My Place in Poptropica: Gentle Fang

This is the My Place in Poptropica story of Gentle Fang, who stopped playing Poptropica for a while because she felt too old for it, but returned to it for the challenge and fun she’d missed. See below for how to send in your MPIP!

mpip gentlefang

Hey everyone! I am Gentle Fang (a brilliant oxymoron of a name). I wrote a guest post back in February with a little island history, and decided to return and do a My Place in Poptropica post for fun. Enjoy!

2012 | Introduction

In 2012, I was in second grade, and was seven years old. I always loved to visit, and in the website’s games there were constantly Poptropica advertisements. The characters in the pictures I saw looked pretty cool to me, so I asked my mom if I could play.

She agreed to set up an account for me to use, although I was not allowed membership to the game. Upon entering, I clicked the first island I saw: Zomberry. I was frightened by the purple zombies back then, but now I see them as nothing to be afraid of. Since I was scared, I quickly exited out of the game. Sadly, I have no idea what my old username was.

2015 | Different school, different kids

When I was in fifth grade, I moved to a new school for the seventh time in my life. I had come from a school where I was very well-liked by the students and was very close to them, so when I moved, I expected it to be just the same as the last school. However, I turned out to be very wrong.

I met lots of kids who were very different from what I was used to (in a good way), and most of them didn’t like any of the same things I did. I got very shy around these kids, and so I had no one to be around when school was over. The work was also kind of boring to me because the curriculum at my new school was behind on what it had been at my old school, so much of it was review for me.

It was out of boredom that I went back onto FunBrain one night, and once again, I saw the Poptropica ads. I thought back to second grade and the scary Zomberry zombies, and was hesitant to join. However, I decided to do it again anyway, because I figured much could have changed as I got older.

I found that I loved the game, and tried to complete islands on my own, which was a huge challenge. I had fun changing my character’s outfits and making her hair bright turquoise. I chatted in the common rooms and even copied down some questions from the chats to ask to kids at school.

I got a very positive reaction, and found that many people who I thought were so different from me were actually quite similar. I made a few friends who I am still close to today, including my friends Isabella and Caroline. I found out that plenty of kids played Poptropica, and one even showed me the PHB, so completing islands wouldn’t be so hard anymore.

It was also on Poptropica that I discovered how much I love theater, especially musical theater. I watched as Gentle Fang cried off of the stage on Reality TV Island and how she would sweat nervously in Game Show Island, and I myself became very good at acting out the very same emotions my character acted out. After fifth grade, I joined the drama club at school, which helped me to get a ton of friends.

2016 | A break from an obsession (and forming some new ones)

In 2016, I entered middle school. I LOVED IT, to say the least. I felt like I had a lot more independence, but also felt I was “too old” for some things.

For one, I felt that it was time I abandoned the pink decorations on all of my stuff and replaced it with boring old zebra stripes. I also developed a new obsession of listening to Hamilton over and over again. And, more relevant to this story, I came to think that Poptropica was too babyish for the eleven-year-old that I was and not worth my time anymore, so I stopped playing.

2017 | Why’d I ever stop?

This year, I felt I was lacking a challenge, some sort of game that would test my logic and reasoning. I realized what I was actually missing was Poptropica. I missed the challenges the islands presented to me, and I missed the fun social interactions that resulted from it. I realized that the only thing I was actually “too old” for was my own brain.

So, I decided to give myself a mental refresh, in which I realized it was dumb to get rid of things I loved so much just because I was getting older. I quickly went back to Poptropica, replaying all of the old islands and laughing at some friends’ outfit choices for their characters.

I went back to Gentle Fang and took her for a long shopping trip in the store. I had tons of fun, and I am working on my Poptropica Worlds account now. While my newer obsession of Hamilton songs continue to play in the background, I am so happy to have gone back to my older obsession of a game that brought me great joy.

Hope you enjoyed this “My Place in Poptropica” story!

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Speedrun through 24 Carrot, slow down for Home Island, and don’t forget the Antlers

Hey Poptropicans! Slanted Fish here with the latest report on what’s popping.

