The Chronicles of Shiny Bird: Part 4 of 4

This is the final segment of a four-part extended “My Place in Poptropica” guest post series by ShinyB1rd. Catch up on parts one, two, and three here. Enjoy!

The Great Decay

Another glorious year has passed, and the ever-so-beloved Shiny Bird continues to restore harmony across Poptropica, along with the mysterious stranger who goes by the alias Mighty Sky… In other news… The Booted Bandit of Pelican Rock was reportedly caught by Shiny Bird after a series of unusual events…

Channel 7 Pop News, 1st day of year 3 of the Gilded Age

I entered 2016 optimistic considering we were just coming out of the Gilded Age. In the beginning of the year, I still went by my usual routine with Poptropica: log on every day and cause mayhem in the Early Poptroica common rooms. However, as the weeks went on, I began to realize that Poptropica hadn’t posted anything on the Creators’ Blog for some time… Strange… Even when they did post, it wasn’t anything that interesting (to me). I was looking for new content, but there hadn’t been anything new for a while… By the end of January, I was beginning to question the future of the game.

In the midst of February, Monkey Wrench Island came out. Even though it was short and intended for new players, I found it to be quite enjoyable, fun, and entertaining. Other than this, however, February wasn’t all that better than the previous month. The Creators’ Blog was becoming stale and new content was scarce… What’s going on here? I wondered.

Months had passed and nothing interesting was coming out of Poptropica. Sure, there were a few prizes here and there, but nothing really worthwhile to me. I was beginning to play less and less, to the point where I only checked in on Poptropica once a week — not even logging onto my account, but just looking at the Creator’s Blog to see if they had come out with something new.

In April, the news of some “new Poptropica” came about. I initially had mixed feelings for it, but I wanted to stick with an open mind — after all, they just announced it, so I’d have to wait and see before I could rightfully judge.


…the best word I can use to describe the period between 2016–mid-2018… I logged on very little, as there was little to do. Nothing had me excited. Even the launch of the overdue Poptropica Worlds was a disappointment for me.

To make matters worse, late 2017-2018 was also a period where I entered a state of deep depression (admittedly, it still persists to this day, but it is not as bad as it was during this time), hence my online activity was becoming quite scarce.


October of 2018 came around, and I still didn’t played Poptropica as much as I once did. I was in my senior year in high school and was beginning to drift my attention away from the game and more into school. As October dragged on, however, a thought randomly popped into my head: the annual Halloween costume contest on the PHB!

Lately, I had been checking in with the PHB, as it was the only place that was coming out with cool and interesting things about Poptropica. Meanwhile, the game itself seemed to have been abandoned by its creators.

Anyway, once I remembered the annual contest, I wanted to participate. So I checked the PHB, and sure enough, they were hosting another contest. I read through the post and—OH MY PRETZEL STICKS, THEY’RE GIVING AWAY FREE MEMBERSHIP?????!

I froze, fantasizing about the endless possibilities of a free membership… the exclusive stuff I could get from the store…  the bonus quests I could gain access to at the end of each island… the clout I would get from the glowing membership status that would appear at the top left corner of the screen next to my battle rank every time someone hovers their mouse over me. I could hear myself laughing in the common rooms at everyone else as I’d spam the spacebar with the exclusive Poptropolis Games Discus in my hands, freezing them, and forcing them to their knees and beg for mercy. “FEAR ME, NONS!” I would shout.

But in order for all that to happen, I must take action… I’m now a man on a mission. Immediately, I went to work. I logged onto Poptropica filled with new determination, a feeling I hadn’t felt in years…

A New Hope

He sat there, staring back at the computer screen, proud of his creation. But would it be enough to take the prize home? Hours of effort put in, even creating a little poem about it just for safe measure… But could it all have been in vain? Only time would tell.

He had wanted to be a part of this particular community for a long time, but he never knew where to start. Deep inside, he was more afraid than anything. This is my best shot at it, he thought. He’d spent hours writing just one comment, consistently erasing it and polishing it in an effort to make a good first impression…

When the midnight hour struck, he settled down and hovered his mouse over the button that read “post.” Deep breath. Closed his eyes, and, in a whisper: here goes nothing… He lifted his finger… and pressed down…


…The End.

A Final Word

You’ve reached the end. Yaaaay! Now, a few words: I can hear some of you saying, “ShInY, hOw DaRe YoU EnD In A cLiFfHaNgEr! ThAt’s, LiKe, BaSiCaLlY A CrImE — dId YoU wIn ThE cOnTeSt???” Yes, I did!

