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Poppies 2016: Announcing the Winners!


Good evening/morning/afternoon, poptropi-ladies and poptropi-gents!

Nominations? Check! Votes? Check! Tallies? Check! You’ve already nominated and voted for your faves, and now, it’s time for us to announce the winners of this year’s Poppies!

In case you missed the festivities, you can watch the livestream above – but since it’s pretty long, I’ll be here hosting a recap of the winners. (A recap of the party itself will come later!) We have 18 awards to be given out this evening. Who won? Who reigned? Let’s find out!

  • Best Poptropica Character

Poptropica is known for having an array of quirky characters, each with different backstories and roles to play on an island. From the costume to its execution, who reigned supreme? Here are your nominees for Best Poptropica Character!

  • Binary Bard
  • Black Widow
  • Crusoe
  • Dr. Hare
  • Ringmaster Raven
  • Shark Guy (Shark Boy)

*Director D hands me an envelope*

Okay, we now have the envelope for Best Poptropica Character! *opens the envelope* Garnering 22.8% of the votes, this year’s winner is… Ringmaster Raven!

Congratulations Ringmaster Raven! You deserve the award. Your performance on Monster Carnival was spot-on, and so was your tragic backstory! Here comes Director D now to present you your award, and on the screens you can see a graph of the votes for this category:

  • Best POP-ular Island

As defined from the homepage, various islands have become quite popular with Poptropicans. Whether its mysterious story, funny characters, and aesthetic designs took you away, which of the nominees below “popped” out and caught the hearts of Poptropicans?

  • Poptropolis Games
  • Mystery Train
  • Shrink Ray
  • Cryptids
  • Mythology
  • Astro-Knights

*A guy in a shark suit hands the envelope* This is it, everyone! We will now open the envelope and the winner, who gathered 32.1% of the votes, is… Astro-Knights!

The Royal Family of Arturus, come up here! Congratulations to Astro-Knights! This medieval-sci-fi fusion was really amazing! It’s time to blast off these little Poppies to Pewter Moon! Shark-suited guy, please hand out the trophies. How much did Astro-Knights win? Here are the results!

  • Best New Island

Over the past 4 years, Poptropica has made 17 recent islands along with significant updates and additions. With fresh plots, awesome animations and bonus quests, here are the nominees!

  • Mocktropica
  • Monster Carnival
  • Survival
  • PoptropiCon
  • Arabian Nights
  • Escape from Pelican Rock

Here we have the famous director from Mission Atlantis, Cam Jameson, to hand us the envelope containing the results. Now, the island that has accumulated whopping 24.6% of the votes, is no other than… Monster Carnival!

Poptropica’s greatest mystery has finally unveiled itself in 2014 and though it’s been two years since the carnival came to town, no one has forgotten what happened that day… oh yes, all that yummy fried dough! Ringmaster Raven is here to receive the second award; thanks to Cam Jameson! Here are the results below:

  • Best Classic Island

Turn back the clocks and we’re going back to the future the past! Pre-2015 was a fine time for Poptropica, with tons of popular and amazing islands. These islands contributed to its popularity today and those classic concepts of Old Poptropica remain in us all to this day. Which of our nominees rose above the rest?

  • Counterfeit
  • Reality TV
  • Steamworks
  • Red Dragon
  • Ghost Story
  • Twisted Thicket

Holmes will be printing the results shortly, please wait… and, done! Okay, now for the results. Our winner has gathered an amazing 24.6% of the votes! The best Classic Island goes to…*drumroll* Reality TV!

Well, what do you know? A dream turned into a reality! Congratulations to Reality TV Island! To receive the award from Holmes and Professor Watson, here comes Bucky Lucas with his awesome fancy tux! Amazing!

Here are the standings for the other nominees:

  • Best Sponsored Island

These islands may not have a Poptropica original story, but even still, some prove to amaze us. A few months back, Poptropica held the March Madness event, wherein Red Dragon was (re)opened to all players. The same contenders go head-to-head to win the Best Sponsored Island award. Will Red Dragon claim it again this time?

  • Nabooti
  • Great Pumpkin
  • Wimpy Wonderland
  • Red Dragon
  • Wimpy Boardwalk
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

To present the envelope, containing the results of this award, we’ve invited Cosmoe from Galactic Hot Dogs! *hands the envelope* Wow, this is mindblowing. This was a no-brainer award because the winner is… Red Dragon!

I knew it was coming, but of course, Red Dragon deserves it! Were the sumo wrestlers around? Because it was a grand slam! To receive this special award, Jack and Annie are here walking up to the stage as Cosmoe hands them the award! Woohoo!

