My Place in Poptropica: Tough Sky

This is the My Place in Poptropica story of Tough Sky, who got his first exposure to people from all over the world from new friends on Poptropica. See below for how to send in your MPIP!

mpip toughsky

2009–2010 | Getting Into It

I started playing Poptropica when I was at my grandparent’s house one day, where a friend of mine showed me a website called Funbrain. It was really interesting at first, since it had really simple games, but then I found Poptropica.

Poptropica was, at the time, one of the best games that I could ever play. I created some avatars, but I didn’t really know how to play the game, since I thought that the items present in an island were also used for other islands. However, when I started to do the rest of the islands, I began to get a clearer idea of how to play. The first island I ever completed was Reality TV Island.

2011–2014 | All Around the World

In the next few years, I did all the islands—and then I wasn’t sure what to do next. I waited a while, and in 2012, they added the friends feature, so then I was able to make friends in the common rooms. I was excited that I could finally meet people from all around the world and be open to the world.

I live in Europe, and up until then I didn’t have much exposure to the world outside of my country. But with this new possibility on Poptropica, I was able to challenge many people from the United States and Asia in head-to-head game battles. My battle rank got pretty high after a while.

I also discovered the Poptropica Help Blog through the internet. From this site I found some cheats for the game and read about the news and adventures on the blog. I also tried to do the islands with the World Champion rank maps when those came out, and it was really cool to see all the countries where Poptropica players come from.

2015–2017 | The Best I Can Be

Eventually, I created an avatar for main use instead of having a bunch, and it’s the one I still use today. My avatar is Tough Sky, and I’ve solved all the islands except for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (which is currently membership-locked) and the old Hub (Home) Island quest (which no longer exists). I did all the latest islands like Mission Atlantis, Survival, and my favorite, PoptropiCon.

Every time a new island came out, I would try to rank first place in my home country on the World Champion player maps. I’d participate in everything that Poptropica released. I played all the mini games you could get in the store.

I’ve also been playing Poptropica Worlds. In Poptropica Worlds, I’ve done Crisis Caverns, 24 Carrot, and Dr. Hare’s Revenge. I had a lot of fun in the latter, completing the four zones and attaining high scores. I also bought new outfits in the store and decorations for my dream house.

I think Poptropica Worlds should add new islands for us to do, bring back the World Champion rank maps for each island, allow us to create a personal profile for each avatar, and put a common room on every island.

But the most important thing I wish they’d do is cancel the membership in Poptropica Original, since that game is over—well, no longer being updated—so they may as well let us have free reign. And on Worlds, they should be less limiting to players without membership: I have too many decorations for too little space in my dream house, and I wish I didn’t have to get membership just to have more space.

Anyway, I hope that there will be new features in Poptropica Worlds. As a final note, I want everybody to know that there are two islands on Poptropica Original with World Champion rank maps that aren’t listed under “New Features” on Poptropica’s site, and they are Reality TV and Early Poptropica. Well, thanks for reading my story!

Hope you enjoyed this “My Place in Poptropica” story!

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My Place in Poptropica: Gentle Fang

This is the My Place in Poptropica story of Gentle Fang, who stopped playing Poptropica for a while because she felt too old for it, but returned to it for the challenge and fun she’d missed. See below for how to send in your MPIP!

mpip gentlefang

Hey everyone! I am Gentle Fang (a brilliant oxymoron of a name). I wrote a guest post back in February with a little island history, and decided to return and do a My Place in Poptropica post for fun. Enjoy!

2012 | Introduction

In 2012, I was in second grade, and was seven years old. I always loved to visit, and in the website’s games there were constantly Poptropica advertisements. The characters in the pictures I saw looked pretty cool to me, so I asked my mom if I could play.

She agreed to set up an account for me to use, although I was not allowed membership to the game. Upon entering, I clicked the first island I saw: Zomberry. I was frightened by the purple zombies back then, but now I see them as nothing to be afraid of. Since I was scared, I quickly exited out of the game. Sadly, I have no idea what my old username was.

2015 | Different school, different kids

When I was in fifth grade, I moved to a new school for the seventh time in my life. I had come from a school where I was very well-liked by the students and was very close to them, so when I moved, I expected it to be just the same as the last school. However, I turned out to be very wrong.

