Reflecting on 10 Years of PHB, and a Recap of Poppies 2018 🎉

recap poppies2018

A message from Slanted Fish, creator of the PHB

Wow. Ten years. A whole decade of the PHB.

Ten years since a little girl of 11 (me from the past) discovered the untaken WordPress URL that started this blog — Ten years since the release of Super Power Island, the fifth Poptropica island, and the first island to get a guide on the PHB. Ten years since she started blogging about a then-small game and clicking publish, many times over—the words traveling from an apartment in Hong Kong to reach millions of kids all over the world. The rest, as they say, is history.

We’ve shared a lot of fun memories over the years—this blog has celebrated in Poptropica parties like the one we just had, hosted contests (like the Poppies), and gotten to talk with some cool Pop Creators. We’ve brought you exciting news of island releases over 50 times and grieved with you when Poptropica wasn’t shaping up. And we’ve had the delight of sharing your amazing creations, making meme faces out of your Poptropicans, publishing your guest posts, hanging out on the chat… and more.

Perhaps it sounds clichéd, but it’s much more than I dreamed of when I first started blogging. I simply started out of a desire to write—to help others with the power of words, which I put into guides that, back then, didn’t even have pictures; to share a joy for a simple game that I watched become a pretty big and beautiful enterprise. I couldn’t imagine where it would go, and I still don’t know where it will go. And that’s okay.

Ten years ago a kid who’d just finished elementary school started a website for fellow kids to share in a common joy. Today I’m just a couple of semesters shy of an English degree, in part because this community gave me a platform to nurture a little creativity and love for the written word. And I hope it’s been a place of joy for you, too.

Thank you to every Poptropican out there who’s been a part of the PHB journey. It’s been pretty great, and 32 million views later, we’re still making history. There is good in the world, and we can all be a part of it. Here’s to a poppin’ decade. ❤️

Slanted Fish
Editor-in-chief, Poptropica Help Blog

During the party, the PHB staff hosted a livestream to announce the winners of this year’s Poppies. You can revisit it in the video above, or look down for the results:

And the Poppies Awards for 2018 go to…

That’s 10 for 10 years, folks! Thanks for all your nominations, votes, joining us at the party—and, even if you didn’t do those things, thanks, at least, for being a part of the Poptropica community and our PHB adventures. We’re glad you’re here. 💙

Best Fan Art nominee gallery

One visual representation of the wonder of the Pop community is the fan art it produces. To celebrate that, we’re including this gallery of this year’s “Best Fan Art” nominees:

Thanks for popping by on the Poptropica Help Blog!

Here’s to ten years. Cheers. 🍻

— the PHB —



You’re invited to the 2018 Poppies Awards Party!

Hope you had fun at the Poppies! Catch the recap to see the winners.

poppies 2018 party

Hello, Poptropicans! The time has almost come…

As I’m sure you know, this month is a big month for the PHB as we approach the 10th anniversary of the blog’s launch! To celebrate, we’ve been hosting our annual Poptropica community awards event, the Poppies, throughout the entire month.

With nominations over and voting now underway, the fun is just beginning because all of that has been leading to the best part of this whole operation—the party! All of your votes will help determine which of the aspirant award-seekers will be bringing gold home, and it’s about time to announce the winners! Here are the details:

  • 😎 WHO: Every Poptropican is invited! PHB staff will be there too!
  • 🎉 WHAT: Hanging out in Multiverse rooms on Poptropica, chatting and cheering on your picks for the awards on the PHC, and tuning in to a livestream on Brave Tomato’s YouTube channel co-hosted by some PHB staff, where we’ll be revealing the winners of this year’s Poppies!
  • ⏰ WHEN: July 26, 2018 (Thursday) @ 7 p.m. Eastern 6 p.m. Central 5 p.m. Mountain 4 p.m. Pacific. If you live in a different timezone, you can use a time zone converter to see what the time will be where you live.
  • 🎈 WHERE: The Poptropica Help Chat (PHC), our moderated chat server on Discord. If you’ll be on the go at this time, make use of Discord’s mobile apps!
  • 🔟 WHY: To announce the winners of the 2018 Poppies, have fun, and celebrate the 10-year milestone of the PHB!

Multiverse room codes will be posted on the PHC during the party, and we’ll also announce the link to the livestream there when it starts. Until then, mark your calendar, prepare your most extravagant outfit, and get ready to cheer for the winners!

