Zomberry Island Guide


One by one, the citizens of Eastman are mutating into something horrible. Now, the city is quarantined, the survivors are trapped, and ghouls prowl the streets. No one knows how the zombie outbreak began… but how it ends is up to you!

For walkthroughs on Zomberry Island, scroll down.

Released: December 19, 2012 (for members)
or January 10, 2013 (for all)
Common Room: Cinema
Preceded by: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island
Succeeded by: Night Watch Island

Resources on this page: Island Extras | Synopsis from Poptropica | Video Walkthrough | Written Walkthrough | Album Photos | Trivia

Island Extras: Map | Official Tour | Video Playlist | Comic: “Day Zero” | Zomberry Hero event | Zomberry on Roblox

Video Walkthrough

For a written walkthrough with pictures, scroll down on this page.

Written Walkthrough

Walkthrough written by Samwow5
Special thanks to: Zombie Leader Clown, Justsavannah157, Short Hero, Slanted Fish

It’s the Zomberry apocalypse! Run left and talk to the police officer on the left side of the school bus. Just as he says he is getting too old for his job, the police chief appears and mentions that Dr. Romero has been trying to find a cure for the Zombies, but the police have lost contact with him.

He asks if you’ve got the guts to do the job, and you say yes. Then he gives you a Flashlight and a Clue Notebook. He tells you that the notebook contains Dr. Romero’s phone number, address, and anything else you need to know.


(Fun fact: Dr. Romero is a reference to George Romero, an American filmmaker who began the zombie film genre.)

Anyway, climb up to the top of the school bus and enter the tunnel.


Fort Savini Tunnel

It’s almost pitch black inside the tunnel, so turn on the flashlight in your items. The flashlight will help you see better and scare the zombies a little, but you’ll need more light to scare them away. If you touch a zombie, you will run off screaming, which sets you back a bit.

Keep jumping and running left while avoiding the zombies, and stop when you see an oil truck. Pick up the Car Keys right in front of the truck.


Keep running and jumping left while avoiding the zombies until you reach a Dorf Bean car. Go to your items click “Use” on the Car Keys, and the keys will fit! Click on the car door to get inside the car.

Use the keys on this car.

When you get inside the car, click “lights” on the left side of the steering wheel.


After you turn on the lights, click the crank on the bottom of the tow truck that the Dorf Bean is on. The lights will scare the zombies away and you will be able to enter the Financial District.


Financial District

When you reach the Financial District, jump up on to the beams, and keep jumping until you reach the top. When you have reached the top, take a right, and you will reach this crane machine.


Now, use the crane to pick up the bottom right beam. When you have picked it up, drag it to the top-middle opening in the beams. Then click on the open lunchbox you see.


You will be rummaging through trash in Joe’s lunchbox. At the bottom, you will find a Subway Pass.


Now hop off the beams and enter the Subway just to the left.


When you get inside the Subway, there will be zombies there, so try to avoid them. You can scare off zombies with your flashlight, or jump on buildings above ground level to avoid coming into contact with them.

Run left and you will reach the Subway Pass Scanner. Now, go to your items and click “Use” on the Subway Pass. It will open the door to the Subway.


Run left to the Chinatown Subway. When you reach the Subway Pass Scanner, you have to use your Subway Pass. After you use it, it will let you in the Subway.


When you get in the Subway, you will see a Light Bulb right above you. Click on it, and it will be added to your items. Continue on to the Chinatown Subway.


When you arrive in the Chinatown Subway, run left and you will see little rocks under the wheels of the train. Click on the wheels and the train will start moving again, but then it stops. After you do that, run all the way back to the right and exit the Subway.


Now, run left to the Smoothie Shop. Go inside and grab a Pamphlet.


When you exit the Smoothie Shop, run all the way to the left to Shady Side.

Shady Side

When you get to Shady Side, continue running until you reach 147 Park Drive. Click on the Fuse Box. Make 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 go up, and 2, 4 go down. Now you will have a straight path up the left side of the building to the roof. When you reach the roof, there’s a door. Click on it and you will be inside.

Jump up the building where the black rectangle is.

Jump up the left side of the building to enter through the door on the roof. When you get inside, there are three rooms you’ll need to enter to get clues and other items.

Room 7 (Dr. Romero’s apartment): Click on his computer to get a Clue for the Notebook.

