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My Place in Poptropica: Dizzy Feather

This is a guest post from Dizzy Feather sharing her My Place in Poptropica story, which is all about one’s Poptropica journey. Enjoy!

Hello everyone! It’s me, Dizzy Feather, the Poptropican who is posting way too many comments on here. Anyway, I decided to write a “My Place in Poptropica” story.

2014 | Finding the game

In my school’s computer lab, I had finished my work, and the teacher let those who finished play games. At the time I loved Coolmath Games, so of course I went to that site. But this one girl next to me was playing a game I had never seen before. I asked her what she was playing, and she told me: “Poptropica.” It looked amazing, so I set up my first account.

When I got into the game, I had zero clue what I was supposed to do. I thought it was a game where you visit islands, look around, buy some stuff to make costumes, and decorate your clubhouse. I stayed on it for a few months until I forgot my username. Instead of setting up a new account, I went back to Coolmath Games.

Treeline: What wood you do?

2016 | Poptropica on tablet

A couple years later, I was thinking about all the computer games I used to play and googling them to see if they were still there. Poptropica came up, and I saw it was still going strong. I remembered how much fun I had on it, and downloaded the app on my tablet. I then found out, you were supposed to do something on the islands, can you believe it? Why I didn’t know that at first, I have no idea.

I couldn’t figure out the first few episodes of Survival, so I went to the fourth one — for some reason I thought it would be easier. When my character got locked in the guest bedroom, I thought I was supposed to wait in there till the hunt began, so I waited and waited. It wasn’t until I got the bear claw that I figured out I was supposed to get out of the room. I decided that I should talk to the cook, and after more than a dozen times of being sent back to the room, I got the idea that I didn’t want the cook to see me.

Hail to the Chef: Cleaver? I hardly know her!

Anyway, I got bored on that island, so I went to Shrink Ray. I just walked around the house as a shrunken character. Then Monkey Wrench came out, and I finally got my first medallion. Right after I did, my tablet broke. By the time I got a new one, I forgot about Poptropica yet again.

2022 | Rediscovering a different Poptropica

A few months ago, I was playing Coolmath Games when I saw an advertisement for Poptropica. I remembered playing it and decided to try it again. I made another account, but this time I realized most of the islands were gone. So I googled why that was, and found out Poptropica ran on Flash, which had been shut down.

Make Your Mark: Despoiling nature, one vainglorious act of vandalism at a time.

I looked at my player name and I didn’t like it, so I changed it. I scrolled through the names and found a super cute one: “Dizzy Feather.” A few months later, I found the Pop Creators’ Blog. Reading through all the guest posts, I wanted to write of my own. I sent messages to Poptropica about guest writing, and recently they asked me to send in my first post!

But it took some time for that email to come in, and during that time I was looking at fanfictions and started writing my first one, The Pink Knight. One of the fanfictions I found was The Villain Saga, here on the PHB. I looked at the site and soon found the comments section — now I can’t stop using it.

In Tree, Intrigue: The lone pine returns.

I soon found their Write for the PHB page and decided to send in my fanfiction before I forgot I wrote it. Soon after it was published on the PHB, I joined the PHB’s Discord server as M.

And that’s My Place in Poptropica! See you next time.

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Guest Posts, My Place in Poptropica

My Place in Poptropica: Silver Shell

This is a guest post from Silver Shell sharing her My Place in Poptropica story, which is all about one’s Poptropica journey. Enjoy!

Hi! I’m Silver Shell, and this is my first post on the PHB. I’m going to show you my MPIP, My Place in Poptropica.

The Great Discovery

The year was… actually, I don’t know when the year was. I must’ve forgotten. Huh. Sorry if any of you wanted the year.

It was the middle of summer. I had nothing else to do, so I was on my computer, playing a bunch of uncool math games on Cool Math Games. I was scrolling, and I saw a picture of some lady with aviator’s goggles, a hat, and a jacket. She looked kind of like Amelia Earhart, actually — just missing some key ingredients like, I don’t know, a nose and ears. Since I was fascinated by aviation back then, I thought the game looked cool.