  • Okay-est Island

Not all islands have left a great impact on players and the community, and unfortunately, there were some that flopped or simply didn’t become quite as popular. These islands are not that bad, yet not too good – just okay. Last year, Galactic Hot Dogs Island won Worst Island, but will it return for a back-to-back Razzie er, Poppie this year? Here are the nominees!

  • Great Pumpkin
  • Shrink Ray
  • Mission Atlantis
  • Galactic Hot Dogs
  • Timmy Failure
  • Monkey Wrench

Here we have Mongo the Monkey delivering the envelope on a little Poptropica blimp! How cute! Which island wins in mediocrity? Let’s see! This year’s “Okay-est Island” award goes to… Mission Atlantis!

Mission Atlantis fits the title quite well. As we wrote in our island review back in the day, it wasn’t terrible, just meh. Here we have Cam Jameson to receive the award from Mongo, along with the help of Crusoe!

  • Best & Funniest Poptropican Name

Poptropica names are randomly generated and sometimes that can result in funny, crazy and even amazing combinations. Poptropicans all around the world have scoured all over for the best and the funniest Poptropican names they could get! Here are our nominees!

Best Poptropican Name:

  • Bronze Fox
  • Fearless Warrior
  • Fierce Dragon
  • Golden Sword
  • Icy Ice
  • Shiny Diamond

Funniest Poptropican Name:

  • Angry Bird
  • Big Belly
  • Big Kid
  • Cuddly Cactus
  • Icy Ice
  • Red Dragon






To present both of our awards, we have Golden Dragon, our “best name” winner from last year! With no further ado, this year’s best name is… Golden Sword!

And now we have Big Belly, last year’s “worst name” winner, here to present the next award. The funniest Poptropican name of 2016 is… Cuddly Cactus!

I must admit, these are awesome and funny names, and definitely beats Slippery Raptor. Where would you see a raptor sliding down a slippery road? (But hey, if you’d like to create that image, I’d be happy to see it!)

Anyways, congratulations to those players out there whose Poptropicans are named after two amazing combinations of Poptropican names!

  • Weirdest Poptropica Moment

Sometimes, our adventures on Poptropica can get a little weird — with reactions ranging from making the player laugh, be scared, or cringe. Nominations came in, and as we filtered through them, we couldn’t help but have mixed reactions. Which of these eccentric moments made it to the top?

  • Carnies on Monster Carnival turning into monsters
  • Crossing a bridge of Narfs on Mocktropica
  • Entering Patient Zero’s (Joe Stockman’s) mouth on Virus Hunter
  • Katya and Christopher’s kiss in Vampire’s Curse
  • Mocktropica’s end cutscene
  • Timmy Failure losing his pants

Very queer indeed. To deliver the envelope for this round, we have Crusoe, fresh from his tropical island. Now, to proclaim this year’s weirdest moment! The award goes to no other than… Katya and Christopher for their on-screen kiss on Poptropica!

The first ever (lip) kiss on Poptropica made a lot of players cringe at seeing two Poptropican mouths make contact with each other. Gross enough that it made its way to the Poppies! We have Katya and Christopher here to receive their crazy award. Hehe. Don’t be too embarrassed, you lovebirds.

  • Best Soundtrack from a New and Remade Island

Poptropica’s composers, Jeff Heim and Kyle Fox, sure have some sick music skills, and we can’t help but honor their work in the Poppies. Last year, Monster Carnival’s Main Theme serenaded its way to the top and we can’t help but ask if it will go for a back-to-back award this year. I sure hope so! Here are the nominees for Best Soundtrack from a New Island and a Remade Island:

Best Soundtrack from a New Island:

  • Mocktropica
  • Monster Carnival
  • Survival
  • PoptropiCon
  • Arabian Nights
  • Escape from Pelican Rock

Best Soundtrack from a Remade Island:

  • 24 Carrot
  • Time Tangled
  • Poptropolis Games
  • Mythology
  • Shrink Ray






Now to present the award, we have DJ Saturday Nite and Master Mime! We have the results and here are the winners! The Best Soundtrack from a New Island is from… *Master Mime does an impression of scary birds* oh! Monster Carnival! Wow, what a back-to-back win! Ringmaster Raven sure is racking in the awards tonight! It’s his third time up onstage! 🙂

For the Best Soundtrack from a Remade Island, the winner is from… Mythology! Paging Mr. Zeus to go up the stage. Please do not hurl thunderbolts at the audience, sir! Congratulations anyway! 🙂

Community Awards 🌟

Heeeeey guys! Still alive? It’s a pretty long post, right? Just bear with me. I have pandas here! We’re halfway there!