I met lots of kids who were very different from what I was used to (in a good way), and most of them didn’t like any of the same things I did. I got very shy around these kids, and so I had no one to be around when school was over. The work was also kind of boring to me because the curriculum at my new school was behind on what it had been at my old school, so much of it was review for me.

It was out of boredom that I went back onto FunBrain one night, and once again, I saw the Poptropica ads. I thought back to second grade and the scary Zomberry zombies, and was hesitant to join. However, I decided to do it again anyway, because I figured much could have changed as I got older.

I found that I loved the game, and tried to complete islands on my own, which was a huge challenge. I had fun changing my character’s outfits and making her hair bright turquoise. I chatted in the common rooms and even copied down some questions from the chats to ask to kids at school.

I got a very positive reaction, and found that many people who I thought were so different from me were actually quite similar. I made a few friends who I am still close to today, including my friends Isabella and Caroline. I found out that plenty of kids played Poptropica, and one even showed me the PHB, so completing islands wouldn’t be so hard anymore.

It was also on Poptropica that I discovered how much I love theater, especially musical theater. I watched as Gentle Fang cried off of the stage on Reality TV Island and how she would sweat nervously in Game Show Island, and I myself became very good at acting out the very same emotions my character acted out. After fifth grade, I joined the drama club at school, which helped me to get a ton of friends.

2016 | A break from an obsession (and forming some new ones)

In 2016, I entered middle school. I LOVED IT, to say the least. I felt like I had a lot more independence, but also felt I was “too old” for some things.

For one, I felt that it was time I abandoned the pink decorations on all of my stuff and replaced it with boring old zebra stripes. I also developed a new obsession of listening to Hamilton over and over again. And, more relevant to this story, I came to think that Poptropica was too babyish for the eleven-year-old that I was and not worth my time anymore, so I stopped playing.

2017 | Why’d I ever stop?

This year, I felt I was lacking a challenge, some sort of game that would test my logic and reasoning. I realized what I was actually missing was Poptropica. I missed the challenges the islands presented to me, and I missed the fun social interactions that resulted from it. I realized that the only thing I was actually “too old” for was my own brain.

So, I decided to give myself a mental refresh, in which I realized it was dumb to get rid of things I loved so much just because I was getting older. I quickly went back to Poptropica, replaying all of the old islands and laughing at some friends’ outfit choices for their characters.

I went back to Gentle Fang and took her for a long shopping trip in the store. I had tons of fun, and I am working on my Poptropica Worlds account now. While my newer obsession of Hamilton songs continue to play in the background, I am so happy to have gone back to my older obsession of a game that brought me great joy.

Hope you enjoyed this “My Place in Poptropica” story!

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My Place in Poptropica: Crazy Peppers

This is the My Place in Poptropica story of Crazy Peppers, who was introduced to Pop by his brother’s friend and hasn’t stopped the obsession since. See below for how to send in your MPIP!

mpip crazypeppers

2013–2015 | My Brother’s Friend

The event that began my road to Poptropica was my older brother moving into a new school. His first friend was a middle-schooler named Moises. (Moises is in high school now.) One day, Moises came over to our place and showed me a computer game called Poptropica. Little did I know that it would be the start of an obsession — an obsession that hasn’t died out (yet).

My first account Yellow Ghost, which was created by my brother. We beat so many islands together — with the help of the Poptropica Help Blog, of course. (After all, who doesn’t look up a little help?)

For the next couple of years, Poptropica was the one and only computer game I played. I watched many islands come out over the time I played: Galactic Hot Dogs, Mystery of the Map, Timmy Failure, Escape From Pelican Rock, and finally, Monkey Wrench. Then, Poptropica stopped coming out with islands.

2016 | Let’s Take a (Long) Break

One day in 2016, I just stopped playing for some reason. I don’t know why, because I hadn’t forgotten my username and password. Poptropica didn’t release any new islands after Monkey Wrench, so that may have contributed to it.

After a while, Poptropica was completely out of my mind. For a long time, it just didn’t occur to my mind to keep playing.

Early 2017 | The Return… to a new World

One day in early 2017, a thought came in to my head: “Remember that old game Poptropica? I should check it out again. A lot of stuff might have changed!”

As it turns out, not that much had changed — that is, until the release of Worlds.