I won, got my membership, and enslaved every innocent soul in every common room spamming the Poptropolis Discus for hours on end got back to playing Poptropica more frequently. I even slithered my way into involvement in the PHB… well, kinda. So far, the only things I’ve really done around here is hang out in the comments section on each blog post and post my opinions on things, maybe referencing a meme or two… and that’s really it.

Later, I discovered the PHB Discord server. I joined, but never really said anything, lol. Mainly because I’m… well… kinda scared to be honest (as I mentioned in my author’s note at the beginning, I am a little socially awkward, hehe).

Anyway, when the summer (of 2019) hit, I decided to take a break from Poptropica, as well as refrain from posting comments on the PHB, in order to focus on college. (Believe me when I say it: college hit me hard, like, for me it’s basically the equivalent of being run over by a bus.) Still, I might come back and try to be even more involved in this community, though probably not until I get myself adjusted to college. We’ll see how it goes.

Well, I hope you liked my little story, despite the length. (I was originally gonna try to keep it shorter, but I’m just kinda used to writing long and didn’t want this to be any different, so I ditched that idea, lol.)

My fellow Poptropicans, don’t forget to stay fresh, and go crazy out there (not too crazy, though!). Most of all: keep on shining!

This is your friendly neighborhood bird signing off. Peace.

– Shiny Bird 🦅

Hope you enjoyed the final part of this “My Place in Poptropica” story!

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The Chronicles of Shiny Bird: Part 3 of 4

This is part three of a four-part extended “My Place in Poptropica” guest post series by ShinyB1rd. Catch up on part one and part two here. Enjoy!

…He will rise!

It wasn’t long before the second coming of Shiny Bird. After so much time had passed, Poptropica and its many islands had been flushed into chaos. It was bound to happen, but without a hero, who would restore peace across Poptropica? With no hero in sight, Poptropica was doomed forever.

Until. Out of nowhere. Reports of sightings of a man with a familiar face, seen traveling in a yellow blimp. The news spread like wildfire. “Could it be?…” All of Poptropica wondered. The old remembered a time of peace and prosperity, and the young were praying for a brighter future. But no one knew for sure if the sightings were true. It could all just be false rumors for all they knew… They could only hope…

Just days after the completion of Poptropolis Games Island, I logged back into Poptropica. It was inevitable. After catching a glimpse of all the new islands and content, it had been on the back of my mind for days, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Plus, my previous history with the game further fueled the fire. I hopped onto the yellow blimp, loaded the map, and set off to fresh horizons…

The Gilded Age

…With the return of our beloved champion of Poptropica, Shiny Bird, along with his dedication, works of love and restoration… Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pleasure to officially announce to all citizens of Poptropica that peace has been restored! … May these lands prosper for another glorious age!

Transcript of Poptropica-wide televised special announcement, Year 0 of the Gilded Age

I was just wrapping up the final island: Mocktropica. A couple months had passed, and I was just about to complete all of the islands (thus far) once again. Somehow, I managed to beat the crap out of a giant robot by throwing a bunch of coins at it (spoiler? oh, too late, hehe).

Now that I’m done with everything every single island, you might be thinking “OH NO HE’S GONNA QUIT AGAIN—” Wrong. I didn’t. You see, as I was exploring new islands, I discovered this hot new thing called “common rooms.”

“BuT sHiNy,” I hear you say, “CoMmOn RoOmS hAvE BeEn A tHiNg SiNcE LiKe FoReVeR. wHaT dO yOu MeAn YoU jUsT dIsCoVeReD tHeM???”

Nonono you don’t understand, I knew they were a thing when I originally played Poptropica, but I never knew what they actually were (back then, I had a sucky internet connection that couldn’t even load up common rooms). Look: It was pretty revolutionary for me when I found out you could meet other players who share the same passion for the game (cuz let’s be real, in 2013, you weren’t gonna find anyone irl who still played or admitted that they played Poptropica).

With this new discovery, I headed to the common rooms. I settled over at the Soda Pop Shop on Early Poptropica, which was the most popular common room at the time.

As time pressed on, I continued to hang around the Early Poptropica common room, and completed new islands as they were released to the public. In the common rooms, I made a few friends, competed with some rivals, and strived to master all the head-to-head games (except for Sudoku, cuz 1) who the heck plays Sudoku? lol, and 2) I could never figure that game out… I had a little brain back then, plz don’t make fun of me, have mercy).

