Here come the spookiest costumes of the PHB’s 12th Halloween contest! 🎃

Happy Halloween, Poptropicans! 🧟‍♂️🍭 Spooky season is drawing to a close, and it’s time for us to unveil the winners of this year’s 12th Annual Poptropica Help Blog Halloween Costume Contest.

We had two themes going this year, Heroes and Villains, as well as a bonus invitation for group costumes. Below, we’ll be sharing our top 5 picks from each of the two themes, with one grand prize winner for each category selected to win a Poptropica membership from the PHB!

🦸‍♀️ Top 5 Heroes 🦸‍♂️

Our grand prize winner for the Heroes category is: “Earthbug” by Purple Paw! What a fine assemblage of forestry elements! 🌳 In addition to being featured here, the top 5 costumes for both categories will also be immortalized on our Costumes page. And now for the wicked…

🦹‍♀️ Top 5 Villains 🦹‍♂️

There wouldn’t be heroes without villains, and so, of course, we had to open up the floor for some spectacularly crooked costumes as well! Among the great many stupendous scoundrel suit-ups of this season, we’re choosing to bestow the honor of the grand prize to Golden Tornado for a villain with mesmerizing biotechnology. Congrats!

👯‍♀️ Group Costume 👯‍♀️

Though we didn’t get many group costume entries, quite a few of you made a whole series of costumes on your own, which was also pretty impressive! For this year’s bonus challenge of spookiest group costume, though, the prize goes to… the Dimension Bros!

The Dimension Bros dressed up as “Evil Condiments,” with Theo as a crafty (or dare we say Kraft-y) Ketchup and Isaac as a melancholic Mustard. But since the bros already have (very long) memberships going, we’ll work out an arrangement with them to award the membership prizes to other accounts—with relish!

⚔️ Honorable Mentions ⚔️

There were so many amazing entries, we just couldn’t fit them all above! So, to give you all a bigger taste of the many creative Halloween ‘fits from the community, here’s a selection of honorable mentions:

Like we mentioned earlier, some of you really ran with the zero limit on costume entries and created whole casts of impressive characters. Check out this seriously cool series of costumes from Drow, with both heroes and villains in the mix!

Whether you put on a costume to share with us or simply observed from the shadows, thanks for joining us in our Halloween festivities! You can browse even more spooktacular suit-ups in the comments of the contest post… but hurry, before they change their costumes.

🎃 Happy Halloween, and don’t go too hard on the candy! 🎃

— 🦇 the Poptropica HORROR Blog 🦇 —


50 thoughts on “Here come the spookiest costumes of the PHB’s 12th Halloween contest! 🎃”

  1. The judges are a literal joke they awarded the grand prizes to the worst of the bunch this is clearly biased this is why I don’t bother competing because as you can see it’s always rigged if you don’t believe me look at the villains who won and look at the villains that were entered

    1. I agree the winners were chosen HORRIBLY but i don’t think that makes them rigged I think that the judges just have extremely poor taste tbh

    2. Emilson, Leah, and Drow: you all are commenting with the same IP address, so either you’re one person rigging this conversation, or you’re different people in the same vicinity sharing an internet connection and maybe could benefit from sorting things out in person.

      Emilson, your opinions might be different from ours, but that doesn’t mean this competition is rigged (how would it be?). If you really believe certain costumes were better (and again, that’s fine if you do), instead of lambasting the others, why don’t you lift up the ones you like with a shout-out here in the comments? Let’s keep it civil, please.

      1. Hold on wait what? I’m on phone data in Singapore literally nobody plays poptropica here that HAS to be a glitch

      2. I doubt that would be a glitch, but whatever.

        People from all over the globe play Poptropica. English is one of Singapore’s official languages, so I’m sure there’s an audience for Poptropica there.

      3. I’m on photo data it’s impossible for me to share the same IP address as someone else so either you’re lying or it glitched for you which is what I thought considering this website has a huge segment of just glitches and idec about who won anymore you already made it clear it’s about what appeals to the judges which is likely the most generic entry rather than what others would think is the best entry

      4. Your IP address has changed in the last few comments, and there can be a few reasons for that, but I’m not interested in fighting about this. Hence “whatever.”

        This website’s glitching segment refers to game glitches in Poptropica that people exploit to enhance their gaming experience, like with the ASG for customizing uncommon clothing parts.

        “What appeals to the judges” is how contests like this work. We aren’t looking for generic, and the costumes we picked were not generic — people mixed and matched different parts in the game together, and you are discounting their efforts, as well as our efforts in sharing them. We have other contests like the Poppies that involve the public voting on the awards, but this isn’t that kind of contest.

      5. Whatever I’m not even gonna bother talking with you because all you are is a mix of lies and denial you can’t even admit when you’re wrong and that you mistook my IP address, idek why you’re this obsessed with my IP address but if you really want to know it could’ve only possibly changed once because I was at the library earlier and I used the public WiFi then I’m tired of being honest with you cause you’ll just remain accusing me of something else so im not even gonna bother talking with you, you’re either looking for attention or trying to paint me a negative picture so I’m not gonna try talking, you’ve got so much hatred for me that you literally sound crazy, maybe you should channel it into something positive

      6. Mate, you are the one still obsessing about it. Yes, being on public wifi is one reason you might end up sharing an IP address with a stranger, and I do not rule out this possibility. But I’ve triple checked, and I’m not mistaken about what I see in the comment records. So that’s that.

