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Chrome, Coaching & More with Skinny Moon

Hey Poptropicans, it’s Slanted Fish here with a special guest!

The full moon may have come out, but it was looking a little skinnier last Thursday night when Skinny Moon popped into the PHC for a brief visit. For those who missed it, this post is here to recap what went down.

sm chrome pop

(And yes, that is her current outfit!)

At about 10:30 p.m. (Eastern time) last Thursday, March 9, Poptropica Creator Skinny Moon talked with Poptropicans on our Poptropica Help Chat hangout for about 45 minutes. She started off by introducing her latest blog post about fixing problems with Google Chrome’s compatibility with Poptropica, saying:

Hey everyone!

Quick update. Chrome updated today and it’s not playing nice with Flash for everyone. Here’s what to do if Poptropica won’t run for you on Flash: #fastestblogpostever


Wanted to get it out there because we know lots of people play at night!

Other than dispensing advice for the Chrome issue, Skinny Moon also stayed to answer some of the latest questions burning in the minds of the Poptropican community. From Pop Worlds development to coaching soccer, Jessica had plenty of insight to give, and what follows is a Q&A style post to recap what she shared:

idk: I have a question. Why is the Snowpocalypse game on Home Island formatted with the smaller screen? Was it just easier to develop in this case?
Skinny Moon: You know, I really don’t know!

Tall Cactus: Will the Snowpocalypse game still be available on Monday? I’m on vacation and I didn’t bring my computer.
Skinny Moon: Yes it’ll be up for a while!

Tall Cactus: I just find it funny that I just arrived in Florida and a snow themed game comes out lol
Skinny Moon: Wish I were in Florida right now!!!

idk: When will the snow and stuff disappear from Home Island?
Skinny Moon: We don’t have a definite date. March is cold here in Boston – we’re getting snow tomorrow. BOOOOOOOO. So we’re feeling the cold here. :wink:
idk: “Boo”? For snow? You Bostonians are crazy! D:
Skinny Moon: I’m so sick of the cold. I want spring!!!

Smart Flame: @Skinny Moon How are you?
Skinny Moon: I’m good! Tired. :smiley: Very busy!!!

Smart Flame: Will Poptropicans be able to have accessories (Example: Watches, bracelets…)
Skinny Moon: I don’t know exact details… but pretty sure that’s the plan! I don’t know for sure about which accessories, though.

Smart Flame: Have you played Snowpacalypse? And if so, what’s your high score?
Skinny Moon: I’ve played it a couple times and my score is EMBARRASSING.

Tall Cactus: when will the costume contest winner’s designs be added to the store?
Skinny Moon: The grand prize winners are in final design stage now. Then off to a developer!

Pusheen: What did you have for lunch today?
Skinny Moon: Hmmmmm, what DID I have for lunch…??? Thinking… Oh! A baked potato. And a cookie. I’m running low on food. LOL

idk: Skinny Moon, when do you think Poptropica Worlds will release? Expecting any more delays?
Skinny Moon: I can’t give any dates on Worlds. I can say it’ll release in Spring. That’s really all I can say right now!

Smart Flame: Dr. Hare or Binary Bard?
Skinny Moon: That’s like choosing my favorite kid.

TallMeloniscool: Who had the idea of making Poptropica Worlds? And why did you make Poptropica Worlds? What were you Creators thinking!
Skinny Moon: Not one person in particular as far as I know. As for why… You may know that Flash isn’t going to be supported anymore, eventually, by Chrome and maybe other browsers (I don’t know exact details). And Poptropica, like many other games, is built on Flash. So we are now using Unity to develop Poptropica, and that’s what we’re developing Worlds!

Smart Flame: What’s your favorite part of Pop Worlds? (that you can tell us)
Skinny Moon: I am really excited about Poptropicans having their own houses they can decorate!

idk: How much behind the scenes stuff do you see at Poptropica HQ? Anything that the public will never know?
Skinny Moon: Oh, sure! Lots of stuff! But most of it is everyday work stuff – not exactly exciting! What is fun is being in on the development of Worlds as it’s been happening. It’s really a privilege. :smiley:

Smart Flame: From the pictures we have seen of houses, is it safe to say they’ll be on their own separate island, or will it be on the Home island of Pop Worlds?
Skinny Moon: I think I know the answer to that but I shouldn’t say, just in case things change! Unexpected stuff can happen in game development!

TallMeloniscool: On non-SUI islands, why was the map feature removed? You know, the one where you see where you are?
Skinny Moon: Some sort of technical reason, I believe. Honestly I don’t remember. Sorry – that’s a boring answer but the truth!
TallMeloniscool: Ok, so why was the homepage removed?
Skinny Moon: Again, I don’t remember… something technical.