Poptropica has released a new video, and this one’s pretty unique compared to the others: it’s a speedrun of 24 Carrot Island, which shows you how to complete the island in approximately 4 minutes! It’s pretty impressive, so check it out:

The narrator’s voice is not one we’ve heard before, but it sounds like it could be a teenager, or at least someone young but not childlike as in the trailer video. This video uses some visual clips from the trailer, and I think the new voice fits the vibe pretty well. The narration packs a fair bit of humor in its quick walkthrough, only stopping once for a hilariously deep breath. I’d like to see more videos like this! What do you think?

That’s not the only new video this week — we’ve also got another livestream (#4) from Creator Stephanie! Catch the archived video below:

This episode aired October 13 (Friday). (Speaking of Friday the 13th, check out this Creators’ Blog post highlighting some superstitiously-unlucky Poptropica moments for the occasion. It’s good to see Captain Crawfish blogging again!)

Anyway, back to the video with Stephanie. The first minute is just silence before Stephanie realizes she’s on air, and then it’s off to Home Island again! As with the last livestream, she picks up on decorating her house, this time adding membership furniture like the beach themed windows along with her non-member items.

Before placing the furniture in her home, she takes a candy break — not jellybeans this time, but candy from her recent travels to Colombia! Then she starts placing her decor around the house, starting with beach windows and then carefully thinking through where to put her clock, fireplace, rocket lamp and more. Plus, she’s taking names for the suit of armor guarding the house — got any suggestions?

Just as she signs off, we can catch a quick glimpse of the recording program she’s using: Gameshow 2. So there you have that, in case you were wondering!

Stephanie will be livestreaming Poptropica Worlds every week for the foreseeable future. They could be any day of the week, but stay tuned for the next one!

In other news, the Elk Antlers on Crisis Caverns Island have moved! Though they used to be in Crispin Cave, they are no longer there — instead, you’ll now find them on top of Ye Old Cabin and Mine. Why they changed this is a mystery, but perhaps it makes a little more sense in the story as a location for pranksters to place the item.

You can see this update in action in this video by Young Hippo. Thanks also to Green Cheetah for the update and a screenshot!

As you may notice if you try it out for yourself, or if you complete any other item on your quest log, a side note will now appear beside your quest log to mark the completion of an item on the list! Pretty neat new feature to let you know when you’re making some progress. But that’s not the only thing that’s new about the quest log…

Now, when you progress to a new point, a notification will also pop up beside the quest log to give a little nudge for what you’re supposed to do or think about next. You may have noticed it in the 24 Carrot video above, which gives pointers like this one:

questlog update2

Cool, huh?

By the way, here’s your chance to write for the PHB: We’re working on a guide for the new mini-game Dr. Hare’s Revenge and would appreciate any help! Send us your writing and/or pictures to

Anyway, what do you think of the new quest log updates, livestream, and speedrun video? What would you like to see the Creators do next for Poptropica? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!


My Place in Poptropica: Crazy Peppers

This is the My Place in Poptropica story of Crazy Peppers, who was introduced to Pop by his brother’s friend and hasn’t stopped the obsession since. See below for how to send in your MPIP!

mpip crazypeppers

2013–2015 | My Brother’s Friend

The event that began my road to Poptropica was my older brother moving into a new school. His first friend was a middle-schooler named Moises. (Moises is in high school now.) One day, Moises came over to our place and showed me a computer game called Poptropica. Little did I know that it would be the start of an obsession — an obsession that hasn’t died out (yet).

My first account Yellow Ghost, which was created by my brother. We beat so many islands together — with the help of the Poptropica Help Blog, of course. (After all, who doesn’t look up a little help?)

For the next couple of years, Poptropica was the one and only computer game I played. I watched many islands come out over the time I played: Galactic Hot Dogs, Mystery of the Map, Timmy Failure, Escape From Pelican Rock, and finally, Monkey Wrench. Then, Poptropica stopped coming out with islands.

2016 | Let’s Take a (Long) Break

One day in 2016, I just stopped playing for some reason. I don’t know why, because I hadn’t forgotten my username and password. Poptropica didn’t release any new islands after Monkey Wrench, so that may have contributed to it.

After a while, Poptropica was completely out of my mind. For a long time, it just didn’t occur to my mind to keep playing.

Early 2017 | The Return… to a new World

One day in early 2017, a thought came in to my head: “Remember that old game Poptropica? I should check it out again. A lot of stuff might have changed!”

