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Riddled with Rumpels, treasure, and unfinished stories πŸ§šπŸ‘‘

Hey there, everyone! At long last, it’s time to continue the abruptly ended story of Fairy Tale Island with the new “side quest” Rumpel’s Challenge… which is conveniently locked behind a paywall. Ah.

Scratch the “soon,” here it comes!

For those of you with memberships who are able to access the side quest, scroll down for a walkthrough if ever you’re stuck. For the rest of you non-members, keep reading to find out what happens next in this ongoing tale nonetheless!

Note: Alongside a membership, you’ll also need your Fairy Tale Island medallion to proceed in the quest.

To begin, find Rumpelstiltskin himself waiting outside the Adventure Outfitters store on Home Island.

You’re (naturally) startled at the sight of a known villain hanging around as though he owns this place, and immediately call for Amelia to tie him up with a rope. But Rumpel doesn’t have time for your threats. He tells you that he knows where the real Fairy Tale king is imprisoned, and gives you a riddle, all for his amusement.

Accepting the side quest will cause Rumpel to vanish in a puff of purple smoke. Now, time to find the king…

The instructions on the riddle point to Mythology Island; specifically, the Museum of Olympus with its statues of gods. Once inside the museum, you’ll find a second riddle hovering in front of Zeus’s statue; whose head has now been replaced by Rumpel’s.

Pick up the second riddle. “Vikings”… “time”… this riddle clearly references Time Tangled Island!

If you’ve already completed Time Tangled, you should have a time travel device ready and waiting in the lower-left corner of your screen once on the island. If you don’t see the device, follow the first part of our Time Tangled Island walkthrough to acquire it.

Now click on the image of the Viking at 2 o’clock on the time device. You’ll be transported back to the year 831 AD. Climb up the rocks as high as you can go, past the cave. A third and final riddle will be waiting for you beneath another horrible stone bust of Rumpel.

“Weep and cry”…who else fits this description but the disheartened Fairy Tale prince himself! Follow the riddle to Fairy Tale Island and enter the castle area, where you’ll find the prince sitting on the flight of steps, continuing to lament the loss of his real father.

He’ll perk up when you share the clue with him. He knows what “golden troves” is referring to: the castle’s treasury! And luckily, he’s got a key.

Inside the treasury, jump up onto a platform at the far right, where a gate hides a small trove. Pulling the lever on the wall beside it will raise the gate and reveal a gold mermaid with — you guessed it — Rumpel’s head in place of the original.

Moving on from this cursed image… jump down from the platform on the opposite side, and descend the stairs onto a lower level. Pull the lever set into the side of the stairs, which will raise a gate up ahead. Go through it and jump all the way down. Here, you’ll find your path blocked by another gate; pull another lever on the wall just behind you to open it.

You know what they say: never tickle a sleeping dragon.

There’s a new challenge beyond this gate: a giant, snoozing dragon, guarding its treasure. To avoid waking it and activating its fire-breathing abilities, jump over the heaps of gold until you reach the opposite side of the scene. Whew!

Finally, you’ve reached what you came for. As you’ll see, there are six troves behind gates: three on a bottom floor, and three on a top floor. Each trove has a pink panel beneath it. And trapped behind the bottom middle gate is the king!

Upon seeing his father, the prince cries (at least this time it’s out of relief). His tears change the panel below him from pink to gray, and the adjacent gates surrounding the king’s cell will be lifted.

The key to freeing the king lies in the prince’s “fragile crybaby disposition,” to quote the king. In other words, you’re supposed to throw various insults at the prince to make him cry on the panels to activate the movement of the adjacent trove gates.

From what I can tell after multiple tries, the key to opening the king’s cell is to get all of the gates open at once. This can be done a number of ways, although the simplest order may be this: bottom middle (done automatically), bottom left, bottom right, top right, and top left.

Hurrah, you’ve freed the king! That’s all there is to this mystery, right?


Aw geez.

That’s that for Rumpel’s Challenge, everyone. What did you think of this side quest? Personally, I’m finding it a bit odd how fragmented Fairy Tale Island is turning out to be (plus the frequent use of the term “side quest” — what is that, really?). I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see how this all wraps up in the end.

Until next time,


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Thank u, Jeff πŸ₯³ and T-rex? πŸ¦–

Hey Poptropicans, we’ve got a couple TikTok clips and tons more Instagram stories to unpack. Let’s pop into it!

Earlier this week, Poptropica dropped a new TikTok featuring the picking of the golden apple at the Tree of Immortality on Mythology Island. The vid is accompanied by some rather peculiar squeaking and coughing, apparently a trending TikTok soundbite.