Of all the games though, I was most proficient at Hoops. I loved it because it was quick and intense, especially when matched up with other fierce competitors. I grew a hatred for Sky Dive, mainly because every single person asked to play Sky Dive and I eventually grew tired of it since I wanted to play other head-to-head games, but it seemed no one really wanted to play anything else.

Somewhere around this time, I also discovered the PHB. It’s not anything too exciting of a story, but one day I was just casually looking for something that had all-things Poptropica and voila! There it was: the PHB, in all its glory! I spent hours exploring this site and discovered cool things I never knew about the game.

At the same time, I realized that there existed a little community who loved the game as much as I do, and who do cool things inspired by it. The PHB was my first taste of a fandom. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but it did motivate me to continue playing the game knowing that there are people who actively express their love for Poptropica.

Something else worth mentioning is that I also created two new Poptropica characters. After a while, I sort of got tired of playing with Shiny Bird, so to combat my boredom I set off to try creating new characters. The first was Golden Rider: the fallen champion of Poptropica from an alternate universe.

“Shiny,” I hear you say. “Why do you say fallen champion?” Well, it’s a long story. In short, I had plans for her, but somewhere down the line, I was messing around with ASGs and suddenly she became a he and I didn’t know how to change it back. I got so mad that I quit playing for a while, and abandoned her entirely.

But I eventually came back to create a new girl character, where I originally planned for her to be an exact copy of Golden Rider so I could, in a sense, continue where I left off. Lo and behold, the mythical Mighty Sky was born. As time went on, I abandoned my original plan for her to be an exact copy of Golden Rider and set off to construct a unique identity for Mighty Sky. She became my favorite character, and I mainly played on that account for the rest of Poptropica’s peak years, what I call the Gilded Age…

Hope you enjoyed part three of this “My Place in Poptropica” story! Stay tuned for the final part of the Chronicles of Shiny Bird, coming soon to the PHB.

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The Chronicles of Shiny Bird: Part 2 of 4

This is part two of a four-part extended “My Place in Poptropica” guest post series by ShinyB1rd. Catch up on part one here. Enjoy!

3 Years Later…

From the ashes

I disappeared into my bedroom, eager to toy around with my new laptop. Well, ‘new’ is an overstatement. The laptop is a first-generation, 2006 MacBook Pro. Ancient, yes, but in my eyes, it was beautiful. Besides, it was the first computer I had ever officially owned. The previous computer I used was now sitting dead in the basement.

So I popped open the laptop, set it up, and there I was, staring at the home screen. What now? Well, duh, surf the internet of course! I clicked on the blue compass of Safari and was met with the Apple home page. Ugh, this is boring; I wanna go somewhere else. But the question was: where?

Then, it hit me: little people, super powers, yellow blimp, blue screen. Poptripika! Wait no… Puptripukuh? Peptopica? Poptraupica? AH YES! I remembered. Poptropica!

I entered it in the search bar. To my surprise, the site was still up… And it looked exactly the same as it did four years ago. Uh oh, I thought. I took this as a bad sign, thinking at the time that the game hadn’t been updated in years, or worse, had been abandoned by its creators.

Despite not remembering my username and password, I decided to give it a shot, so I hit “returning player” and asked myself the age-old question: WhAt’S ThE uSeRnAmE aNd PaSsWoRd??? I thought hard, traversing deep into the forgotten depths of my memories: favorite video game character?…AH HA! Arbiter!… ugh, but what were the numbers that followed???

Then something hit me: I remembered I wrote my username and password in a sticky note the day I created the account and left it somewhere in my room… UNDER THE TISSUE BOX ON MY WARDROBE! YES! THAT’S IT!

“BuT sHiNy,” you might be thinking. “There’s no way a random sheet of paper would survive four years under a tissue box without your mom stumbling across it one day while cleaning the room, looking at it for a second and thinking, ‘you know, this looks kind of important, I think I should ask my son before throwing this away‘ …only to forget about it, and five minutes later take another look at such a seemingly insignificant sticky note and think ‘bro, the heck is this garbage lol imma throw this away.’