  • Best ASG

Last December, we opened up our Avatar Studio Gift here on the PHB so all people could have awesome rare costumes! We’ve got a grand walk-in (or scroll-down?) closet right here on the PHB, but which ASG stood out from our wardrobe? You chose, you voted, here we go!

  • *cloud*1
  • DemeterASG
  • HeadlessHorsemanASG
  • JoanASG
  • LightningKnightASG
  • WKF_ASG_AN-Princess

We have Puck Kingston (that’s his Orb Legend name), the eyepatch-wearing stud from Home Island to present this prestigious award to this year’s winner… *cloud*1! Congratulations! 🙂

  • Best Active Fan Blog

Poptropica has numerous fan blogs all over WordPress and beyond. Out of all these fan blogs, which one has top quality? Who gives the best when it comes to posts? Which of these blogs will nab the Best Active Fan Blog award?

This year’s nominees are all of great competence! I wonder who will win? Delivering the envelope is Slanted Fish, head of the PHB! Garnering 36.1% of the votes is… Tall Cactus’ Poptropica Blog! Congratulations, TC!

Tall Cactus has been an avid PHB commenter and liker as well! Throughout this year, she has maintained posting frequently with interesting posts on her blog. Keep it up, TC! Stay awesome! 🙂

  • Best Fan Art of 2016

The Poptropica community has a whole squad of great artists! Most of their works are posted all over the Internet, from Tumblr to DeviantArt! With MasterPinpey winning last year’s Poppies, whose creative hands will reign this year? Let’s check out the nominees of this year’s best artworks so far!

  • “Battle Against the Monster” by CraftyPoptropican
  • “Betty! Betty! Betty!” by criaha
  • “Explore, Collect , Compete” by MissEligon
  • “Short Heart: Night and Day” by DJ-Rosietta
  • “Queen of Arturus” by Perfect Sky
  • “WimpyKidFan” by AdelaideQueen

We have MasterPinpey here with the majestic envelope containing the lucky winner! Time to open it, MP! *opens envelope* This year’s creative hands and Best Fan Art award goes to… MissEligon’s “Explore, Collect, Compete”! Congratulations!

I like how MissEligon incorporated a “universal idea” on her Poptropica piece featuring different characters—from infamous villains to famous personalities! The art style and color combination are well done! Kudos to MissEligon!

  • Best PMFM Round

Well, Poptropica meme faces have been trending since the HPuterpop Fan Art Contest, and soon it hit the road — Poptropican Meme Face Mondays was born! Showcasing selected meme faces every week, the Meme King (Ultimate iPad Expert) works hard to make all those memes, from the intro to the outro, just about every week. U DA MAN! 😛 Here are your dankest nominees:

  • Round 1
  • Lenny Week
  • HPuterpop Edition
  • Awesome Face Week
  • Round 31
  • Holiday Special

To deliver the envelope himself is the Meme King, with a special white envelope with a troll face seal. (Very clever, Paul!) Time to announce the winner! This year’s dankest PMFM Round goes to… Lenny Week!

Lenny Week was really awesome: everyone had the same Lenny meme on their faces, UiPE made an awesome gif, and lots of people enjoyed it. Keep it up, Meme King.

  • Best Former PHB Author

Authors come and go on the PHB, and just in 2016 alone, we’ve had several authors go: Blake, Sam, Giant Hawk (Joshua), and Mighty Gamer — and we’re just halfway through 2016! We’ve had more in the past, including Codien, Smockers, Fuzzy-B, and more. Which of these former bloggers had the best impact on the PHB? These were your nominees:

  • Codien
  • Fuzzy-B
  • Blake
  • Giant Hawk
  • Mighty Gamer

Walking down the carpet is our newly-returned author, Koi. Time to open the mystery envelope, Koi! Who’s inside? Let us announce the Best Former Author on the PHB… Mighty Gamer!

