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My Place in Poptropica: Paris

This is a guest post from Paris sharing his My Place in Poptropica story, which is all about one’s Poptropica journey. Enjoy!

2010 | The world of online games

In 2010, my siblings and I were obsessed with online games — Animal Jam, Webkinz, and even that one McDonald’s MMO, if anyone remembers. Around 2010, my sister introduced us to Poptropica, and everything changed. From the years of 2010 to 2013, I was obsessed with Poptropica.

2013-ish | A PHB obsession 

Near the year 2013 (or was it 2014?) I discovered the Poptropica Help Blog. I don’t exactly remember when or how (perhaps I was searching for island guides?), but when I discovered the PHB, I became even more obsessed with Poptropica. I idolized the PHB authors at the time; this included Slanted Fish, HPuterpop, etc. This obsession of mine continued throughout 2015.

The PHB team in 2014, drawn by Pop creator Ashley Lange

Then in 2016, there was hardly any Poptropica content, and I fell out with the game. This all changed a couple years later…

2018 | What happened to Poptropica?!

In 2018, I decided to check back on the current situation of Poptropica, only to find it a mess. Flash was shutting down in a little over two years and the creators were spending time on Poptropica Worlds: a laggy, slow, and unfinished mess. The old islands seemed like they were doomed to die, so that summer, I decided to play through all of the old islands I hadn’t completed yet.

Scene from Crisis Caverns on Poptropica Worlds

Also during that summer, I decided to join the PHB’s Discord server, the Poptropica Help Chat (PHC). It was not really active at the time, but it did introduce me to the larger Poptropica community. I participated in the Poppies, gave the PHB a tip-off about the ad-based Lego Island, and all sorts of things. But 2019 brought even more things to the table.

2019 | Finding community

I became even more active in the community and joined another Discord server in the fandom, the Poptropica Club. This was in its early days before I became a part of its staff. Due to the massive growth and activity of the Pop Club, I grew disinterested in the PHC, but still read the PHB religiously.

In 2019, we were introduced to Reality TV: Wild Safari, and later a new tutorial called Snagglemast. These underwhelming islands left me disappointed and even more pessimistic about the future of Poptropica.

Also, that summer, the old islands were taken off of the map. This proved to be devastating to most players, but quite fortuitous for the Pop Club, as it became a key place where players could conveniently access links to the old store inventory, the old islands, and the old friends page, and get tech support from idk, who made these links available. (These methods have long since expired, by the way.)

The summer of 2019 proved to be one of the most disappointing for Poptropica, but the most wonderful for me, as I was able to engage in this community. But when September 2019 rolled around, I had to take a break from Poptropica and the community for school.

2020 | Antagonism

When everything shut down for the pandemic, I was able to make my return to the Poptropica community. This time around, I had more of an antagonistic attitude towards the PHB. Certain community members got on my nerves, motivating me to troll the PHC during the 2020 Poppies and Tribal Tournament events. This eventually led to me being banned from that space.

I didn’t let that discourage me, though. The rest of 2020 held some good times in the fandom. One of the highlights for me was the Pop Club’s New Year’s party, in which idk created a custom snowglobe common room for us all to hang out in and watch a countdown to 2021. And with 2021, some things changed.

Snapshot from the Pop Club’s party in a custom-made room

2021 | Letting go of grievances

After some drama on the Pop Club, I was promoted to an admin position. Later in April of 2021, I returned to the PHC during the open house party.

I’m willing to put aside my minor grievances with the PHB, because I can’t spend all of my time hating this blog; it’s exhausting. I’d rather spend my time participating with it and making friends, rather than enemies.

“Paris” by Lucky Joker

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Pop Petitions

Pop Petition: Craving the crate and bothersome bugs off the menu 📦

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Dangerous DragonEnjoy!

Hi Poptropicans, DD here! (Gosh, it’s been a while.)

So I’ve been seeing MANY MANY comments appearing everywhere about how Poptropica should stop making everything modern. Yes, I think that too. One of the things I’m surprised about is how they changed our nice little crate menu. So let’s get into it!

Poptropica has had this cool crate for a menu for years, and even before this version of it, each menu item had a nice little icon. But why change what wasn’t broken? I thought this was one of the best parts of the game; it was fun opening the menu and seeing all those icons…

…but with the latest Home Island update, the Creators replaced it with a modern-style hamburger menu. Basically just THREE LINES. That’s so boring. Now we just click the button and seeing the extremely long list. I don’t understand what the point of this change was.

Anyway, now let’s go to some of the other issues that have cropped up lately. There have been some really annoying bugs…

Let’s talk about those 30-second full game screen unskippable ads. Ok, I know this is Poptropica’s way of earning money, but there is one problem. Sometimes when you’re patiently waiting for the ad to end, it comes to the end and freezes near 0:01. Then you have to reload everything and watch it again. Come on!

Likewise, while editing your clubhouse, the screen often freezes. (It happened to me a thousand times!) Then, when you reload the screen and come back, most of the things are not saved. This needs to be fixed!

