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Warm up to 12 Days of Member Gifts 🍫🎁 and glitchy goodness for all

Hey Poptropicans! As promised earlier, Poptropica is back with 12 Days of Member Gifts, a December tradition that began in 2018.

The first day of December brings members a winter clubhouse bundle which contains a chocolate fountain, cozy fireplace, and cute white pompom wreath. Look for these items in “Decorate” mode!

If you get a membership at any point in December (perhaps as a holiday present?), you can get all of the 12 Days of Member Gifts! The gifts will automatically be added to your account if you’re a member, the Creators’ Blog confirmed. They will also be updating this other post to share what member gifts are being given in the next couple of weeks, so check back there (or the PHB!) for updates.

Non-members, we’ve got something for you too! We’ve updated our list of glitching tools to include a few new ones: Beat ‘Em All and Card Collector developed by Dangerous Icicle, and Poptro-Closet by supersiu. They’re just what they sound like. We won’t say too much about them here, but you can find out more on our Glitching page!

Collect all the island medallions with Beat ‘Em All!

What else is going on this month in the Poptropica fandom?

🏝 Now that we’re into December, time is ticking for the Design Your Dream Island Contest! Submissions are still being taken now up until December 18, a little over two weeks away. Send your ideas here!

❄️ December’s theme for Community Creations is “Fire & Ice.” As always, we look forward to your masterpieces!

🥳 Stay tuned for details of a Poptropica party soon! The PHB is cooking up an event to celebrate the holiday season and say goodbye to Flash, and we’d love to have you there. In the meantime, our PHC Discord server is always up for a good time among Poptropica fans.

That’s all for this post. Cue the holiday season! 🎄✨🕯

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Pop 5: Islands From an Artist’s Perspective

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Mud Bub, who’ll be taking a look at Poptropica islands from her perspective as a college art student.

She shared with the PHB, “Poptropica allowed me to get more in-tune with my passion for art. Similar to other Flash or After Effects products like Wow Wow Wubbzy or this video, I get the most thrill out of flat yet bold and colorful designs, and this has greatly affected my art style.

As a college art student, having an influence such as Poptropica is very much needed for me, both with art and being a general stress reliever… I may be older… but time has given me a better understanding, excitement, and idea-fueled drive for the game. This [guest post] is more than just a Pop 5 list to me, but finally articulating the artistic passion that I’ve had for over a decade. Without the openness of the PHB accepting blog post submissions, I would not have finally gotten to express that.”

Thank you, Mud Bub! And with that wonderful intro, let’s get into the post

Greetings! I’m Muddy “Mud Bub” Bubbles, an art student at Ephraim University and collector of black-framed glasses. Professor Max McPatrick assigned me to analyze only the finest of Poptropica’s island artistry, and I can only hope that he won’t deduct points for not including his native island, Mocktropica.

Poptropica islands are known for their vast adventures, but their visuals are also notable. I’ve discovered that they are all worthy of praise, but there are a mighty few that stand out in their attention to detail and interactions with art.

#5: Counterfeit Island

This wouldn’t be an article on Poptropican art without mentioning Counterfeit Island! This island arguably offers the most extensive art collection of them all, although the genres are a bit narrow, and seeing less represented forms of art would have been nice. It does beat Early Poptropica’s Pop Art Museum by a mile, though. There may be French stereotypes, but Counterfeit Island’s store logos and calming interior design of the abandoned house make for an authentic island experience. Most of all, it allows for literal hands-on experiences with fine art and learning its value, which makes for a great introduction to art history.

#4: Mythology Island

It’s no myth that this island has lovely Greek and Roman art. Although the meandering may be overdone, they make the island more unique and memorable. The fonts and architecture also stay true to ancient form. Hades, Zeus and Poseidon have their own icons that are presented consistently, from the island logo to the Mythology Surfer costume. These are examples of brand design, a modern form of art, that other characters use as well, such as Dr. Hare and his rabbit gimmick. The pictures above show how two forms of art (wall art and iconography + sculpture and iconography) can merge into one to truly showcase the personalities of the gods.

#3: Steamworks Island

This island is more inventive than just its gadgets! Steamworks Island takes on a truly vintage and trinket-y form that makes it hard not to love. The color palettes perfectly show the dullness of the tools in a somehow bright way. There are banners with gears and stripes on them, as well as buildings covered with beautiful vines. So many bits and bobs to be found that make it easy to understand the intricate stylings of steampunk. Exploring this town can get kind of isolating though.

#2: Red Dragon Island

This island truly deserves recognition for the interactions with art it allows us. From literal bridge-building to bonsai trimming and calligraphy, Red Dragon Island is an authentic celebration of Eastern art. Despite the wild ninja adventures, one can feel relaxed, too, while wearing a beautiful kimono as cherry blossoms fly in the breeze. Seriously, this island could be Black Widow’s next strike. The land of Edo leaves Jack and Annie’s neck of the woods in Frog Creek with a little more to be desired, but that stark contrast may make ancient Japan look all the more unique.