✨ We’ll see you on the blue carpet! ✨

– the Poppies Help Blog team

The Poppies 2018: Time to Vote! ☑

The voting poll is now closed. Join us at our livestream party to hear the results!

poppies 2018 vote

Come, all you people… The Poppies are in town, and it’s time for the voting round!

Not sure what’s going on? You should probably get caught up on what the Poppies are!

As I was saying, your nominations in the previous round have been tallied up and the 2018 Poppies hype intensifies as we enter the…


In this round, you, the awesome fans and viewers, will get the opportunity to vote for who or what you think deserves to take home an epic, golden Poppies trophy! How exciting!

Okay, here’s how it goes down: You’ll have 10 categories, each with several of the most popular nominations as options to choose from. Note that a couple categories (Best Poptropica Worlds Island and Best PHB Author) have been automatically set, so you may not have caught them in the Nomination Round.

The Voting Round ends next week, on Wednesday, July 25. So without further hesitation, open up our poll and vote, vote, vote!

Then, start putting together your snazziest outfit and mark you calendars for the party of a lifetime on July 26, 7 p.m. Eastern time, in which we’ll be announcing the winners via livestream while celebrating the PHB’s 10th anniversary on Poptropica and the PHC(More details about the party here.)

So until then, stay tuned for more Poppies news, and don’t forget…

✨ Vote now for your faves in the Poppies!

See ya on the blue carpet!

🏆 The Poppies 2018: Let the hype commence! 🏆

Nominations are now closed. Stay tuned for the Voting Round!

poppies 2018 noms

Roll up to the blue carpet, Poptropicans… The Poppies are upon us!

🏆 What are the Poppies? 🏆

The Poppies are an annual Poptropica community awards event, hosted by Poptropica fans for Poptropica fans. This will be our fourth year celebrating, and as always, we welcome you to participate in the festivities and tell us where you think the spotlight deserves to shine in all things Poptropica.

First, we begin with the nomination round where you get to nominate your favorite picks for certain award categories. This round starts today (Thursday, July 12) and will end next Wednesday, July 18.

Then on the following day, July 19, comes the voting round, which lasts for a week.

This will culminate into the big day on July 26, when we’ll celebrate the PHB’s 10th birthday with a party on the Poptropica Help Chat (PHC). At the event, we’ll be announcing the winners via livestream as we hang out in multiverse rooms! More details on the party will be announced as the end of the voting round approaches.

Part I: Nomination Round

Today marks the start of the nomination round. Each award category will be announced below and followed by a brief description. To keep the nominations a surprise, you’ll be putting your choices in our survey anonymously (though you could reveal your identity if you choose).

Please limit your nominations to a max of three per award. Also, you’re not required to nominate for every category, though it is encouraged!

Keep in mind that some of these categories are applicable to both Poptropica Worlds and Original Poptropica.The awards for the taking this year are:

Poptropica Gameplay Awards

Best Poptropica Worlds Island: There are only a few islands on Worlds thus far, but even out of the few, one has to be the best. Which island had the best storyline? The best scenery? The best soundtrack? Since there are only a few islands on Worlds, they are all automatically nominated.

Best Poptropica Worlds Character: “Best” is a pretty broad term, but it’s definitely not a bad thing—that gives a wider range of characters to choose from! Many new characters have been introduced in Worlds already, but whether it’s a coin-giving pirate, a crazy lady in a carrot costume, or a purple-haired emo teen, which one stands out to you the most?

Most Educational Island: One of Poptropica’s primary goals from the get-go was not only to entertain but to educate as well. Out of the 40+ islands between both games, which one do you feel you learned the most from?

Best Accessory: Whether it’s a rare handheld item from Poptropica Original or one of those color-changing gadgets from Poptropica Worlds, what’s the coolest accessory every Poptropican should have in their closet?

Most Evil Poptropica Villain: Over the years, Poptropica has seen some pretty mean-spirited characters perverting the name of justice. From the carrot-nabbing, slave-driving Dr. Hare to the Booted Bandit trying to frame you for a crime you didn’t commit, which villain takes the prize for being the absolute worst to your Poptropican?

Community Awards

Best PHB Author: We have a great team of staff writers who work diligently to put out entertaining, interactive, and informative content, and we’re all very different. The current staff includes Slanted Fish, Brave Tomato, Spotted Dragon, Lucky Joker, Fierce Flyer, and Sporty Boa—and we’re all automatically nominated!

