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Arbiters of Fate & Artifacts to Create πŸͺ²

Poptropica’s pressing on, and we’re guessing on with clues for the upcoming Steam islands. (Keep up with past hints here:Β 1,Β 2,Β 3,Β 4,Β 5,Β 6, 7.)Β 

The eighth hint appears to be the most enigmatic one yet: β€œRestore the puzzle to its natural state or face the consequences of a dire fate.”

This latest riddle is surprisingly vague after a week of fairly guessable clues, but let’s give it a try. While this could apply to lots of islands, the Pop Creators suggest focusing on the hint’s last words: “dire fate.” ⚠️

If we’re following the AS3 islands theory, outside of islands guessed from previous hints, there are still quite a few candidates. Perhaps it’s Virus Hunter, where you must restore Patient Zero to homeostasis before a virus spreads; or Monster Carnival, where you have to save the town from Ringmaster Raven’s hypnotic spell. Or could it even be Mocktropica β€” a dire fate not for human life, but a computer game?

Still others have speculated Time Tangled (fixing the timeline of history), which fits the clue well, but already exists in-game. It wouldn’t exactly be a “returning” island if it came to Steam, but it’s an AS3/SUI.

However, the vague clue leaves options open for older AS2 islands as well. Among the best of Pop classics, we might consider Zomberry, where we have to find the source of the zombie outbreak or risk succumbing to it; Super Villain, where we enter villains’ dreams and extract the source of their evil; Twisted Thicket, where we risk the destruction of a forest; Steamworks, where we crack puzzles that lead us to restoring humanity; Spy, where we rescue spies and prevent hair loss… and so many more! With so many possibilities, who knows? πŸ€”

While we wait for islands both old and new, the Pop Creators are hosting a new challenge based on the upcoming Dream Island winner: the Secret of the Jade Scarab Fan Challenge! πŸͺ²

All are invited to design an Egyptian artifact, which can be completely original or a redesign of a preexisting one. Submit your entries to Poptropica by Thursday, April 28 at 8 p.m. PST for a chance to win big credit rewards. See the official blog for details Β»

At the same time, the monthly costume contest has kicked off. Design an outfit for a chance to get it in the game! April’s contest runs until Monday, April 25 at 8 p.m. PST. More details on the official blog Β»

Rounding off this post are the latest fan art features from Pop’s Instagram stories, including doodles of the many different emotional sides of the Black Widow from the PHB’s MaryannTheConqueror. Enjoy!

That wraps up this big bunch of small stories! Thanks for popping by!


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Custom Cards and a Blogger’s Break πŸƒ

Cards on the table, Poptropicans: we’ve got challenge results and a blogging goodbye. Let’s pop right in.

Earlier we saw the showcase of Dream Cosplay Outfits from the first PoptropiCon Challenge, and now it’s time for the second and final: Mighty Action Force cards! It’s a mighty little collection:

We’ve got Popsona OCs like Red Toes, Silver Gamer, Sneaky Boa, and Barefoot Knuckle, as well as Poptropica personalities like Alphaon, Octavian, Medusa, and even CJ from Shrink Ray Island but turned demonic. Plus there’s one inspired from pop culture: Katniss Everdeen.

As with the first challenge, all participants get an unspecified amount of credits added to their accounts. Power up, Poptropicans!

(Update: According to one participant in the comments, the prize was 5,000 credits. Thanks, wolfhunter77!)

Also on the Creators’ Blog, guest writer Invisible Ring has announced a “well-earned hiatus” from posting on the official blog. In the past year, she’s written ten guest posts, which she’s linked here in a list.

The name might ring a bell for you: Ring is the producer of the Poptropica fan movie Battle Morale. We recently had her for an interview here on the PHB, so be sure to check that out and catch the feature-length film on her YouTube channel. Enjoy!


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PoptropiCon Prompts and Video Virtuosos

Hey Poptropicans, we’ve got tons of fandom creativity to share, including a couple ideas to inspire your own β€” let’s pop into it!

To celebrate the re-release of PoptropiCon, Ep. 2, Poptropica is hosting PoptropiCon Challenges with two options! The first Pop prompt is to πŸ•· Show Off Your Dream Cosplay Outfit (see the Spider-Man example from the Creators), and the second is to πŸƒ Make Your Own Mighty Action Force Card. See the official blog for details!

While the new episode is currently for members only, everyone is invited to join the PoptropiCon Challenges, which comes with the chance to earn “huge credit rewards”! (How much, they didn’t say.) Send in your creations to Pop’s submissions page by Wednesday, February 9th at 8pm PST and be sure to include your player name.

Looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with! Have fun!