The Flying Ace Race — scene from Monkey Wrench Island

Then there was the name. Poptropica. How do you pronounce it? I had no idea. For a few days, I walked around calling it “pop-TROPE-ee-kay”.

Anyway, I Googled the game to see if search engines thought it was any good. Fun? Okay. Communicating safely? Why not? Educational…Oh. No. That ain’t gonna work. See, I was kind of sick of games where they’re all like “What’s 5 times 5? Good job! You’ve unlocked a pet!” and stuff like that. Regardless of that, I was curious, so I clicked.

And behold, the beginning of an era.

Playing the Game

I was welcomed by some pink rabbit with goggles standing on a floating island (little did I know I would see stranger things than that!) with a bunch of stuff flying around in the background. After spending maybe twenty minutes just staring at the screen to see what would fly around in the background, I finally clicked “new player.”

After creating my avatar to look as much like me as possible, and talking to the girl in the goggles and jacket (who was actually named Amelia, after the aviator!), I went on my first quest, to a creepy-looking, kind of run-down island called 24 Carrot.

I’ll admit, back then I didn’t quite understand how the islands worked. I thought if I refused the quest, there would have to be something else to do. I thought I was really on a time limit. 

I thought hiding behind flowers would conceal me from Dr. Hare.

After winning, I received something I would never forget. It was such an important symbol of my achievement and duty as a Poptropican…

My first medallion. *cue the hallelujah chorus*

The Old New Poptropica

I played Poptropica almost every day for a long time, but after a while, I realized that things weren’t changing. I wished for something new every day. I was coming to a scary suspicion that the creators were giving up on their own game. I checked the Pop Creators’ Blog nonstop, but nothing. I stopped playing for a while. I had to focus on school, anyway.

That all changed one day in 2020, when I decided to check the Creators’ Blog again for the first time in months, and I saw something amazing, something mysterious, something I had never seen before, and it was titled: Classic Islands are Baaaaaacccckkkk!

I immediately bought a membership, sailed through islands I had never before seen, met characters, defeated villains, saved innocents, and my medallions were piling up. I never felt happier!

Then I read the post again. They were here until the end of Flash. What? The end of Flash? Poptropica’s life force is shutting down?!

I Googled it to see if it was true. Sure enough, Flash was going away, but Poptropica’s here to stay! I played the old islands for as long as I could, as many times as I could, and tried to make the best of it while I had it. I was sad when the old islands left, but I was proud of myself for bringing peace to so many islands.

I kicked their bots.

The Beginning of the End

At first, I thought it wasn’t too bad. Flash had just been taken away, and Poptropica wasn’t too different. In fact, some improvements even came out! I liked how NPCs walked across Home Island. The removal of the movie theater wasn’t a big deal. I thought it would be fine!

Later, a mini-quest of one of my favorite islands came out: the Zomberry Hero Special Event! For a while, there was peace in Poptropica.

And that became a problem. Sure, there was the occasional mini-quest, but without new islands, there wasn’t much left to do. Little did I know I would be wishing for things to stay the same in the future.

Home Island before (top pic) it was remodeled in 2021 (bottom pic)

It all kind of collapsed for me when Home Island was remade for Haxe. I loved it the way it was, but now too much is changing. Every single part of Poptropica I loved was either taken away or changed. The changes were always glitchy and annoying in my opinion. The characters became bouncy and peppy and unnatural. No matter how much I petitioned, the creators wouldn’t bring back what I had come to love: Old Poptropica. I couldn’t rely on anything.

Bunk: Perhaps you, too, will love the 90s.

Or so I thought.

Meeting the Community

I was searching “Poptropica Help” one day just because I was bored and I wanted to see what came up. A Poptropica Help Blog?! This was just what I needed to keep myself distracted!

Life Jackets On: The lucky few who made it to the lifeboats.

I found a huge blog with thousands of readers who love Poptropica as much as I do, a place that keeps me informed about new stuff, one where people all around the world can share their ideas.

