The Poptropica Yearbook

Have you ever wondered what Poptropica was like, back in the day? With the Poptropica Yearbook, you can flip through the years, one “page” at a time. For every year, the PHB has a “Rewind” post to take you back to the good times!

🏝 2007 »

The very beginning — a primitive beta with one island. Also, we share pics from the archives of prototype designs and how Poptropica became the series of islands it is today because of a competitor.

🧠 2008 »

Six more islands populated the one-page map, with promises of more to come. It was also the start of two big forces in the Pop community: the Poptropica Creators’ Blog and Poptropica Help Blog.

🌟 2009 »

Two of the three new islands came with early access for the price of 500 credits. The PHB network grew to include a chat and forum. And the store opened its doors, giving way to some fun Multiverse parties.

🦞 2010 »

Membership launched just in time to introduce Reality TV for members first, and total islands nearly doubled. We gave the blog a domain, popped onto the Daily Pop, and even dared to eat Captain Crawfish—frequently.

🚂 2011 »

Not only did Poptropica release a whopping seven islands, most of them also came with preview games and fun prizes. Plus, Poptropica started their own toy line and released an official guidebook!

😎 2012 »

At the peak of its production, Poptropica launched nine islands in a year, created members-only bonus quests and prizes for all of them, and oh, did we mention the amazing friend features?

🔊 2013 »

With the introduction of sound-updated islands (SUIs), Poptropica adventures were never quite the same again. Poptropica hit it big with four (perhaps more) new islands, a LEGO campaign, new merch, and a creative contest.

🦈 2014 »

The start of episodic islands, the end of the Monster Carnival mystery, and the game now on mobile (and comics, too). As for the PHB: a revival in our fan magazines, an investigation about Shark Boy, and a Daily Pop archive.

🧞‍♀️ 2015 »

In addition to four new islands (five if you count Home) and two new episodes, Poptropica also sparked some creativity by opening Realms to all and adding a Photo Booth. The PHB got pretty artsy too, with meme faces and portraits.

🙈 2016 »

Just one island, and it was Monkey Wrench, the tutorial. While Poptropica didn’t produce much, we moved our PHC chat server to Discord, held a Tribal Tournament, and anticipated the New Poptropica.

🚀 2017 »

The long-awaited Poptropica Worlds made its debut, the Creators had a couple of video series going, the final two Poptropica graphic novels came out… and over on the PHB, we started our Community Creations series.

🎁 2018 »

Started off with a bang of a new island (Greek Sea Odyssey), then tapered off on updates, leaving players unsatisfied. The store began selling items on a monthly rotation, member gifts became a thing, and so did clubhouses.

🌦 2019 »

In anticipation for the end of Flash, formatting changes were in order, which meant visual changes to the friends profile, store, and more. Plus pets, one mediocre island, and losing 29 old school islands.

💉 2020 »

With Flash’s demise looming, Poptropica made slow but steady progress on its new Haxe build, styled after Pop Original but being built from scratch. Plus, Quippy and Dr. Beev stole our hearts, old contests returned, and more.

💭 2021 »

Poptropica’s first year away from Flash brought on more side-quests and mini-games than anyone bargained for, as well as new stores and customization. Also, we got two islands, tons of contests, and a flurry of social media activity.

Where will the yellow blimp take us next? Only time will tell.

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8 thoughts on “The Poptropica Yearbook”

  1. Welcome to the PHB’s Poptropica Yearbook! Enjoy each page of Poptropica history. Which parts do you remember? What other memories would you add? Sign the yearbook in the comments!

    1. Perhaps adding in Popolympics including the addition of Popolympic common rooms and most notably the addition of the friends page along with the pause button, SUIs (Virus Hunter being the first), 24 Carrot SUI beta, and the last non-SUI released before Virus Hunter.

      Just to name a few. 😏

  2. Well You know the old island something.well i wanted to play Big Nate Island cause i love his books,but i have to login.How do i solve this problem.

  3. I miss the old school islands, especially Astro-Knights. (I even dressed up my poptropican as Joan of Arc so I could live out my knight fantasy)

  4. Here’s to hoping for 2022. 2021 was a disappointment for me. I just hope this year won’t disappoint me too. 😔

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