#FreeThe15: finally free!

Slip here. Congratulations, Poptropicans! We’ve won free stuff!

In honor of the #FreeThe15 Challenge, the Creators have released, as promised, a whole bunch of new home decor you can find in the Home Store. Check out all the stuff!


ICYMI, the recently-concluded challenge had Poptropica fans takings snapshots of their ice cream machines inside their homes—quite peculiar, but free items, yay! A lot of players have joined in the challenge and this is what we get in return, which is pretty sweet! (pun intended)

Moreover, because of the fans’ unwavering and overwhelming support, the Creators decided to add 5 more home decorations—making it a total of 20 items! Here are the newly-added decors in the Home Store (click to enlarge the images):

Interestingly though, I’ve counted a total of 21 sweet new decor items for the house instead of 20. In spite of that, it’s still really cool to have new stuff: we’ve got a drumset, a shower, a chandelier, a shark statue, a baseball, and even a pet iguana!

Why don’t you play Poptropica Worlds to get your hands on the 21 brand new items on the Home Store! Time to redecorate our houses! What do you think of the #FreeThe15 challenge? Don’t forget to leave your thoughts below!

Random theory:  I don’t know if you’ll believe me, but don’t you think that the Skullduggery Island painting foreshadows something? Are the Creators remastering Skullduggery, one of the hardest Poptropica islands, in Poptropica Worlds? What do you think?


Anyway, stay awesome!

// 💦🐊 //



PHB Review: Crisis Caverns Island


Crisis not yet averted? Check out our Crisis Caverns Island Guide.

Hey Poptropicans! It’s been a few weeks since Poptropica Worlds released – and with it, Crisis Caverns Island. We’ve shared our thoughts about Worlds, and now, it’s time for us to delve into its first and only island adventure. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Anyway, with that out of the way, let’s pop right in…

Storyline & Characters


Let’s begin with a simplified summary: You arrive at Caldera State Park and soon find out there’s a supervolcano here that’s on the verge of eruption. Being the nosy curious Poptropican you are, you poke around and eventually find yourself going deeper and deeper into the caves until at last you are captured by “mole people” who live underground. You also encounter the chthonians, monsters who have declared war on the mole people and are causing the tremors that may soon lead to a volcanic eruption. However, you help make things right, and by the time you pop back up to the surface, all is right with the world again. Well, sort of…

It’s really cool how Poptropica seemed to be inspired by subterranean fiction as a plot to this island, with vibes kind of like Jules Verne’s Journey to the Center of the Earth. Subterranean fiction could offer a lot of ideas for a Poptropica island, like a lost world of dinosaurs, Middle-Earth, or even Wonderland! So… it’s a bit baffling that of all the possibilities, they would go with… mole people?

For those who’ve played this island, perhaps you’ll resonate with the thought that, although the premise is interesting, the way it all plays out feels somewhat lacking. There were many opportunities for further exploration of ideas, yet on the whole, the story felt rather rushed from one plot point to the next. The plot leading up to the mole people was okay, but it all went downhill after that. At that point, it was like trying to achieve the climax without first putting on a good foundation.

Looking at a few curious characters, here are some of our questions:

Who, really, are the mole people? Are they human – and whether the answer is yes or no, why do they look so strange, with greenish skin? Is the civilization above aware of their existence? If so, what do they think about them, especially now that they are aware after the quest? How did they get here? Even the first time we see the term “mole people,” it’s just a casual mention by one of the mole people. We also only see a few mole people – king, queen, guards. Where is the rest of the civilization? They are noticeably absent throughout the rest of the caverns.

Also, why chthonians? Their introduction is quite abrupt. You’ve barely met the mole king and queen when they start bombarding you about the chthonians, and we have no idea what they are. Plus, “chthonians” is a long word, and not one many of us are familiar with. Perhaps it would’ve been better to refer to them in simpler terms (beast, worm, creature). And we only had to perform one easy task to appease them, which seems less challenging than a typical Poptropica quest.