As it turns out, not that much had changed — that is, until the release of Worlds.

Up until the the release of the new game, I had never heard of it. I guess I hadn’t been keeping up with the news. Anyway, once it was out, I immediately imported my Poptropica Original account.

I played around with it but decided I didn’t like it that much. I liked the houses though. I’ve beat all the islands in Worlds (so far).

August 2017 | Membership

In August, my parents agreed to get me a one-month membership. I LOVED it! I went on Poptropica Original and beat most of the membership islands (except Great Pumpkin Island, because I couldn’t get past the piano part). I played most of the bonus quests, and got all of the members-only store items. When my membership ended, I was pretty sad, but I had fun with it.

Looking to the present

Well, that’s it for now, but I sure hope the Poptropica Creators come up with more soon! My username is intinavia2 if anybody wants to friend me, and I’d like to give a special thanks to the PHB for letting me post on their site.

Stay safe out there, Poptropica fans.

Hope you enjoyed this “My Place in Poptropica” story!

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Dr. Hare’s Revenge, minus the Hare, plus bouncy beds

Hey Poptropicans! Big news in the Poptropica sphere this week…

…if you’re a member, that is. But even if you aren’t, don’t worry — you’ll get to play this update soon. So what’s up? Well, Dr. Hare is back (kind of) in a new mini-game called Dr. Hare’s Revenge! Check out the sweet animated video promo:

In this game, which you can find on your map in Poptropica Worlds, Dr. Hare (who you may remember from 24 Carrot Island) has set a series of challenges for you: find your way around each maze full of tricks and traps, collecting all the carrots before time runs out. There are four zones of 10 levels each, which gives you plenty of gameplay and scenery to be entertained with.

Check out this full playthrough video from the PHB’s very own Brave Tomato:

Since this is currently still in beta, members who play this game during this early access period get to take a survey after completing Zone 1, in which you can give your feedback to the Poptropica Creators! They want to know what you think, so be sure to fill it out if you can! This style of gameplay is definitely following a different direction than a typical Poptropica island, yet it is a common mobile gaming trend with its simple objective and ascending level difficulties — but what do you think of it?

Also, if you’re playing this on a mobile phone or tablet, you also get to try out a whole new control scheme. With it, you can move around using an on-screen joystick and jump button. Again, the Creators want to know your thoughts on this!

worlds joystick

picture credit: Yujo_Jacy_the_Jumpy_Coyotekans, who has a ridiculously high coin count…

The game itself is pretty exciting, but there is one thing worth pointing out: despite the name, Dr. Hare himself doesn’t make an appearance, instead letting his rabbot droids run the show! It looks like Poptropica has pulled another Dr. Hare’s Secret Lab — but at least Dr. Hare’s Revenge is quite a bit more interesting.

When you’ve completed Dr. Hare’s Revenge, you’ll win 500 coins and a cool trophy of Dr. Hare’s head for your house! Plus, you can always replay levels to beat your high scores and see where you’re at on the leaderboards.

On a comparatively less exciting note, but an exciting one all the same, there’s been an update to house decor: you can now stand on your furniture (the ones that make sense to do so, anyway — and yes, this one applies to everyone)! Jumping on beds will even make your character bounce with a satisfying springing sound.

Alright, that’s all for this post! Let us know what you think of Dr. Hare’s Revenge and furniture fun in the comments below!


Book Review: Poptropica’s “The End of Time”


Hey Poptropicans! In this post, we’re going to take a good look at Poptropica: The End of Time, the fourth and final book in the Poptropica graphic novel series, which released September 12, 2017. It’s going to be a long post, but a good one!

You can get the book on Amazon, which ships worldwide (plus, it’s currently 25% off!). If you haven’t already, you’ll also want to check out the first 3 books in the series: Mystery of the Map (which also has an island in the game, reviewed here), The Lost Expedition (review here), and The Secret Society (review here). And now, onto the review!

