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What’s popping? We’re the Poptropica Help Blog, or the PHB for short. This corner of the web was founded by Slanted Fish on July 26, 2008 and has been serving as a popular Poptropica fansite for over 10 years.

Here at the PHB, our goal is to enhance your Poptropica experience by sharing game tips, secrets, news, walkthroughs, tools, and more. You’ll also find a fun-loving community in the blog comments, our Discord chat server, DeviantArt fan art group, and more.

The PHB is proud to be an Official VIP fansite of Poptropica. Note that we are not Poptropica, but we are players (like you!) who are dedicated to serving this community. Welcome to the PHB, the top stop for all things Pop!

Meet the team

The PHB team is the crew behind the blog that brings you the latest Pop news and more. We are ordinary players, not Poptropica Creators (though we wish we were). We’re teens and young adults, and you can sometimes find us on the PHC, the PHB’s Discord chat server. Thanks for popping by!

“The PHB team” by Lucky Joker

Slanted Fish

Hey, I’m Slanted Fish, the editor-in-chief and creator of the Poptropica Help Blog (PHB). The name is inspired by my Chinese name, perpetually slanted posture, and love of fish. I’m a writer, artist, appreciator of good puns, Hong Kong native, and Christ follower. My Poptropica username is slantedfish. ๐Ÿ 

Spotted Dragon

Hi, Iโ€™m Spotted Dragon, or SD, and I live in the US. My entire life is basically me freaking out about fandoms and stuff. There’s not much else to it. I also enjoy art and I am a big supporter of human rights. You can add me on Poptropica: ooolala13. Be sure to check out my DeviantArt and don’t be afraid to start up a conversation!

Lucky Joker

Hello, everyone! I’m LJ, or Lucky Joker, a Poptropica enthusiast who lives in the US. A few of my hobbies include reading, drawing, collecting various toys, and of course, blogging about Poptropica. I’m also on Twitter and DeviantArt.

Fierce Flyer

Hey everyone, Fierce Flyer here! I enjoy drawing, writing, sports, reading and of course, blogging! You may know me from my Poptropica blog, Fierce Flyer Adventures. You can also add me on Poptropica with the username muuuuuuuuuuu4 (I know, it’s a lot of u’s). As always, Fly Fierce!

Sporty Boa

Sporty Boaโ€™s the name, but you can call me SB for short. Iโ€™m just a teen with big dreams, big hair, and a huge love for Poptropica! Besides playing and blogging about Pop, I like basketball, reading, and video games. I love animals and have three amazing pets (two cats and a bunny). My Poptropica username is warei.

Gentle Dolphin

Hello, Iโ€™m Jordyn, or Gentle Dolphin! I like to write stories and draw pictures. One of my goals in life is to become a comic artist and an animator. I enjoy baking, singing, dancing, playing computer games, and spending time with family. I also love animals, especially cats. You can add me on Poptropica (user: magicalyre) or find me on TwitterInstagram, as well as on my own Poptropica fan blog.

Purple Paw

Hello! You can call me Purple Paw, or just Purple. I’m an artist, bookworm, music listener, binger of Netflix, snail lover, Poptropica appreciator (although I can’t say I play it much these days) and aspiring screenwriter. Friend me on Poptropica with the incredibly creative username PurplePawzz ๐Ÿ’œ


Hello world! I’m MaryannTheConqueror, though if we’re going on a Poptropican-name basis also Smart Bubbles! I am an aspiring professional artist and writer, as well as a self-proclaimed geek. I love games, from Stardew Valley to Genshin Impact, and of course our nostalgic pal Poptropica! My Poptropica username is mdp686, and you can find me on Instagram, YouTube, and Tapastic.

Smart Icicle

Hi! Iโ€™m Smart Icicle and I have been playing Poptropica forever. I like to draw, and even though Iโ€™m not good at it, it still makes me happy. I also enjoy watching SpongeBob and reading The Hunger Games. I host Ask Poptropica Siri on the PHB and head up Smart Icicleโ€™s Blog. Friend me on Poptropica: target1051. Stay popping!