And to that I would say… you would be wrong. Lo and behold, I found the exact same sticky note in the exact same spot I left it four years ago under the exact same tissue box I left it under (which was basically torn to shreds by this time). I entered the username and password and my, it still works

The screen loaded. And I was met with some new home page. I hit “return to game” and found myself in some steampunk island: exactly where I’d left off. With my little hero still in his little steampunk outfit.

Welcome back,” he seemed to say.

It’s been a while,” I replied.

Soon after, I decided to check out what new islands the creators had come up with, and jumped into the blimp. The map loaded up, and—OH MY GOODNESS THAT’S A LOT OF ISLANDS. The map I now saw stretched out with pages upon pages of islands I never expected to see.

I’d thought that after so many years, the game would have died off by now, but that was not the case at all. After all this time, Poptropica maintained a healthy community/fanbase that had lasted this long. I looked to my left, and saw that there was a new island called Mocktropica open to members and was soon to be released to everyone.

Ok, I said to myself. Let’s try out one of these new islands for old times’ sake and call it a day. I scanned for an island, and one in particular caught my eye: Poptropolis Games. Sounds cool. Let’s try this! So I clicked on the island, and as the island loaded, the screen got twice as big and I saw an island majestically rise up from the sea. Oh, I wonder what this is all about?

When the island finished loading, I began to take notice of something unusual, but for a while I couldn’t pinpoint what it was. Then I realized: HOLD UP. THERE’S SOUND?!!! There was background music, and I could hear my character’s little footsteps as he walked around. It wasn’t real… It couldn’t be. I punched myself in the face to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating, and sure enough, OUCH… yup, I’m not crazy—I can still hear things. Seems like the game has done a bit of upgrading…

I took a good look around and saw ruins all around me. What is this place? I asked a few people, and they said something about how the island had ‘risen again!’ (whatever that means…) and that they ‘couldn’t wait to watch the game.’ Wait. So you’re telling me I’m just going to WATCH the game?… Well, all right, I guess...

A girl wearing a red shirt greeted me with, more or less, “Haha, losers! The Wildfires won last time!” Well good for you. I walked away, then came across this dude holding a microphone who yelled, “AH! You are just in time to represent your tri– oh wait, you don’t have one, goodbye.” Then this menu popped up that threatened me to pick a tribe or else I couldn’t play the island. If you say so.

I looked at the different tribes, cringing at some of the names. The Yellowjackets? Okay lol What else is there… hold on… I nearly choked with laughter when I saw the name Flying Squid.

Anyway, after a few looks at the different tribes, I ultimately came to my decision: the Black Flags. I chose them because 1) the name sounds sick as heck, and 2) just before this, I was hooked onto this game called “Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag.”

Okay so now that I have my tribe, what am I supposed to do? See who can cheer the loudest for their team? You know, I happen to have mine ready if you wanna hear it…

“Great! Are you ready to represent your team?” Wait hold on wha—

“Good! Now step onto the field!” WAIT. NO. I’M NOT READY FOR THIS.

Too late. I was already in the colosseum surrounded by representatives of the other tribes. At this, I legit got scared. Not because I realized that I was actually gonna play in the tournament, but because I thought I was gonna play online. You know, with real people. I tried to leave, but I couldn’t do anything because the dude with the microphone was rambling on about how the games reopened after 100 years and my mouse had become this blue circle with spinning arrow thingies that restrained me from doing anything.

Then some chick with cool armor shot an arrow up in the sky. Not just any arrow, though, an arrow that was on fire. As it came back down I was hoping that there would be some plot twist where she would miss and “OHHH THE WHOLE PLACE IS BURNING DOWN.” But no, the arrow was on target, and the torch was lit.

I knew then that the games had begun. No matter, I’ll show these amateurs how it’s done. I waited for a few minutes to gather all the confidence I could muster. When it was finally time, I took a deep breath and marched bravely towards the microphone guy. I’m ready, I told him. And off I went to compete!

45 minutes later: Aw man, I lost to the Wildfires, let’s give this another go.

Another 45 minutes later: OH COME ON. Nightcrawlers??? Ugh, one more time.

One eternity later: Crap, now I lost to the Flying Squids. This is the last time, I swear if I lose again I will lose my— *intermission*

“And the winner is…THE BLACK FLAGS!” FINALLY! LET’S GOOOOOO! After so many tries, I finally won the tournament. Despite my earlier bitter defeats, with a little persistence I finally overcame the obstacle…. A victory… A victory of a boss fight of a worthy opponent… wait a minute… Super powers… Noodlehead…. Hot dog…

I was frozen in time with nostalgia. I quickly snapped out of it. Nahhhhh, I think I’ll just stop playing now… It was fun while it lasted! I logged off, with no intentions of ever coming back… But the seed had sprouted. Something had begun stirring inside me… passion… 

Hope you enjoyed part two of this “My Place in Poptropica” story! Stay tuned for the final half of the Chronicles of Shiny Bird, coming soon to the PHB.