Room 5 (Joe Puddy’s apartment): When you come in, take the Bolt Cutters next to the door. Go to the fridge and click on it to get another Clue for the Notebook in your items.

Room 1 (Gamer Dude’s apartment): Click on the trash can next to the door. Dig around in it until you pull out the can of Valley Rain at the bottom, which is another Clue for the notebook. Continue right and take the Camera on the stereo. Equip the camera so you can use it to shine a light on zombies (by clicking on it in the lower-left corner). Also, if you want to play a game (Terror in the Garden), click behind the screen. (The game is optional, but it’s good practice for later on in the island!)


After you get out of the 147 Parker Avenue Apartments, run to Chinatown. When you get to Chinatown, run left until you reach the Karaoke Bar.

Karaoke Bar

Inside the karaoke bar, you’ll notice a groovy woman – DJ Saturday Nite – trapped onstage asking you to help get the zombies out of the way. Stick your flashlight up at the disco ball to the right, and the zombie will leave the disco lights. Then, click on the disco light switch to get the floor lit up and the zombies will leave.


Go up on stage to talk to the DJ, and ask the third question. She’ll leave, but you’ll notice that she leaves her laptop running and some papers behind. Click on the paper and you’ll receive another Clue for the notebook.


Now click on the laptop. The computer screen will say “Find my Phone.” Click on the “Find my Phone” icon and enter these login details:

  • Username: Doctor
  • Password: Awesome

It tracks the phone to a hidden bunker. Click “Unlock” on the screen. Then take a screenshot with the button on the upper-left to get a printout of the Map to Bunker.


Hint: The phone is under 147 Park Avenue (Shady Side Apartments) but you have to go through the Subway to get it.


When you get to Chinatown, run to the left. Notice the crowd of zombies around the manhole beside the Wok and Hard Place building. (Fun fact: The name is a play on the English phrase “a rock and a hard place,” to make a hard decision. A wok is a Chinese frying pan.)

Climb up onto the building, then onto the wire with the lanterns on it. Use the Light Bulb in your items and the lanterns will light up and scare the zombies away.


Enter through the manhole, and you will land on top of the train. (If you don’t, click the rocks under the wheels of the train and then try again.) Go inside the train and run all the way to the right. Click on the lever there and the train will go right. It will arrive in the Financial District. There will be a ladder right above you.


Climb up the ladder, and you’ll find the Secret Bunker to the right. When you click on it, zombies will appear. You will scream and run inside.

Romero’s Secret Bunker

When you get inside, run to the phone on the left and dial Romero’s number: 555-3946. The phone starts ringing. To your right, the phone will fall out of the caged zombie’s pocket.


Pick up Dr. Romero’s Cell Phone. If you use the phone, you’ll see some brief video clips of Dr. Romero talking about his research into the zombie apocalypse, and eventually him succumbing into its effects.

Click the scrap of paper nearby, and the final Clue will be added to your Notebook.


Now, go to the big board next to the phone. Go through your notes, and put all the fruits that people like onto the board. This is what you should have:

The blueberries caused the outbreak!

The blueberries caused the outbreak!

Now, all of a sudden coffee starts pouring out of the coffee machine! After it stops pouring, click on the cup of Coffee and it will be added to your items.


Exit the secret bunker and go back to Chinatown.

The Wharf

Go left and you’ll see that the entrance to the Wharf is locked. To get the lock off, use your Bolt Cutters and enter. Run all the way to the right and go inside the bunker marked “Do not open until 2000”. Continue to use your Camera’s flash to help you avoid zombies along the way!


Inside, you’ll see a survivalist guy who’s obsesssed will apocalypses. (Fun fact: The cyber apocalypse is a reference to Y2K, also known as the year 2000 problem, hence the sign “do not open until 2000.”) He’ll want a cup of Coffee, so give him some, and he’ll happily hand you a Keycard.


Then, you’ll ask if he can help you climb up the crates, because the zombies keep attacking you. He says yes, and he will shine a spotlight on the zombies while you’re going up the crates outside the survivalist dude’s bunker.

Man! He wasn't kidding about shining the spotlight at the zombies!

Man! He wasn’t kidding about shining the spotlight at the zombies!

Climb up all the crates. When you you get to the top, take a right. There will be a ledge which you need to jump on. Now, go down, jump across the platforms, and you will reach a machine.


