Lego Island for all, new gifts for members, and costumes for the dead

Hey, guys! It’s time to leggo of our worries and gift ourselves with the knowledge of new updates. I promise you won’t feel dead after hearing about these!!! 😀 (I’ll see myself out… just kidding.)

The Creators have been busy updating Poptropica with new features and perks for all players. For example, Home Island was given a complete redesign less than two weeks ago, and the Blast-Off Arcade was accidentally released a mere two days ago! And now:

Lego Island has officially been released on Poptropica Original!

lego island map

It’s been almost nine months since the previous island, Greek Sea Odyssey, was released to players on Poptropica Worlds. Now, for the first time in forever, a new island has appeared, and on Poptropica Original nonetheless. We showed you unofficial sneak peeks before, and now you can access Lego Island from the map on Pop Original.

At this point, Lego Island consists of a Main Street scene containing three ads, each advertising a different Lego product. The three ads that are currently on Lego Island are for LEGO Boost, LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, and LEGO Friends. The ads for Boost and Ninjago have already appeared before on Poptropica Original.

On the far right, you will find the ad for LEGO Boost. All you need to do is watch the video to get a Robot Cat Follower.

The ad to the right is for the LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu series. Go inside and talk to Zane to start the mini-game. Repeatedly click your mouse to jump over the obstacles on the ground, and release to avoid the ones from above.

After completing the mini-game, you will win two awesome prizes: a Shadow Ninja costume and a Dragon Follower!

The ad on the far right is for LEGO Friends. Enter the building and talk to Stephanie to start the mini-game, which is a scavenger hunt. Your goal is to find the eleven items on your checklist.

After finding all eleven items, you will receive two items of your own: a Wind Surfboard and a Wave Runner.

These are the only ads on Lego Island at the moment. A recent post on the Creators’ Blog encouraged fans to check the island often as new items are added. It’s likely that more ads will appear and replace already existing ads on the island as updates come and go. If you’re paid member, you get to keep your prizes even after the ad campaigns end.

Speaking of paid members, new trio of member gifts have arrived just in time for November! As always, members will automatically receive these gifts upon logging into Poptropica Original. This month, members will receive a Wolf Costume, and Sheep Costume, and a Scarecrow Costume.  


One thing I want to mention is that these costumes are accessed through the Costumizer. This time, members can pick and choose what pieces of the costume they want to wear, as opposed to the whole costume being put onto the player. (Don’t worry, non-members. You can get the Wolf Costume by using this ASG😉 )  

Last but not least, the Creators’ Blog celebrated Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) with a celebratory post on November 2. The post contained a brief description of the Mexican holiday along with its origins and traditions.


If you like the costumes shown in the picture, you can get them for free in the store. The girls’ costume was designed by our very own Lucky Joker, the winner of Poptropica’s Halloween costume design contest! Be sure to get these costumes before the next store update comes and takes them away to the afterlife…

Thank you for reading, and have a good day!

-Gentle Dolphin


Teen Titans Blast Off… to the Arcade!

Hello, Poptropicans, how’s it going? It’s Lucky Joker here along with the all-new Blast-Off Arcade on Home Island!

Just yesterday the arcade was accidentally released ( I say ‘accidentally’ because the “Coming Soon” tape has not yet been removed), and it’s been pretty popular so far. I’ve already gone in myself and must I say it looks out of this world! Here’s a full picture of the beta version from PHC frequent, idk:

Blast-Off Aracde.png

It’s worth noting that slight changes have been made to this version that makes it different to what we actually see in the game. Examples include the games Blasteroids!”Crash-Derby!” being changed to Blaster Crazy!” & “Crash-n-Bash!”, as well as more bouncy creatures being added all throughout the room. Let’s take a more thorough look into each of these games…


In this machine are three of the eight classic multiplayer games we all know and love, which include: Balloons, Sky Dive, and Star Link.


In this single-player game, all you have to do is pop the balloons before they get to close simply by clicking on them.

poptastic game.png

Blaster Crazy!:

This single-player game looks to be an advertisement for the LEGO Star Wars play sets. First, choose player, then, dodge and blast obstacles by moving your mouse around and pressing the space bar.


This game is also an advertising single-player game  this time for the movie Cars 3. In this game, you have three character options to choose from, where you’ll race and dodge obstacles by moving your mouse around.

In less exciting news, a new ad has surfaced — this time for Teen Titans Go! from Cartoon Network — and is accessible via the island map.