Best PHB Series: Throughout the years, many unique and fun series have made their way onto the Poptropica Help Blog. Whether it’s still ongoing or a thing of the past, which ones have you enjoyed the most?

Best Ask Blog: Past Poppies have had category for fan sites, but this year we’re focusing it on a growing trend in the Poptropica community known as ask blogs, which are fan blogs in which Poptropicans can send in questions for the appointed “owner” of the blog—a Poptropica character—to answer. You can find many of these in the #Poptropica ask tag on Tumblr, among other places.

Best Fan Art of 2018: Many Poptropican artists have created stunning masterpieces throughout the year so far, but which of them deserves the title of “best”? Our DeviantArt group page and Community Creations posts are great places to start searching for fan art! This category looks for works that were created/published in the year 2018 only, to give the more active artists a chance at the award.

Best Poptropica Portfolio: Our amazing Poptropica community wouldn’t be complete without the works of Poptropica Creators, who’ve helped build this game into what it is. We’ve featured several Creators’ portfolios on the PHB, showcasing the stunning visual or written work integral to Poptropica—but who did it best?

Well, there you have it—10 awards for 10 years of the PHB. Can you believe it’s been a whole decade since the PHB began?

Remember, the voting round starts next Wednesday, and next week’s poll options will be based on the most popular nominations. So, be sure to keep on popping in to keep pace with the Poppies going on throughout this month! In the meantime…

Place your nominations now! ✨

Have fun!

Recap: Poppies 2017 Winners and Party!

Hey Poptropicans!

Throughout this month on the PHB, we’ve been hosting The Poppies, our annual Poptropica community awards event. This is our third year of doing the Poppies, and as usual, it’s been a blast! From nominating to voting to partying, we’re grateful to celebrate the Poptropica community with you.

Even the Poptropica Creators showed interest in our Red Blue Carpet event!

The main event, which celebrated the Poppies winners and the PHB’s ninth birthday with a lively party on the PHC and Poptropica Multiverse rooms, has just wrapped up. Thanks to all who attended – can you find yourself in the recap collage above?

We see amazing costumes at every PHB event, but this year we really wanted to highlight some of our favorites. So, we’ve compiled a selection of some stand-out outfits from the Poppies attendees in the Multiverse rooms! Check out their snazzy suits:

best poppies outfits

Kudos to Red Crush, Greedy Shadow, Mia (aka Grumpy Cactus – she also won Best Poptropica Fansite alongside her friend LillySparkle$!), Sporty Boa (who almost died for his outfit!), and Spotted Lion! Y’all are looking especially fly on the blue carpet.

Of course, what you really wanna know is who won, right?! We announced all the winners via a livestream during the party, but in case you missed it, you can catch up on it below. The video contains commentary from several PHB authors – Brave Tomato (main host), Spotted Dragon, Silver Wolf, and Lucky Joker – as well as pics for each category and a breakdown of voting percentages via charts (to show how the other nominees fared).

Below the video, we’ll also list out all the winners and the second-place runner-ups.

And the Poppies go to…

A huge congratulations is in order for all the winners of this year’s Poppies!!

Winners should have received a printable paper Poppie trophy from us via email or social media, and nominees (those who made it to the voting round) have been given badges. Thanks to Spotted Dragon for creating these! If you earned a Poppies trophy or badge but did not get one, we may not have your contact info – if so, do let us know!

Here at the Poptropica Help Blog, we can’t stress enough how blessed we are to be able to write about something we love and have so many readers who keep up with our shenanigans. Whether we’re planning creative parties or putting together island walkthroughs, it’s a pleasure to play Poptropica alongside all of you.

So thank you. Thank you for being part of this community, in big ways or small ways, whether veteran or newbie. Thank you for seeing us to our 9th year – from 2008 to 2017, it’s been a pretty long journey, and it’s not over yet. Here’s to more to come!

We’ll see you next time on the blue carpet!

 ✨ Don’t stop poppin’! ✨

– the Poptropica Help Bloggers –

Poppies 2017: Cast your votes now!

This round has ended. Check out our Poppies 2017 Recap to see who won!


Hey, Poptropicans, welcome back to the PHB’s 2017 Poppies, where the second part of the Poppies is just commencing: the voting round!

Not sure what the Poppies are? Take a look at this post.