That led me to even more fansites: the Poptropica Wiki, We-Love-Poptropica on DeviantArt, and so much more. I finally found a part of Poptropica I could rely on: the community! This was what I could trust!

Media Bias: Don’t trust what the robots say.

(You can guess how heartbroken I was when the PHB changed their entire blog as a prank on April Fool’s Day!)

Now, I’m a part of the community, and guest-writing here on this blog, too. So there you go! My Place in Poptropica!

I think all of you deserve a medallion for reading this entire thing. It’s pretty long. Thanks for reading!

Don’t stop popping, 
Silver Shell

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Guest Posts, My Place in Poptropica

My Place in Poptropica: Incredible Fire

This is a guest post from Incredible Fire sharing her My Place in Poptropica story, which is all about one’s Poptropica journey. Enjoy!

Hi everyone! I’m Incredible Fire and this is My Place in Poptropica. Let’s get right to it!

The year was 2014 or 2015 and it was almost summer. The sky was blue and clear, as California was in the middle of a six year drought. I was at my friend’s house for lunch and she introduced me to this wonderful little game called Poptropica. I loved it.

Drydock: This one’s gone to ground.

The very first game I played, right there, was Mystery of the Map Island. Until then, I had never played a game like Poptropica. A lot of the games I played were platformers or time management games with some storytelling elements. But the focus was always on the gameplay. With Poptropica, I could truly immerse myself in a story while also playing a pretty fun video game. (I first experienced this from the choose-your-own-path Henry Stickmin games.)

The gorgeous and fun tropical art style really appealed to me, and it still does to this day. Mystery of the Map is by no means universally acclaimed, but it will always have a special place in my heart. I made my first account that day, and I’m still using that very account.

Run Aground: Whatever floats your boat.

When I started playing, there were so many islands that even in my immense free time, I actually never finished them all. And I played a lot. It was my go-to game whenever I got any time on the laptop.

After a year or so, Poptropica stopped working for me, and it seemed like I would never finish the game. In a couple of years I moved back to India where I was absolutely sure it would never work again. But I never forgot Poptropica. It was still my favorite game. When I first started playing, I looked to Thinknoodles for help, but since I prefer written guides, so then I discovered the PHB. And I’ve been following it ever since. Even when I wasn’t playing, I still kept up to date with the PHB’s latest posts. 

Thankfully, Poptropica started working again after Poptropica Worlds came out, and I was grateful for the chance to finally finish the game. I finished most of the islands, but then began what I would call the downfall of Poptropica. I actually really liked Poptropica Worlds, especially compared to the dumpster fire that is, unfortunately, Haxe Poptropica. It really started falling apart with Greek Sea Odyssey, which I found very lackluster. That’s about the same time Poptropica laid off a lot of its senior staff, so take from that what you will.

Greek Sea Odyssey on Poptropica Worlds

During the pandemic, I had a lot of free time on the computer. All my life, I’ve never had an online presence because the internet is a weird place with stranger danger. Those are still very real concerns. But I felt like the PHB was a very safe, friendly environment. So I finally took a plunge and joined the PHB on Discord (also known as the PHC). 

I actually had a lot of fun and made some friends on the PHC. I loved getting to know and sometimes even helping creative people: artists, bloggers, writers, YouTubers. But after having an unpleasant experience on other, less friendly sites, I decided to go back into my shell. I still occasionally comment on the PHB, and I may write guest posts like this every once in a while.

Playing Poptropica today is… disconcerting. I really miss the old, good quality, polished game. Although it still makes wonderful art, I miss what made Poptropica my favorite game. The stories. The fleshed out, whimsical, sometimes silly stories. 

Basket Case: What a deflating voyage.

I’m not as old as the Poptropica veterans, but I have grown up a bit since 2014 or 15. And somehow, California is still in a drought. Poptropica brings me back to my childhood, though not with its recent direction of treating players as children in need of handholding, if you know what I mean. I love Poptropica, but I don’t know if it can make a comeback, considering the track it’s on right now. But I’ll always have great memories of the game and there’s always hope.