Up until the the release of the new game, I had never heard of it. I guess I hadn’t been keeping up with the news. Anyway, once it was out, I immediately imported my Poptropica Original account.

I played around with it but decided I didn’t like it that much. I liked the houses though. I’ve beat all the islands in Worlds (so far).

August 2017 | Membership

In August, my parents agreed to get me a one-month membership. I LOVED it! I went on Poptropica Original and beat most of the membership islands (except Great Pumpkin Island, because I couldn’t get past the piano part). I played most of the bonus quests, and got all of the members-only store items. When my membership ended, I was pretty sad, but I had fun with it.

Looking to the present

Well, that’s it for now, but I sure hope the Poptropica Creators come up with more soon! My username is intinavia2 if anybody wants to friend me, and I’d like to give a special thanks to the PHB for letting me post on their site.

Stay safe out there, Poptropica fans.

Hope you enjoyed this “My Place in Poptropica” story!

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My Place in Poptropica: Striped Cactus

This is the My Place in Poptropica story of Striped Cactus, a writer who likes to play Poptropica Islands for story inspiration. See below for how to send in your MPIP!

mpip stripedcactus

Now there are about ten million and one ways I could start this, but I need something that’s going to hook my readers, so, um–

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

How I Discovered Poptropica

It must’ve been like 2009 when I first heard about Poptropica. I don’t remember where I first heard the name of it, exactly. But I remember that back then, when I was in elementary school, Poptropica was like “the cool thing.”

The kids I knew wore Poptropica t-shirts on a daily basis. They bragged about how they passed Astro-Knights Island by themselves to their friends (meaning they probably used the PHB, but let’s be honest, who doesn’t?). They showed off their memberships and bought ye olde Poptropica guide book.


Now, I was a very cautionary child growing up. I felt superior to any and all people who played video games of any kind. Pokemon was popular, and so was Call of Duty (yes, even amongst mere third graders!). I warned the boys in my grade (the ones playing the video games) about the dangers of gaming: how it was bad for the eyes, the body, and the mind. And then…

Well, one day at school I was on Funbrain, very obviously doing important school things, when I scrolled to the bottom, probably on accident, and saw a small blue link that said Poptropica. Instantly, I began freaking out. It’s that thing all the cool kids are talking about! Omigosh I found it!!!

Needless to say, that was the beginning of an obsession that hasn’t yet died out – which, for me, is extremely rare, considering that my other obsessions at one time or another haven’t lasted quite as long.

My Only Source of Computer Entertainment

The first island I played was Spy Island. Advanced for a third grader? Probably. But man, I did not stop talking about it for weeks. I told all of my friends that I was a real spy, that I had defeated Director D, and that they should all be calling me by my Poptropica name, “Striped Cactus,” now. Poptropica was literally one of the only things I did when I opened my computer.

Then, I got stuck on Wild West Island, and I was so frustrated. But then an idea came to my fun brain and I thought, I wonder if the Internet has the answer? Lo and behold… PHB had the answer. PHB had all the answers, in fact, to the next thirty or so islands I completed.

My dad and I played Mythology Island together, talking about Greek mythology as we did so (we’re both really big history nerds). He also helped me conquer Astro-Knights Island. People could brag about finishing it all by themselves to their hearts’ content, but I took pride in telling people that I completed it with my dad.

A Source of Inspiration

Something I didn’t mention, but perhaps you’ve picked up on it: I am… a writer. I write short stories, novelettes, articles, the occasional MUSICAL (that was a big one), and mini plays that get performed every other year at my local theater. As a writer, I get this virus every so often known as “writer’s block.” And yes, it sucks. But the only way to hunt said virus (see what I did there? okay, so it was a bit of a stretch) is to distract myself with something mindless and entertaining, but has the potential to punch me in the face with a fistful of inspiration. Sounds a whole lot like Poptropica if you ask me.

Whenever I’m stuck in a story and want to get out (see what I did there, musical theater superfans? ), I play the Poptropica Island that most resembles the theme of the story I’m writing. While writing a novelette retelling of Snow White, I spent a bunch of time on Twisted Thicket. While struggling in the middle of a Star Wars tale I was itching to tell but couldn’t quite figure out how, I slashed and stabbed my way through Legendary Swords. And when I was working on an intense but complicated story where the narrator gets kidnapped by the villain and has to be rescued, I continuously played Mocktropica. I swear, there’s a Poptropica Island for every story idea that comes to mind.

