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Ice cream cat, how about that? 🍦🐈

Hey Poptropicans, are you ready for costumes galore?? 👗

The Pop Creators received tons fantastic entries for July’s monthly costume contest — enough to create a picture slideshow nine minutes long! Just take a look at the fandom’s creativity:

Picking a winning design was “an impossibly hard choice to make,” according to the Creators’ Blog, but in the end they went with the Ice Cream Cat by Silver Flame. 🍦🐈 As promised, the costume will soon be available for free through the returning Baron’s airship. Sweet!

While the video above contains loads more amazing costume ideas (and some copyrighted characters like Bendy, Baldi, Minecraft creepers, and more), I’d like to highlight a few of my personal favorites with a mini slideshow of my own. Which ones caught your eye, and did you have a creation featured? Share with us in the comments!

In other news, we’ve made it to the end of July, which means the login challenge has wrapped up! If you managed to log in to Pop every day for the past 10 days, a bonus 5,000 credits should have automatically been added to your account today. Cha-ching!

That’s all for now! Check back tomorrow for some more fanciful Community Creations. Stay awesome, Poptropicans. ✌️✨


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First day fits and last day blitz ✨

Happy weekend, Poptropicans! We’ve got schooling vids, villain doodles, and more amusement from the realms of social media. Let’s pop right in!

As July winds down, the Pop Creators are already getting ready for back-to-school season with a new video about “First Day Fits: Poptropica Edition” shared on Instagram and TikTok. The featured look, which is narrated, includes “an appropriate pair of shorts,” a “cute school bag,” and plenty more pieces to help you create your most fashionable self!

And speaking of TikTok, looks like there’s been a couple more vids posted there since we last checked. In addition to the cool schoolgirl, we also have a narrated video about the Baron’s airship (also seen on IGTV without narration) as well as Cinder the punk rock princess. 🔥

Also on Instagram, the Pop Creators have been sharing more fan art on their story, as well as a fan post featuring Time Tangled Island, which recently became available to all again. Check them out:

Finally, if you’re reading this on Friday, today’s also the last day of the login challenge. If you managed to log in every day for the past 10 days, you’ll be eligible for the 5,000 credit craze bonus to be automatically added to your account this Saturday, July 31. We hear the Baron is on her way back, so save some of that dough for that spending spree! 🤑

Keep on popping on, Poptropicans!


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The Adventures of Ruby part 2, and 2 more days till credit craze ✌️

Hey Poptropicans! In this post, we’ve got a fan comic and a couple of Instagram highlights. Let’s pop right in!

The Adventures of Ruby by Muddy Kid (aka PegaKid Studios) is back with a part two installment on the Pop Creators’ Blog. Picking up from part one, it’s six years later and Ruby meets a new friend and aspires to be like her adventurous uncle. Click to enlarge the comic panels:

To hear more from Muddy Kid (Pegs), you can find her on the PHC.

In other news, we’re almost to Friday! As the Pop Creators reminded fans on their Instagram story, keep up your login streak and you’ll soon be eligible for the 5,000 credit craze. Speaking of Insta, check out the kind words the Creators wrote on our Poppies highlight! 💙🏆

Keep on popping on, Poptropicans! ✌️


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Ocean Breezy in store’s shore 🌊

Hey Poptropicans! The last of July’s weekly store updates is here, with more summer styles. Let’s beat the heat and head inside to see!

New this week is the Ocean Breezy costume. We also see the return of past seasonal suits like the Fruity Cutie and Lazy Days. Check out the full haul on the Creators’ Blog »

Also, check out the latest batch of fan art features on Poptropica’s Instagram story, with a couple entries for the recently concluded Coloring Creation Challenge:

In other news, if your login streak is still going strong, keep it up for just a few more days till Friday, and you’ll be eligible for 5,000 bonus credits to spend in Poptropica’s in-game stores!

That’s it for this update. Take it easy breezy, Poptropicans!


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PHB Membership Giveaway: July 2021

Hey Poptropicans, we’re approaching the end of the month, which means it’s time to announce another lucky Poptropican to win our monthly membership giveaway! 🎁

Congrats, twilight334 — you can now deck out your clubhouse with way more rooms thanks to your newfound access! And, although Time Tangled is no longer members only, who knows what other surprises, like member gifts, are on their way?

If you’re not a member, you still have the chance (or many chances, in fact): the PHB is hosting a giveaway every month, and it’s easy to enter! Just comment on the Free Poptropica Membership page and leave at least two other comments around the PHB within the month to be entered into that month’s giveaway.

We’ll announce a winner sometime in the final week of each month. If you don’t win, you can always try again for the next month! Full details »

Congrats again to twilight334, and as always, keep on popping on! 🌆