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Ramble Review: Twisted Thicket Island 🌳

Welcome to a new PHB series called Ramble Reviews! This will be a collection of thoughts and opinions from rambling Poptropicans from our PHC Discord community taking a look back at past islands. We hope these posts (and more are coming!) can be a space for fellow fans to read and discuss.

Please welcome the first writer for the series, Purple Paw.

I’ll start by saying, Twisted Thicket is one of the most important islands Poptropica has ever made. It’s not often you see environmentalism portrayed in a kid’s’ game, especially not in this setting, where the message is clear, and yet it is incredibly fun and enjoyable all the same, without being too harsh. I knew right from the start I had to talk about it!

Twisted Thicket is one of the shorter islands, although most times, it’ll take one longer to complete, due to all of the slightly more challenging puzzles hidden within. Your task appears simple at first: rid the forest of the horrible creatures that are terrorizing the town, and help Burt Diamond and his Lumberjerks destroy the magical terrain and build his casino. But the story of the forest goes deeper than that!

The first time I played this, I hoped very much that the island would not end with the forest being bulldozed and the magic destroyed. And as soon as I reached the Sacred Tree Hollow, I saw how kind and innocent these animals actually were, and that they had only acted hostile in defense of their home. What a twist, right?

Twisted Thicket is simply enchanting in every way possible, from the glowing blue mushrooms to the lit-up flowers to the tangled clusters of dark green leaves. And yes, the Tree Hollow is one of my absolute favorite places in all of Poptropica. The Creators aced the setting, characters, and plot, and I will never tire of replaying this island.

The story highlights the misunderstanding between nature and human settlements, and shines an entirely new light on how to fix it. But that certainly doesn’t mean it’s a solemn island; there’s the perfect amount of tension, action, beauty, and storytelling to keep you engaged and having fun the entire time.

This island is a perfect example of the Creators’ old heart and caring, an island that showed they cared about making a true story, and sending a real message (unlike the nonsensical fetch quests we’ve been seeing more recently…).

Troll, from Twisted Thicket

Because of this, Twisted Thicket has got true potential, a meaningful plot line, and is a real gem on the map. I don’t believe the Creators would let something like this go so easily, and if they’ve got half the heart they used to, they’d be working as hard to preserve the Twisted Thicket like we did all those years ago when we first played.

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Purple Paw. If you did, be sure to check out the PHB’s own quickie review of Twisted Thicket by Lucky Joker! Stay tuned for more Ramble Reviews from Purple Paw, Incredible Fire, Magic Flipper, MaryannTheConqueror… and maybe more! And of course, join in on the rambling fun on the PHC Discord.

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You’re invited to celebrate Dr. Beev Day! 🐿

Note: The following event is not organized by the PHB, but will be taking place on our Discord server, the PHC! Hear it from MaryannTheConqueror…

We, a group of Poptropica Month participants, have decided to announce a very special day for all Poptropicans, in honor of a very special character. Even though the Poptropica Creators hardly acknowledge him, this character is much loved by the Poptropica fan community, which is why we have decided to hold this event:

🐿 In Honor of the Great Dr. Beev 🐿

  • What: Beev Party!
  • When: September 15, 2020 (Tuesday) at 12 p.m. Eastern (11 a.m. Central / 10 a.m. Mountain / 9 a.m. Pacific — for other time zones, use a converter. It may be late night Tuesday or early morning Wednesday in some parts of the world.)
  • Where: 24 Carrot cinema common room (Flash version) and the PHC (including voice chat!)
  • What to prepare: Anything Beev related!!! Stories, theories, fan art, your love, etc.

In addition to partying it up in the cinema on 24 Carrot Island (home of Dr. Beev’s inferior mirror, Dr. Hare) and hanging out on the PHC, we’ll also be playing through Mocktropica Island to find the elusive picture of the beloved beaver-doctor in the trash can. Some of us may also be making videos in honor of this great character and his takeover, so keep an eye out for those. Mark your calendars and join us for a fun time!