Anyway, the nomination round has ended, so hopefully you had a chance to nominate! If not, don’t despair: the poll for the voting round is now open!

What’s the Voting Round, you ask?

The voting round includes the same categories that were in the nomination round, but this time you’re voting from a smaller pool of options under each category. These options (about 5-7 per category) were the most popular nominations from the first round.

You may also notice a few new categories in this round that weren’t open to nominations in the previous round, due to options already being set. These categories are: Best Adventure Island, Best Common Room Game, Best Tribe Common Room, and Best PHB Author.

The Voting Round closes on Saturday, July 22, so make your voice heard while you can!

We’ll be announcing the winners LIVE at our PHC party next next week, which will be on July 26, the PHB’s birthday. You won’t want to miss it! We’ll keep you posted on more details in the following week. In the meantime…

✨ Vote now for who will win in the 2017 Poppies! ✨

Keep popping in to keep up with Poppies events throughout this month!

Announcing: The Poppies 2017!

This round has ended. Check out our Poppies 2017 Recap to see who won!


♫ It’s the most wonderful time of the year… ♫

Welcome, ladies and gents of the Poptropica community, to the Poptropica Help Blog’s third annual Poptropica community awards event: The Poppies!

What are The Poppies?

If you were around for last year’s event, you may remember how this works. We start off with a nomination round, where you nominate your picks for a certain category. This begins today, Wednesday, July 5, and will last for a week, until Wednesday, July 12.

Next, we move on to the voting round. Once the nominations have been narrowed down, you’ll be able to vote from the most popular nominations of each category. This will commence on Saturday, July 15 and will end a week later on Saturday, July 22.

Finally, this leads us to the awards ceremony, where we will be announcing the winners as we celebrate the PHB’s 9th birthday on Wednesday, July 26. More details about the party will be announced soon!

Part I: Nomination Round

First up is the nomination round. Each award category announced will be followed by a brief description (see below). To keep the nominations a surprise, you’ll be putting your nominations in our survey, where the Poppies team will look at the most popular nominations to create the voting options for the next round. Keep in mind that some of these categories are applicable to both Poptropica Worlds and Original Poptropica.

Start filling in the survey now!

Without further ado, the awards up for grabs are:

Poptropica Gameplay Awards:

  1. Best Store Item: With over a hundred store items Poptropica has released, which one stood out to you the most? Was it a costume? A power? A mini quest? Whatever it is – nominate it!
  2. Best Tribe Common Room: Ah, the Tribe common rooms; the exclusive space where tribal mates can meet up and plot their revenge enjoy each other’s company. Each room has its own interactive elements and they all have awesome designs, but which one is really the best?
  3. Best Common Room Game: Poptropica’s common room games include: Sudoku, Hoops, Sky Dive, Paint War, Star Link, Balloons, Soupwords, and Pathwise. Nominate your favorites from the list!
  4. Best Adventure Island: Poptropica has classified four islands as Adventure Islands. These include: Mythology, Arabian Nights, Survival, and Mystery of the Map. Which one is the greatest play?
  5. Best Challenging Island: Poptropica defines the challenging islands on the map as the following: Galactic Hot Dogs, Timmy Failure, Poptropicon, Spy, Shrink Ray, Reality TV, Escape from Pelican Rock (EFPR), Red Dragon, Super Power, Zomberry, Wild West, Vampire’s Curse, Cryptids, Monster Carnival, Mystery Train, Mocktropica, Wimpy Boardwalk, Shark Tooth, Night Watch, Astro Knights, Back Lot, Early Poptropica, Lunar Colony, Super Villain, S.O.S., Poptropolis Games, Counterfeit, Skullduggery, Ghost Story, Virus Hunter, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Big Nate, Steamworks, Great Pumpkin, Twisted Thicket, and Nabooti. Wowie, that’s a lengthy list; it does offer some great choices, though. Which one do you think is the most challenging?
  6. Best Poptropica Merchandise: Over the years Poptropica has released quite a wide range of merchandise: books, toys, video games, and even clothing! Whether it was released or never released – which piece of merch was your favorite? If you’re not quite sure, our merchandise page is a good place to browse for favorites.
  7. Best Island Trailer: Typically a couple of weeks before a new island releases, Poptropica releases a  video trailer to give us a preview of what our next adventure has in store for us. They’ve made one for almost every Island, and they’re all very good, but are some better than others? Which one is your favorite? Whether it’s on a basis of cinematic feel, the music, or just the island itself –  go ahead and nominate it!
  8. Best Poptropica Ad: While Poptropica’s Islands keep us occupied most of the time, sometimes there isn’t anything to do. Quite often, advertisers contract for temporary games that appear on Poptropica. Advertisers have included Disney, Kellogg’s Froot Loops, Lego toys, and various animated movies and DVD releases, but there have been many others as well. If you can’t remember many of the past ads (then again, who can?), the Ad Transporter, developed by Keith Sammut, allows you to teleport to retired advertisement stages – so go check it out!
  9. Most Surprising Plot Twist: When playing a Poptropica Island, it’s not a surprise to expect a surprise, but sometimes it’s just not what we saw coming. We can think of a few examples that are perfect for this category, but we’ll leave it up to you to come up with the plot twist that surprised you most.
  10. Wittiest Poptropican Name: We’ve chosen the best (Golden Dragon & Golden Sword), we’ve chosen the worst (Big Belly), we’ve chosen the funniest (Cuddly Cactus), but how about the wittiest? Poptropica names can be pretty witty, but which combination is just too witty? Check out our Poptropica Names page to come up with something clever.