Can you believe it’s been 10+ years since Poptropica invented Greek Mythology with this iconic scene? πŸ™ŒπŸ˜Œ #Poptropica #mythology #facts #foryou

♬ original sound – Paige Zilba

Also just recently, another quick vid popped onto the scene, wishing Poptropica a happy 14th birthday along with a slideshow of photos of Jeff Kinney, Poptropica’s original founder. Strangely fitting for the occasion, it’s joined by James Corden’s parody of an Ariana Grande song β€” “thank u, jeff” β€” originally for Jurassic Park actor Jeff Goldblum, which explains the line, “I’m so freakin’ scared of that T-rex.”


Celebrate our 14th birthday and share your favorite #Poptropica scene or memory! πŸŽ‰β¬‡οΈ or drop a β€œthank u jeff” if this should’ve stayed in drafts πŸ€”

♬ original sound – ❂

But maybe the prize should go to TikTok user @seejayseemusic, who asks in response to the clip, “Jeff Kinney is 14?

Curious about Jeff’s role with Poptropica? Check out our thank-you birthday post from last year, focusing on OG Pop Creators’ vision for the game!

“Thank u, jeff” also debuted on Poptropica’s Instagram stories, along with tons of fan art, including some chubby villains. Enjoy:

Itching to add to the sea of Pop fan art out there? Those Poptober prompts from HCT might be just the thing to inspire your next piece(s). Like last year’s Poptober, the drawing challenges are here to encourage you to create throughout the coming October. You can do as much (or little) as you like β€” possibly even one a day as LJ did! ✏️ However you participate, just have fun with it!

And yes, as the story says, Rumpel’s Challenge is in fact out now! This follow-up to Fairytale Island is currently only available to members. Stay tuned for the PHB’s guide coming soon. Don’t stumble on ol’ Rumpel! 😈


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Vertical Stripes and Stories Free for All Guests and Pets πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΉπŸ‘•

Hello, everyone! The Creators gave us a lot of updates over the past few days. We’re seeing fashion fur-ward outfits, hip-hoppin’ story features, and blogging opportunities for all ages. Let’s check them out!

Amelia just stocked Adventure Outfitters with some new items for both players and pets! The latest rotation gives us Poptropicans the 90’s Vertical outfit, a retro style perfect for going back to school or hanging out at the mall. Everyone can rock this colorful look for a price of 200 credits.

While we Poptropicans have one new outfit this week, our four-legged friends can rock five new pet costumes! All players can dress their pets with the Zebra BucketMighty Hero, and Princess Dress. On the other paw, members can buy the Leopard Growl and Princess Hat. Whether member or not, all of these items cost 75 credits. Anything for our cute little critters! 😺🐢❀️

Now enough about clothes, let’s talk about the latest Poptropica Fan Art Features! Instagram user pinklightningmc made a πŸ”₯fireπŸ”₯ OC edit and redrew a Mighty Action Force comic page. Another user named pompadourcoco drew a funny comic about Mademoiselle Moreau’s arrest, and (shameless plug alert!) I shared my Pumpkin Punk entry for the Red October costume contest. Speaking of punk, don’t forget to submit your punk-related entries to this month’s PHB Community Creations!

At the end of the story, the Creators added a small Hoptropica-themed poll asking fans to vote for their favorite doctor. Looking at the results, it seems that Mocktropica meme Dr. Beev can’t outclass the classic Dr. Hare. Speaking of Hoptropica, you can still play the birthday edition of this 8-bit platformer until September 30! Hop to the top of the high score list and wish a hoppy 14th birthday to Poptropica! πŸ₯³πŸ‡πŸ¦«

Are you a Poptropica fan who wants to share that love with fellow fans, but writing for the PHB isn’t glamorous enough for you? You’re in luck because the Creators’ Blog put out a new call for guest writers! Fans who are 13 years or older can head to Pop’s submissions page and answer what they want to write about and why they would make a great contribution to the Creators’ Blog. They also need to include their own or their parent’s email address so the Creators can contact them.

One exciting development is that fans 12 and under can now submit guest posts, although the submission process is different for them. Younger writers can only submit their finalized guest posts through the submissions page, and they can’t include any identifying information or email addresses in their message to the Creators. Due to this, they won’t have direct contact with the Creators.

Speaking of guest writing, you can still submit a guest post to us here at the Poptropica Help Blog. While it’s not as fancy as getting featured on the Creators’ Blog, you can also reach tons of fellow Poptropicans! Check out our Write for the PHB page for more details!

What do you think of the new outfits? Who’s your Hoptropica main: Dr. Hare or Dr. Beev? Do you plan on writing a guest post for the Creators’ Blog?

