Suit Up Games spins Poptropica to Roblox?

What’s up with Suit Up? ๐Ÿง A new link has subtly been added to the bottom of the Poptropica homepage, directing visitors to Suit Up Games, a game studio with Dr. Hare in its logo. Here’s what we know…

Suit Up Games is a work for hire game studio specializing in Roblox, the popular virtual world for kids. They haven’t listed what games they’ve worked on so far, but it’s possible that they might be behind Poptropica’s Roblox releases earlier this year, Unicorn Frenzy and Zomberry: Humans vs Zombies. It seems we havenโ€™t heard the last of Pop meddling with Roblox… in fact, maybe it’s just the beginning.

Poptropica has yet to clarify their relationship, but their website claims that they are “a spin out of Poptropica.” If this means more of Pop’s resources are being diverted to Roblox projects… yikes.

Suit Up Games calls itself “a spin out of Poptropica.”

Last month, Poptropica initiated a follow spree on Twitter, following back mutual Pop fans who followed “our friends @SuitUp_Games.”

Suit Up Games soon followed up the hype with a tweet of cursed Poptropica meme faces (not to be confused with our own similar series) on Hades and Myron Van Buren. It’s their only Pop-related tweet so far.

Suit Up Games seems to be a relatively new company, considering they are a “spin out” of Pop and they’ve only been mentioned by them in the past month. Suit Up’s website also shows they’re currently hiring Roblox developers and more, suggesting they’re still building their team.

Suit Up joined Twitter in June 2022, but their website claims they’ve been active since 2007, i.e. Poptropica’s founding year. However, the LinkedIn profile of the studio’s Managing Director may be closer to the truth, as it shows he took on the role starting March 2022.

And how did he get here? Turns out Ross Targett is also the founder and current Managing Director of Code Kingdoms, which teaches children how to code via Minecraft and Roblox. It was acquired by Roblox in 2020, and then by Sandbox & Co (which also owns Poptropica) in 2021.

Notice anything else interesting about his profile? The London-based Ross is also concurrently the General Manager of Poptropica, a role he began at the same time as the one at Suit Up Games! Besides taking over from Natalie Shahmiri, the previous GM, Ross’s joint holding of these executive positions also means his leadership work is divided between the three projects: Code Kingdoms, Suit Up Games, and Poptropica. Can Poptropica still be managed with the attention it deserves?

Poptropica as featured in Sandbox & Co’s gaming portfolio

And will Suit Up Games bring more Poptropica content to Roblox? Or will the two realms stay separate? We’ll have to see…



6 thoughts on “Suit Up Games spins Poptropica to Roblox?”

  1. This actually be good news, if itโ€™s not really Poptropica behind the Roblox games, that means Poptropica is still working on the actual game.


    Hehe, drama ๐Ÿ˜œ
    Iโ€™m glad to see Poptropica itself might not be behind the Roblox obsession, but if the general managerโ€™s attention is divided and if heโ€™s making Poptropica into his other objects of attention, Poptropicaโ€™s days might be numbered!!๐Ÿ˜ฑ ๐Ÿ˜ฑ
    Orrrr he could just be working on other games as of right now to get more money to support Poptropica. That too.

    1. For now the various properties (Poptropica, Suit Up Games, and Code Kingdoms) seem to be separate, though there’s the possibility of their collaboration, particularly when they share ownership (with Sandbox in this case). The evidence points to Suit Up Games being behind Poptropica’s recent Roblox games, though it hasn’t been confirmed yet! ๐Ÿง

  3. This is intriguing and slightly troubling. Of course, Silver Shell might be right, and he’s working on other games to support Poptropica, but I have a feeling that’s less likely.

    1. Yeah, it doesn’t seem like a case of Poptropica being the main project that the others directly support. At best, they may all be equally supported, but if we’re looking at the general manager’s own interests, Ross has been with Code Kingdoms since founding it in 2013, much longer than his time with the others. Hopefully he’s committed to successfully leading on all the projects, especially (for our interests) Poptropica.

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