#1: Nabooti Island

This island is a real gem, and I’m not just talking about its logo! Nabooti Island allows you to explore many environments and rare items of Africa. It’s also a rarity to see how an entire continent can fit in one island, and note how the starting point isn’t even a separate piece of land. Still, there are artful features such as masks, sculptures and animal photography that allow us to see the beauty of the island’s culture. This is also shown in its fashioned natives, shimmering minerals and detailed hieroglyphics. Nabooti Island gives its players a diverse and unforgettable artistic appreciation of Africa.

Honorable mentions

  • Arabian Nights Island: This island proves that there is beauty to be found everywhere—even in a desert hijacked by forty thieves! The mansion in particular shows bold application of Middle Eastern architecture and design.
  • PoptropiCon Island: Yes, PoptropiCon, and this is not just because of my love of puns! This place is riddled with costume-makers, comic book writers, and other artists that connect over their craft. PoptropiCon is a testament to the ever-changing mediums of art and its content. That said, they could have shown more of the communities that conventions have to offer.
  • Big Nate Island: This unique island allows us to jump in a graphic novel. What it lacks in detail it makes up in its dynamic character design and a bright, consistent style. If nothing else, this one wins for the most colorful and characteristic island logo.

This list was so difficult to narrow down. Will you fight for the royal aesthetic of Astro-Knights? Maybe I wimped out on the Wimpy Kid islands and owe Greg Heffley an apology. Or will you be bold and claim the best art comes from your own Home Island? Share your favorite art from Poptropica in the comments!

– Mud Bub

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Mud Bub. If you did, you might also like the PHB’s tour of the art museum on Counterfeit Island or our Pop Places IRL series, which explores the real world inspirations of Poptropica islands.

The Poptropica Help Blog welcomes interesting Poptropica insights from anyone in the Poptropica community with thoughts to share. You can find some tips and guidelines on our page on how to Write for the PHB, and share blog posts on the PHC.

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Merchandise, Poptropica Store

Deck your IRL avatar with not-so-crude Poptropica merch! 🧢👕

Hey Poptropicans, big Pop drop: the official Poptropica merch store, teased about a month ago, is here!

And there’s plenty to choose from: clothes, stickers, notebooks, phone cases… 54 items now and more to come, say the Pop Creators. (You can also send your ideas!) Take a look at these beauties, for starters:

The official Pop merch store is hosted on Zazzle, which means “they make and ship all the products for [Poptropica].” Right now, there’s a discount of 20% off if you use the code BESTZAZGIFTS at checkout. That’ll probably come in handy, as the items can cost quite a bit, ranging from US$4.95 for the lowest-priced sticker to $91.90 for Dr. Beev pattern high tops (our beloved Beev has quite a bit of merch here!).

Items are sorted as Apparel and Accessories (hoodies, T-shirts, party glasses, socks, tank tops, hats), Stickers (blimp, Herc’s Hero Hut logo, Zomberry clown, Poptropica logo), and Vintage Distressed Pattern (with a jigsaw puzzle, face mask, and more — also, you might recognize this as the background the PHB uses!). Browse the Pop shop now!

By the way, this isn’t Poptropica’s first time on Zazzle! For a few years starting in 2009, they used to sell different T-shirts, wall stickers, and posters there, but they haven’t been available for a while. To see what else Poptropica sells IRL (or used to sell), check out our page on Poptropica Merchandise: A Guide to Poptropica Shopping. 🛍

Whether or not you’re getting the real-life gear, you can still treat yourself to a shopping spree on Poptropica: The Actual Game!

The in-game store has gotten a few updates since last week, with new costumes like the Pumpkin Pleasure and Aqua Rebel, and a couple new powers: the Levitation Spell Book (which has you shout out “Volantem Levitatio!”) and Spark Shower Wand (check out our gif below):

While you’re in Poptropica, you may notice a new ad for The Croods: A New Age, a Dreamworks animated movie which will be in theaters in time for Thanksgiving. Check out the Pop Creators’ video of the mini-game, where you ride a creature named Chunky to collect bones and avoid baddies, in the end winning your very own Chunky Follower!

The Pop Creators also recently released a video for another ad, which you may recognize as it’s been around for about two months now: it’s for American Girl: Courtney’s Island, and contains plenty of prizes!

Also on Pop, you may notice something a little different from the bottom left corner: instead of the usual video ads, this space is now playing a slideshow of some recent Poptropica fan art!

Part of the fan art slideshow includes this piece featuring Gentle Dolphin with the Jersey Devil, by the PHB staffer herself!

You may have seen some of them spotlighted on the Creators’ Instagram stories, which we’ve also shared on the PHB. Pretty cool to see it within the game browser, too — and an improvement compared to ads. 🙂

In other news, Poptropica has disabled the Avatar Studio, the much-loved tool that allowed us to view player characters by entering their username. It’s not too surprising, given that Poptropica hasn’t linked to it on their site for a while now. However, the ASG still works.

