Into the known: what December has in store

Hey Poptropicans, it’s Slanted Fish here to announce a dazzling new homepage graphic, a store update, and the next member gift! Let’s get started.

First, if you head on over to Poptropica, you’ll find a new image on the homepage featuring a host of hyped-up Poptropicans and animals, including an ostrich racer and broom-flying wizard, all on an otherworldly planet with the alien trees from the arcade!

Spectacular, huh? Who knows, maybe the Creators will make another wallpaper out of it…

Log in and you’ll see December’s monthly update laid in store, featuring familiar items like the Realms Builder, Back Lot Island Clapboard, and Hypnotic, as well as old holiday costumes like the Angel, Snow Fall, and Winter Blast PopGum (the latter two are for members only).

A few costumes are repeats from last month’s store update. Oddly, the “Pranks” and Followers” sections of the store have been wiped completely clean this time around.

But the best part is that prices have dropped significantly, even on the repeated costumes! While many items used to be in the 250–350 credits range, you can now snag many from the current stock for about 75–150 credits. Happy shopping!

And last but not least, the next item in the 12 Days of Member Gifts is here, and it’s Penguin Sled Riders to match the cute baby penguins that have popped up in the latest Home Island makeover! Awww.

That’s all for this post. See you next time, Poptropicans! ☃️


PHB Pop-over Special: The Good Place

Welcome! Everything is fine.

You are, after all, in the Good Place. Okay, so, not exactly. You’re in a PHB “Pop-over,” which is a Poptropica crossover with another universe—in this case, the NBC sitcom known as The Good Place.

Dressing up like any of the main cast of characters — (from left to right, top to bottom) Michael, Jason, Janet, Tahani, Eleanor, and Chidi — is pretty simple, as most of these outfits can be obtained when you create a new character on Poptropica, with a few extra steps for some. Michael’s glasses and suit, plus Tahani’s earrings and Janet’s top, can be found by cranking the switch inside New You on Home Island. Janet’s skirt is from the lady outside the New You building, and Jason has a bit of hair from the backpacker on Home Island.

And you can take a look at any of these styles in the Avatar Studio by typing in the character’s name followed by TGP: MichaelTGP, JasonTGP, JanetTGP, TahaniTGP, EleanorTGP, and ChidiTGP.

The Good Place is a show that finds an assorted group sent to a supposedly utopian afterlife that quickly spirals into more than what anyone bargained for. Along the way, it explores questions of moral philosophy, ethics, and what it means to be a “good” person, all while being entertaining. Rated 13+ on Netflix.

Hope you enjoyed this crossover of The Good Place x Poptropica! Have you watched all four seasons of The Good Place? Looking forward to the finale in January? Share your thoughts in the comments!


Want to see more? Check out our other Pop-overs and browse our Costume database for more Poptropica costumes to inspire your own outfits!

Good Mythical Wallpapers

Good day, Poptropicans! 🌞 Here’s to Mythology Island, the adventure that inspired the latest artwork to adorn the Poptropica website—and now, that art has been made available for your personal screens, too!

The Poptropica Creators have turned the five-headed Hydra featured on the launch page into several digital wallpapers that you can download and save as either your mobile device’s lockscreen or computer’s desktop background. Find links to all the downloads below or in their blog post.

Screen sizes available:

For an even bigger selection of Poptropica pics, look no further than our Poptropica wallpaper collection here on the PHB. Enjoy the high-res images!

~slantedfish 🐠

Poptropica’s official island tour pages revamped

Hey Poptropicans, it’s Slanted Fish here with a discovery! Poptropica’s been quietly working on revamping their island tour pages, and it looks like they may even be modeling them after the PHB’s Island Guides.

There’s Blue Tooth’s character, so presumably she’s the one writing these.

These revamped pages aren’t yet visibly linked anywhere on Poptropica’s website, but you can hop on over to and click around the sidebar links to get to each one. Here’s a sampling of one of the pages: Monster Carnival Island.

Poptropica’s new “Island Guide” pages share a fair bit of similarity with the PHB’s Island Guides in regards to layout and content, but there are some differences too, such as the photo gallery at the bottom and the fact that the written parts aren’t a complete walkthrough, but more like an extended description without any big spoilers.

(Side note: Poptropica has made official written walkthroughs before, distributed via an old mobile app called Poptropica: Tips & Tricks, which used to charge 99 cents (US) per individual walkthrough. As you might guess, with guides like the PHB’s available for free online, the app wasn’t too popular.)

Some of Poptropica’s new island tour pages also contain little segments labeled “POPTROPICA TIP” and “Did You Know” (trivia). They also link to fun downloads (like wallpapers) near the bottom of their pages, while the PHB puts these near the top and calls them “Island Extras.” Features that Poptropica’s guides share in common with the PHB’s are the inclusion of video walkthroughs, screenshots of gameplay, and the official synopsis.

Most of the islands that are currently left in the game (that is, the SUI/sound-updated islands, since many others had disappeared this summer) have gotten their island tour page revamped. Reality TV’s (Wild Safari) is marked as coming soon in the sidebar, and the sponsored islands (Galactic Hot Dogs and Timmy Failure) still have yet to get their pages revamped. Curiously, Snagglemast Island is simply referred to here as “Tutorial Island.”

Anyway, I’ll leave you to explore the new island tour pages. What do you think of the revamps? Share your thoughts in the comments!