There are two prizes to be collected, and to get them, you must watch the video advertisement for the first one, and play the game for the second one. After the video finishes, you are immediately taken to the game.

To complete the game, all you have to do is continuously press your space bar to blast upcoming obstacles without losing any of your six lives it’s pretty easy actually. 🙂


Once you do so, you’ll earn a really cool Beast Boy Power card and a Beast Boy Costume.

And that’s it for now! What do you think of the new arcade? Thanks for reading as always, and I’ll talk to you all soon…pop on!

– Lucky Joker 🍀

Incredible Suggestions Needed!

Hello, everyone, how’s it going? It’s Lucky Joker here, and good news: the Poptropica Creators want our feedback!

On Instagram and Facebook, the Poptropica Creators asked us, the players, to give our thoughts on Poptropica’s islands by commenting on their posts.

Unsurprisingly, most people wanted more new islands on Pop Original. I would strongly agree with that. But the Creators are also interested in knowing how they can make islands better, so be sure to leave them your suggestions!

Personally, though, I’d like to see Poptropica host another Create Your Dream Island Contest — because if the reason we’re not getting any new islands as frequently as we used to is due to a creativity/idea shortage, then I think it’s the perfect time for a second one. I’m sure any Poptropican would love a chance to have their island idea in the game!

In other news, there’s an advertisement for Disney·Pixar’s newest movie, Incredibles 2, which is accessible from the island map. It’s basically the exact same as the ad we saw before when we were still awaiting the movie’s premiere back in May.

The object is to escape the underminer by making it to the finish line while dodging and blasting obstacles without losing all six of your lives. Your lives are represented by the movie’s logo, which you’ll find in the top left corner along with a progress bar (to see how close you are to the finish).

Poptropica Incredibles 2

Once you complete the game successfully, you’ll earn a Grow Power card and Laser Eyes Power card (which we saw the last time). (The Grow Power card looks a little odd, but oh well. 😛 )

So what are your thoughts on Incredibles 2, and more importantly…what are your opinions on the islands of Poptropica?

That’s it for now! Thanks for reading and I’ll talk to you all very soon…pop on!

– Lucky Joker 🍀

The three (or four) realms of ads

Hey Poptropicans, what’s popping?

If you head over to the map, you’ll find three new ads with prizes to play with! Everyone can play, of course, but members especially have a new incentive to play — they get to keep these prizes even after the ad campaigns end.

The most extra of these new ads is a castle for the upcoming Disney flick, The Nutcracker and the Four Realms, in theaters November 12. Talk to the girl in the purple dress, Clara, to begin the game, wherein you jump over obstacles in some creepy woods to chase a mouse with a key. Plus, if you turn up your sound, you’ll hear the spooky version of the Monster Carnival Island theme in the background!

Upon completion, you’ll win two prizes: a Music Box handheld item and Soldier Transformation costume and power.

The Music Box, when activated, will send snow falling on your screen and play a twinkly “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.” The Soldier Transformation, besides being a costume, can also send out soldiers to run out by your orders.

Another ad going on — and this one also with sound! — is for Frosted Flakes, with the premise being “a concert in the park.” Talk to Tony the Tiger to start the game, which is like Guitar Hero but with cereal. With volume up, you’ll hear guitar riffs in the background.

Once you’ve successfully played your set, you’ll win a Tony Transform (which turns your character into Tony) and Cereal Rain, which sends various colors of Frosted Flakes falling down your screen.

One more ad, and this one’s simpler: LEGO Boost has video stall on Mythology Island. Watch the vid, and you’ll get a Robot Cat Follower. Meow.

And now for some ads of our own…

  • The PHB’s 10th Annual Halloween Contest is in full swing, and we eagerly await your entries! Enter your most casual or creepy costumes before it’s too late
  • Community Creations is also seeking entries this month for the theme of “Villains”! Create something (even if just for fun) and send it in!
  • The Poptropica Creators are doing a contest with the Halloween Photo Booth. Post your creations on Instagram and use the tag #SpookyPop to enter!

Until next time, Poptropicans! Keep ‘troppin on. 🐭🎸😸



It’s all tricks & treats in Poptropica!

How’s it going, spooktropicans? It’s Lucky Joker here with a couple of updates to share with you all today!

First off, a new membership benefit has been implemented into the game. Now, members who win items from advertisement games will be able to keep the prizes after the ad disappears!