Unskippable ads dominate the game screen

Another issue that’s been happening to a lot of people is the black screen of death. Basically, sometimes when you log in, you get stuck on a black screen that never goes away and the game doesn’t load. When I first got it, I was literally crying and I remember sending the PHB a panicked email. Fortunately, it usually fixes itself by the next day. But it’s still disappointing!

Load, load for eternity…

You can also sometimes get around this by logging in on a different account. Meanwhile, wait until the next day to log into your regular account, and send a message to Poptropica support to get them to resolve the issue for you!

Last but not least, the plain pet glitch. For weeks now, pets have mysteriously been stripped of their clothing and custom coloring, and all pet clothing has been missing from our items. Plus, ever since the pet barn disappeared from Home Island, we haven’t been able to use the pet colorizer at all, making for some rather boring, uncustomizable pets. When will Poptropica fix this?

That’s it for this post. What do you think of the new menu? Have you been getting these annoying glitches? Share in the comments, and thanks for reading!

Keep Popping,
DD 💜

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Dangerous Dragon. If you did, you might also enjoy his other posts, such as DD’s clubhouse tour.

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Poptropica Store, Sneak Peeks, Social Media

Getting our bear-ings on store and more 🐻

Hey Poptropicans, we come bear-ing a few bits of news: a mini-quest release date, a store rotation with a highly hyped item, and several works of colorful fan art. Let’s pop in for a look!

First, the Creators’ Blog announced a new mini-quest coming soon, and it’s coming up fast: this Thursday, May 13! The official sneak peek bearly gives you a hint for what’s to come, but in case you missed it, this little game had an accidental early release—so have another pic:

According to the official blog, this special event will be for all players and can be replayed for more credits, so get ready to rack them up!

Next up, the arrival of another week means another Adventure Outfitters store rotation! We’ve seen most of these at one point or another, but the Pastel Hoodie is new to Amelia’s store.

So iconic is the Pastel Hoodie that blue-haired Silent Frog, who appears to be Poptropica’s social media manager now, showed up on Pop’s Instagram with several stories hyping up the new look:

Speaking of IG stories, Poptropica also recently shared another round of vivid fan art pieces from the community, including a couple of interesting gender and sexuality-related headcanons for Black Widow:

That’s all for this post! Now go forth and bear Thursday in mind for that special event coming up, pick up your very own pastel hoodie in the store, and keep on popping on, Poptropicans. 🐻✌️



Cozy Clubhouse Tour: Slanted Fish ✨

Hey Poptropicans, welcome back to Slanted Fish’s clubhouse!

You might have seen my other crib with its displays of mystical objects, but this time we’ll be visiting another room within my aquarium home sweet home. Come on in! Let’s turn the mood lights on.

Can I get you something to drink? A hot beverage is always nice, and we have some bites in the fridge too. Don’t mind Mr. Fantastic Fox over there — he just keeps guard over the valuables in the safe and guzzles away at the snacks. Sometimes you can catch him dancing to the beats playing upstairs in the AV entertainment corner!

Across from the kitchen on the other side, you’ll find a comfy nap spot, complete with a curtain cover to block out the outside world. Great for climbing into bed without climbing up anywhere!

Meanwhile, on the floor above, the pets have their chill-out space too. My kitty, El Mustachio Venti, quite likes curling up in the basket—when the armadillo doesn’t beat her to it.

Further up, you’ll find my inflatable Poptropica blimp! You know you’re in the halls of a Poptropica explorer when you see one of these. Elsewhere, there’s an assortment of knickknacks I’ve collected over my travels, from adventuresome animals to hoards of books.

Now we get into the sanctuary—the bedroom proper! This is the place for lounging around in bed, watching the jellyfish float or seeing what’s on TV. Plus, I’m a proud plant parent and always looking to collect more greenery. And hey, my rainbow sweater matches the popsicle pic!

Finally, off to the top right, we have a little corner of madness. Who makes the best pose: me, the dragon, or the wild Venus flytrap?

That’s it for this cozy clubhouse tour. It’s been fun having you over, and you’re welcome back anytime! To visit in-game, add me on Poptropica (username: slantedfish) and click “Visit” next to my name (Friendly Fish) on your friends list.

By the way, you can share your clubhouse with readers of this blog by sending in a guest post! Find out more on our Write for the PHB page.

See you next time on Poptropica Clubhouse Tours!

~slantedfish 🐠

Fairy Tale Island, Social Media

Fairytale fever and villain fan art 🏰😈

Hey Poptropicans! 👋 Fairytale Island has been out for just over a week now, and with it we’ve gotten a video playthrough from the creators, tons of fan art, and even a spoiler-free official tour page.

In case you missed it, the PHB’s also released resources for the island, with a Fairytale Island Guide containing a written walkthrough, pics, and trivia, as well as our Fairytale Island Review where we shared our thoughts on this new adventure (and enjoyed yours in the comments). The creators even dropped their thanks on our Instagram post!

Speaking of Instagram, the Pop creators have been back at it with more fan art features on their story! Check out the latest gallery:

It sure is fun to see different takes on Poptropica characters old and new, and Rumplestiltskin is fast becoming another fandom favorite! 😈

That’s all for this update. Catch up on more news and other fun stuff in our posts below, and keep on popping, Poptropicans! ✌️