New Ad: Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs!

Hello Poptropicans! Following some sad developments of this week (the resignation of Golden Eagle), it’s once again time to announce yet another Poptropica update. Recently, a new ad has appeared on Main Street of Early Poptropica, “Ice Age 3: Dawn of The Dinosaurs”. I myself saw the movie, and I thought it was pretty funny, at least at some parts. But moving on. I made a quick video to show you the ad – you can find it below. In this ad, your goal is to collect all the acorns for Scratte, Scrat’s female companion.

Before entering the ad, you’ll notice that the woman outside has horrible grammar. I’m sure most of you will easily spot it. 😉

Please excuse the laggyness of the video!

I’d also like to mention that the PHF now has a blog (no worries, it’s not a Poptropica one) that I plan to use to post about updates to the various projects I’m working on. =D

You can find it here:

Feel free to drop a comment anytime. 🙂


New “TinkerBell” Ad, and Teleporter Codes?

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a new ad in Poptropica! It advertises the new movie from Disney, TinkerBell and The Lost Treasure (if you’re too young or too old to see it, skip to the end of this post) Here’s how it looks:


Going down to the bottom floor, you’ll see TinkerBell. She’ll tell you that recently 3 moonstone pieces (whatever those are) have been lost. She also says that if you help to find all 3 lost moonstones, she’ll give you a reward of some sort, which in this case is a TinkerBell suit, and a Pixie Dust animation.


Now walk over to your right, and you’ll see a door/hole, through which you can enter the Forest. Doing so, you’ll find you self in front of a huge tree trunk. o_o


You’ll find the moonstone peices in 3 places:

  1. To your left, where you’ll have to wait until the killer-mouths are open, jumping on them to reach the bubble-like moonstone piece. Don’t let the mouths close, or you’ll be knocked off.
  2. To your right, where you will have to avoid the larger spikes on the monstrous prickle patch to reach the moonstone piece.
  3. Above you, where you’ll have to jump on the..the…wait what are those things?! I’ll just call them tree-mushrooms or whatever. Anyway, jump from each on to reach the one above you, until you come to a long branch on your right. Avoid the spiders and reach the moonstone.

Yaay! We recovered all the missing pieces (and avoided those pesky spiders! =D)


Now, head back to the forest floor and enter back through the doorway in the tree trunk. Talk to TinkerBell again, she’ll thank you for returning the pieces and gives you your rewards:

tinkerbellitemsAn outfit and Pixie Dust! I am DEFINITELY not wearing that. And so concludes the first half of this post….

….and begins the second half. Due to a hack I found (and perfected with Zonexus’s help, thanks! =D), there are now Multiverse Codes which have been specially made to redirect you to certain places in Poptropica. In this case, previously released Poptropica ads. Here’s a list of all that we currently have made:

  • CGR67 – TinkerBell Ad
  • CKH41 – Froot Loops Ad
  • CTU81 – Lego Racer Ad

Anyone can access them, with out limitations like age, etc. Hijuyo’s hoping to compile a list of these codes and eventually post them on the “Cheats” page.

If you have any of the fullscreen codes for the ads (such as, please comment with the url.



Poptropica’s #1 band and a rising blog

Hello everyone! This post isn’t directly related to Poptropica, but it is related. (LOL, I don’t make sense to myself). Anyway, on to the content of this post! I’ve recently been hired (with Hijuyo’s permission) to write this post concerning the all new and ROCKIN’ Poptropica band, SG and the Grapes! They are composed of Super Grape, Cool Wing, Muddy Dragon and Sanzulines (Nice Icicle)!

SG And The Grapes rockin out!
SG And the Grapes rockin' out!

More information about this new and promising band will come soon! They have a chat you can find by clicking here, and they can be contacted by emailing them here. They are currently in the process of creating a blog, but in the mean time they are basing themselves at the PHF. When their blog has been completed I will update this post. Check out the band’s blog for performance updates by clicking here!

To conclude this post, I’d like to also recognise an awesome new Poptropica blog, Poptropica Peril. Specializing in updating you on all things Poptropica, you can find them here. The blog was created by Golden Butterfly, a member of the PHF.

Farewell fellow Poptropicans, MOTION OUT

Web Development

PHF Downtime

Many of you will experience problems accessing the PHF due to domain name issues. I am currently working on resolving this issue. Before I end this post, I’d like to point out a few things:

And so concludes this post. You can still reach me at The PHF Chat, I’ll only be online when I am working on this issue. I’d also like to say that Smockers and I may have a pleasant surprise for many of you!


This problem has been resolved, and the PHF has moved to!