A Spoiler-Free Overview

Good book reviews tend not to give away the entire story, so for this segment, we’ll be sticking to a (relatively) spoiler-free discussion of events. However, because this is a Poptropica fan blog and we tend to discuss as much Poptropica as we can, the rest of the review is going to have to give away some pertinent details (but we won’t ruin the whole reading experience for you). So here’s an overview of the book from us:

Following the events of The Secret Society, the trio – Mya, Jorge, and Oliver – are more lost than ever in their quest to find their way home. And Octavian is still in the picture, but as the way forward looks bleaker, it seems that all of them are wondering the same thing: What if their lives had been different? With flashbacks to events in each of their lives, the plot culminates as the Nexus is discovered. Known as the “heart of Poptropica,” its very existence (finally) explains Poptropica’s relation with the timeline of history on Earth as we know it as well as the presence of seemingly bizarre twists of our reality.

With the Nexus, it becomes possible to change fate itself. But who will go for it, and what’s at stake? As each character reflects on their own stories, we’re taken through both heartwarming and heart-wrenching times, and we ourselves may wonder what the cost of rewriting our own histories might be. With deep themes on the power of choice and treasuring the life we have, The End of Time is a brilliant conclusion to the Poptropica series that fans of all ages can resonate with.

Now the following segments are going to have some spoilers, so if possible, we recommend that you read the book first so we don’t ruin too many surprises.


The story picks up where we last left off in The Secret Society, the previous book in the series. Having brought about a cataclysm in the only place they knew to be safe, the trio – Jorge, Mya, and Oliver – are more concerned than ever about whether they’ll actually find a way out of Poptropica safely and return home. However, what makes The End of Time stand out from the rest of the Poptropica books are the flashbacks: we get glimpses into the lives of our main characters before this whole mess happened. (Plus, we learn the surnames of each of the kids!)

Octavian is our first flashback – and yes, he’s still alive. Octavian, as we know, was a member of the Secret Society that protected Poptropica. And now we see what turned him to rebellion: he meets a lady, Paulla, in 79 A.D. Pompeii, just before the infamous volcanic eruption that buried the Roman town. He would have saved her, of course, if it weren’t for the Secret Society’s #1 rule: History must be preserved at all costs. That’s why he’s been messing with the timeline: he’ll do anything to be reunited with his lover.


Meanwhile, Mya blames Oliver for the mess they are in, since he was the one to pull the plug on the Aegis earlier. In the next couple of flashbacks, we see that their sibling rivalry goes way back – in fact, we see how they became siblings in the first place. Mya’s mother had passed away, leaving Mya Wong with her dad, and Oliver’s father had walked out on their family, leaving Oliver Hartman with his mom. The two single parents somehow met, and eventually Kevin (Mya’s dad) married Sandy (Oliver’s mom). While Oliver was ecstatic to have his family expand, Mya is very clear to him about her feelings at the wedding, telling him: “…You are not my brother.”


Back to present day, the trio finds Jonas (the right-hand man of the Secret Society operation with Spencer Albright) still alive, albeit barely able to walk. But Jonas has a plan, thanks to a secret project Spencer started, which actually explains how Poptropica is connected to the real world as we know it (and where the kids came from). With the help of a secret submarine, they begin to make their way to the Nexus, or the heart of Poptropica – a land of limitless time crystals.


Oh, and Octavian has snuck his way on board the submarine – but before we deal with him, we’re taken to another flashback, starring Jorge Flores. The younger Jorge would love to play with his friends, but his mother’s overprotectiveness hasn’t exactly helped his street cred. Stuck with having just his mom for company, the two of them head to A-1 Balloon Tours, which, if you remember from Mystery of the Map, is where this all began. In a last-minute weight limit revelation, Jorge is directed to a balloon away from his mother, where he meets Oliver and Mya for the first time.

Now back to Octavian and the gang – now faced with having to spend time together on a submarine on autopilot, Octavian spills his heart about his desire to save Paulla, at the cost of everything else that his interference with the timeline entailed, including dragging the trio of kids into Poptropica, which, it turns out, he couldn’t care less about. And then they arrive at the Nexus.

This is where things get the most interesting. An unexpected guest shows up: Spencer Albright, the head of the Secret Society who was formerly erased from history by Octavian. Isn’t he supposed to be dead?! Well, as Spencer explains, he is gone from one time stream – but lives on in many others. As it turns out, he was wrong about something too: Poptropica doesn’t have just one history that needs protecting; instead, there are infinitely many possible time streams, and each one is as real as the next.