Fortunately, you can still access the AS via this link on idk’s website, which simply loads the Shockwave Flash (SWF) from Poptropica’s files. But with Flash’s end coming up, it’s not guaranteed to last.

That’s it for this post! So, will you be getting any Poptropica merch? Or just sticking to the virtual store? What items do you want most? Share with us in the comments!

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Design Your Dream Island contest is back! 🏝

Hey Poptropicans—contest alert! 🚨 From now until December 18 at 11:59 p.m. PST, you can submit your own original Poptropica island idea for a chance to have it made into game reality!

The next Poptropica island could be from your imagination.

Some of you might remember that Poptropica hosted this contest back in 2013. The winning idea added to the game? Arabian Nights Island. 🐫

Fans have been hoping for another chance at the contest ever since the massive success of the first one. More recently, the question was put forth in the PHB’s Q&A with Poptropica’s CEO, who answered, “How about after this interview gets posted we start the contest?” And true to their word, here it comes now!

📝 The Pop Creators have put together a brand new submission form ( which allows anyone to share their island ideas — as well as fan art and letters outside of the contest’s purposes! The form is simple: you enter your username, write a message, add an optional attachment (which can be a jpg, png, gif, or pdf file), click a checkbox captcha, and with the press of the submit button, your submission is sent to Poptropica.

Share your island idea on Poptropica’s new submission form.

Fortunately, there are no geographical or age restrictions like the previous Dream Island contest, but children under 13 do need a parent or guardian’s permission to enter. Your island idea should only be entered once.

As the Creators shared on the official blog, they’re looking for the following in a successful island idea: an original and exciting story, key characters, and setting (don’t copy from other brands or people!). Not only will the winning idea become a real Poptropica island, its inventor will also win a one-year Poptropica membership!

⛅️ For some inspiration to get your creative wheels spinning, you can take a look back at some of the most successful entries from the 2013 Dream Island contest. In addition to the winning Arabian Nights Island, the Pop Creators named these as their top ten runners-up last time: Bikers vs Boards Island, Fashion Crisis Island, Golden Mustache Island, House of Cards Island (with in-depth look from its inventor), Pharoah’s Fantasies Island, Prehistoric Island, Shakespeare Island, Space Bar Island, Stormchaser Island, and Symphony Island. (Plus, check out one former PHB staffer’s personal opinion reviews for each of those ideas!)

What ideas do you have for a Poptropica island? Start dreaming, maybe bounce some ideas with our PHC Discord community, and remember to submit your idea before the December 18 deadline!

And stay tuned — the winner will be announced December 28. Whatever it is, we’re excited to see, and eventually play, another fan-invented island! 😄🏝

— the PHB —

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Not a Monster Carnival, but Fall Festival 🎠 — coming any moment now!

Hey Poptropicans! Something new is coming to town…

On Instagram, the Pop Creators recently shared two sneak peeks of a Fall Festival, which is going to be a limited time event… and it’s dropping by starting tomorrow! 🎟🎡🍭

The first pic shows a “snack shack” with cotton candy, with elements of the art reminiscent of the carnival fun of Monster Carnival Island. What’s also intriguing is the caption, hinting about getting to “join your friends”… could this mean more features coming to the Friends Beta currently on Haxe?

The other sneak peek is a gif of a Poptropican holding up and squeezing a big, pink, fluffy toy bear, perhaps a prize for winning a carnival game.

View this post on Instagram

🍂Fall Festival starts TOMORROW! 🙌

A post shared by Official Poptropica (@poptropicacreators) on

Based on the surrounding grass, this extravaganza looks like it could be taking place on Home Island (which has been known to get makeovers from time to time). Or perhaps it’ll get its own little limited time island? Whatever the case, we’ll be here to join in the autumnal festivities! 🍂

Though the Fall Festival hasn’t arrived yet, perhaps a hint of it has already poked through in-game: if you head over to the Poptropica map, you’ll see an envelope sticking out of the Poptropica logo.

Clicking on it doesn’t do anything, at least not yet. But maybe it’s a sign of an oncoming mail feature, like what we saw with Paradise Island?

Have we got mail?

Also, oddly enough, the Zomberry Hero event is still on the map and playable even though it’s the second week of November! Perhaps it’ll soon be replaced by the next limited time carnival event, though…

In less exciting news, the ad attacks continue. Logging into the game the other day, PHB staffer Gentle Dolphin discovered a pop-up video ad in the bottom corner. It goes away if you either scroll down to the video player below the game screen, or zoom out to where both the game screen and video player are both viewable. 

That’s not all, though: even the billboard has been infected! Take a look at this Grammarly ad embedded in Home Island:

Poptropica recently shared that they’re experimenting more with ads because of greater demand from advertisers in the current pandemic. Rather disruptive for players, tbh, but the hope is they’re temporary!

For more insights from Pop HQ, check out the recent Q&A they did with the PHB, where they shared about what 2021 holds for Poptropica, whether certain beloved old features will return, and more. Definitely worth a read! 📰 Catch you all at the carnival coming up! 🎡

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