An Awkward Conclusion

Well, that’s my story. I know self-promotion is overrated, but follow me on Wattpad anyway (please?) or at least give one of my stories a nice big yellow star! 🙂 I’m @booky_wookiee.

Poptropica’s a great place, PHB is pretty awesome, and stay safe out there, everybody.

Hope you enjoyed this “My Place in Poptropica” story!

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Pop 5: MiniGame Collections

This post originally appeared on Poptropica Fun Zone and is being shared on the PHB courtesy of the author, Hyper Gamer. See the bottom of this post for how you, too, can write for the PHB!

pop5 minigames

Hi everyone. Today, I will be talking about the best mini-games you can play, categorized by island. These mini-games require getting to a certain part of the island before you can play them, and many of them are collections with lots of games in one island. Plus, you can play them even after you have completed the island.

This was originally published as a “Pop 6” list, but in keeping with PHB tradition, this is post will give the “Pop 5,” with the full list on the original. Now, onto the list!

#6: Wimpy Boardwalk

pop6 boardwalk

There are a lot of mini-games you can play on Wimpy Boardwalk: Himalayan Hurl, Fastball Fury, Circus Soaker, Space Fling, and Pirate Panic. These mini-games are fun and somewhat of a challenge, but they really aren’t that hard.

In order to access these games, you have to be a member, since non-members can only play a demo of the island. Also, you need to obtain a certain item in order to win Himalayan Hurl. You’ll also need to accrue tokens, found around the island, to play these games.

#5: Wild West

pop5 wildwest

There are a lot of mini-games you can play on Wild West: Slap-Jack, Shooting Contest, Spit-N-Time, and Slots. They can be found on various parts of the island.

In most of these games, you get to play against other characters, except Slots where you play against the machine. This makes for more of a challenge as you have someone to compete with, even if they are computer-controlled.

#4: Wimpy Wonderland

pop5 wimpywonderland

There are two mini-games you can play on Wimpy Wonderland: Twisted Wizard and Bingo. Bingo is only available for members. Twisted Wizard is available for anybody that has completed Wimpy Wonderland.

Personally, I think Twisted Wizard is a really fun game that you can play on any non-SUI island once you unlock it. You can find the CD in your games or island inventory.

Bingo, found in Leisure Towers, is also a fun game, but takes some concentration. I’d say Twisted Wizard is more fun, though.

#3: Game Show

pop5 gameshow

There are a lot of mini-games you can play on Game Show Island: Mr. Yoshi’s Super Terrific Challenge, Kerplunk, Spin for Riches, Scardy Pants, and Brainiacs.

These games are a mix of games based on skill in doing challenges and games that use knowledge. The knowledge-based games tend to repeat questions, but the skill-based games have challenges that you can play over and over.

#2: PoptropiCon Ep. 2, Spoiler Alert

pop5 pcon

The Mighty Action Force card game is the biggest game talked about in PoptropiCon. The MAF card game is super fun. It is a game I keep going back to play. You even have the option to change your deck with the cards you found so you can make it better.

There are two people you can choose from to battle on the island. The game is simple and very easy to access from the end of the episode.

Want to find out what #1 is? See the original post over on Poptropica Fun Zone!

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Hyper Gamer! If you did, be sure to check out his blog, Poptropica Fun Zone.

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My Place in Poptropica: Wild Wing

This is the My Place in Poptropica story of Wild Wing, a player from Spain who has improved her English through Poptropica, and also blogs at Poptropica AllSee below to send in your MPIP!

Hey all! I’m just a person in the world who likes Poptropica and writing on blogs (about Poptropica). I thought I’d share my Poptropica story with you, so enjoy!

The Start of All

It all started one year, I don’t remember when exactly. Anyway, I’m from Spain, but my father wanted me to learn English so that I could get a good job in the future. He sent me an e-mail with directions to a game site that was in English. That site was FunBrain.

I got really addicted to that site, and then I found an ad on the Math Arcade. I just clicked on it and a few moments later, I had registered for my first Poptropica account! I don’t remember my first account, but I do remember my Poptropican on Shark Tooth Island, standing on the top of a coconut.