Of course, this begs the question the other characters have been wondering: can they change just one thing about their lives that they wish was different? The answer is yes – and each of them take turns touching the main crystal that allows them glimpses of their lives altered. Octavian, not too surprisingly, leaps at the chance, and is soon taken into the alternate time stream he prefers. Mya and the rest are tempted, too… but in the end, the trio decides, each individually but with the help of each other’s insights, that changing the things they wish so badly were different in their lives is not worth losing what they all have together.


With the portal of timeline travel right in front of them, the trio can finally head home – together – but before they do, Spencer puts Jonas in charge of the Secret Society, handing over his time crystal necklace for future adventures in protecting Poptropica. The kids each get one, too, promising to come back if Poptropica ever needs their help. And with that, they jump back into the time stream that lands them right back into their A-1 Balloon Tour. Though their balloon has had a crash landing, it seems no time at all has passed in their world, and everyone – including the parents – are glad they’re back.

Character Development

All the main characters really get a chance to shine in The End of Time, and not only do they learn something about themselves and their lives, their journey also brings them closer to the one(s) they love.

Everyone can’t help but wonder how things could have been different in their lives, but no one wants things to change as badly as Mya. Ever since her mother’s death, Mya can’t help but think that she was robbed of the life she was supposed to have. When Octavian gives his spiel about losing Paulla, both in the submarine and at the Nexus, it’s Mya who’s leaning the closest – Mya actually feels for Octavian in those moments.


Octavian, of course, doesn’t hesitate to jump into the time stream where he will be with Paulla, once the opportunity presents himself. It makes sense, since it was his one and only goal in life to be reunited with her. Despite his villainous track record with the kids, he still has his humanizing moments when he explains that everything he did, he did for Paulla, even at the cost of almost killing the kids (and erasing Spencer from one time stream) for being in the way of his mission to get her back. Even to the end, he still holds resentment against Spencer for trying to stop him.

Although it’s kind of nice to see Octavian get his happy ending, he never really shows remorse towards the kids. But perhaps, like real life, we just have to accept that some people simply won’t be sorry, and the best we can do is part ways with them. And it also shows a dimensionality to his character: we can’t consider Octavian purely a villain, because his intentions were good, but at the same time, he cared so much about one person that he neglected to care about many others.

The choice to alter their lives, however, is not so clear for the three kids. For easygoing Oliver, he loves his new family – but he still misses his biological father. But a glimpse into a possible future with him reveals something he hadn’t expected: in Oliver’s words, “My dad’s kind of a jerk.” The friendship-starved Jorge has a similar revelation when it’s his turn at the omniscient crystal: the “friends” he knew turn out to be kind of jerks, too.

And it’s when Jorge realizes that he’s met his best friends right here, in Poptropica, that Mya finally gets on board with everything her life has become. She may not have her mother anymore in this time stream, but if she did, she wouldn’t have met Oliver and Jorge. It’s a conflicting choice, having to choose one version of events over another – but in the end, Mya decides that the life she has with Oliver and Jorge is what things have turned out to be in this particular time stream, and she’s able to find satisfaction in that. We might wonder if we would have had the courage to say the same about our own lives.


So in the end, all our main characters are able to find what they’re looking for. For Octavian, he remains his Paulla-centered self, never truly feeling the effects of all the damage he caused along the way. For the kids, they gain a newfound appreciation for what life has thrown at them, in both good times and bad. Even though there are things they thought they wanted to change, all three of them have come full circle to realize that their struggles have played important roles in each of their lives.

Fun References

Just like in the previous books, The End of Time contains various references to popular culture, which are always fun to find. We’ll bring up the ones we found interesting, but there may be more surprises in the book!

In a flashback to a past Christmas, Mya is given a box set of a Philip Pullman trilogy called “His Dark Materials.” Of the fantasy novels, Northern Lights and The Subtle Knife are seen on p. 19 and The Amber Spy Glass is on p. 24. (Side note: Northern Lights was published as The Golden Compass in North America, and has a film version as well.) What’s even more interesting is that Mitch Krpata, the author of The End of Time, shared in an interview with the PHB that he absolutely loves the “His Dark Materials” trilogy and even named his daughter after the main character, Lyra. So, it’s a nice plug for one of his favorite book series!