Past PHB Authors

Thanks also to all our previous PHB staff for contributing to our community: Smockers, Codien, Grumpy Wolf, Gazek, Golden Eagle, Sparkle Star/Green Seal, TyrianWhispersSecret (Neat Whale/Mara), iMango (Cool Wing), Coskit, Hyper Star, Enclosed Lightning, Rainfall/RCG, CoderkidHicoga/GAGreen BoaMTSkyboy303, Rainbow DashSuper ThunderIcy CometAngry WingShaggy TornadoFuzzy-BCheerful SingerBlakeSamwow5Giant HawkMighty GamerKoi (Cobalt), YlimegirlHPuterpopPerfect SkyUltimate iPad ExpertSlippery Raptor, Happy LobsterPurple ClawSilver Wolf, Brave Tomato, and Incredible Joker.

๐ŸŒŸ Sharing Poptropica’s awesomeness since July 26, 2008 ๐ŸŒŸ


998 thoughts on “About”

    1. hi. ^_^ its me, strange dragon. i made a new account, and i wanna add my friends there. whats your user name? my new user name is genmoonstone

  1. Um, excuse me, Slanted Fish, is Shaggy Tornado not an author anymore? Because Brave Tomato included him in her drawing of the PHB in the issue of the POPCORN which is awesome by the way in September. Just saying. Also late happy bday Samwow5! And I am going to submit something for the October edition of the Popcorn.

    Slanted Fish: Shaggy is not an author anymore — you can see who the current ones are on this page. ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. hi,i am Shy Horse.my nickname is Horsey if you like,or my username SlantedFish19.
    i live in the USA,New Jersey.im 8 yrs.old if me,12 yrs.old if poptropican.
    i am born at 2006 and my poptropican,2014.i am the youngest player in Poptropica.
    i may have 26 costumes,i am in the black flags tribe,i downloaded poptropica app in my iphone,at i like to do is drawing,singing,dancing,playing and my 2 favorites,God and playing my laptop.you can costumize from the photos i have.

    -Kathryn in USA.

    1. Hi Iโ€™m Sisi and slanted fish may already know me but for people who donโ€™t, Iโ€™m obsessed with poptropica even tho I donโ€™t play it much. I like drawing and reading poptropica blogs. Iโ€™m 10 and was born in 2011. I am happy that even tho Iโ€™m young I can post comments on these blogs. And I live in Virginia

  3. I know a few of you are over 13 but is it okay to play when your 13? Cuz im totally not 13 or anything with a poptropica addiction ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. Iโ€™m part Asian and my mom emigrated south korea when she was little. Way before she married my dad and had my brother, two sisters and me. I really want to visit South Korea and one time me and my family were going to fly to there in 2020 but our trip was cancelled. ( dang you coronavirus)

      1. Btw I forgot I can speak some mandarin and Korean and also Japanese. Xie Xie, gamsa haeyo and Arigato for reading dis

  4. I’m on the poptropica app. My little brother has made 4 characters that I don’t want how do I delete them?!?!?!?!

  5. Hi all! Now I just โค Dolphins, Peacocks, Cats, Deer, Rabbits, etc. So what do you ppl love? Oh, I forgot to include fishes and whales in the list…;)
    Stylish sensations,
    Lucky bird.

  6. Joey, I need you to please let me comment on your blog and I will reason with you on the definition of spamming and trolling so you’ll understand better. I know what you want, you don’t want to be called a spammer or a troll, so let me give you some advice.

    I’m trying to deal with him, Fishy, sorry about this.

    1. Yes, I know that I use bad words in my Tumblr posts. But still, I want you to unblock me on Tumblr so we will speak privately regarding this issue, and if you don’t know how to unblock, you can let me comment on your blog and I’ll show you how to unblock.

  7. Excuse me? Those weren’t “bad words.” About that statement about what you made about “spamming” and “trolling” being bad words, it doesn’t work like that when it comes to the Internet. And if you do know the definition of spamming and trolling, you can unblock me on Tumblr and we can speak privately.

    1. Troll means: “make a deliberately offensive or provocative online post with the aim of upsetting someone or eliciting an angry response from them.” Spam means: “send the same message indiscriminately to (large numbers of recipients) on the Internet.”

  8. Yes. That’s the definition I was going to say to you. And I bet it’s why people called you a troll in the PHC the other day in response to your rude behavior towards me; calling me a “troll”, telling people that I swore when I was going to say something to you, and other stuff which got you kicked and banned. If you want to be unbanned from the chat you need to contact the PHB and apologize sincerely, saying you will never do this again.

  9. Is Sporty Boa and still an author? There hasnโ€™t post from Sporty boa in a year, thatโ€™s the reason Iโ€™m asking.

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