MG, you will be missed. I hope that you’ll visit us and you drop by soon! 🙂

  • Best Current PHB Author

And now, the award that I’ve you’ve been waiting for, this year’s PHB Best Author! :)))

No need for any introductions, as we, seven PHB authors including Koi but not including Fishy are nominated for the Best Author award. You’ve been our audience for all our posts and it’s you who will decide who gets the award. So with no further ado, this year’s Best Author goes to…


Wait, what? Oh well, there’s next year! The real winner is…


Congratulations to you and your magnificent monocle! That’s right, your hard work and contributions to the PHB have paid off. Continue to be the best author you can be! #MEEMZ

  • Community Appreciation

We have an excellent Poptropica community all over our corner of the web, and its the people in it that make it so awesome. Outside of the PHB team, which one most deserves recognition from our community at large? These were your nominees (and what fine picks they are, not to mention all the awesome people we couldn’t fit in!):

  • DJ-Rosietta
  • Lucky Joker
  • Perfect Sky
  • Shaky Skunk
  • Tall Cactus
  • Thinknoodles

Here to hand out this final, worthwhile award is myself, Slippery Raptor, and I’m excited to give this Community Appreciation Award to… *begins to open envelope, but the paper slips away onto the floor* Sigh, that’s the life of Slippery ol’ me… *picks up the paper* This award goes to… Perfect Sky!

Come up to the stage for your trophy! A round of applause for Perfect Sky, everybody! This amazing Poptropican makes extremely creative Poptropica movies on her YouTube channel, and still makes time for her fans and friends. You can often find her on the PHC and PHB, and you can read her My Place in Poptropica story here. Congratulations, Perfect Sky!

And that concludes the awards ceremony of the Poptropica Help Blog’s 2016 Poppies! I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Thanks to everyone who participated in the Poppies! Here’s to another 8 years of fun on the PHB!


Thank you and good night, everyone! 🙂


41 thoughts on “Poppies 2016: Announcing the Winners!”

    1. Sorry to be THAT person, but I saw an opportunity and took it. Congratulations to the winners and even the nominees. As was stated in the live stream, it’s an honor just to be featured! (This is directed to the people, of course. I wouldn’t want to hurt the islands’ feelings but, to my knowledge, they’re currently not sentient.)

  1. I’m kinda sad that I got last place. 😦

    Still, congratulations, TC! You’ll always be #1! 😀

  2. Thank you so much for the Community Appreciation Award! ❤ I'd like to thank all the PHB authors, and all the Poptropicans who voted for me! Thank you!! 😀 ❤
    By the way, I liked most of the results, but maybe I'm the only one who likes Nabooti WAY MORE than Red Dragon…

  3. I still can’t believe my blog won. I’m so happy right now, I don’t even know what to say! Thank you to everyone who voted for my blog, the PHB, the community, the world! Thank you, thank you, thank you! 🙂

    OK, now this is getting weird. I just don’t know what to even comment xD. Anyways, there will be a special post on my blog later today, so look forward to that. It’s hard to believe that last year, I was just a random PHB reader who was too scared to comment her nominations, and one year later I won an award! This is why this community is so darn amazing. Happy 8th Birthday PHB, let’s look forward to another eight years of awesomeness!!

  4. Even though I have absolutely no right to judge anything on the internet, I must confess that this year’s Poppies was… FANTASTIC! It was full of so called ants on the wall and sloth memes, and of course everyone’s sudden hunger for no reason at all, and the sharing of cheese pictures. The Poppies was amazing, and I’m proud to call it best Poppies I’ve ever seen… probably because I’ve ONLY Poppies I’ve ever seen, but that’s besides the point xD

  5. Congratulations to everyone who was nominated! These were some awesome Poppies! Good job Perfect Sky and Tall (Cuddly) Cactus!

  6. If you like drawing, you should do Paigee World. It’s an apple app. If you do get it I’m @mightyheart

  7. Wow Perfect Sky is so lucky and happy in the Poptropica community.First she got one of her videos posted on the Poptropica creators blog.Then she got so many subs on her channel!Also I said that PoptropicaPerfectSky is the best Poptropica channel out there second being MY CHANNEL SUPERTALKCAM which is my channel lol.Then I featured her channel on my video best Poptropica channels.Then finally she gets voted for best Community Appreciation Award and oh man Perfect sky you are in so much love from everyone.Perfect Sky you should Appreciate the Poptropica star that is you you Perfect Sky 🙂

  8. Being part of the livestream was a lot of fun, even despite the technical issues that could pop up. Thank you for helping me get 2nd place in the Best Current Author catergory, I really appreciate it! Hope you all had fun!

  9. @Shaky Skunk – Aw, but still, it’s an achievement to make it to the voting round. You had a lot of nominations in the first round! 😀

  10. I write this huge, awesome comment on this post, but it was accidently on and it never transferred over here on the new server. Oh well. Anyways, thank you guys so much for voting for my blog, it means a lot!

  11. I MISSED IT!!!
    *Sobs in a corner for an hour*
    ANYWHO! Lets see…
    i’m gonna go comfort myself with Ninjago.
    Sincerely, a sleep deprived Lucky Wing

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