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158 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. So, I REALLY think that poptropica should make an island for every holiday! Wouldn’t that be SO much fun?! They already have the Great Pumpkin Island for Halloween, so all they need to do is something for like Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, ect. I would be so phyced if they did that!

    1. Well, it wouldn’t be fair to some people because loads of people don’t celebrate Easter and Christmas. I think it’s just Christians and Catholics.

      1. I celebrate easter and christmas. All my family and friends do and no-one I know is religious. About 99% of my country (austria/germany) celebrate both and hardly any of us are religious. I’m atheist like my friends, and my family is strictly anti-religion.

  2. If you complete an island and get the credits but you have membership. Will the credits still be there after the membership expires?

    Hijuyo: Yes. Credits only disappear when they are spent.

  3. I think that it would be totally sweet if poptropica were to make phantom of the opera costumes… Maybe it’s just me, but I think that would be cool…

  4. Hello, the email address- are all of the authors capable of reading the messages sent? I have an issue I want to speak to Hijuyo about specifically, and with different time zones etc. it’s hard to get on at the right time.

  5. i have been trying to log on to poptropica and it wont let me in. i make a new account and it says theres an error in the data base.

  6. I’ve completed 7 islands and it only said that i have completed 1.
    I think there is a bug in your program.
    It’s unfair.

  7. I’ve completed 7 islands and it only showed 1 medallion.
    I think there is a bug in your program.
    It’s unfair.

  8. I have completed the second scavenger hunt and entered the answer on the home page. But the gold card just keeps loading forever and I don’t get the prize I am supposed to. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a problem with the prize program? What can I do to get my prize?

  9. I was wondering if you could make a new island about werewolves and in the island you get bitten by on and at night you turn into a werewolf and you can controle the time with a metter that says night/day.

  10. Also,please, would you mind telling me how you created your website?
    Like, who hosts it?
    (Please post a reply here in bold print)

    Hijuyo: I created my personal site using iWeb, and this blog (PHB) with WordPress.

  11. So, I haven’t been on Poptropica in a very long time… (like i think two years) And now when I try to log in, it says my user isn’t valid. I created a new account, searched for mine, and when i found it, it was a different person and all my purchased stuff (with real money) and my completed islands are gone! I’m really disappointed, I’ve been working on that account for a long time and got really far on it… Does poptropica delete your account when you haven’t been on for awhile? :\

  12. please make another island! my sister and I would love it we could have a new island every week or atleast every month. we”re both members and finish one island in like an hour! please! I LOVE POPTROPICA!

    1. O.k., I am really sorry to disappoint you, but they just dont make the islands.
      Also, I agree with you, but imagine how much work it would be to put out an island every 7 days.

  13. i think they should make an island called Horses Rule island.
    it would be sooooooo cooooolll!!!!!!!!! i would beat it the first second it came out for non-members!!!!

    1. You are very “chillax”, as they say, compared to your fellow commenters.
      If I could give you cookies, you would get 4!=)

    1. It is possible to get the full 5 stars, but after 4 stars, it’s a lot more work. Keep winning more games, and try not to lose any. Hopefully you’ll earn a higher battle ranking! The PHB’s Game Guides have lots of tips on how to do better on the games. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Hijuyo and Writers,

    I know this is completely off subject, but I am trying to get references to Spotted Dragon. He said that I could find some at Poptropica Help Blog. If you could verify that being true, then thanks.

    Dr Magic Onion,

    1. From what I can see, Spotted Dragon actively comments on the PHB, shows an interest in Poptropica, and writes with good grammar. ๐Ÿ˜€ (You can call me Slanted Fish or Fishy btw, I don’t go by Hijuyo now. :P)

      1. Thank you for the reference. Know, I have another author availible.

        Dr Magic Onion

      1. This form simply sends your message to the PHB email, which I’ll read and may reply to. It asks for your email address so I can respond back (via email). We would not give out your email address or personal information, so it’s safe. If you have non-Poptropica questions, you should probably search outside of this blog – for example, WordPress support articles for questions about WordPress and blogging.

  15. What’s the PHB’s email address?

    Slanted Fish: poptropicahelpblog (at) gmail (dot) com. (at is @, dot is .) Writing it this way prevents spam.

  16. potropica is so cool and i โค the costumes u can buy with u'r tokens. thinknoodles is the best by far don't u think?

  17. how do you make a poptropica help guide?

    Slanted Fish: It’s just a matter of writing what you know into a comprehensive walkthrough and maybe adding some pictures. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Message to creators: i am having a problem. every time i log on, it has a tottally different character and it says PLEASE SAVE YOUR GAME right after i log on!! please help!!!

    1. Hi!

      Firstly, these are not the creators. If you want to get in touch with the creators of Poptropica, please click “Contact Us” at the bottom of the Poptropica website.
      Secondly, are you sure that you are clicking “Returning Player” when logging in? ๐Ÿ™‚
      Hope that helps! ~Tikal

  19. Fishy, does the PHB has a Facebook page?

    Slanted Fish: No, because it could show others’ personal information.