It’s difficult to end this post, considering my journey with Poptropica hasn’t ended. I’m still finding my place. But Poptropica will always have a place in my heart.

Pop on,
Incredible Fire

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Guest Posts, My Place in Poptropica

My Place in Poptropica: Paris

This is a guest post from Paris sharing his My Place in Poptropica story, which is all about one’s Poptropica journey. Enjoy!

2010 | The world of online games

In 2010, my siblings and I were obsessed with online games — Animal Jam, Webkinz, and even that one McDonald’s MMO, if anyone remembers. Around 2010, my sister introduced us to Poptropica, and everything changed. From the years of 2010 to 2013, I was obsessed with Poptropica.

2013-ish | A PHB obsession 

Near the year 2013 (or was it 2014?) I discovered the Poptropica Help Blog. I don’t exactly remember when or how (perhaps I was searching for island guides?), but when I discovered the PHB, I became even more obsessed with Poptropica. I idolized the PHB authors at the time; this included Slanted Fish, HPuterpop, etc. This obsession of mine continued throughout 2015.

The PHB team in 2014, drawn by Pop creator Ashley Lange

Then in 2016, there was hardly any Poptropica content, and I fell out with the game. This all changed a couple years later…

2018 | What happened to Poptropica?!

In 2018, I decided to check back on the current situation of Poptropica, only to find it a mess. Flash was shutting down in a little over two years and the creators were spending time on Poptropica Worlds: a laggy, slow, and unfinished mess. The old islands seemed like they were doomed to die, so that summer, I decided to play through all of the old islands I hadn’t completed yet.

Scene from Crisis Caverns on Poptropica Worlds

Also during that summer, I decided to join the PHB’s Discord server, the Poptropica Help Chat (PHC). It was not really active at the time, but it did introduce me to the larger Poptropica community. I participated in the Poppies, gave the PHB a tip-off about the ad-based Lego Island, and all sorts of things. But 2019 brought even more things to the table.

2019 | Finding community

I became even more active in the community and joined another Discord server in the fandom, the Poptropica Club. This was in its early days before I became a part of its staff. Due to the massive growth and activity of the Pop Club, I grew disinterested in the PHC, but still read the PHB religiously.

In 2019, we were introduced to Reality TV: Wild Safari, and later a new tutorial called Snagglemast. These underwhelming islands left me disappointed and even more pessimistic about the future of Poptropica.

Also, that summer, the old islands were taken off of the map. This proved to be devastating to most players, but quite fortuitous for the Pop Club, as it became a key place where players could conveniently access links to the old store inventory, the old islands, and the old friends page, and get tech support from idk, who made these links available. (These methods have long since expired, by the way.)

The summer of 2019 proved to be one of the most disappointing for Poptropica, but the most wonderful for me, as I was able to engage in this community. But when September 2019 rolled around, I had to take a break from Poptropica and the community for school.

2020 | Antagonism

When everything shut down for the pandemic, I was able to make my return to the Poptropica community. This time around, I had more of an antagonistic attitude towards the PHB. Certain community members got on my nerves, motivating me to troll the PHC during the 2020 Poppies and Tribal Tournament events. This eventually led to me being banned from that space.

I didn’t let that discourage me, though. The rest of 2020 held some good times in the fandom. One of the highlights for me was the Pop Club’s New Year’s party, in which idk created a custom snowglobe common room for us all to hang out in and watch a countdown to 2021. And with 2021, some things changed.

Snapshot from the Pop Club’s party in a custom-made room

2021 | Letting go of grievances

After some drama on the Pop Club, I was promoted to an admin position. Later in April of 2021, I returned to the PHC during the open house party.

I’m willing to put aside my minor grievances with the PHB, because I can’t spend all of my time hating this blog; it’s exhausting. I’d rather spend my time participating with it and making friends, rather than enemies.

“Paris” by Lucky Joker

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Guest Posts, My Place in Poptropica

My Place in Poptropica: Smart Icicle

This is a guest post from Smart Icicle sharing her My Place in Poptropica story, which is all about one’s Poptropica journey. Enjoy!