We will not stop showing our support for the great Dr. Beev until the Poptropica Creators give us a Dr. Beev costume, beaver pets, and maybe even an entire Beev Island! (And it better not be for members only, or there’ll be rioting in the common rooms…)

Update: Here’s a video announcing everything mentioned above!

Castori honorem

See you on the PHC and in Poptropica! 🎉

MaryannTheConqueror (with IsaacEntertains, Theo’s Ghost, TheOrangeHe, and Mess of a Being)

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by MaryannTheConqueror. If you did, be sure to check out Poptropica Month, the fan event that’s spawned this upcoming Beev party! And of course, join in on the fun on the PHC.

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Join us for a month of Poptropica videos! 📽

The following event is not run by the PHB. Hear it from Isaac, one half of the YouTube channel Dimension Bros, which makes videos about Poptropica and other fandoms.

Hey everyone! I’m Isaac, and along with my best friend Theo, we’re Dimension Bros on YouTube. For the past few weeks, Theo and I have been thinking of what we should do to celebrate Poptropica’s 13th birthday coming up this September. And so Poptropica Month was born! Watch and read more below:

The idea for a Poptropica Month collab came after we started bouncing ideas back and forth about what videos we would make to celebrate Pop’s birthday and decided that our usual 8 videos a month schedule simply would not be enough of a celebration for such a great game. We wanted to make more than 8 videos, but with school coming up for us, that seemed out of the realm of possibility. Enter… the rest of the Poptropica fandom!

We invite all video creators/enthusiasts/YouTubers to join us during the month of September in uploading Poptropica videos. Whether you’re new to sharing on YouTube or you’ve already got a channel with other content, you’re welcome to join this collab! If you’ve been considering starting up a YouTube channel, maybe make a Poptropica Month video as your first video to get off to a good start—after all, there’s a community already here to support you.

Isaac (left) and Theo (right), the Dimension Bros on YouTube.

How can you get started? After watching the video above, take the next step by clicking the link in the video description, which will guide you through joining the Poptropica Month Discord server, sharing the link to your channel with us, and sharing your Pop Month video(s) with us on the Discord server. We’ll include all the Pop Month videos in this master playlist for all to enjoy.

Any kind of video goes, as long as it relates to Poptropica. This could be a simple let’s-play or walkthrough, a top ten list (or a Pop 5, per PHB tradition), a theory about your favorite island, a Poptropica-based song or speedpaint… anything you can imagine! Like to cook? Bake a Poptropica cake! Comedy skits? Maybe you could do a sketch about the Poptropica Creators and their never-ending secrecy of when we’ll be getting the old islands back. Make as few or as many videos as you like—you don’t have to stress about uploading non-stop Pop content like we’ll be doing on Dimension Bros.

Also, you don’t need super fancy equipment to make a decent video! Most Dimension Bros videos are filmed on our phones and edited with iMovie. (There’s free editing software for Windows, too.) It’s more about the creativity than the tools, so don’t be afraid to try with what you’ve got! Just take a look at my setup for videos—yes, my laptop is on a cardboard box.

Behind the scenes of a Dimension Bros video.

Even if you don’t participate in uploading any videos, Poptropica Month is for everyone to enjoy. So when September arrives in just over a week, be sure to go support all the videos posted to the master playlist.

Looking forward to seeing what types of videos you guys will upload for Poptropica Month! Also, NANOBOTS FOR THE WIN!! WHOOOOO!!!

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Isaac from Dimension Bros. If you did, be sure to check out our feature post for Dimension Bros as well as our other Poptropica YouTuber spotlights for more video ideas!

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Pop Petition: Gear the game toward older kids

This is a guest post by Tiff on why Poptropica should focus more on their older players. The following is the writer’s opinion only. Enjoy!

Hi, I’m Tiff, and I want to talk about a few things—but most importantly, the idea that Poptropica should gear the game toward older kids.

