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Recap: Poppies 2021 Awards 🏆🥳💙

Hey Poppie-tropicans! We’ve just wrapped up another dazzling Poppies, our annual fan-directed Poptropica awards event. 🏆✨

Thank you all for joining in on the festivities throughout the month! We received over 260 votes in the polls to help determine this year’s winners and announced the awards this weekend in a livestream hosted by Sporty Boa, MaryannTheConqueror, and Slanted Fish. Catch the vid below, or scroll down to directly see the winners of the 2021 Poppies!

And the Poppies go to…

Poptropica Awards

  • 👨🏼‍🎤 Hottest Male Poptropican: Director D (runner-up: Octavian)
  • 👩‍🎤 Hottest Female Poptropican: Red Riding Hood (runner-up: Black Widow)
  • 🤦‍♀️ Most Overrated Character: Dr. Hare (runner-up: Balloon Boy)
  • 🏞 Most Picturesque Scene: Binary Bard’s Dream, Super Villain (runner-up: Heart of the Forest, Twisted Thicket)
  • 🥺 Cutest Creature: Merlin (runner-up: Dryad)
  • 🥴 Okay-est Ad Island: SpongeBob Island (runner-up: SpongeBob Island 2: Kamp Koral)
  • 🎁 Coolest Member Gift: Bunny Car (runner-up: Boba Tea)
  • 😵 Ickiest Poptropica Name: Hamburger Hamburger (runner-up: Beefy Brain)
  • 😎 Bougiest Poptropica Name: Golden Moon (runner-up: Invisible Ring)
  • 😭 Most Missed Feature: Old islands (runner-up: Costumizer)
  • 😍 Finest Piece of Merch: Time Tangled wall clock (runner-up: Shark Boy plush)

Community Awards

Congratulations to all the winners!! 🥳💙 To see the percentages in votes for the top 3 of each category, check out the beautiful slideshow created by Fierce Flyer in the archived livestream above.

We also had fun hanging out with everyone in Poptropica’s Arcade and on our PHC Discord server! Shout-out to the Dimension Bros, who were nominated for two fan videos (and one clubhouse), for tuning into the Poppies live on their TV and giving us this intense reaction video:

“Best Fan Art” Nominee Gallery

This year we had so many contenders for the “Best Fan Art” award that we went with a whopping ten nominees to choose from! Feast your eyes:

From nominating to voting to partying, thanks for joining us another awesome awards act! By the way, this Monday, July 26 marks our 13th anniversary — the PHB’s a teen now. Happy blog birthday! 🥳

Keep on poppin’ on,

—🌟 the Poppies Help Blog 🌟 —


Poppies 2021: Vote now! ☑️ Party how? 🎉

Hey Poppie-tropicans! The noms are in and now it’s time for the voting round of the 2021 Poppies. Catch up with our Poppies explainer here, and read on to find out how you can join us at the Poptropica fandom event of the year! 🏆✨

Every vote counts towards popping the big questions of who and what will win the 2021 Poppies, so go cast your votes while you can! 🗳 Voting ends Thursday, July 22, and we’ll be announcing the winners at our awards (and blog birthday) party that weekend. Check the deets:

🤩 WHO: You and everyone! PHB staff will be there too!

🏆 WHAT: Dress to impress for the blue carpet of Poptropica’s Arcade. Join us on the PHC and/or our YouTube livestream, where we’ll be revealing the Poppies winners LIVE!

🕗 WHEN: July 24, 2021 (Saturday) @ 8 p.m. Eastern 7 p.m. Central 6 p.m. Mountain 5 p.m. Pacific. If you live in a different timezone, you can use a time zone converter to see what time it’ll be for you.

🖥 WHERE: Join our livestream on YouTube and find the buzz on the Poptropica Help Chat (PHC), our Discord server (for ages 13+). We’ll also be hanging in Poptropica’s Arcade (accessed through the menu in the corner of the game).

🎉 WHY: To have a poppin’ grand time as we announce the winners of the 2021 Poppies and celebrate 13 years of the PHB with the Poptropica community!

Get your snap-worthy suits on and we’ll see you on the blue carpet of our YouTube livestream, PHC Discord, and Pop Arcade! But for now…

🗳 Cast your Poppies votes! 🗳


🎇 The Event of the Year: Poppies 2021 🎇

Hey Poptropicans, the time has come for the PHB’s event of the year! 🥳 The Poppies are our annual Poptropica fan awards, hosted all throughout July. 🏆 It’s our seventh year celebrating, and we’re once again asking you to tell us where the spotlight deserves to shine…

Poppies artwork by Purple Paw

To kick things off, the nomination round is open from now till Friday, July 16! Voting will begin soon after, and the award winners will be announced in a PHB party on Discord and Poptropica. More details to come!