Not a huge deal, but still pretty cool nonetheless. I find many of the prizes from the ad games quite amusing. 😛

If you’re not a member, though, don’t worry — the creators say that they’re working on some new stuff for all players expected to launch this year! We’ll see if that happens…

In the meantime, we also have the largest ASG collection you can take advantage of to deck your character in retired ad costumes and lots more!

In other news… with Halloween approaching, it’s the perfect time to create a photo with all the new fun options that have recently been added to the Photo Booth! Check out the few that I made:

And there’s plenty more props and characters where those came from… I guess you’ll have to try it out for yourself. 😉

Plus, you can even have the chance to have your creation featured on the Official Poptropica Instagram account; just post it on Instagram with the hashtag #spookypop!

One more thing: If you’re feeling especially artistic in this spooky season, be sure to participate in this month’s Community Creations. The theme for October is Villains!

That’s all for now, and I’ll talk to you all soon…pop on!

– Lucky Joker 🍀

Jack o’ Shadow Ninjago: October gifts & ad

Hello, everyone! It’s Lucky Joker here, and, wouldn’t you know it, October is here as well. Of course, a new month means new member gifts!

In case you missed the memo, members are given three limited edition items each month as a thank-you for supporting the game financially. If you’re a paid member, these items are added automatically to your inventory upon logging in. The item gifts this month are: Toilet PaperHeadless Fun, and Horse Head.

Just like the last couple of months, this month’s gifts are nothing less than strange. They’re all very fitting for Halloween though, so that’s cool! (If you’re not a member, however, you can still become headless by using this ASG. 😉 )

Also, there’s a new ad for the LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu series, which you can get to from the island map. Go on inside and talk to Zane, and a mini-game will start up.


The directions are simple: repeatedly click your mouse to jump over the obstacles on the ground, and release to avoid the ones from above.


Once you successfully do so, you’ll earn a cool Shadow Ninja costume and an awesome Dragon Follower!

So, what do you think of this month’s member gifts, and what do you think of the idea of gifts for members in general? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Thank you for reading and I’ll talk to you soon… pop on!

– Lucky Joker 🍀

Jump in on a new login, Blobby!

Hey, Poptropicans! It’s Lucky Joker here with an unofficial sneak peek and an ad prize.

There’s a new login screen in the works for Poptropica Original that has not yet been released. Thanks to our favorite Poptropica glitcher, idk, we have the link to a beta version that you can try for yourself!


If you “jump in,” you’ll be able to create a new character, which, like before, asks for your age and gender (with a cameo from Shark Boy!). On the next page, you’ll get to change your appearance, which, unlike before, allows you to see all the options at once! It gets even more fun on the page after that: you no longer have to randomize completely to change your name; instead, you can pick from a short list.

You’ll see that there are many objects (or even characters) that float by as you create an avatar. Thanks to scrooge200, here’s a list of what you may see:

Balloon Boy, Binary Bard and a hovercraft, Excalibur, Early Poptropica UFO, Ned Noodlehead in the race start blimp from Monkey Wrench, generic girl with balloons, PASE rocket, Astro-Knights rocket, generic super hero, a mime in Amelia’s plane, the Galactic Hot Dogs spaceship, the Game Show Island jet, an unpiloted pirate blimp, the Poptropica Blimp, the Black Widow in the Red Baroness’s plane, the Legendary Swords rocket, Nabooti plane with a different pilot, Mission Atlantis drone, various dragon followers, balloon animal, bee follower, generic bat, canary from either Wild West or Escape from Pelican Rock, the Dark Astro-Knight on a rocket, a dryad, a flying carpet, a Game Show Island robot, a parrot, a seagull, Sprocket, the Mythology bat, a vampire bat, a generic witch, an anvil, a safe, and a Roc Feather from Arabian Nights.

Like I said, pretty cool isn’t it? However, I do think it’s strange the creators are focusing a lot on Poptropica Original rather than their newer game, Poptropica Worlds—but I’m not complaining. What do you think?

In other news, there’s a new advertisement you can access from the island map, for the movie Hotel Transylvania 3, which is set to release on DVD and Blu-ray next month—just in time for Halloween.

No game this time—just a video trailer. Once you watch it, you’ll receive the character Blobby (pictured below), which is a handheld item that leaves gooey puddles when you press the space bar.


Well, that’s it for today! Thanks for reading and I’ll talk to you in the next one.

– Lucky Joker 🍀