And at the visitor’s center, we learn of the missing Dr. Vincent Crispin, founder of Crispin Cave, who had spoken of an underground civilization (the mole people) that no one else believed in. He went too far in his investigations and never returned – but we never do find out what happened to him. Why didn’t we meet him in the mole people’s lair? Did he die – and if so, where is his skeleton? So many questions.

Each character had an interesting design; however, most characters in the park didn’t get as much screen time. Perhaps the park ranger could’ve given a tour deeper into the caves, and it would’ve been nice to see more tourists around the state park.

Despite these confusions, however, meeting the other characters along the way was pretty fun, both in their designs and witty lines. Standouts include the frenemy feud between Hazel and Beatrice, the two old ladies stuck in the cave (“Let’s go somewhere even more depressing: your house”) and the tourist boy who decries the big geyser as “Old Unreliable.” If only we could customize clothing from our new friends!



Something this island didn’t have, for better or for worse, was a good amount of going back and forth. Given the plot, it makes sense to keep going downward deeper into the caves, but it felt like it needed more exploring and going around.

The mechanics of this island also feel quite repetitive. Having the magnetic belt do the job for almost half the island seems too much. Also, the block-the-geyser mechanism gets repeated twice.

As far as game bugs, there definitely were a few. Some players have experienced bugs like not being able to grab the chthonian egg, the scientists at the park not giving the reward after the second island play-through, and more. Although Poptropica continues to work on fixing these glitches, they could have eliminated more of these issues prior to releasing the island to allow for a smoother player experience.

However, there were some high points as well. The room with the traps, like the statue that squishes you, evoked some Indiana Jones-esque feelings. Also, the slider mini-game is commendable. It really added a bit of a challenge to the island, and it’s been quite a while since we’ve seen a slider game from Poptropica!

Overall, it feels as though the bugs and the repetitive aspects overweigh the positive parts of this island experience. Thus, the overall gameplay is so-so.



There’s no doubt about it: the visual style of Crisis Caverns is absolutely stunning. From the captivating crystals to the refined rock carvings, there is so much delightful detail to surround yourself in. The scenery is definitely a highlight of the island.

But despite the beauty, there’s one more crisis that can’t go unmentioned: all the gorgeous designs that were scrapped in the making of this island. It probably happens to every island during the creative process, but it seems this one was especially affected!

We’ve been seeing sneak peeks for this island since 2013, and the island was even declared canceled at one point, so it’s a miracle it’s finally made it onto the big screen of Poptropica Worlds. Along the way, however, a lot of cool ideas didn’t make the cut, but they’re definitely worth admiration:

So grand. Such a waste that these scenes never made it to the game!


All things considered, our final verdict for Crisis Caverns Island is…

crisis caverns verdict

We’ve been waiting a long time for Crisis Caverns, and with all the dazzling previews we saw as well as amazing experiences from past islands on Poptropica Original, our expectations were pretty high for the first Worlds island.

It’s clear, however, that the hype and anticipation from players led to a rushed production from the Creators – who had at one point decided not to work on this island due to ideas not quite working out. Although we are grateful that popular demand brought it back, the overall experience still felt somewhat lacking.

While it wasn’t a complete flop – indeed, the art direction continues to be beautiful as ever – other aspects of the island (plot, character, mechanics, bugs) leave quite a bit to be desired. So, we’ve decided to award it a 2.5 out of 5 crystals.

Thanks for reading our review of Crisis Caverns Island! What did you think of the island and this review? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

– the PHB team –

Joy to the world, Poptropica Worlds is here!

Hey, Slip here with some very exciting news…


It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for: Poptropica Worlds is finally here!

Poptropica Worlds - Explorers Wanted!

(UPDATE: Poptropica has officially announced the release!) Although we haven’t heard any official announcements from Poptropica yet, the game is finally released on the main Poptropica website, along with iOS devices, and it came out in open beta for Android this past weekend.

