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The Great Binary Bard?

Hey Poptropicans, it’s me, motionman95. There’s been a new Creators’ Blog post with the results of their latest poll “Who is your favorite villain?”.¬† The blog post is titled “Mr.Popular”, written by the Bard himself:

Here are the results of the latest poll.
And, it’s official. I am the greatest villain in the world!


And I didn’t even have to hack the results.

Binary Bard 9348 (44%)
The Great Booga 3589 (16%)
Director D 2647 (12%)
Dr. Hare 1627 (7%)
Betty Jetty 1282 (6%)
Copy Cat 907 (4%)
Speeding Spike 691 (3%)
Sir Rebral 423 (2%)
Crusher 381 (1%)
Ratman 229 (1%)
Total Votes 21124 (100%)

From the Poptropica Creators’ Blog
Link: http://blog.poptropica.com/2009/08/mr-popular.html

The binary translates to “Bwa ha ha ha ha!”. My favorite would have to be Booga or Betty Jetty (flying is awesome!). To the Binary Bard’s credit, at least he didn’t hack the results! (Or did he…?) ūüôā

On a different note, I’m here to be the bearer of bad news. On the PHF, a horrible technical error occurred (The Bard is a suspect!), that caused all accounts, posts,¬† to be completely removed from the forum. You can read more about it here. Luckily, the forums have bounced right back (take that Bard!) and I’ve installed a new forum with tons of cool features, such as:

  • An awesome, all-new arcade, where you can battle others to become the ultimate game champion!
  • Define your self with the new Social Groups!
  • A New skin and header!
  • Your own custom picture album, for all to see!
  • A new “Friends” feature!
  • And much more!

So swing on by the PHF today, create an account and chat with your fellow Poptropicans! Also, the Balloons and Torch items have been released in the Poptropica store, so be sure to buy them! You can read more about that below, or by following this convenient link.

[Told you I was the real motionman95!]
Here are the results of the latest poll.
And, it’s official. I am the greatest villain in the world!


And I didn’t even have to hack the results.

Binary Bard 9348 (44%)
The Great Booga 3589 (16%)
Director D 2647 (12%)
Dr. Hare 1627 (7%)
Betty Jetty 1282 (6%)
Copy Cat 907 (4%)
Speeding Spike 691 (3%)
Sir Rebral 423 (2%)
Crusher 381 (1%)
Ratman 229 (1%)
Total Votes 21124 (100%)
Poptropica Store

Clowns, Firefighters, and two new Creator’s Blog posts!


Codiens costume prediction comes true with the new arrival of a clown and fireman costume in the Poptropica Store.
The creators share with us their whiteboard filled with ideas, creations and mystery.
And a fun new game is released called ‘Pathwise‘ where you build a path!

Read more…

Website Updates

That is one HOT ride, dude!

Today at the PCB we get a look into Binary Bard/Mordred’s transportation life! He sure does have taste in cars… and flame decals. Yet, it makes me wonder how much money he has to afford a giant robot that spews super-spiky wheels of doom, a robotic mouse and owl, and now a car?! Geez.


Blog Post Title: Sweet Ride
Description: When I’m not in space trying to take over the universe I still have to get around somehow. 01000111011001010110111100100000
Image URL: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_bqXCl2IJBSo/SkUGB5Lhp1I/AAAAAAAAACE/LGU8bLBa0qg/s1600-h/bard_metro.png

Image Name: bard_metro.png

Posted by: Binary Bard

The binary, by the way, translates to Geo Metro (which I’m guessing is the model of the car =P)

Next, it seems like we have found yet another secret “Cool Stuff” item from the Poptropica Credit Store, much like the Party Room that was also discovered recently. This item seems to allow you to vanish/turn invisible! Cool!


That’s about it! Please check out the below posts detailing the results of our Dr. Hare Competition results and the new forum, the Poptropica Help Forum!