  20. Whenever I log into Poptropica and click “back to game”, the Mega Fighting Bots game shows up. Does anyone else have that problem?

    1. Hi!

      This may be because you logged out while playing the game. You need to finish or exit that game to continue with Poptropica ๐Ÿ™‚ ~Tikal

  21. Hi Slanted Fish, a while back I got permission from you to use stuff from your Cheat Codes page on my blog Poptropica Costumes Blog. I’m going to make that blog inactive and I’ve created a second blog. I’m going to copy the same page there too, so is that OK?

    Slanted Fish: As long as you link back and give credit where it’s due, it’s ok. ๐Ÿ˜›

  22. Hello!!! Everyone!!! An announcment….. I will be giving away a poptropica account!! Please just reply and tell me why you would want it and also the poptropican has 150 credits!!! Please leave a reply!!

    1. Hi there!

      If I remember rightly, Shaggy Tornado were one of the first creators. There were two or three of them to begin with. ~Tikal

      1. Actually, I (Slanted Fish) created the blog, though I was previously known as Scary Tomato (my Poptropica name at the time). Shaggy Tornado is someone else, but he’s been with the PHB for a long time. ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. How do I send a picture to you guys? I saw a few poptropicans on my Friends tab have hair that sticks out as branches from their head and ends with leaves! It’s the same color as their hair, and saved in their Costume Closet. When I try to click on them to customize it, the customizer doesn’t load and it brings me back to Poptropica! I wanted to show you because I took a picture of it using Snipping Tool. How can I send that to you?

    1. Sorry, never mind. I’ll just send it to you specifically, Fishy, and send the picture through email.

      Slanted Fish: You can email poptropicahelpblog(at) ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Hey Slanted Fish, can I have a story on the pop magazine, please… (cute pirate face)

    Slanted Fish: Of course, just email your entry to phbpopcorn(at)gmail(dot)com ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Oh and em… do I have to plan it first… eh?…. ๐Ÿ˜•

    Slanted Fish: You can plan as much as you need to, but please only send it in as a finished product. ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Hey slantey, Im from ze german town ov Helpenburg, so I vant to know vot i will hef to do if,,, excuse me *clears throat* I wanna join ya wiki? * coughs *I VANT TO HOIN

    1. Please do! All you need to start is to sign up for a Wikia account, then you can begin editing pages. And if you want to create a new page, click ‘Contribute’ in the top corner and select ‘add a new page’. ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Yo Slantey, me again(Mrs.Porkupine im actually male) so Can i reguarly contact phb for ideas or information to put on the wiki or is that a no no and u will kick my british butt if i do do that? anyways im going to be putting little pieces of trivia and some other stuff. ๐Ÿ˜€ Peace Im out.

    1. You’re more than welcome to edit the Poptropica Wiki without informing us directly every time, and if you’re using our site to find information, please refrain from copying directly unless it is trivia, which is shared on both sites.

  28. whenever I try to get to the attic of the mill (astreoknigth) it wont bring me there no matter what I try to do.

  29. hputerpop your acount is so awesome on pop!!! and i would rly like to trade with you reply as soon as you can thank’s and peace out;)

  30. Hputerpop i only want one thing from you can we plz plz pretty plz trade? reply as soon as you can thank’s & peace out man;)

  31. I love your blog… its cool! Anyways, I’m a first time commenter. Nice to meet you, Poptropica Help Team!!!

    1. Yes, we welcome guest posts as long as they’re Poptropica-related and well written (with at least 500 words, including pictures highly recommended) – contact us using one of the ways mentioned on this page! ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. my user is diamond eye got swag. so um every time i log in and go to the map it just loads and loads can you fix this please i really want to do arabian nights part 1 and 2 i did part 3 already.

    1. that’s happening here to buddy but i have another problem i watched some videos on cheats and stuff i want to become either a piggy from early poptropica or zeus the god
      you think i could at least have the crown necklace and golden staff?

      1. oh my gosh same i have been busting to be zeus or a piggy its sad because it doesnt last forever

  33. you kidding me? the poptropica loading screen is broken and your doing nothing about it?why did i quit animal jam and think this is my favourite game its turning into a nightmare for me.

  34. I love Poptropica ! astroknights always puts me at the wrong place, other than that I try to get potropica and worlds finished still don’t get the puzzle

  35. I first started poptropica in 2016 and, The first two islands I tried were wimpy board walk and monkey wrench. I returned to it in fourth grade , I had multiple accounts , but the account I chose was the spotted dragon one , my first account was the spotted dragon one. Later I found out about poptropica worlds , I was excited! I played more islands and , kept watching thinknoodles poptropica walkthroughs. Later after watching think’s lab,I kept playing poptropica.this is my place in poptropica.

    1. Thanks for sharing! If you’d like your MPIP story published as a post on the PHB, please understand that we look for a minimum of 550 words, as well as a few other requirements mentioned at the bottom of each of our MPIP posts. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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