The Creators’ Blog also recently put out a massive post of over 10 video highlights from across the fandom from YouTube and TikTok, including speedruns, Skylanders, and sketches. See all the clips from these talented video virtuosos on the official blog! πŸŽ₯✨

Speaking of video talent, Invisible Ring recently released her full-length feature film Battle Morale, an original story of an optimistic Poptropican seeking hope and truth in a dark and pessimistic world. Watch it on YouTube with bonus clips, or below:

The production took at least three months since releasing the trailer, and the movie clocks in at an impressive hour and 43 minutes. In addition to Ring’s guest post on the Creators’ Blog about the film, look forward to her interview with the PHB coming up! πŸ‘€

Closing out this collection of fandom features is an Instagram story from the Pop Creators, showcasing fan art of a perky Popsona patting an adorably grumpy Bard. Aww, good doggo! 🐢

Crazy Carrot (Popsona) by @lobotomyrabbit

Lots has happened this past week, so be sure to scroll down for more news, including Jade Scarab sneak peeks. Pop on, Poptropicans!


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Wacky Winning Clubhouses and Frosty Fashionable Gifts πŸ β„️

Hey, everybody! Gentle Dolphin here for another round of Poptropica news!

The Creators just announced the winners of the Goofy Clubhouse Challenge. Without further ado, let’s give a crazy congratulations to Incredible Flame, Lucky Star, and Pink Crush! We have some images of these loony lodgings below, but you can watch the full clubhouse tours on Pop’s Instagram post. πŸ€ͺ🏠

Over on the Creators’ Blog, the Creators also confirmed that there will be a Grapple-Pap mini quest available this December! The announcement post is accompanied by an image of a snow-covered house, which was used to tease last year’s Grapple-Gift mini quest. Will this year’s quest be a brand new experience, or will it be the same as last year? We’ll have to wait and see.

The 12 Days of Member Gifts is reaching its end, so let’s highlight some new exclusive winter wear. We know that players received Crystal Couture on Day 8; however, unbeknownst to us, pets also received a matching shawl that day. Day 9 brought on the Cabin Cozy PJs. Members got the Snowy Supreme and Stay Frosty outfits on Day 10, and their pets got a red Winter Outfit on Day 11.

Let’s wrap up this post with a short and sweet edition of Fan Art Features. Pop’s latest batch of Instagram stories spotlights two OCs and a character from the classic S.O.S. Island.

That’s all for now. Any predictions for the upcoming Grapple-Pap mini quest? What do you think of the new member gifts? What will this year’s final member gift be? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Thank you for reading, and have a good day!

β€”Gentle Dolphin 🐬

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New costumes! New gifts! New… island?!

Howdy Poptropicans, it’s LJ here with some celebratory updates!

In Adventure Outfitters, lots of festive outfits and clubhouse items ornament the room. On the left, we have a snowman costume for 300 credits, a holiday light outfit for 375, a candy cane costume for 300, and a mistletoe bushel for 75 just over the doorway.

Over to the right, a holiday bauble costume and two elf costumes are available for 300 credits each. Also, snowflake wall decals are for sale for 150 credits, a penguin stuffie for 75, and a snowboard and Santa mug both for 100.

In the middle section, a Santa outfit and an abominable snowman suit are notable new additions. Here is the rest of the current stock (prices range from 150-350 credits and 7/24 outfits are members-only):

As for the 12 Days of Member Gifts, we’ve been getting several little merry items to amp up our holiday cheer over the last few days. They include a light-up sweater outfit, a snowman buddy, poinsettia flowers, and three adorable animal mugs (deer, penguin, and white fox). What do you think of this month’s gifts so far?

Once again the time has come to brainstorm some ideas for the monthly costume contest! You can submit up to 3 designs anywhere from now until Sunday, December 19 at 8pm PST.

The fact that it takes place every month really gives a lot of players the chance to have their dream come true of getting their outfit idea into the game! πŸ₯³ Just don’t forget to use #MyPoptropicaCostume and tag the Pop creators if you’re entering via Instagram. If not, you can use their submissions page. Get more details here.

On Instagram, the creators shared some amazing fan creations on their story which I always love to see! There’s so much talent. Check ’em out:

Also on Poptropica’s Instagram, it looks like the creators could be hinting at a new island arriving! At least I hope so (and not a hint for some random mini-quest). It seems unlikely with Goofball Island only being released a minute ago that this possible new quest would be the anticipated Secret of the Jade Scarab, which was the third winner in the Create Your Dream Island contest from earlier this year.

Poptropica’s reply to one of the comments seems to tease the likelihood of an old island making a comeback. (screenshot below) I would be SO thrilled if that were true. It’d be a great Christmas present, right? Drop your guess of which island could be returning in the comments below, hehe. πŸ˜‰

And that wraps up today’s news. Lots of stuff going on this time of year. Be sure to keep an eye out for more news here on the PHB. Thank you for reading as always and pop on!

– LJ πŸ€