Use the Keycard to activate the machine and see all its shipments. In the ‘Cargo’ section, look for line that mentions “blueberries”.

The blueberries came from Cleveland!

The blueberries came from Cleveland!

Click on Cleveland – Blueberries. The crane will start moving on the screen. Avoid the three-block-tall stacks, or you will have to start again several rows away. When you reach Row 73, the crane will stop and pick up the crate marked 73G.


Crate 73G will be at the bottom right. Exit the crane and enter the 73G crate.

73G Crate

When you get inside, you’ll be chased by a bloated berry-zombie (“Zomberry”), so use your Camera. The flash will blind him and you will be able to pick up some of the Blueberries.


You won’t be able to leave until he leaves, so you may have to wait a while. When you do leave, you’ll have to go back to Romero’s secret bunker to test the blueberries. As you may have noticed when you came into The Wharf, there’s a Subway right next to the Opening. So, enter the Subway.


When you get inside, scan your Subway Pass on the subway pass scan to go through.


Remember how earlier we climbed the ladder to get to the Secret Bunker? Just run to the front of the train and jump up on top of it. After you hop on top of the train, climb the ladder to the Secret Bunker.

Romero’s Secret Bunker: Part 2

When you get in the Bunker, go to the machine next to Zombie Romero and use the Blueberries with it. Crank the machine by turning the wheel with your mouse. To make the crank go really fast, move your mouse as fast as you can. The machine should look like this when you are done.


Now, pick up the Medical Gun with Antidote next to the crank. It will now be in your items. Take the Medical Gun out of your items and shoot Dr. Romero with it. He’ll return to normal and say that we need to make more to cure the entire population.


Romero says to board up the doorway because the zombies are coming. To board up the doorway you have to use the wood next to the door at the top left corner of the room.

That will hold the zombies outside for a while.....

That will hold the zombies outside for a while…

While you are boarding up the door, the doctor says that the antidote is ready for processing. Go back down and turn the crank really fast. While you are running and jumping back down, the zombies are trying to break in. Don’t worry about the zombies – even if you go really slow, the zombies still won’t get to you before the antidote is made.

After you make the antidote, the doctor runs back into the cage, so you’ll have to do all the zombie fighting by yourself. And the fight begins…

Battle of the Zombies

The battle is pretty much the same as the game you may have played earlier at Gamer Guy’s Apartment (the game there was optional, but it’s good practice).

Tip: To cure the people, hold down the mouse button instead of pressing it really fast. In the game there are about 20-30 zombies. After you cure all of them, Joe Puddy, Gamer Guy, and Samuel Brains will thank you (each in their own way), and you’ll be awarded the Island Medallion and credits to spend in the Store! Congratulations on surviving the zombie apocalypse!


Bonus quest (members only)

The zombie plague has been contained, and barrels of tainted blueberry juice are to be dumped in the sewer. – Eastman Chronicler (the town newspaper)

So a few days later in the secret bunker, Dr. Romero, the guy that lives in the 2000 box, and you are gathered together. Dr. Romero says his next enigma is how the 2000 box guy was able to live for over 13 years in a shipping crate with no outside water.

Now, all of a sudden, the 2000 box guy says “Rats!” A confused Dr. Romero replies,”You drank rats?” Then giants rats come on the screen and take the 2000 box guy away. Dr. Romero thinks this could been 10 times worse than last time, so he gives you a Super-Strong Antidote.

He says to go outside, find an entrance to the sewers, and add the antidote to all 3 pumps feeding the city’s water supply. (Why couldn’t we do that the first time?) Now exit out the top-left door.

When you get outside, the sewer is right next to the door. Enter the sewer.


Once inside, run right and jump over the rat. Push the crate out of the way. Here are the directions to get to each water pump. Do them in order:

  1. 1st pump: Jump over the first ledge, step onto a pipe and turn the valve. It shoots you up. Run right and you will reach the first water pump. Use the Super-Strong Antidote on it. Then you will see a zombie coming after you. Click on the valve and the zombie will go away.
  2. 2nd pump: Drop down from the first pump, run back over to the ledge, and drop down for a while. You will reach the second water pump. Use the Super-Strong Antidote on it. Then you will see a zombie coming after you. Click on the valve and the zombie will go away.
  3. 3rd pump: Jump up for a while until you see two different places to jump up (looks kinda like a Y). Take the one on the right. Slide down the rope until you reach the third pump, and use the Super-Strong Antidote on it. Then you will see a zombie coming after you. Click on the valve and the zombie will go away.

