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The costumes start coming and they don’t stop coming

Hey Poptropicans, it’s time to store up some store goods. And for members, your monthly gifts have arrived as well. Let’s take a look!

The bucket hat trend continues when you hop on over to Adventure Outfitters on Home Island to fill up your pail with the new Tie Dye Trends and Frog Buckets costumes (both 250 credits). Adorbs~ 🐸👒

Plus, the Poptropolis Games may not be around this year, but the Tokyo 2020 2021 Olympics have come to Poptropica with five new sporty styles: the Karate (300 credits), Tennis (300c), Sparring Shoes (250c), Gymnast (250c), and Lifting Outfits (250c)! 🏅 You’ll even find some more athletic gear for your clubhouse on the shop floor: a blue basketball, tennis racquet (75c), volleyball (75c), and basketball hoop (100c). Get your game on and go play! 🥋🎾💪

More returning costumes (including the epic Acidic Dinosaur) await — check out the full haul of costumes in-game or on the Creators’ Blog!

As always, members get more: August’s member gifts are here to dazzle you with a Little Time Bot FollowerGame Tablet, and LED Football. You’ll never shine if you don’t glow! ✨

That’s not all the new swag in town! You may have heard that the Baron’s airship has landed, bringing sweet wares for your Poptropican and clubhouse. This vessel of vivacity will only be staying until this Friday, August 6, so don’t delay. So much to do, so much to see!

Keep on popping on, Poptropicans! ✌️


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Airship arrives with Ice Cream Cat costume & other collectibles

Hey Poptropicans! Are you ready to board the Baron’s boat? Because the Red Baron’s airship has returned to Home Island! But act now since the ship is only here until Friday, August 6th.

Like last time, enter the ship to find a common room on the flight deck, the Cabin of Curiosities shop to the left, and the mini-game to earn credits to the right. Everything is expectedly looking the same! But let’s check out the Cabin of Curiosities to see what’s new.

As promised, July’s costume contest winner is featured inside! Ice Cream Cat made by Silver Flame is available for free. How purr-fect! 🍦🐈

Aside from this sweet new get-up, there are a few other new goodies to scream for too. To the right, we have Gretchen Grimlock gear (50 credits), Retro Robot regalia (50 credits), a statue (600 credits), a Papa Pete’s Pizza box (50 credits), a floating aquarium set up (800 credits), and a suitcase/trunk (50 credits). Plus, that gold skull above the entrance is still available.

Both of those costumes are quite familiar to long-time players, huh? If you earned an extra 5000 credits this past week by logging in every day, you should be able to go on a fun spending spree today.

Again, Baron mind that the ship is only here until Friday, August 6th. That’s less than 5 days away! After that, we’ll have a bit of time to wait for its next docking and the next costume contest winner to be announced.

More stuff awaits in Adventure Outfitters (including that ribbeting Frog Bucket Hat being modeled in the pics above), so stay tuned for our update on that soon! ☀️🐸 

Until next time, it’s time to spend those credits! Go! Go! Go! 🤑


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Ocean Breezy in store’s shore 🌊

Hey Poptropicans! The last of July’s weekly store updates is here, with more summer styles. Let’s beat the heat and head inside to see!

New this week is the Ocean Breezy costume. We also see the return of past seasonal suits like the Fruity Cutie and Lazy Days. Check out the full haul on the Creators’ Blog »

Also, check out the latest batch of fan art features on Poptropica’s Instagram story, with a couple entries for the recently concluded Coloring Creation Challenge:

In other news, if your login streak is still going strong, keep it up for just a few more days till Friday, and you’ll be eligible for 5,000 bonus credits to spend in Poptropica’s in-game stores!

That’s it for this update. Take it easy breezy, Poptropicans!


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Get in Character with Bucket Hats 👒

Hey Poptropicans, there’s a new store update at Adventure Outfitters, and bucket hats are in! With the new Sandy Beach costume, you can match with your pet by getting them a Bucket Hat — or Blue Shades to go with last week’s Water Battle outfit!

Summer looks also include a Lifeguard vest for pets and the return of the Boho Chic for members. See the full stock on the Creators’ Blog »

In other news, as you’re moving about Poptropica, you may notice a new sidebar ad from Infoplease which links to a Pop quiz of Pop characters! It’s not clear if the Pop Creators made this or if they’re just linking to anonymous fan-made content, but either way, it’s a fun little game that tests if you can name 10 classic Poptropica characters. Play it here »

That’s all for now, but we’ll have more news in other posts! Remember to vote in the Poppies if you haven’t already, and stay tuned for our guide to the new ad island. Keep on popping on!


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Creative custom looks for your home and yourself 🏡👕✨

Hey, Poptropicans! This is Gentle Dolphin bringing the latest Poptropica news! Today’s post will discuss the newest store items, Instagram fan art features, and a very fashionable guest writer. Let’s dive in!

Six new furniture items are available for purchase in the clubhouse store. Everyone can decorate their clubhouses with the storage trunk, white dresser, selfie ring light, and skateboard. However, members can acquire the mobile phone and pineapple picture.

After some furniture shopping, why not treat yourself to some new clothes from Amelia’s Adventure Outfitters? Our current store lineup features familiar fashions, but there is also a brand new Galaxy Hoodie, which members can purchase for 150 credits.

Nothing at Amelia’s store suits your style? Don’t forget to hop onto the Red Baron’s airship for some exclusive items, including the winning entries of June’s costume contest! Act fast before the Red Baron sets off on another adventure and leaves these costumes lost to time.

While you’re buying clothes from either Amelia or the Red Baron, think about how you can mix and match pieces of your new duds to create a unique look for your popsona. Golden Wolf, the newest guest writer to grace the Creators’ Blog, made a post showcasing some custom-made outfits ranging from cozy to classy.

Golden Wolf was also happy to provide original art of her popsona! I love her cool street fashion in this picture, especially with her two colorful hair streaks. 💙💜

Last but not least, the Poptropica Creators shared more amazing fan art in their most recent Instagram stories. There’s fan art of classic Pop characters as well as some July costume contest submissions. The story also included our IG post advertising the PHB’s Poppies 2021 event! Thanks for the shoutout, Creators!

Thank you for reading, and have a good day!

—Gentle Dolphin 🐬