More Homework, Less Poptropica

As I got older, I had more homework to do, and the free time I did have, I spent with my friends. So I started to forget about Poptropica and its magical world.

I started playing other games, and Poptropica was at the end of my list. My friends told me about some other games, and I talked a little about the things I remembered about Poptropica. However, I think that they didn’t like it too much, and I agreed with them at that time.

Re-discovering Poptropica, and Membership

About two years later, I remembered Poptropica. At the time, I didn’t have too much homework, so I started playing it more. That’s when my current character, Wild Wing, was created.

I completed almost all of the islands, but I couldn’t finish Virus Hunter or Steamworks. Later, on my other accounts, I think I finished Steamworks, but since it took so long to complete, I didn’t play it again on my main account.

My parents let me have a one month membership. When I became a member, I said to myself that it would be as cool as in the ads. But I was a little bit disappointed. I bought all the cards from the store and did all the things members could in that time. But there wasn’t much for members back then: there weren’t any early access islands or the seven (now six) members-only islands. So, I didn’t like membership too much.

Discovering More: The Social Aspect

This part is when I discovered the social part of Poptropica. Videos on YouTube, the Poptropica Help Blog, other interesting fan sites… the more I found, the more addicted I became to reading about Poptropica and playing the game.

I just love reading all the funny and interesting blog posts out there, and discovering new Poptropica blogs. I love knowing and thinking about all the different points of view.

Less Pop Original, More Worlds, and a Blog

When Pop Worlds was released, for some reason, I couldn’t enter Poptropica Original anymore. I checked Flash and all that stuff, but nothing worked. So I have to play Poptropica Original on my father’s computer. He’s usually on it, so I can’t go on Pop Original most of time. Right now, when I do play, I can only really play the few things that are available on Poptropica Worlds.

With the release of Poptropica Worlds, and of all the new features, I decided I wanted to create my own Pop blog, called Poptropica All. Check it out!

Anyway, I don’t know what will happen in a year or more. But I do know I would like to continue with Poptropica. In addition to being fun, Poptropica has also helped me with learning English, and that’s been pretty useful to me!

If you want to add me on Poptropica, my username is magicandmagic (don’t ask me why). Well, thanks for reading!


Hope you enjoyed this “My Place in Poptropica” story!

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Pop Petition: Bring Tribes to Worlds!

(Hey Poptropicans! This is a guest post written by Poptropica community member MT, wherein the idea of bringing Poptropica Tribes to Worlds is discussed. Enjoy!)

Pop Petition Header

Hello, fellow Poptropicans! I am honored to speak to all of you today. Let me introduce myself. Call me MT: short for Moody Tuna, and I’m not this MT.

As you may or may not know, Poptropica is a map made by the “Creators”, a group of psychiatrists psychologists physiatrists physiologists psychics that can tell the future (because they create it). They created the past to ensure the future, and they succeeded. But as the Poptropica graphic novels will show you, Octavian has been messing with the timeline for the sake of saving his loved one. But there’s another mystery about the Poptropica timeline: when did the tribes form?

Tribes came to Poptropica for the ancient Poptropolis Games, but tribes had already been existing for a time. The tribal system has also separated Poptropicans and given us awesome common rooms. So, it was pretty awesome in Poptropica Original, and I’d love to see the concept continue in the newer Poptropica Worlds, especially with more expansions on story. Of course, having tribes will require jerseys and running shorts, and that, of course, will show those hideous knees. *shudder*

Still, choosing a tribe would be a great way for Poptropicans to show a bit of personality to their friends, and unite Poptropicans in some friendly competition.


Spear me the details.

As we know, islands on Worlds each get their own museum, and now I’m wondering out loud what the museum would display if there was one for a remastered Poptropolis Games. Of course, it should talk about the ancient warrior in the members’ bonus quest, as well as the sinking and resurfacing of the island.

And what about the common rooms? We have yet to see an actual common room in Worlds, even though the Creators have talked about bringing multi-player features to Worlds. One of the original picture previews for Worlds even says “Challenge your friends!” Well, I think it’d be cool if we had a common room on our Home Island that corresponded to the tribe we were in. But what do you think?

I have to go, so… BAM!! *a golden robot looms closer, red eyes gleaming with delight* “Mwahahahaha!!”

The end?!?!?

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by MT!

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