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The Chronicles of Shiny Bird: Part 1 of 4

This is part one of a four-part extended “My Place in Poptropica” guest post series by ShinyB1rd, which details one Poptropica hero’s journey through the years. Enjoy!

Author’s Note

Hi everyone! I’m Shiny Bird, or just Shiny for short. Before we start, just a brief introduction: I’m a longtime Poptropican, been playing since 2009, but am new to this glorious community. In real life, I am a socially awkward, music loving, hipster wannabe who loves to write, play the French horn, and listen to music.

OK. Boring talk aside. Just so nobody gets confused, I somehow thought it would be cool and innovative to alternate writing in first and third person for this four-part MPIP story. I know, it’s weird since I’m literally writing about myself, but I was desperate to get out of writer’s block and this was how I did it, so whatever, that’s that, I’ll stop talking—ENJOY.


Once upon a time, ten years ago in a school long forgotten… There dwelled bright, young, sophisticated little children. They all lived in harmony with one another. Everyone knew each other; they were all friends, and peace was prominent in the lands.

But lurking in the shadows was a particularly strange one. He was unusually silent; someone who separated himself from the rest; someone easy to flout.

One breezy winter, the children at the school were ordered to retreat inside the building for recess. Everyone settled comfortably inside the classroom, all except one boy. The boy thought this was going to be another boring, secluded recess. But that all soon changed.

He noticed an unusual crowd of kids gathering around a computer. Curious, he went to investigate. He saw a game. An unusual one indeed. A blue screen, little people, and what seems to be quite the adventure. Above all, there lay the majestic title: Poptropica.

The boy returned home with the name engraved in his head. Poptropica. Poptropica. Poptropica. He rushed to the computer, turned it on, and did a quick Google search. Before he knew it, he was staring at a blue screen with little people running across it, and the all too familiar word: Poptropica. He clicked on “new player,” created his Poptropican, and hopped on the yellow blimp. A story had just begun… What he didn’t know was that this story would continue to be written for more than a decade.

First Impressions

Once the game loaded, the boy was confronted with a map. There seemed to be various unique quests to choose from, each presenting a new challenge. But which one should he start with? “Spy Island” sounded interesting. There was also this new island that was coming soon with a cool name: “Astro-Knights Island.” But none of that mattered after he saw something else that sounded cooler: “Super Hero Power Island.”

Upon entering the island, he soon discovered that the island was in danger of mutant escapees from a prison that somehow didn’t get obliterated (along with the entire island) after a radioactive meteorite (that’s still pretty intact) struck it. (#Poptropica logic!)

Though a stranger to the island, he soon assumed the role of a superhero and convinced the police to let him fight criminals with literal superpowers and with a totally 100% authentic “Super Hero ID” obtained from some shady dude who owned a superhero costume store. Luckily, the criminals had -10 IQ so he dealt with them with ease. The boy hacked and slashed through each one of the challenges, and saving the island felt like a breeze.

With just over 25 minutes of experience and a one-sentence-long master class from some loner retired superhero under his belt, nothing could stop him. All the prisoners were sent back to the slammer, and the island medallion was within his grasp. But then the unthinkable happened: Ned Noodlehead claimed the medallion, and he demanded a hot dog to trade it.

The boy had met his match. All these years of training finally put to the test. A final boss battle. Typical, he thought to himself. This shouldn’t take no more than a couple minutes!

5 minutes later: Ugh, where do you find a hot dog around here?

30 minutes later: Okay this is getting ridiculous.


3 hours later: *bangs head on table*

One eternity later: OkaY. I giVe uP… i suRreNDe– “Hey, want a free hot dog?–Here have a free hot dog!” says the man standing next to a hot dog stand.

At 7 years old, simply noticing a picture of a hot dog plastered on the side of a cart was hard enough for the boy who’d just had the medallion he deserved swiped by a superhero-wannabe / comic bookstore owner. Finally, overjoyed by his victory, he did some lame dance to Bill Conti’s “Gonna Fly Now.” In that moment, he felt something greater than joy: he had passion.