Also, sorry, I just have to make reference to the King of Pop[tropica], Michael Jackson, who died yesterday. =( This seems kind of awkward for a Poptropica blog, but this needs mention. Smockers out!

Keep on singing, Michael Jackson!

Astro-Knights Island, Bonus Items

The Mechanical Fever

Poptropica Help Blog News

The Mechanical Flu Outbreak!


Large outbreaks of a new flu, only recently discovered have been spreading everywhere over Poptropica. The new flu known as Mechanical Fever, Two Face Plague, Robot Monster and The Terminator Germ was only just recently discovered on a newly found island by the name of Astro-Knights Island. Certain cases of the flu were found on multiple Poptropicans on the island and was spreading fast. 

It is suspected that a certain type of mechanical owl found on Astro-Knights is the cause for this plague. These robots have been known to fly near areas containing traces of hay, so it is recommended that you stay away from such places until the coast is clear.

Yesterday all access routes to and from the island were closed off to try and isolate the outbreak. Although i must mention that no such access has been given to Poptropicans as of yet to be able to get to the Island. The island was to be opened in early fall as a holiday destination for any Poptropicans wishing to take a break. But this holidays destinations opening seems will be delayed due to this rare flu.

Not long after highly qualified scientists from Super-Power island (these scientists were recently studying the mysterious powers given to escaped convicts when a radio-active asteroid hit the cell) were sent in to study the cases and find a cure. Authorities on the case were sure that they had kept the problem isolated and main islanders of Poptropica did not have to worry about catching the flu.  This is what the chief constable of Super Power island had to say about the matter;
“Do not panic. While this rare case of the flu could potentially be deadly, and there is no cure as of yet. We have hard working scientist on the case for that. The Poptropicans with the flu have been isolated on the island and we a sure the threat will not reach your waters. Thank-you.”

Unfortunately latter that day an urgent call from a scientist on Astro-Knights island informed the head of Police that an seriously infected Poptropican (the poptropican even had his eye turned to metal) had escaped from isolation and was making his way over to The main island via a blimp.

avatar image  We would like to confirm that the mysterious Poptropican is called Binary Bard. He managed to get off the island by putting the guards to sleep by doing a dance. Not long after the report came in that he had fled the island bystanders on the Main Poptropican island state they saw a half robotic poptropican, with strange yellow and purple clothing float down in a parachute and land on the outskirts of Early Poptropica island.

We recently found out that the first suspect to come into to contact with Binary Bard and catch the flu was White Foot. In under 24 hours after his landing, large cases of mechanic skin rashes have been appearing all over the island. All we have to say is stay indoors. Do NOT go into multiplayer rooms. You can only obtain the flu by touching someone in the Multiplayer Rooms.  Look out for people with strange metal like parts on there face.

There have been no cases of the flu spreading onto different islands yet. But it wont be long till it does.
I hope this doesn’t get as serious as the swine flu (H1N1)!

This report could not of been done without the help of Cool Wing. She was the first to tell me that there was a new flu going round. She is such a brave kid, she even had the flu when she informed me. Poor kid.


Image #1
Blog Post Title: I Don’t Give a Hoot
Description: This place is getting stranger and stranger. I need to get back home and away from all these crazy robots.
Image URL: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_fyUhortwA8M/ShQSCQi-UZI/AAAAAAAAAA0/RsyWnQrxL3M/s1600-h/mechanical_friend.jpg
Image Name: mechanical_friend.jpg

Image #2
Blog Post Title: Diving into Astro-Knights
Description: I went sky diving for the first time today. Thanks to White Foot for joining me, it was great fun.
  [BINARY CODE=010000010110100001101000011010000010000100100001 // Translation: Ahhh!!]
Image URL: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_bqXCl2IJBSo/ShQic6dAQ7I/AAAAAAAAAA8/TM8mQVIxG8U/s1600-h/skydiving.jpgImage
Name: skydiving.jpg

For any of you fearing that AK Island will not come out because of this you are more then likely wrong. Somebody, most likely White Foot, copied the face when Binary Bard came to visit Cap’n Salty’s multiplayer room on Big Nate Island, Poptropica. I’m sure the creators do not mind that everybody has it. Its pretty cool.