But first, it’s time to nominate. In the comments of this post, name your choices for the award categories below:

Poptropica Awards

👨🏼‍🎤 Hottest Male Poptropican: The bachelors are endless. Which guy character in Poptropica do you find the most attractive? (This category is for NPCs, so please don’t nominate your friends.)

👩‍🎤 Hottest Female Poptropican: You can never have enough bachelorettes. Which lady character across the Poptropica lands do you think is the most stunning? (Again, this category is only for NPCs.)

🤦‍♀️ Most Overrated Character: Poptropica is chock-full of colorful characters who many of us either love or hate. We’ve had a Poppie award for most underrated character before, but how about the most overrated? Which character gets too much attention?

🏞 Most Picturesque Scene: From forests to fire planets to the bottom of the sea, Poptropica’s provided a treasure trove of beautiful, aesthetic scenery to marvel over. Which breathtaking landscape do you think deserves the top prize?

🥺 Cutest Creature: Of all the adorable critters scattered throughout the game — pets, followers, or otherwise — which do you think are the absolute cutest? To get your memory jogging, there’s a bunch of ’em named in the comments of this post!

🥴 Okay-est Ad Island: Let’s face it, we’re not all the biggest fanatics of the ad islands, but one has to trump the rest, right? This category includes American Girl: Courtney’s Island, American Girl: Kira’s Island, SpongeBob Island, and SpongeBob: Kamp Koral Island. (Because of the limited options, all are automatically nominated.)

🎁 Coolest Member Gift: With islands not coming out as often as they used to, there aren’t many perks of having a membership nowadays. One thing we do get, though, is members’ gifts — and among them are some pretty rad items. Which ones catch your fancy?

😵 Ickiest Poptropica Name: Poptropican names come in all sorts of kooky combinations and sometimes that combo isn’t so lovely. Can you come up with a pairing that’s utterly gut-wrenching? Our Poptropica Names page is an excellent source for finding the perfect (or in this case, imperfect) candidate for this category.

😎 Bougiest Poptropica Name: On the flip side, some lucky players are graced with the best possible name. Can you impress us with a name that sounds like it belongs to a superstar? You can also browse our names page for this category too.

😭 Most Missed Feature: Numerous beloved features have come and gone. Fact Monster, Costumizer, Realms, the photo booth, the old friends page… the list goes on. I suppose it’s better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all. What are the facets you desperately wish would come back?

😍 Finest Piece of Merch: Poptropica dropped a ton of awesome merch on Zazzle back in October including everything from shirts, hats, and even stationery. Which ones are you rushing to add to your cart?

Community Awards

🏝 Best Dream Island: The community is thriving with creativity, and it was definitely apparent during the Create Your Dream Island Contest late last year. You can check out various submissions under the My Dream Island category to read up on some of these imaginative ideas. Which idea would you like to become a reality?

🃏 Silliest PHB April Fools’ Prank: Like the Poppies, April Fools’ Day is undoubtedly one of our favorite times here on the PHB. It’s been an annual tradition for a long while now and we’ve done tons of pranks over the years. Which one had you fooled, or simply chuckling at your screen?

🎨 Best Fan Art of the Year: Poptropican artists from all over have created many eye-catching pieces in the past year, but which one was your favorite? Our We-Love-Poptropica DeviantArt group and Community Creations posts are great places to start looking! (Anything published after July 26, 2020 is eligible for the award.)

🏡 Coolest Clubhouse: Just like dream islands, the PHB has highlighted a plethora of spectacular clubhouse tours over the last few months. It’s incredible what lengths some Poptropicans go to to make a space their very own. See all the awesome cribs in our archives »

🎉 Most Popping PHB Party: Last August was the Tribal Tournament Closing Ceremony and not too long afterward was the Beev Party. In December, we bid farewell to Flash at our Gone in a Flash Holiday Party, and more recently we held our PHC Open House and Pride Palooza. Which one pumped you up most and was most memorable? (Because of the limited options, all are automatically nominated.)

🎥 Fan Favorite Video: We know our fellow Poptropica content creators work diligently to produce their stuff. Whether it’s a speedpaint, a top 10 list, a Poptropica tag video, or something else, there’s so much good stuff out there! To start with, you can browse last year’s Poptropica Month playlist created by Dimension Bros, or you can do some of your own searching on YouTube or TikTok. Be sure to include links! (Anything published after July 26, 2020 is eligible for the award.)

Remember, the nomination round begins now, so share in the comments who/what you think is worthy of the awards! Please limit your nominations to a max of three per award. You don’t have to nominate for every category, but the more the merrier! ✨

The voting round starts the following Saturday on July 17, and the poll options will be made up of the most popular nominations. Be sure to check back then to cast your votes, but in the meantime…

✏️ Nominate your faves in the comments! ✏️

p.s. Keep up with Poppies events throughout this month by popping in on the PHB! Your participation makes things more fun! 🥳

PHB Parties, Poppies

Recap: Poppies 2020 awards and party 🥳🏆

Lights? Check. Internet connection? Check. Dr. Beev—wait, come again?