A Poptropican is Born

WAIT. He stopped himself before closing the game. In order to save his hard-earned progress, he realized, he had to create an account. So he clicked the “Save” button and got to thinking up a username. Favorite video game? HALO!… But that’s too simple… Hmmmm… Ah! My favorite character: The Arbiter! Oh wait, that’s taken…  ummm… “Arbiter213”? Perfect!

Lo and behold, a bird is born. But ladies and gentlemen, this isn’t just any bird—nonononono you don’t understand—it’s a Shiny Bird.

For the next couple of months, Shiny Bird would spend countless hours conquering each and every island that he set afoot. He traveled through time, saved the world from going bald, defeated some weirdo carrot addict in a pink bunny suit, brought peace among the seas of Skullduggery, traveled through space in a cool spaceship—et cetera, et cetera, et cetera! Peace and order would soon be spread in all of Poptropica, thanks to this adventurer.

The End…?

Shiny walks slowly out of the ruins of a steampunk island: he had once again saved the day. In fact, he’d saved all of Poptropica!

But now, he was desolate. Flooded in dismal. His glee had worn out. He had done everything he had ever wanted to do. His destiny was fulfilled. Why continue on when you have nothing left to do?

So right then, the boy said goodbye to his little hero, logged out, and shut down the computer. Shiny Bird was set down to his final resting place. He had brought peace to Poptropica. Now it was he who would be receiving it.

For now…

Hope you enjoyed part one of this “My Place in Poptropica” story! Stay tuned for the next few parts of the Chronicles of Shiny Bird, coming soon to the PHB.

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What makes a Poptropica island?

This is a guest post by Bony Bones, who’s examining just what exactly makes a Poptropica adventure count as an “island.” The following is his opinion only. Enjoy!

Hello Poptropicans, this is Bony Bones. I’ve frequented this blog, reading, commenting, and occasionally guest posting, so you might’ve seen me around.

Today I’m popping in to discuss exactly what makes an island, an island. There has been some debate over whether certain quests should be granted full-island status or just be labeled as mini-quests. 

The islands/quests that I believe are up for debate are: Legendary Swords, Snagglemast, Realms, Monkey Wrench, Haunted House, Home, the Blimp Adventure, and each individual episode of the episodic adventures. Here are my reasons for why I believe an island is, or is not, an island:

1) It’s on the map

One of the most recognizable traits that a quest is an island is that it is accessible from the Poptropica island map. Being able to travel somewhere with your blimp, and not via store card, menu button, etc., certainly classifies an island as a full adventure. All of the aforementioned islands have been on the map at one point, besides Blimp Adventure.

2) You earn a medallion

As reminded by Jim Probably of Reality TV: Wild Safari, earning a medallion is “a Poptropica thing.” It’s the cherry on top of the island cake. This knocks off Snagglemast, Haunted House, and the Home Island as full islands, and it would have knocked off Legendary Swords if a medallion hadn’t been added recently.

3) It has a complete and recognizable story

Though every good story leaves loose-ends untied for good reason, it still must be a complete adventure to be considered a full island. I mainly included this attribute to recognize that, while you may get a medallion after each episode in an episodic adventure, each episode is a part of a greater whole.

4) The Creators recognize it as an island

For quite some time, until recently, there was a list of Poptropica islands on the home page. This was a good place to determine what was an island, which included everything from Early Poptropica to Monkey Wrench.

5) It’s less game, more plot

Even if an island does have a recognizable story, as I mentioned earlier, it must be more story-oriented than game-oriented. In the case of Legendary Swords, because the quest originated as an “action-quest” (basically a fancy way to say it was a little bit more than just a mini-quest), and therefore it does not have an island-style story.

The “game” aspects, with the health bar, the choice of weapons, and the waves of bad guys to fight, stand out more than the plot.

6) It must be located on the planet of Poptropica

Though there are some islands, such as Astro Knights and Lunar Colony, that take place on other planets (or moons) — and others, such as Super Villain and Time Tangled, that take place within Poptropica, but within dreams or another time period, the beginning of every island’s story must begin on Poptropica itself. As we saw from islands like Lunar Colony, Poptropica is a planet made up of various islands.

Therefore, with these attributes in mind, there are 47 fully-fledged islands, from Early Poptropica to Reality TV: Wild Safari, including Monkey Wrench but not including any of the others mentioned at the beginning of this post.