See you around, Poptropicans~ ✌️

YouTubers & Pop: thanks for the carrot yanks 🥕

Hey Poptropicans! Slanted Fish here, bringing you the latest batch of fascinating takes on Poptropica from various YouTubers. Let’s watch! 📹

First up, in a heartwarming, nostalgic thank-you video letter addressed to the Pop Creators, bchili pays tribute to the legacy of Poptropica and all the fun times it brought to her childhood and those of our generation. She talks about how the game stands out for the stories it tells and reminisces about various moments in the game. Thanks for the throwbacks, bchili!

Next, we have a Poptropica review from a first-time adult player, Billiam. (The Poptropica part starts about 40 seconds into the video, and you may also want to jump to the 2:58 mark to skip the ad.) His verdict for the game: surprisingly fun (though the platforming struggles are real!). Discovering clues to advance in island missions drives the player’s interest, he explains, and it’s this storytelling aspect that makes Pop stand out from other Flash games.

And finally, here’s a comically strange short clip from Jaynautic, a 16-year-old who got dolled up like Dr. Hare. While wandering around a suburban neighborhood looking for carrots to steal, he finds one in particular that looks decidedly not like a carrot… see for yourself!

If you enjoyed these videos, check out some of our other posts where we highlight YouTubers playing Poptropica:

Thanks for watching, hit that subscribe button, and we’ll see you next time!

*screaming* Halloween on your screen! 🍌👨🏼‍✈️🦄🎃

Hey Poptropicans! Slanted Fish here, bringing you all-new Poptropica digital wallpapers worth screaming about. (Okay, maybe not literally screaming. But certainly something to warrant a blog post!)

Supposedly, if you visited on Halloween night, you would have seen something different. A spooky Halloween wallpaper greeted you on the homepage, filled with fearful trick-or-treaters with a backdrop showing a sinister cast of werewolf, vampire, and ghost, all eyes aglow.

2560 x 1440

While I didn’t catch this sight myself, a post from Instagram user 0ne_izzsix shows that it did make it to the front page. What’s more, the Creators have kindly shared the image with us on the official blog, even formatting it for multiple computer and phone screen sizes for wallpapering purposes.

You can also click the following links to open up and download the image in whichever size fits your device screen:

Pretty cool treat for Halloween! It’s been a while since they’ve done something like this, but the Creators have been known to create some sweet Poptropica digital wallpaper downloads in the past. Seems like this was a team effort, as the Creators’ blog post mentions “one of the artists who worked on it.”

But now that it’s November, the spooky screen is gone—and has been replaced by another new screen!

Anyone hopping onto the site will now be faced with a different illustrated foe: the five-headed Hydra from Mythology Island. A warrior can be seen flying in from the skies on a winged horse, sword ready to chop off some heads. However, the Creators haven’t made this art available for download (yet).

If you fancy some stylish Poptropica wallpapers, though, we’ve got a collection of classic ones for you right here.

Anyway, it’s cool to see Poptropica changing things up a little on the main page. Here on the PHB, we celebrated Halloween by announcing the winners of our Halloween Costume Contest Eleven along with a showcase of delightful runner-ups and even a collection of PHB staffers’ costumes.

And we followed that up with a new batch of Community Creations, sharing Poptropica fan artists’ takes on the popular “Inktober” art prompts. There’s been some ink-credible work as always, and we’re already looking forward to the next round of fan art with our current theme: Steampunk.

Thanks for popping by, Poptropicans! ✌️


And the winners of PHB’s Halloween Eleven are… 👀

…about to be announced in just a bit. Halloween is here, which means it’s time for us to show off the most bone-chilling costumes of the season! You ready?

This year for our annual Halloween costume contest, we hosted two categories: Heavenly & Hellish. We’ve combed our way through all your crazy cool costumes, and for each category, we’ve picked our top three and selected a grand prize winner for each. So without further ado, we now present:

✨ Heavenly ✨

With this being year eleven, we thought we’d turn our eyes to the heavens. And so this category called for a different kind of creativity from years past, by focusing on the cute, charming, and classy styles of costuming. Among those who took on the challenge, we landed on the following trio as our top picks, with Jean of Pop’s “Heavenly Healer (pictured center) taking the prize.

🔥 Hellish 🔥

Of course, we couldn’t get away from the truly scary stuff either… which brings us to our other category. Inspired by all things devilish, deviant, and depraved, we bring to you our top picks from the depths of a hellish world (in an embellished sense). Among them, we crown Quick Fang’s “Red-eyed Zombie Monster Carnie” (pictured center) as the spookiest of all.

Congratulations to the winners and runner-ups! All of these spectacular outfits will be immortalized on our Costumes page. As for our grand prize winners, Jean of Pop and Quick Fang, do check your emails for the PHB’s message to follow up on receiving your membership prize. Happy Hallo-winning!

🎃 Honorable Mentions 🎃

In addition to the above, we also want to spotlight a handful of other costumes that caught our eye. Better watch your back with these folks around!

👻 PHB Staff Showcase 👻

And there’s one more gallery left to show off! The PHB staff team decided to join in on the fun with each of us choosing a side—Team Heavenly or Hellish—and costumizing our Poptropicans accordingly. Here are the results!

What a hauntingly beautiful collection of eye-dizzying costumes! Whether you’re feeling cute or menacing this Halloween, we hope you enjoy this season with all the spooky shenanigans it brings. If nothing else, feel free to check out the rest of the inventive costumes in the comments of the contest post.

🎃🍬 Happy Halloween! 🍬🎃

— from your friends at the Poptropica Help HORROR Blog —