Community Awards:

  1. Best PHB Author: The PHB currently has a team of eight staff writers who work hard to provide informing and entertaining content, and each author presents with their own unique style. The current team consists of Slanted Fish, Brave Tomato, Spotted Dragon, Slippery Raptor, Lucky Joker, Happy Lobster, Silver Wolf, and Purple Claw – and all of us are automatically nominated!
  2. Best MPIP: Here on the PHB, many poptropicans have written their “My Place in Poptropica”, where they’ve shared their stories on how they came to Poptropica as well as their involvement in the community. (Look back on every MPIP here!)
  3. Best Active Fan Site (outside of the PHN): We, the PHB, want to take a moment to recognize another Poptropica fan site out there that’s doing awesome work, and this is that award! That means this award is not for the Poptropica Help Network, which includes this blog, the PHC (chat), our Twitter, videos, and wiki. Don’t worry, though – there are still so many content creators out there who put out neat stuff. Whether it’s a blog, a YouTube channel, or something else, go ahead and nominate it if it’s your favorite! As for blogs, the Poptropica Bloggers Network is a perfect place to start looking through a few.
  4. Best Fan Art of 2017: Poptropican artists from all over have created wonderful masterpieces throughout the year so far, but which of them deserves the title of “best”? Our DeviantArt group is a good place to start searching. This category looks for works that were created/published in the year 2017, to give the more current and active artists a chance at the award.
  5. Best Fan Fiction: Because art consists of such a diverse range of creative and imaginative pieces, we thought we’d make a category specifically for fan fictions. Again, the PHB magazines and our DeviantArt group are great places to look. Get reading!
  6. Best Realm: Another form of art on its own; there are tons of realms that have been created. Look through some of them and provide the code in the nomination survey so that we can see it too! You may nominate your own Realms, your friends’, or even someone you don’t know – it’s up to you.
  7. Best PHC Staffer: In case you’ve been living under a rock, the PHB hosts a chat server on Discord called the PHC, which stands for Poptropica Help Chat. You should really stop by! The PHC has a staff team of kind and reliable people who keep the chat a fun and safe environment. That sounds pretty award-deserving, don’t you think? Nominate your favorite staff member and tell us why you picked them! This award excludes PHB staff but includes any current Guardian (mod) or Supreme Overlord (admin).

Undesirable Awards:

  1. Most Underrated Character: While some characters are given much attention, some are very overlooked. Which Poptropica character do you think is the most underrated? (Note: Don’t nominate fellow players. This is for NPCs.)
  2. Worst Poptropica Update: Poptropica has come out with many amazing updates that have really expanded the game such as the friend feature and restart-an-island feature, but there have been others that many weren’t on board with. Do you have any in mind? Which update is the worst to you?

As said before, the nomination round starts now, so sound off in the survey who/what you think is deserving of the awards! Please limit your nominations to a max of three per award. Also, you’re not required to nominate for every category, though it is encouraged!

Remember, the voting round starts next week, and next week’s poll options will be based on this week’s most popular nominations. So, be sure to check back in next week to cast your votes! For now…

Make your nominations on our survey!

Keep popping in to keep up with Poppies events throughout this month!