I hope this helped clear up any confusion about what really counts as an island. Feel free to comment any attributes that you think should be added to this list or any quests that you feel are up for debate.

Thanks for letting me pop in (I really need to learn some new pop puns). See you guys around!

—Bony Bones

Hope you enjoyed this Pop Petition guest post by Bony Bones! If you did, be sure to check out his other PHB guest post, “Pop It, Lock It”!

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Pop Petition: Make Mighty Action Force multiplayer

This is a guest post by Beefy Penguin (username: Durbadal) petitioning for Mighty Action Force, the card game from PoptropiCon Island, to be made into a multiplayer game for the Arcade. Enjoy!

Hi there, fellow Poptropicans. I’m Beefy Penguin, and I just finished the PoptropiCon trilogy. My favorite part? Mighty Action Force.

For those who don’t know, or need a refresher, Mighty Action Force is a Trading Card Game (TCG), which is a game where you collect different cards or trade them with others to build a deck and compete against others).

Now, I am a TCG fan (I play Cardfight Vanguard, a world-famous trading
card game), so when I saw the Mighty Action Force TCG, I felt that the
game deserved much more care and focus in the world of Poptropica.

So here’s what I’m petitioning: MAF should be released as a multiplayer TCG in the Arcade, so players can collect cards and compete with each other. (In fact, they should make a special room just for this game!)

A collection of Mighty Action Force cards.

Each player would have a basic deck, but that could be just the beginning. Single cards and booster packs could be obtained through quests, mini-games, trades, or purchased through credits. With so many characters on Poptropica, the possibilities for new cards are endless.

The game would be played against other players, head-to-head, in real time. A few new rules could be introduced to this game, like a clan system, the ability to boost your action with the power of another card, and to
be able to defend against opponents’ attacks with the cards in one’s hand.

Poptropica has a lot of games in the Arcade—but nothing like this. It would be a great addition to the player experience, so I’d love to see it happen.

Until next time, stay popping!

Beefy Penguin out.

Hope you enjoyed this Pop Petition guest post by Beefy Penguin! If you did, be sure to check out our other Pop Petitions!

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Pop Petition: Unlock all islands

This is a guest post by Incredible Hamburger (username: popguy6) petitioning for all islands, especially member-locked islands, to be made available to all. Enjoy!

Hey there, I’m Incredible Hamburger! (But not the kind of hamburger you would have for dinner…)

The reason I’m writing this Pop Petition is to convince the Poptropica team to make all membership-locked islands playable for non-members too. You know, the ones that say on the map when you roll over them, “demo for non-members.” I think a demo’s not enough, and here’s why:

First, there are kids like me who for one reason or another can’t get a membership. For me, it’s because my parents won’t let me pay for anything, because the cost is not in our budget. If I tried to buy a membership, they’d probably ban me from playing the game altogether! (Yes, Poptropica membership costs less than other games, but still.)

Besides, I really want to play the Wimpy Kid islands, Wimpy Wonderland and Wimpy Boardwalk. They’re the best! The graphics are very fun — they’re in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid style, so it feels like you are actually there. And the gameplay is even more fun. Your character (Poptropican) can talk to Greg, Manny, Rowley, Grandpa, Gramma, and more Wimpy Kid characters! Jeff Kinney really created something magical with Wimpy Kid.

On that note, I could say the rest of the member-locked islands have a similar effect, too. The members-only islands are all sponsored islands, meaning they’re based on other franchises, such as the Magic Tree House books for Red Dragon Island. Again, Poptropica makes it feel like you’re actually there in those worlds and with those characters (like Big Nate, Greg Heffley, Charlie Brown, and more). That’s why I love Poptropica so much, and I’d even say I feel like life is Poptropica.

It’s true that there are a couple of sponsored islands that are accessible to all (Timmy Failure and Galactic Hot Dogs), and I sure hope it stays that way. I’d also love to see a Captain Underpants Island in the future. But the point is, everyone should get to play every island.

So, Poptropica Creators, please: make the islands open to all! There are lots of people like me who just don’t have the means to get a membership, but would love to play every island, especially the ones that are currently locked for non-members. Give us a chance at them, too!

Until next time! Buh-bye! Incredible Hamburger out… for dinner. 🍔


Hope you enjoyed this Pop Petition guest post by Incredible Hamburger! If you did, be sure to check out our other Pop Petitions!

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