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There’s a Zomberry on your lawn…

Zomberry login screen

Hey guys, Zomberry Island is now available for Poptropican Members! Nonmembers can play the demo, but they have to wait until Thursday, January 10th to play the whole thing. And as you can see above, the screen has dimmed and the homepage has its regular Poptropicans replaced with a bunch of….slow….moving…zombies………..really…..slow…moving….

There’s no guide for it yet, but stay tuned to the Poptropica Help Blog for one coming soon! 😉 Update: Check out the Zomberry Island Guide page and get help from the full walkthrough written by Samwow5. The video playlist and map is also up.

To those who have played it, what do you think? You can share here or on the PHB’s Zomberry Island discussion page!

BT out!

18 thoughts on “There’s a Zomberry on your lawn…”

  1. SCREAM!!!!!!!!! Don’t worry it’s not me being eaten by zomies–wait no zomberries. It’s me realizing that zomberry island is out!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

  2. Okay,since I’m a non-member,I can only play the demo,but here’s the walkthrough:

    When you jump off the blimp,you will see the lady with the beret,who is Joe’s wife.She is worried because her husband hasn’t appeared back from the tunnels..Go left and speak to the policeman on the far left.Then,the superintendent will appear.Speak to him,and he will tell you about Dr.Romero,who was working on a cure to stop the apocalypse,but lost contact with them(could he have fallen to the apocalypse too?). He gives you a clue book(where he writes on the 1st page the doctor’s address and phone #)and a flashlight. He also tells you to get Dr.Romero’s cellphone at all costs.

    Now, jump on the school bus and enter the tunnels.Switch on the flashlights and avoid the zombies at all costs(if you reach them,you will run off screaming). Soon,you will reach a dirt pile.Click on it and you will gain the car keys.Now go further left,until you reach a car-pickup truck.You may not pass for there are multiple zombies who aren’t scared of your flashlight(remember,light is their only weakness). Now,go to the car,and fit the keys in them.Then,in the car,put the lights on ONLY.Then,the zombies will run off,due to the light.Now,go left into the district.

    Here,you will notice something familiar about this place—it was the place where Joe Puddy ran off to in part 6 of the comic of the island,ate the fruit and became a zombie!Sure enough,there he is,on the construction site,walking around with his open lunchbox on the floor.Somewhere in his lunchbox,there’s probably something important inside,but you can’t reach it,because it is surrounded left and right by bricks and cements and you can’t reach it,maybe later in the game you may reach it.Anyway,even if we would reach it,we would have to face Joe.Anyway,enter the smoothie shop on the left.It is in ruins.Go right to the pamphlets.Click on them and you will get one.I honestly don’t know what to do with it now,though.

    But if we (non members) go further left or into the subway,the demo will be over.Anyway,I guess that’s it.See ya.And if you put this demo walkthrough on the zomberry island page,please remember to give me credit. 😉


  3. *There’s a zombie on yo-ur law-n,
    There’s a zombie on your lawn,
    We don’t want zombies on the lawn*

    I jumped when I saw that first zombie. Then I tried running into it, but being the terrified poptropican I was, I turned and ran away, screaming “Aaaaaaaaa!”

  4. Lol, A Very Merry Magic Star! 🙂 So did I. I thought, “OH, come on. I shouldn’t be so chickeny!” Then when I saw the zombies I was like, “No wayyyy. I’m turning back. (I am a foot away from the zombie) Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!!! It’s gonna eat me! This is the end! Good bye Poptropica!” and then I ran as fast as I could away from the zombie. Then I thought, “Hey, I’m not dead yet! Cool. Now I’m REALLY going to show those zombies! (Repeat what happened before) Ahhh! This time I’m REALLY going to turn into a zomberry! (Everything is fine) Okay, that time I was just, suprised. This time I’m REALLY going to show them! (Repeat again and again until I go crazy)” So yeah, that was my first experience (I think I might make a video redoing the island over again) on Zomberry Island. I completed it alive! 🙂 Merry early Christmas (it’s only 5 (five in words) days till Christmas), PHB Staff Team and Everyone Else! 😀

    1. Merry Christmas!!!
      BTW did u guys know that Fri. is the end of the world?!?
      I’m having a party on Fri. too!!! So, the Zomberry island is actually very appropriate!
      Anyway, if it’s true… I’ll miss Poptropica and all of you a lot… Goodbye Poptropica… 😥

      1. Nobody knows when the world is going to end – just because someone else says it ends today doesn’t mean it’s true (in fact, it probably isn’t). 😛

      2. Well SF I know it prob won’t. I’m just quoting the Mayan (It’s some ancient way of telling time) Calender. The calender ended on Fri. and there4 people think the world will 2.

    1. AHHHHHHHH!!!!! I TOLD U THE WORLD WAS ENDING!!!!!!! NOW POPTROPICA IS TOO!!!! *buys millions of dollars worth of food* *rents underground, emergency room* *stores money in a safe* *lights house on fire* *gets A TON of water* *installs toilet* *brings down books, wide screen TV, and computer* *locks door* *hides under blanket* *crys* 😥

  5. Joe.
    May he rest in peae. Also, Is this island sponsered by annoying orange or something? Just wondering.I feel so bad for joe!! He tried to attack me! and aww, His wife still wants to see him. Don’t You LOVE the apocolase? i wish it would happen. I would cry my eyes out, so much fun! then I would make them throw up the fruit, And janitors across the world would get higher pay checks!Yaaay, ths is the best soulution for the world economy crisis ever!! (Middle schoolers play this too. Haters gonna Hate!)
    ~ST (yes I know that 2 owners of this blog have these innitals. Oh well, Slippery Tummy out!!!=D

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