Poptropica has revamped the homepage with the Poptropica Worlds banner as a welcoming of the new game! The site features links to various pages (Parents, Membership, etc) and there’s even a button to play the original game.


Poptropica Worlds is quite similar to the open beta version, and since it’s recently released, you may find that it’s still prone to some bugs. To begin, you can create a new character or import your account from the original game.

Once you’re in, you can decorate your own home, play Crisis Caverns, and try out new stuff from the Store! You can say that it’s a whole new world out there, right? 😛

This certainly marks a new chapter in Poptropica’s history. What a great day to celebrate! For a closer look at what’s currently available, check out our post below about the Android beta. Yet, there are still more things that Poptropica has in store for us, and it’s only just the beginning…

Meanwhile, here at the PHB, we’ll continue to update you with the latest Poptropica Worlds news and updates! We’ll also be working on a walkthrough for Crisis Caverns (UPDATE: It’s here!) and a more in-depth review of Poptropica Worlds, so stay tuned!

Stay awesome, Poptropicans of the world!

~ to infinity and beyond ~


Do You Know Poptropica Islands in 140 Characters or Less?

Earlier this month, the PHB launched PopFeedz – a Poptropica parody of Buzzfeed – which we later revealed was an April Fools’ prank. Since many of you enjoyed the posts, we are re-posting a few of them on the PHB this month for people to re-visit or to enjoy for the first time! 

Are you ready for a challenge?

Take our quiz to find out if you can identify a Poptropica island with a short description the length of a tweet, 140 characters or less, by clicking here. Think carefully!

Here are a few testimonials from our original post, to show you just how much others in the community know (or don’t know) across the board!

From Maroon Popper:

9/10 yay!
I only failed one because I didn’t read it through properly. 😂

From Hyper Gamer:

Oops 6/10. Guess I don’t know that much.

From Red Rider:

10/10 and I barely play anymore!

How did you do? Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy? Or do you need to brush up on your Poptropica islands? Share your score in the comments below!

If you enjoyed this quiz, which was originally posted on PopFeedz, check out the rest of our prank site (or our recap of it!) Stay popping, Poptropicans.

Playing Through Spooky Islands: As Told By GIFs!

Earlier this month, the PHB launched PopFeedz – a Poptropica parody of Buzzfeed – which we later revealed was an April Fools’ prank. Since many of you enjoyed the posts, we are re-posting a few of them on the PHB this month for people to re-visit or to enjoy for the first time! 

Sometimes playing Poptropica can get pretty intense. Do you remember playing some of those scary islands, like Monster Carnival or Zomberry, for the first time? Well, this post is going to relive those experiences through the glory of GIFs.

Warning: this post contains spoilers for the following islands: Monster Carnival, Zomberry, Twisted Thicket, Vampire’s Curse, Ghost Story, Great Pumpkin, and Cryptids. You’ve been warned… now let’s get to the GIFs!

  1.  After landing from your blimp and seeing the island for the first time:


  2.  Encountering weird creatures like Big Blue and the zomberries from Zomberry Island:

    giphy (1)

  3. Putting on your mask for the Halloween party on Great Pumpkin Island:

    giphy (4)

  4. Seeing pieces of furniture move in the cheap inn room on Ghost Story:

    giphy (6)

  5. Ghosts on Ghost Story Island got you like:

    giphy (7)

  6.  When the Jersey Devil appears in the window on Cryptids Island:

    giphy (8)

  7.  When you’re about to step out of Mother Leeds’s house in New Jersey after seeing the Jersey Devil:

    giphy (2)

  8. When Christopher, from Vampire’s Curse, bites you and you become a vampire:

    giphy (9)

  9. Looking for the black lightbulb in the Haunted Lab on Monster Carnival:

    giphy (10)

  10. When the plot twist is revealed:

    giphy (3)

  11.  When the Nökken surprises you from behind the thicket:

    giphy (12)

  12. Firing the antidote to the zomberries be like:

    giphy (13)

  13.  When you hear Fiona’s voice for the first time:

    giphy (5)

  14. When Linus keeps insisting the Great Pumpkin is coming:

    giphy (14)

  15. Because nothing’s better than a good jump scare, right?


  16. But despite everything, at the end of the day, it’ll all be worth it. You survived. Be proud!

    giphy (11)

If you enjoyed this post, which was originally posted on PopFeedz, check out the rest of our prank site (or our recap of it!) Stay popping, Poptropicans.