Although it could perhaps be assumed based on the locations of Poptropica HQ and the people who made this graphic novel happen, we can see that “home” for our trio of kiddos (Mya, Jorge, Oliver) is the United States. On p. 21, as Mya goes through a sequence of events, her surroundings hint at a rather American lifestyle and traditions such as the 4th of July (American flag included) and Halloween (with other kids dressed up as Harry Potter and The Joker). (Curiously, there’s even a church scene.)


On p. 41, Oliver’s mother’s phone contacts include Jack Chabert (pen name of Max Brallier, author of the first Poptropica graphic novel and Galactic Hot Dogs, whose icon is F.R.E.D. from GHD), Jess Brallier (Poptropica’s former president, whose icon is Zeus), C. Kochman (likely Charles Kochman, a publisher at Abrams who is credited at the back of the book, whose icon is a Poptropican with black hair and beard), Chad B. (likely Chad Beckerman, also from Abrams and credited at the back, whose icon is a Poptropican with glasses, spiky gray hair and stubble), Oliver Sr. (Oliver’s finger covers his picture), and Jeff Kinney (whose icon is Greg Heffley from Diary of a Wimpy Kid).


The cereal Oliver eats (also p. 41) is called Sugar Bombs, which is a cereal found in the Fallout video game series.


While none of the Poptropica islands we know from the game actually appears by name or scenery in the graphic novels, p. 81 does include a reference to Crisis Caverns Island, as Jorge panics about the possibility of encountering a “giant worm or mole person!”


At the discovery of the Nexus (p. 84), the characters contemplate worlds of alternate realities, many of which refer to our real world, except of course the events are slightly different. We see the Soviets land on the moon first, Pepsi reign as the #1 cola drink, and Hillary Clinton inaugurated as US President.


Other alternate worlds (or time streams), Jonas explains, may be wildly different from our own, and that’s where we get the more unique islands and characters like Binary Bard from Astro-Knights Island.

Conclusion: 5/5 time crystals

All things considered, The End of Time feels like a solid conclusion to the Poptropica graphic novel series. In fact, it may even be the best book of the series. Of course, you’ll want to have the other books to make the most sense out of it, but even on its own, it tells a striking story about facing up to your past and living in your present.

We learned a bit about how Poptropica works in The Secret Society – islands float up from time to time, stopping by on “the highway of history” – but The End of Time expands on this and fills in the gaps. In this book, we find out more about the nature of Poptropica, especially in relation to our real world; we learn about the Nexus, which is the one spot where these islands surface, and where we can jump from one time stream to infinitely many others, sometimes with bizarre creations. It makes our understanding of Poptropica a whole lot richer, and it would be awesome to see this brought to the game as well. And islands for the latter three books in the series would be amazing, too.


Perhaps the greatest theme for this book was the whole idea of what Spencer called “finding meaning in struggle.” Because we all struggle, and we don’t usually have the time crystals to escape it. But we can wallow in our struggles for the longest time like Mya, or kick everyone out of our way in our quest to regain our own strength like Octavian – or we can learn to live with the fact that things are not always as we hope, as the kids eventually did. One way or another – whether through a perplexed acceptance or a hope in a divine hand – each of us can find the silver lining to our dark storm clouds.


This story is full of adventure and has its fair share of bittersweet moments, culminating into a fine ending for a fine book series that any Poptropica fan can enjoy. In case you haven’t already, you should catch up with the first three books in the series as well. Whether you’re looking for thought-provoking themes or just a fun read, you can find them with the Poptropica series.


Thanks for sticking with us in this long post – this may even have ended up taking up more words than the book itself (oops). Anyway, be sure to pick up your copy of The End of Time, and share your thoughts and criticisms in the comments below!


Worlds Livestream #2: Echoing and Clothing!

Hey Poptropicans!

Remember Poptropica’s first livestream episode earlier this week? Well, it’s back for its second episode, again featuring Poptropica Worlds gameplay narrated by the Creator vlogger we met last time, Stephanie. Check it out below!

Be warned: The first 5 minutes of this video were hit by a disruption of audio technology that resulted in eerie echoing where you can hardly make out what’s being said. However, the problem was solved at around the 5:11 mark.

