece with others offline.

Poptropica has also always been a way to cheer myself up if I’m going through a hard time, and I’ve formed a personal connection with it over the years; it inspires me to be creative and express myself without judgment. I can’t believe it’s been so long, and I wish Poptropica a happy 10th birthday! I can’t wait to see what else the future holds. 🙂

Check out her whole MPIP story here.

Slanted Fish:

fishy10I’m greatly indebted to Poptropica for its being the source of creativity by which I do much of my writing. After all, there would be no Poptropica Help Blog without Poptropica; no Poptropica fandom nor all the fan art, blogs, friends, and conversations it’s inspired for ten years now. So thank you, Poptropica, for giving voice to so many ideas… and for giving me something to write about.

Blogging about this game over the years played a huge part in how I’ve developed my own writing voice, as well as a passion for sharing words with people that I’ll carry with me for as long as I have the ability for language. And it’s more than writing, of course: on Poptropica there are artistic worlds to admire, stories to dig deep into, and many more treasures than can be named – but suffice it to say, I’m grateful to have popped into these tropics. Keep on popping, Poptropica! 🎉

Check out her whole MPIP story here.

Slippery Raptor:

slip10If Poptropica was a kid, it’d be 10 years old today. Funny that it would probably play Poptropica as a kid, too! It’s cool to see how time had flown by so fast. I remember myself many years ago going to a friend’s house just to play Shark Tooth Island, and nagging him about a new island’s release not long after. This game has been a big part of my life.

Only Poptropica had the magic to make me feel like putting in so much effort, time, and dedication into a game. Even in the rough and crazy times, we’ve gotten through, and I’m pretty sure we can keep going through with just a little patience. And look, Poptropica’s already 10! Long live Pop! Stay poppin’!

Check out his whole MPIP story here.

Spotted Dragon:

sd10I still can’t believe it’s been 10 full years! I started playing Poptropica waaaay back in the early days and while I’ve taken breaks, I’ve never really stopped playing. Though I didn’t truly become part of the community until a few years after my very first medallion, I’m still amazed at how big our little fandom is. If I hadn’t started blogging, I honestly don’t know where I’d be in life right now!

I do get odd looks when people find out I still play Poptropica, but those looks almost always turn into a wholesome, nostalgic conversation. I don’t care that I’m a bit old for the game and I don’t know how long it will be before all of this starts to fade from my mind, but I’m 100% enjoying this while it lasts. I’ve made many priceless friendships and discovered absolutely incredible artists, and little things like that are what really made me stick around so long.

Check out her whole MPIP story here.

Well, that’s enough opining from us for now. We’d love to hear your thoughts on baby Poptropica growing up into big-guy Poptropica, and we bet the Creators would too. So we encourage you to share in the comments, even if it’s a simple “congrats!”

🎈🎁 Happy 10th birthday, Poptropica. 🎁🎈

😁 Thanks for everything. 💕

pop 10years

– the Poptropica Help Blog –

🎈Poptropica’s Poppin’ 10th Birthday Bash! 🎈

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, dear Poptropica,
Happy birthday to you!

It’s official: Poptropica is 10 years old! It’s been a whole decade, and Poptropica is still, well, popping. That’s incredible. We said as much earlier this week, but today the Creators made it official with their big birthday bash, on and off Poptropica!

First, as promised earlier, the 10th Birthday Costume – grinning monkey and all – is here! You can get it for free on Poptropica Original by going to the store. It will also be on Worlds, but they’re still “getting the final birthday touches added,” so it’s not there yet.

cake10 2

On the Creators’ Blog, the Creators also shared a glimpse of the celebrations going on in real life at Poptropica HQ in Boston – featuring a sweet-looking birthday cake with the 10th birthday costume printed on it, and a happy birthday message, sitting among a bunch of Poptropica graphic novels, including the latest book, The End of Time!

The mystery blogger on the Creators’ Blog had this to say about the occasion:

IT’S BIRTHDAY TIME! The big 1-0. 10 years of Poptropica awesomeness, time really does fly. Another year under our belt with a newly launched book AND game, the next upcoming year is sure going to be as exciting as the last. Here at Poptropica HQ, we love to celebrate with cake and fun (as I am sure you have seen in past years)

Well, it’s nice to see the festivities at Pop HQ! The post came out around 11 am EST today, with a promise at the end for “another gift we will open today for all of you, and this one is BIG!” So, what they brought up next, at around 2 pm EST, is most likely the rest of the “big release” they had planned for September:



The full details and rules are available here, so be sure to check that out before you start dreaming up ways you’re going to win this thing! They’ll be giving out 10 one-month memberships, which are good for both Poptropica Original and Worlds.

The task is to come up with a completely unique island with 3 pre-determined ingredients: a birthday cake, a parrotfish (that’s a real fish, by the way), and the color green. You can present it in any way you want, whether that’s through prose, drawings, websites, or whatever else you can think of to show it to the Creators. They haven’t promised to actually make any winning island a reality, but it’ll still be a fun endeavour.

On the page with all the details, the benefits of membership are displayed to show you what to look forward to if you win, and interestingly, there are a couple of features on the Worlds chart we haven’t seen on Worlds before: an all museums access pass and early island access. So far on Worlds, these things have not been restricted to members, but this suggests that they very well could be in the future. (Thanks to idk for the tip.)

membership benefits

You’ll have 10 days to create and enter for this contest starting today. It ends September 25 (Monday) at 9 am EST. Be sure to read all the rules, and use the submission page to submit your one (and only one) entry!

Speaking of contests… I do believe many of us are still waiting for the winning costumes from the #MyPoptropicaCostume Contest of yesteryear to actually appear in the store. So… if the Creators are still able to pull off another costume and contest like they’re doing now, let’s hope they get on that old promise too. 😉

By the way, don’t forget: the PHB is hosting a Poptropica party this weekend to celebrate the big entrance into double-digit years! Check out this post for more info, and be sure to come! It’s going to be a blast, and the PHB team hopes to see you there!

10years party

🎈🍰 🎁🎉 🎂 Happy 10 years, Poptropica! 🎈🍰 🎁🎉 🎂

Here’s to many more.

pop chars


10th birthday costume releases this Friday!

Hey Poptropicans!

As you may have heard – that is, unless you’ve been living underground in the Early Poptropica sewers – Poptropica turns 10 years old this year!

To mark this big milestone, Poptropica will be releasing a 10th birthday costume on Friday, September 15. It will be available for a limited time starting then, but it is not clear for how long. But we do know that the costume will be available on both Poptropica Original and Worlds! Nice to see that Original is still getting updated.

We also know what the costume will look like! The Creators released this quick animated clip of the outfit, featuring a happy blue-green monkey wearing the birthday cap on the character’s head and a shirt with the iconic Poptropica blimp. Check it out:

That’s all Poptropica has revealed for now, but we’re still hoping the “big release” they promised for September is a little more than just a costume, seeing as we’ve been getting a new costume for every Poptropica birthday for many years now, so although this costume is a fun one, it’s nothing too out of the ordinary for Poptropica. We’ll see.

Don’t forget, here at the PHB we’ll be having our own celebration for Poptropica’s 10th anniversary this weekend, Saturday in most time zones (3 PM EST). Be sure to check out this post for more details and mark it on your calendar so you can come join us! It’s going to be a poppin’ time. 🎉

10years party

Stay popping, Poptropicans!