Don’t be such a wimp, ride that blimp to April’s IotMs!


We’re already done with the first quarter of 2017—time really flies when you’re getting pranked, eh? With April Fools’ past us, we can say that a new month has dawned on Poptropica—that means we’ll be having a new pair of islands featured as the Islands of the Month (IotM)!

In celebration of the Wimpy Kid Month on Poptropica, comes this month’s IotMs: Wimpy Wonderland and Wimpy Boardwalk!


You might wonder why we celebrate Wimpy Kid Month every April, and it’s—of course—to celebrate the time when the first Diary of a Wimpy Kid book was published in 2007 (April 1, to be exact). To also note that, like Poptropica, it’s also celebrating it’s 10th anniversary this year! As you all know, Poptropica and Diary of a Wimpy Kid are both created by Jeff Kinney. Seriously awesome.

You may also recall that Wimpy Wonderland was recently an IotM for December, but who cares? It’s cool to see it open to all for a while now, so make sure to stock up on the credits before they close again!

Skinny Moon also shared the video walkthroughs by Captain Crawfish, so make sure to watch those if you need any help getting through the IotMs! If you would prefer a written guide, the PHB has them as well! Check out the guide for Wimpy Boardwalk here and for Wimpy Wonderland here.

Just so you know, first-time finishers of the island will receive whopping 500 credits and repeat finishers will get a bountiful 300 credits for replaying the islands!

Also, make sure to check out the Diary of a Wimpy Kid’s Giveaway Calendar! They’re giving away lots of prizes (signed books, tote bags, and etc.) all month long! If you would like to grab some, make sure to participate!


What are you waiting for? Go and play these not-so-wimpy islands now! Staaaay awesome.



Don’t panic; they’re bringing back the classics!


Slip here. 👋

I can’t believe it as well! Poptropica has brought back old costumes and power cards! Let’s check out the items they’ve brought back, starting from the power cards!

First off, they’ve brought back the prizes from 2015’s Daily Pop-In: the Fart Gun and the Twin Power. You may remember these prizes from past ads like Despicable Me and Liv and Maddie. If you would track their first appearance, they are actually from a few years back (around 3 years ago). They’re quite perfect for Multiverse parties, and you’re quite lucky if you have these items for free because the Fart Gun costs 500 credits, while the Twin Power costs 300.

Not only the prizes from the Daily Pop-In returned but as well as the Shrink Ray gun from 2011! Well, it also made its re-appearance in 2014 in honor of Shrink Ray Island’s re-release as a sound-updated island (SUI). Still, it’s a classic! Like the items mentioned above, some of you are lucky enough to grab this for free for the Shrink Ray now costs 500 credits! It’s twice as much as its original price!


Moving on to the costumes, Poptropica has brought back the Graduate and the prom outfits for all! What an awesome way to prepare for the graduation and prom seasons to come! The Ice Cream costume also returned to mark the coming of summer in some countries!

Along with that, a myriad of comeback outfits returned for girls at the Poptropica Store. Most of them are from classic Poptropica and some returned from years of being gone from the Store itself! To name a few, they are the Southern Belle, Pop Star, Wrestling Gear, and the Creepy Countess! Check out the other costumes below! (Click the images to enlarge them.)

…and that is basically what’s in store for you next time you drop by the Poptropica Store! Make sure to stock up on credits by replaying March’s IotMs or spinning the Wheel of Fortune every day! Also, don’t forget to grab the Spring freebies and the St. Patrick’s Day gifts while they’re around! :))

Don’t forget to like or comment, okay? Stay awesome!