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Cloaked in Mischief: Baron’s Rumpel Return

Hey, Poptropicans! Be on your guard, a suspicious sight has shown up…

The Red Baron has returned, but she seems a bit off this time. Her visible eye is twitching, which she claims is caused by the thrill of adventure.

Her Cabin of Curiosities is chock full of Rumpelstiltskin-branded… things. You’ll find gold statues, a lamp, plushies (including a cursed version of Amelia’s unicorn), and even a Rumpel-fied Dr. Hare costume.

Okay, Baron, what’s with all of this? You deny that something is amiss, and you’re suddenly a big fan of Rumplestiltskin. Look, we know you’re not the most morally upright person, but vouching for Rumpelstiltskin is insane! And why does Ack keep missing his shots, throwing grapes at your convulsing eye? Something’s definitely up. ๐Ÿ‘โšซ๏ธ

At least one thing hasn’t been corrupted by Rumpel’s influence: June’s winning costume, the stellar Star Kid by Busy Bee! ๐Ÿ’ซ Be sure to grab this free outfit before the Baron โ€” err, Rumpelstiltskin?? โ€” takes off.

Thankfully, Adventure Outfitters’s latest lineup is Rumpel-free. Summer styles are in season for the costume racks! ๐ŸŒž

On the shop floor to the left, you’ll find the two costumes teased last month. The dark medieval garb is called Cloaked Rogue, and the fuchsia demon is called Demon Mischief. The Creators’ update post doesn’t mention anyone who correctly guessed the names. Meanwhile, on your right, you’ll find plenty of cabana goods for your clubhouse.

Member gifts have also flown in for July! Inspired by our recently rewritten fowl friend Ringmaster Raven, this month’s exclusive spoils are a Crow Cloak, Crow Mask, and Baby Crow Follower. ๐Ÿฆ…

Wrapping up this post, enjoy the latest fan art features of curious characters from Poptropica’s Instagram stories!

Anyway, what’s your theory on what’s up with the Red Baron? Baronstiltskin? Are you twitching in excitement at what will unravel? Share in the comments!

Thank you for reading, and have a good day!

โ€”Gentle Dolphin ๐Ÿฌ


10 thoughts on “Cloaked in Mischief: Baron’s Rumpel Return”

  1. Even the Baron’s signature Gold Skull has been Rumpled! (Not complaining, though, it’s a lot cheaper)

  2. Did anyone also notice that when you complete the Baronโ€™s quest her dialogue is different, like when you ask if she hunts treasure she says she is treasure, when you ask if she lives on the ship she says why do you ask? Is someone looking for me? And when you ask about her crew she says she had a crew once but she must have scared them off hehe. Iโ€™m curious to see if she will be back to normal next month. Also since itโ€™s all rumplestiltskin could it mean Rumplโ€™s quest could be opening to non-members?

    1. Interesting finds! That’s some good attention to detail. Maybe Rumpel will reveal himself later (this month?)… we’ll have to see. Would love to see his quest open to non-members too!

      1. Also, Rumple has made an appearance at Jade Scarab. Poptropica has also stated that a members-only adventure is set to become available to all on their official blog. Could it be Rumple’s challenge??? There are also many things located at the bottom of the Baron’s ship that may hint at something too…

  3. The Baron’s showing very Rumpel-like behavior, too. She calls us “little adventurers”, and as we know from Rumpel’s Challenge, he loves putting his head on everything.

  4. I think I know whatโ€™s going on! The Baroness seems different when you talk to her, more introverted. She seems to be obsessed with Rumpelstiltskin. If youโ€™ve played FairyTale Island, you know Rumpel has strange-looking eyes. So you put that all together, I think Rumpel is pretending to be the Baroness! Heโ€™s probably narcissistic, which explains why he made the whole Airship dedicated to him. He may be struggling to keep the magic disguise on, especially the eye, which is why itโ€™s twitching. As for how to Baroness and Rumpel are connected? A much earlier teaser showed pictures of the queen of Fairytale Island, and in the mini quest, the king talks about her. The baroness looks like the queen. A lot. And in a picture Poptropica sent out for Thanksgiving, they describe the king and prince as her family.
    I might make an actual Conspiracy post about this once I find the time.

    1. Well, Poptropica seems to be developing the habit of releasing something for non-members and bringing out something for members only near the same time frame, so rumplโ€™s change will probably be released for the public and the next part of the Fairytale island story will be brought out for members only ( or for everyone ?)

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