Go out into multiplayer rooms and see if you can find it!
Have fun.

-PHB Team-
Astro-Knights Island, Sneak Peeks

Binary Bard and the Rocket on Ice

Note: Due to the fact that too many people keep talking about a new post on the Creators’ Blog before we even mention it, the PHB had decided, at least for this post, that we will not be giving “credits”¬†since people are just using them the wrong way.

Also: The stories mentioned before these two sneak peeks are works of fiction. They were made up just to entertain you readers, so make sure you don’t go roud telling everyone about crashing rockets!

Custom Rockets
Zing! A decorative rocket¬†zips through space at breakneck speed. Binary Bard desperately punches in 0’s and 1’s, trying to control his machine as it tosses him left and right. Royal blood detected, the screen flashes suddenly. “We must be getting close!” yells the bard triumphantly, just as the rocket swerves itself violently, crashing right into an icy landscape.

Blog Post Title: Custom Rockets
Description: 0100100001100101011011000110110001101111! On Astro-Knights Island you’ll be able to build your own custom rocket to explore space!
Image URL: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_bqXCl2IJBSo/SbbFYkUSMfI/AAAAAAAAAAM/FpS3T-3nyvE/s1600-h/astro_rocket.JPG
Image Name: astro_rocket.JPG

Yep, we’re gonna design our very own rockets on Astro-Knights Island! Isn’t that cool? ūüėõ

Ice Fishing
“Oof!” Binary Bard¬†crawls out slowly, not wanting to hurt himself too badly. The rocket was quite badly damaged. “Man, there’d better be an AstroZone nearby. It looks like the nueroplasmic space calibrator is broken. And besides, I wonder where I am.” He groans, but also scans the scenery around him,¬†seeing only ice and water. Not knowing what else to do, he gingerly picks up his feet and slowly steps on the ice.

Then it happened. A fish springs out of the water, and with a big “chomp”, it snaps at Binary B., and was gone. “Wow… what just happened there?!” The bard was so surprised he almost lost his footing, nearly falling into the surrounding waters, but catching himself in time. His bright orange-and-purple clothes were now wet, thanks to the fish who had splashed on him. “That was the strangest fish I’ve ever seen!” Binary Bard exclaimed. “Was it just me, or did it look exactly like my uncle’s old helmet?!”

Blog Post Title: Ice Fishing
Description: Ice fishing is not a safe sport on this planet!
Image URL: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_AkTCxo8C1Ys/Sbf9lFkSHtI/AAAAAAAAAFY/4BChJRbZVik/s1600-h/chomp.jpg
Image Name: chomp.jpg

Yikes! Looks like Astro-Knights Island may have a few dangers in store for us.

Binary Bard
As some of you have noticed, Binary Bard is another Poptropica Creator that made his first appearance on March 10, 2009 on the “Custom Rockets” PCB post. He is the mysterious robot jester shown in some previous sneak peeks, includingavatar image¬†the Astro-Knights information page on Poptropica.com, where it shows his full costume,¬†complete with¬†a guitar-like instrument in his hand, possibly to entertain the king and queen: he is a jester, after all! Here’s the etymology of the name “Binary Bard”:

Binary: Mathematics. Of or pertaining to a system of numerical notation to the base 2, in which each place of a number, expressed as 0 or 1, corresponds to a power of 2. The decimal number 58 appears as 111010 in binary notation, since 58 = 1 √ó 25 + 1 √ó 24 + 1 √ó 23 + 0 √ó 22 + 1 √ó 21 + 0 √ó 20.
Bard: (formerly) a person who composed and recited epic or heroic poems, often while playing the harp, lyre, or the like.
Taken from Dictionary.com

There you have it – a basic introduction to the Poptropica Creator’s Blog’s latest worker, Binary Bard. What a name! ūüôā

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