Despite the fact that Poptropica bills itself as a children’s game, fewer and fewer young kids are interested in Poptropica these days. In fact, if you look at the PHB’s surveys, you’ll find that the majority of players are 13 and up (at least, the majority of who read this fan site are teens and young adults).

If the Creators want to keep Pop going, they’ll need to create content suitable for the audience they have and expand on that, rather than holding onto the past ideal of being suited for kids. They need to grow with their fanbase, so that they’re not left behind by their competitors.

After all, Poptropica is my favorite game, and I really want it to stay. Plus, with an evolving games market, and a growing trend for augmented or virtual reality, I wonder if they can explore that avenue further.

And as we know, Poptropica has been putting a little too much emphasis on Membership. I know they’ve been working on the Islands, and bringing the old ones back, but they really should be available to all players, not just members. This post isn’t necessarily about the paywall, but more on the fact that the Creators seem to only orient their game for a subset of players that they find more valuable—whether that’s members or younger kids—rather than focusing on the majority of who’s already here: the non-members and the older players. I’m here to say, Creators, focus on who your players are now, not who they used to be, and expand from there.

Creators: grow with the game, and grow with the times. We are not kids anymore, we’re teens and young adults. Poptropica’s demographic has changed, so let’s change the game with it. It’s supply and demand: the demand is the older demographic, the little kids who aren’t so little anymore, who’ve grown up with Poptropica and have stuck around for the fun and nostalgia. And the supply is Poptropica, which needs to adapt for this crowd which seems to make up the majority of our community these days.

Let’s be a little less forceful in trying to promote our game to a younger audience, who seem to have already moved on to other things—after all, there’s not much a new player can do on Poptropica these days as they’re locked into a Haxe account with few islands—and perhaps, with careful consideration for the older demographic (and particularly our desire for islands with deep storytelling), Poptropica’s demand may rise again.

Hope you enjoyed this Pop Petition guest post by Tiff! If you did, be sure to check out our other Pop Petition posts on the PHB, as well as our series on the topic of Poptropica and Age.

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My Place in Poptropica: Tall Storm

This is the My Place in Poptropica story of Tall Storm, an 8-year-old who found Poptropica from Jeff Kinney’s author blurb on Diary of a Wimpy Kid. See below for details on how to send in your MPIP story to be published here on the PHB!

Welcome, Tall Storm here! In this post I will explain how I came to Poptropica. 

Discovering the old-school way, with Diary of a Wimpy Kid

So, it all started when I got a copy of Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Old School. After seeing this book, I wanted the rest of the series. (To this day, I love reading these books. But anyway, let’s get back to Poptropica.)

I can’t remember when, but one time when I finished one of the books, I saw the blurb describing the other stuff that Jeff Kinney, the author, has done. One of these things was that he created Poptropica. So, one day I decided to play Poptropica. 

Biting off that 24 Carrot — and more islands

I didn’t really play the game until a long time after I discovered it. But anyway, I first played Monkey Wrench Island, which was the tutorial island at the time. After that, I went on 24 Carrot Island

And that’s where I got stumped. I didn’t know what to do. I looked on Google for guides on how to beat 24 Carrot — and that’s when I came across this very blog where you are now reading this post.

Thanks to the Poptropica Help Blog, I was able to complete 24 Carrot and get its medallion. And Time Tangled Island, which I completed, again, with the help of this blog.

Recently, I saw a post here on the PHB talking about the old islands returning. It was very exciting news for me, and for the second time, I got my own membership to access them! So far I’ve played Wimpy Wonderland, and of course, used the PHB’s guide to help me beat it.

By the way, my Poptropica username is Coolclam98 — so if Poptropica ever brings back the feature to add friends by username, you can add me! That’s all I have to say. Bye! 

Hope you enjoyed this “My Place in Poptropica” story! If you did, you’ll probably enjoy our other MPIP stories here on the PHB.

If you haven’t already, we invite you to send in your own. Please include your username and at least 500 words, typed with good spelling and grammar, and divided into labeled sections. If you send in your story, we will continue to post new community MPIPs!

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