A very long time ago | Discovery of Poptropica

I found Poptropica when I somewhere around 9-11 years old. Me and my sister were looking at ads on our games, playing on one Windows 7 computer. We decided to play together on first ever account: 1420951818 aka Bronze Socks. A few years later, me and my sister parted ways on Poptropica.

Design Concept: We sense a theme emerging.

The rise of Smart Icicle

I decided to create a new account on Poptropica since we now had two computers. My new account became Target1051 aka Smart Icicle. I played lots of islands back then (when the common rooms, Multiverse, and all the islands were still there). I liked Poptropica so much, I created lots of accounts back then. Meanwhile, my sister would also make accounts every now and then. The only account I remember from all of the other accounts were Popular Flyer.

I remember finding the PHB by searching up island walkthroughs for Poptropica. Soon, I became a pro at one of the Poptropica islands: 24 Carrot Island. After mastering that, I went on to play Skullduggery, Astro-Knights, and Counterfeit… but sadly I could not pass them, since I kept dying to Mother Phoenix, couldn’t stop Black Widow, and it took a long time to beat Captain Crawfish. Soon, I found something else (or rather, someone) I enjoyed…

Say Cheese: A snapshot of skullduggery.

Video walkthroughs

So, who is this someone I mentioned? I started watching video walkthroughs for the islands where it was a little bit confusing. Can you guess whose? Thinknoodles!

My favorite video playlist is his “Road to Captain Thinknoodles,” where Thinknoodles plays the islands for the first time. I also began watching his other videos, where he plays Roblox, Minecraft, etc. Back then, I couldn’t access Roblox since I had a Chromebook. Videos from others, like Danton, also inspired me to play Roblox and watch more videos. As you can see, I’m getting away from Poptropica…

Taking a break

Ater playing through the islands, I found myself bored. So I decided to take a break from Poptropica. I decided that when something new came out on Poptropica, I would start playing it again. In the meantime, I did other things, like watch my favorite movies and TV shows.

One day I returned to the PHB and found something heartbreaking there…

Out There: Chaos reigns.

The end of Flash and return of Smart Icicle

The PHB had announced that Flash would be gone by the end of 2020, and when I saw that, I was downright upset. I had liked the islands, but realized ever since Haxe started in early 2020, I couldn’t play them.

Then I saw the announcement from the Creators’ Blog that there was going to be a Create Your Dream Island Contest. That got my attention, so I got out my notebook and pencil. I got to work thinking of ideas (which was hard because of the copyright rules!) and finally came up with one: Cherry Fall Island. I got the idea from my latest travels to China in June, plus I added a plot twist in it as well. The story is set in ancient China and I put in an empress, a monk (who helps out the player), and some shopkeepers. Although I didn’t win, I felt happy after seeing the winners of the contest and congratulated them in the comments.

Earlier this year, I saw the news about a new Home Island. Since this was a new update, I decided I’d officially return to Poptropica.

Home Island (2021)

Haxe and searching for a membership

Haxe (the post-Flash Poptropica platform of the current game) was new to me, and I found out it was very different from when I last played. My favorite part about it all was the new Home Island: I just gazed in awe after seeing it for the first time.

I learned that you couldn’t do much since most of the old islands were gone and a lot of extra stuff was for members only. So I started looking for ways to get a membership, and found out about the PHB’s monthly giveaways, which I immediately signed up for. I hope I get a membership one day, since I can’t buy one.

I also hope Poptropica changes more soon, like with Poptropica Worlds. In the meantime, I started my own site: Smart Icicle’s Blog. Check it out! I would like to thank the few readers who’ve already visited, and the PHB staff for helping me promote it.

Night Watch: It’s no small decision to take the black.

Well, that’s about it. What did you think of my story of Poptropica? Do you wish to see my upcoming clubhouse? Can’t wait to share more on the PHB. Anyway, see you soon!

~Smart Icicle 📚❄️

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~the Poptropica Help Blog