This weekend, we hosted the Poppies, our annual fan-directed Poptropica awards event, in celebration with the PHB’s 12th birthday. And what an event!

Despite the lack of Multiverse rooms (that feature disappeared a while back), just a few classic head-to-head mini-games to play (only Balloons, Sky Dive, and Star Link remain), and our decision to forego the traditional livestream in favor of concentrating our energy on announcing Poppies winners via our PHC Discord chat server, we had fun in the presence of emojis of all kinds (including the beloved Dr. Beev, the Dr. Hare/beaver parody from Mocktropica Island) and hit up the Party Time Tower on Time Tangled and Midas Gym on Mythology to shake the floors with our stellar outfits and groovy dance moves.

But enough about that, right? You want to know who won, and we’re here to bring you the highlights. Our winners for the 2020 Poppies are…

🏆 Gameplay Awards

  • OG Island We’ll Miss Most: Astro-Knights Island (runner-up: Mystery Train)
  • Best Pet Accessory: Buccaneer Hat (runner-up: Flower Headband)
  • Best Clubhouse Decor: Poptropica blimp (runner-up: Fox)
  • Best Home Island Makeover: Halloween (runner-up: Wizardry)
  • Best Quippy: 24 Carrot (runner-up: Escape From Pelican Rock)
  • Best Default Character: Old School (runners-up: Love Star and Girl Power)
  • Worst Paywall Offender of the Year: Classic islands return for members only (runner-up: Store items that used to be for all return as members only)

🏆 Community Awards

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2020 Poppies!! 🏆 And if you’re interested in knowing the rankings of each nominee, head on over to the PHC and check out the pinned messages to scroll up in the chat. We’ll leave the pins for some time, but not forever, so check them out while you can.

As an added bonus, here’s a quick thank-you video from Theo of Dimension Bros, whose channel won Best Fan Video (you may recall the PHB’s spotlight post for them last month). Thanks for celebrating with us! 🥳

🎨 “Best Fan Art of the Year” Nominee Gallery

We’re always impressed by what this fandom produces. To celebrate that, we’re showcasing our top nominees for this year’s “Best Fan Art” award:

Thanks to all of you who nominated, voted, came out for the Poppies awards show—and most of all, for being part of the Poptropica community in ways big and small. 💙 Also, happy birthday to the PHB! 🥳 We’re grateful to you, dear reader, for your part in making these 12 years so special.

A minute of beauty onstage is years of work offstage. Now let’s pick up those Dr. Beev emojis littered all over the blue carpet and get it rolled back up!

—🌟 the Poppies Help Blog 🌟 —


Poppies 2020: Come celebrate with us! 🎉

Hey everybody, it’s almost that special time of year when we all come together to celebrate the PHB’s birthday!

Of course, all are invited to share this momentous occasion with the PHB staff, where we’ll be announcing the winners of the 2020 Poppies. The big day is Saturday, July 25, so don your finest attire and prepare for a night of fanfare and fun! (The PHB’s birthday is technically the 26th, but we figure Saturdays are more festive.) I’ll drop the deets below:

🥳 WHO: All Poptropicans are invited! PHB staff will be there too!

🏆 WHAT: Hanging out in Poptropica’s common rooms in both Flash and Haxe (since people have accounts in both versions, and they’re not so easily interchangeable). Cheer on your picks for the awards and chat with Poptropicans on the PHC, where we’ll be revealing the Poppies winners!

🕖 WHEN: July 25, 2020 (Saturday) @ 9 p.m. Eastern 8 p.m. Central 7 p.m. Mountain 6 p.m. Pacific. If you live in a different timezone, you can use a time zone converter to see what the time will be where you live.

💻 WHERE: The Poptropica Help Chat (PHC), our moderated chat server on Discord. If you’ll be on the go, make use of Discord’s mobile apps!

🎉 WHY: To have fun while we announce the winners of the 2020 Poppies and commemorate 12 years of the PHB with the amazing Poptropica community!

Friendly reminder to go VOTE for the nominees you find most deserving of the Poppies awards if you haven’t already! Every vote matters, and the ones with the highest tally of votes will win. Time is of the essence: the voting round closes Wednesday, July 22! Again, here’s the link to the voting survey.

We can’t wait for the festivities to begin! Mark your calendars, spread the word, and prepare for a night to remember. A recap of the event will be posted here on the blog afterward. Stay tuned, stay safe, and…

🔹 We’ll see you on the blue carpet! 🔹

– the Poppies Help Blog team –