ABSORBED: Who is your favorite Poptropica Help Blog author?
Skinny Moon: What is it with you all asking me to pick favorites tonight? LOL! I can’t choose! Are you going to ask me my favorite song ever next? :wink:
ABSORBED: Hahaha what is your favorite song?

Korikasai: Will all the islands in the original Poptropica be remastered in Pop Worlds?
Skinny Moon: I’m guessing not all because we’ll create new islands, too.

bd: Do you work at Poptropica HQ or from home?
Skinny Moon: I mostly work at home. My office is decorated with #PoptropicaArt you all do!

Tall Cactus: Will new Creators be joining when Worlds comes out?
Skinny Moon: That’s a good idea!

TallMeloniscool: What were you creators thinking when you made 7 islands only for members?
Skinny Moon: I wasn’t with Poptropica then, but I’m guessing yes – what @RedLizard2015 said. It’s a way to make membership more valuable. Only 6 are members-only now. Remember you guys, Poptropica is always FREE. Membership sweetens it, but you can always enjoy Poptropica without membership.

Smart Flame: Will common rooms be in Pop Worlds?

Skinny Moon: Hmmmmm, good question! I don’t know exactly.

TallMeloniscool: What! So that means maybe there might be no multiplayer! Nooo battles!!!
Skinny Moon: I don’t know for sure. Don’t make assumptions! I just don’t know the answer to every question.

Tall Cactus: Will there be sponsored islands on Worlds? Members only islands?
Skinny Moon: Don’t know for sure. Some things I just can’t say – need to maintain the element of surprise!

Smart Flame: Will store-bought items be transferred onto Pop Worlds from original Poptropica?
Skinny Moon: Can’t say about store items. Not sure. I can’t get into lots of details you guys, sorry.

At 11:06 pm, she wrote on the chat, “Okay, I’m falling asleep at my keyboard. It’s been a loooooooong day” – but stuck around for a little while longer.

Smart Flame: What’s your favorite fruit?
Skinny Moon: Ooooh, that’s a tough one. Yikes. I’m very indecisive about favorites. Maybe blackberries.

The Judge: other then monkey wrench island, in your opinion what island is a good island for beginners to play?
Skinny Moon: Probably 24 Carrot. It’s not too hard and it’s got Dr. Hare, who’s so iconic for Poptropica!

shakyskunk: Why is Mya white? Do you find it weird talking to a bunch of kids?
Skinny Moon: Re: Mya — she’s not white.

Here’s an interesting tidbit for you: Skin and hair color is all done with code. So mockups that are done in pure art software doesn’t have the same skin and hair varieties as in-game. It’s just how it turned out on the graphic!

And no, I don’t find it weird talking to kids. I’ve always liked “working” with kids – I was a camp counselor for years and working with tweens and teens was always the most fun for me. Now I’m a soccer coach – and a mom. :smiley:

shakyskunk: So you’re a… soccer mum?

Skinny Moon: I’m a soccer coach. And mom. And soccer mom, I guess, though I don’t like that term. And Poptropica social media/community manager. And more!

TallMeloniscool: wow you have a busy life

Skinny Moon: I am perpetually tired. LOL. I soccer coach in my little town. For second graders. It’s awesome.

TallMeloniscool: How did you become a Poptropica creator?

Skinny Moon: Back when Poptropica’s parent company needed someone to manage some social media and blogging for Galactic Hot Dogs, I got that job. Then they liked what I did, so I transitioned over to Poptropica. :smiley:

Hyper Gamer: How often does your kids play Poptropica?
Skinny Moon: few times a week. They love it!

TallMeloniscool: Do you know about Poptropica glitches like dummies and Avatar Studio Glitch?

Skinny Moon: Yep!

Finally, at 11:17 p.m., she wrapped up by reposting the Chrome blog post, and saying, “Ok, I’m exhausted and falling asleep while typing. I have to go! Have a great night!”

Thanks for stopping by, Skinny Moon! As always, it was a pleasure to get some answers and just get to know a Creator who also happens to love coaching soccer for kids.

If you want to meet the coolest Poptropicans of the community, the PHC is where it’s at. Pop in anytime, we’re always open.

Stay popping,


11 thoughts on “Chrome, Coaching & More with Skinny Moon”

  1. The last one gets me. I feel she knows about the game glitches,how come she doesn’t…you know,get them fixed? Seems a bit odd. Other than that,good stuff. I sympathise with her on that last part. I feel sleepy right now. So sleep that I could fall asleep on my keybdnwhshjshsjzjahsjsjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj

    1. Well, with Poptropica Worlds on the horizon, fixing ASGs on the current Poptropica would understandably be less of a priority. Besides, they know that ASGs are a big part of the glitching community, so they would have to figure out some way to cater to their interests (exclusive costumes and whatnot) without losing a portion of their players. Maybe they’ll address this with Worlds.

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