Thank you for reading, and have a good day!

β€”Gentle Dolphin πŸ¬

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Real questions raised in Red October reel & September birthday feels πŸŽ₯πŸŽ‰

Hey Poptropicans! We’ve got fan art galore in this post with costume creations, memes, and more featured by the Pop Creators. Let’s go!

First up, Poptropica has posted the monthly compilation video of entries for the costume design contest. With the theme of Red October, you just might find your bones tingling from the early Halloween vibes.

UPDATE: A day after this PHB post, the Pop Creators quietly replaced the video with a new version (shown above), taking into account the concerns we addressed (shown below). While the old video is now unavailable, the new one credits IG artists and removes an offending username. They thought they could be sneaky in not announcing the change, but we noticed! Still, props for doing the right thing.

The PHB’s comments before the change: While the costumes are undoubtedly spooktacular, we did make a couple of chilling observations in the vid: 1) the questionable attribution of “via IG” for various entries from Instagram that do not properly credit their artists, and 2) the inclusion of a watermark from a username with profanity that the Pop Creators previously featured on their IG story.

From these observations, perhaps the Pop Creators only want to credit people by their Poptropican name (although they don’t mind keeping in any watermarks that appear on images, even the aforementioned iffy name). Still, not every IG user put a watermark on their pic, which means that some in the video have gone uncredited. (Tips for Pop: take the extra step to give credit where it’s due, even if it’s not a Pop name, and maybe not at all if it’s vulgar. It matters!)

Beyond these oddities, they also haven’t yet announced the six winners promised whose costumes will be created for the game. While we wait, I figured I’d share some of my own personal picks:

Besides the costumes, fan artists have been busy making drawings and even videos for the fan-run Poptropica Month. The Pop Creators’ Blog recently featured several pieces starring Amelia, the Baron, and MVB:

In addition to these pics, they also featured a few videos, all of which were posted this month for the fan-hosted Poptropica Month 2021 playlist! Here’s one from iHateFridays (aka Magic Snowball) doodling while describing their personal experiences with Pop:

And here’s one from TheOrangeHelium taking various online quizzes to test her Poptropica knowledge. (Hey, look at Pop crediting fan creators by their non-Pop usernames on social media. It’s not that hard!)

Finally, the Pop Creators also highlighted a sneak peek of a storyline told in comics from Invisible Ring. For the record, you can read (and watch) all about her dream island, Megatropolis, here on the PHB!

That concludes this post! Stay tuned to find out which costumes the Baron will be bringing in her next visit, and enjoy the plentiful productions from both players and Pop Creators throughout the game’s birthday month. Keep on popping on, Poptropicans! ✌️


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PHB Special: Pop the Difference, Round 4 – Answers Revealed

Howdy Poptropicans! About an eternity ago I posted 5 pairs of Poptropica images to see who could find all of the differences in them β€” where the quickest person would receive a drawing of their Poptropican by me.

It’s been about four months since that post went up and in all honesty, I completely forgot about it. I’m super sorry for keeping anybody waiting! Anyway – without further ado, let’s pop right into the answer reveals. Frankly, there’s no more time to waste. πŸ˜…

1) Shark Tooth Seek

  • Missing coconut
  • Pink skirt/blue skirt
  • Blimp silhouette
  • Monkey’s gaze
  • Shark Boy Guy

2) Fairytale Fish-Around

  • No troll/troll
  • Missing words on sign
  • Extra shimmer
  • Additional window
  • Colors of dragon tail

3) Bazaar Bewilderment

  • Tarp color
  • Missing thief
  • Extra window
  • Running thief
  • Genie

4) Comb the Crowd

  • Purple lipstick/pink lipstick
  • Girl’s stare
  • Third light on helmet
  • Hue of lenses
  • Missing skull & crossbones

5) Scour the Staff

  • Different colors on Slanted Fish’s hoodie
  • Gentle Dolphin’s missing glasses
  • Sporty Boa’s half-closed eye
  • Missing lightning bolt in between Sporty Boa and Fierce Flyer
  • Lightning bolt/star

In the time the game was open, I got a ton of entries for about two weeks straight – so I wanna thank you for the participation! There were a few who were able to spot all of them, but there was one person who was faster than the rest…

Congratulations Dangerous Shadow for winning my game! I hope you like your portrait. Once again, I’m sorry for the wait. Also, I need help with hands 🀨

Dangerous Shadow

So what other kind of games would you like to see? Let me know in the comments or by messaging me on Discord.

Anyway, I’m glad I finally got this out. Thanks for your patience with me and thank you for reading. Talk to you guys in the next one. Pop on!

– LJ πŸ€