        You’re allowed to disagree with things here but it needs to be expressed respectfully. If you cannot comply with that, you will be banned from commenting. You came here tearing down the hard work of many involved in this contest. “Maybe you should channel it into something positive.”

      7. Wait, Me? I mean this with no disrespect Slanted Fish, but I’m an only child in my family on password protected WiFi, and I haven’t been outside of my home for months, maybe you are mistaken? Cause there’s no way Emilson has the same IP as me, I live in U.S

      8. Hey Drow, I’ve looked it up and it is possible for different people to have the same IP address, although uncommon enough that I thought it was worth mentioning. The shared IP address in question is in the US, although Emilson later commented with different IPs including one from Singapore. The records are there for me to see and I would not have any reason to make this up and drag you in it. Anyway, I don’t have more to say on this matter. Thanks for participating in this contest, Drow. Your costumes were quite creative!

      9. Alright thank you so much slanted fish for looking into it, I’ll be honest with you, you really made me paranoid hearing that someone had the same IP as me, because there’s no buildings or houses near mine for nearly a mile, but I feel this’ll be my last message this year, was fun joining y’all, I’ll see you next year

      1. It wasnt bad but it was average and I think purple paw and the lord Cyclopes entry were much better and I dont bother entering because the judges judge by what appeals to them which is impossible to know without a strict entry subject

      2. Purple Paw won the grand prize in the Heroes category, so we thought we’d give that opportunity to someone else for the Villains. Sure, the judges are going by what appeals to them and that’s subjective, but we’re a team of six and multiple members among us supported the ones we ended up choosing as winners. There were many more fantastic costumes that didn’t get picked as winners, but that’s what honorable mentions are for.

        The entry subjects were given: heroes, villains, and group costume. We didn’t make that narrower because we wanted to encourage greater creativity with this contest. That’s how this works.

    1. Drow, we featured one of your costumes as a winner in the Heroes section and shared all your other costumes in the honorable mentions. Don’t be too hard on yourself!

      1. Yeah Ig, I think I had a thrill just from competing, I discovered a ton of rare poptropica items and asgs when searching for costume parts, I really appreciate these blog and thank you for opening the poptropica community to more than just the game, btw I’m also a “lurker” I probably won’t be back until next Halloween to compete in the contest, but anyways was fun playing with y’all ❤️ See you next year

      2. That’s really cool to hear! That’s what we aim for, to be a space for fans to dig deeper into the game and be inspired in a supportive community. Thanks for joining us. 💙

    1. That’s another example of how bad these judges are your costume was completely horrible probably even the worst! It was literally two ASGs combined you put no work or effort literally 2 costumes combined other people had much better entries and deserved to be in the honorable mentions more than you!

      1. Not that I don’t entirely agree with you, but I’m just going to point out the irony you give out, Emilson. From the judges being “biased”.

    2. Congrats with your Ghost of Poptropica, Ramubai! It was quite a creative and striking combination of two costumes. Yes, even combination costumes can be done well. And if you think about it, all our costumes are just remixes of bits and pieces that came before.

  2. Y’all need to chill out they didn’t put much thinking into it, they only had a day to judge a month’s work, give them a break it’s really not that deep or serious, if you’re not happy with their blog, you guys can leave it.

    1. The complaints can definitely be toned down — this competition we host each year is meant to be fun for the community and we wouldn’t run it if that weren’t the case.

      I’ll push back a bit on the notion that we don’t put much thought to it, though. It’s true that we accept entries right up until the day before the winners are announced, but throughout the month, the PHB team keeps an eye on the entries that come in and we make note of the ones we might like to feature on Halloween. That doesn’t mean the results are predetermined, though — they’re open to change right up until the entry deadline.

  3. The winning costumes aren’t bad, though I wouldn’t say they stand out as much as the honorable mentions, of which I think are quite supurb. Congrats to all on the contest!

    1. There were definitely tons of great costumes to choose from! Since we stated in the contest rules that each individual person would be eligible to win a maximum of one time per category, that also had some effect on what we could feature in the top 5 picks versus the honorable mentions. For example, Purple Paw was our grand prize winner for Heroes but also has entries featured in the honorable mentions.

  4. Just as an update regarding the group costume winners, the Dimension Bros have chosen to award their membership prizes to GEAR (aka capax_infini, whose “She-Ra and Catra” are in the honorable mentions) and Mess of a Being (aka HfEvra, whose “Stellar Static” is one of the top picks for Heroes). 🙂

  5. Yessssssss!!!! I actually didnt think i was gonna even make honorable mentions, i was thinking there was too much on my outfit to understand 😆😆

  6. Wow, this was super fun! I really enjoyed coming up with these costumes. Definitely wasn’t expecting grand prize… 😮 There were so many amazing entries! Congrats to everybody else featured!

  7. I’m in the top 5!!!! Congrats to all of you guys! Drow, I can’t beleive how many costumes you submitted! Congrats to Purple Paw and Golden tornado!

  8. I made a catra that looked almost exactly like that a year ago! And an Adora, using the towerprep and barbie costumes. Where is the sword on that She-Ra found?

    1. I’m almost certain it’s from the Joan-of-Arc costume, which is currently available in the Haxe Time Tangled Quippy store. Although that should probably be clarified with GEAR, since they’re the one who made the costume.

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