In this episode, Stephanie plays around with various clothing she’s acquired for her character (Cuddly Dragon), some of which required membership to obtain – including her favorite, the skateboard! She also shows off the Colorizer, which can change your hair and skin tone (though free players are restricted to a small palette). Then she spends some time interacting with the characters on Home Island, and is inspired to do more shopping for more different styles of clothing.

The livestream occurred around 3 PM EST on Thursday, September 28. Throughout the video, Steph gives the occasional shout-out to viewers who chatted on the live chat during the livestream. We’re not told the exact time these livestreams will happen – they just do – so keep your eye out for the next one!

In the next show, which Steph says will be next week (so perhaps this will be a weekly thing?), Steph plans to check out the player house and set up the place. As she puts it, it’s important to “get your style down first!” Following that, she plans to explore one of the islands in an upcoming livestream, so stay tuned for that!

What did you think of this livestream? Did you like it as much as the first episode? What else would you like to see on the livestreams? Share your thoughts in the comments!


Contest-winning and 10th Birthday Costumes, plus a Pop Worlds Livestream!

Hey Poptropicans! Looks like things are popping on Pop again. 😉

It may have taken a good seven months, but it looks like the Poptropica Creators are finally about to bring the winning designs of the #MyPoptropicaCostume contest to the game, with confirmation that that means both Poptropica Worlds and Original! Check out the awesome sneak peek, featuring mermaids and letterman jackets:


They haven’t given an exact release date, only “soon,” but it’s a comfort to know they’re at least being worked on (it is rather long overdue). Maybe my earlier nudging helped – but in any case, it is nice to see a glimpse of what they’re working on (we’ve been pretty starved for regular sneak peeks lately!).

Here we see the grand prize winning designs, “Ocean Princess” designed by Creepy Peanut and “Hip Hop Boy” by Speedy Toes. The 6-month memberships they won have probably expired by now, but at least they’re finally going to see their costumes for real, and with designs for more than one gender, expanding upon their original entries! Hopefully, the top 10 runner-up costumes will soon follow.

Speaking of costumes, the 10th Birthday Costume has finally been added to Worlds, this time glitch-free! You can find it in the store for free. Get it while it’s here!

If you’re playing on mobile, be sure to update your app so you’ll see this costume in the store, along with the all-new Ye Olde Shop building!

worlds 10th bday

pic credit: Young Hippo & Yujo_Jacy_the_Jumpy_Coyotekans

(And it only took an extra week compared to Pop Original…)

In other news, Poptropica had their first ever livestream this weekend: specifically, this past Friday (Sept 22) at about 4:40 p.m. EST. It was completely out of the blue, not having been announced on any of Poptropica’s social media channels except YouTube. You can catch the entire 22 minutes of video here:

The livestream is hosted by one Creator, a young lady in the corner of the screen who introduces herself as Stephanie. Her game username is later revealed as PopTrop_Steph. A quick look-up in the Avatar Studio shows that she has never played Pop Original (at least not on her account), since Worlds accounts that have never played Original (like hers) will have the “Afro Guy” appearance (as she does – so it looks like she’s probably a new Creator). (Personally, I’d like to see some livestreams for Pop Original too, though I guess the closest we have are Captain Crawfish’s walkthroughs!)

Indeed, the whole video focuses on Poptropica Worlds, from creating an account to landing on Home Island to – well, that’s about it, really. What Stephanie goes through will probably be familiar if you’re not completely new, but if you want to watch a Poptropica Creator narrate an exploration of Worlds while eating a bunch of gummy bears, this is the video for you. Oh, and we’re promised there’s more to come in the future.

We’ve never met Steph before, but she seems pretty friendly and excitable. It looks like we’ll be seeing more of her on future YouTube livestreams – the next episode, she says, will be about what you can get with membership in the store. That might get some kids interested in membership, but we hope Poptropica will remember to keep up the love for the free players as well.

It’s not clear whether or not Steph is responsible for the rest of Pop’s social media these days, although I would guess not, since the mystery blogger on the Creators’ Blog has previously used a yellow-haired male character. Regardless, it’s nice to finally know at least one face and name – and if there are other social media staff working for Pop, we hope they’ll introduce themselves as well!

What did you think of the livestream video? What would you like to see in a future video from Poptropica? Share your thoughts in the comments below!