Congrats! Now you have completed the bonus quest!

Looking for more walkthroughs? Check out our Island Help page! 🙂

Album Photos

These pictures appeared in a former feature known as the photo album.


  • Zomberry Island is Poptropica’s 32nd island. The countdown began on December 14, 2012 and the island was released to members on December 19, with a demo for non-members. The homepage had a trail of slow-moving zombies making their way across the darkened screen. On January 10, 2013, the island opened to everyone.
  • Dr. Romero is a reference to George Romero, the American filmmaker known for starting the zombie film genre.
  • Fort Savini Tunnel may be named for Tom Savini, an American actor and make-up artist involved in many of George Romero’s zombie films.
  • Common room: Cinema (the only room on the island that’s fully lit)
  • On the top floor of the Cinema, there’s a short film called “Zombie in Paradise,” starring a topless Bucky Lucas from Reality TV Island in a beach day disaster.
  • At Shady Side, the phrase “Beware Skinnyman” is graffitied on some rocks, a reference to the faceless legend Slenderman.
  • Inside Fort Savini Tunnel, there is a truck that says “FedUp Delivery Services,” a reference to the company FedEx. There’s also a car for Papa Pete’s Pizza (parody of Papa John’s Pizza, also on Reality TV Island).
  • Gamer Guy’s apartment has an action figure of a cube head with a spoon trailing behind – a reference to the Silent Hill video game character Pyramid Head.
  • Also in Gamer Guy’s apartment, there is a triangular alien figurine – a reference to the video game Day of the Tentacle by LucasArts.
  • The Survivalist’s Bunker has a Keep Calm and Carry On motivational poster on the wall.
  • Also in the Survivalist’s Bunker is a poster of a Poptropican swimming with a dollar bill on a fishhook just out of reach, a reference to the Nirvana album Nevermind.
  • In the background of the Financial District, there’s a sign for Mews Corp (a reference to Cryptids Island) above the berry smoothie shop, and another two for Spyglasses (Spy Island) elsewhere.
  • Gamer Guy’s face is also seen posted on the wall of the bakery on Ghost Story Island, but there he is named “Abe.” He is likely modeled after Poptropica illustrator Abraham Evensen Tena.
  • Gamer Guy’s drink, Valley Rain, is a parody of Mountain Dew.
  • Joe’s Donut Hole may be a reference to the landmark building Randy’s Donuts.
  • The name of the “Wok and a Hard Place” building in Chinatown is a play on the English phrase “a rock and a hard place,” meaning to make a hard decision. A wok is a Chinese frying pan.
  • The cyber apocalypse mentioned by the survivalist is a reference to Y2K, also known as the year 2000 problem, hence the sign “do not open until 2000” on his bunker at the Wharf.
  • The luggage in the closet of Dr. Romero’s apartment is the same as Thomas Edison’s luggage that you are asked to load on Mystery Train.
  • The Berry Delicious Smoothie Shop is also seen in Night Watch Island, though that one has orange flavor available.
  • In October 2020, Poptropica released a limited time special event called Zomberry Hero, a mini-game with three levels of blasting zombies with pineapple slime to turn them back into regular humans and animals. It awarded 1000 credits for beating the game, which could be spent on a limited edition Zomberry bundle in the store.
  • Bonus quest for members only: The zombie threat has been contained, but more danger lurks beneath the streets of Eastman. To prevent an even greater outbreak, you’ll need to venture into the sewers with only a flashlight… and your wits!
  • Members get an additional Zomberry Island gear pack, which includes Z.M.B Unit costume, Big Blue Zombie power, and Safety Flare item. The Z.M.B Unit costume is ONLY available during Early Access!

Stay safe in the Zomberry apocalypse!


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  7. A bit vague at times and I often had to watch the video to understand what to do (great job, Thinknoodles!) but it’s a pretty good walkthrough overall. Thanks to it, I plan on finishing this island tomorrow.

  8. Zombies can’t hurt me cuz I have this weird habit to my advantage. My weird habit (in every single island) is staying high above the ground, mostly on roofs and not even touching the ground until I need to go to another area. It’s epic cuz I can avoid the zombies.

  9. Wasn’t there a reference to Earthworm Jim on the Gamer Guy’s bookshelf?
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