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My Place in Poptropica: Silver Shell

This is a guest post from Silver Shell sharing her My Place in Poptropica story, which is all about one’s Poptropica journey. Enjoy!

Hi! I’m Silver Shell, and this is my first post on the PHB. I’m going to show you my MPIP, My Place in Poptropica.

The Great Discovery

The year was… actually, I don’t know when the year was. I must’ve forgotten. Huh. Sorry if any of you wanted the year.

It was the middle of summer. I had nothing else to do, so I was on my computer, playing a bunch of uncool math games on Cool Math Games. I was scrolling, and I saw a picture of some lady with aviator’s goggles, a hat, and a jacket. She looked kind of like Amelia Earhart, actually — just missing some key ingredients like, I don’t know, a nose and ears. Since I was fascinated by aviation back then, I thought the game looked cool.

The Flying Ace Race — scene from Monkey Wrench Island

Then there was the name. Poptropica. How do you pronounce it? I had no idea. For a few days, I walked around calling it “pop-TROPE-ee-kay”.

Anyway, I Googled the game to see if search engines thought it was any good. Fun? Okay. Communicating safely? Why not? Educational…Oh. No. That ain’t gonna work. See, I was kind of sick of games where they’re all like “What’s 5 times 5? Good job! You’ve unlocked a pet!” and stuff like that. Regardless of that, I was curious, so I clicked.

And behold, the beginning of an era.

Playing the Game

I was welcomed by some pink rabbit with goggles standing on a floating island (little did I know I would see stranger things than that!) with a bunch of stuff flying around in the background. After spending maybe twenty minutes just staring at the screen to see what would fly around in the background, I finally clicked “new player.”

After creating my avatar to look as much like me as possible, and talking to the girl in the goggles and jacket (who was actually named Amelia, after the aviator!), I went on my first quest, to a creepy-looking, kind of run-down island called 24 Carrot.

I’ll admit, back then I didn’t quite understand how the islands worked. I thought if I refused the quest, there would have to be something else to do. I thought I was really on a time limit. 

I thought hiding behind flowers would conceal me from Dr. Hare.

After winning, I received something I would never forget. It was such an important symbol of my achievement and duty as a Poptropican…

My first medallion. *cue the hallelujah chorus*

The Old New Poptropica

I played Poptropica almost every day for a long time, but after a while, I realized that things weren’t changing. I wished for something new every day. I was coming to a scary suspicion that the creators were giving up on their own game. I checked the Pop Creators’ Blog nonstop, but nothing. I stopped playing for a while. I had to focus on school, anyway.

That all changed one day in 2020, when I decided to check the Creators’ Blog again for the first time in months, and I saw something amazing, something mysterious, something I had never seen before, and it was titled: Classic Islands are Baaaaaacccckkkk!

I immediately bought a membership, sailed through islands I had never before seen, met characters, defeated villains, saved innocents, and my medallions were piling up. I never felt happier!

Then I read the post again. They were here until the end of Flash. What? The end of Flash? Poptropica’s life force is shutting down?!

I Googled it to see if it was true. Sure enough, Flash was going away, but Poptropica’s here to stay! I played the old islands for as long as I could, as many times as I could, and tried to make the best of it while I had it. I was sad when the old islands left, but I was proud of myself for bringing peace to so many islands.

I kicked their bots.

The Beginning of the End

At first, I thought it wasn’t too bad. Flash had just been taken away, and Poptropica wasn’t too different. In fact, some improvements even came out! I liked how NPCs walked across Home Island. The removal of the movie theater wasn’t a big deal. I thought it would be fine!

Later, a mini-quest of one of my favorite islands came out: the Zomberry Hero Special Event! For a while, there was peace in Poptropica.

And that became a problem. Sure, there was the occasional mini-quest, but without new islands, there wasn’t much left to do. Little did I know I would be wishing for things to stay the same in the future.

Home Island before (top pic) it was remodeled in 2021 (bottom pic)

It all kind of collapsed for me when Home Island was remade for Haxe. I loved it the way it was, but now too much is changing. Every single part of Poptropica I loved was either taken away or changed. The changes were always glitchy and annoying in my opinion. The characters became bouncy and peppy and unnatural. No matter how much I petitioned, the creators wouldn’t bring back what I had come to love: Old Poptropica. I couldn’t rely on anything.

Bunk: Perhaps you, too, will love the 90s.

Or so I thought.

Meeting the Community

I was searching “Poptropica Help” one day just because I was bored and I wanted to see what came up. A Poptropica Help Blog?! This was just what I needed to keep myself distracted!

Life Jackets On: The lucky few who made it to the lifeboats.

I found a huge blog with thousands of readers who love Poptropica as much as I do, a place that keeps me informed about new stuff, one where people all around the world can share their ideas.

That led me to even more fansites: the Poptropica Wiki, We-Love-Poptropica on DeviantArt, and so much more. I finally found a part of Poptropica I could rely on: the community! This was what I could trust!

Media Bias: Don’t trust what the robots say.

(You can guess how heartbroken I was when the PHB changed their entire blog as a prank on April Fool’s Day!)

Now, I’m a part of the community, and guest-writing here on this blog, too. So there you go! My Place in Poptropica!

I think all of you deserve a medallion for reading this entire thing. It’s pretty long. Thanks for reading!

Don’t stop popping, 
Silver Shell

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Popspiracy: The Magic Girl 🦄☔️

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Incredible Fire. Enjoy!

Hello everyone! Over the pandemic, I’ve gotten really into gaming theorists, so while I was scouring the latest mini quest for a potential “Is Amelia a Villain?” theory, I stumbled onto something… interesting. It may just possibly change the way we think about Poptropica forever. So what is this game-changing theory?

In the top corner of Amelia’s house, we see that she’s been studying Rumplestiltskin. The lipstick flashes purple when you interact with it — and it’s the same purple flashes with white sparks seen in Fairy Tale Island when Rumplestiltskin uses magic.

Also in Amelia’s house, we can see photos of her with her friends. Most noticeably, the girl from the statue on Home Island. We can gather from her statue that she’s studious, and from the picture, can apparently do magic. And what color is her magic? Purple with white sparks.

And that’s not all, folks! If you look at the king in Fairy Tale Island, he doesn’t really resemble his son. That could be for any number of reasons, but guess who he does resemble? Our magic girl. They have the same skin tone and similar bouncy hair.

Perhaps Purple Girl is actually Rumplestiltskin in disguise, or vice-versa. It’s not too far-fetched for our shapeshifting trickster. That would explain her absence from the game and why Amelia is so intent on finding her.

But then again, maybe not. Rumplestiltskin presents as a male, and seems older than the girl in the image. It seems more likely that he’s an older relative. Or perhaps the girl is related to the king, and Rumplestiltskin is a mentor?

And what role does Amelia play in this? Who are the other people in the picture? What about Xavier and Red Baroness? 

If I’m actually right, what does this mean for Poptropica? Is Poptropica actually building an extensive lore around the newer islands of the game? Are they being subtle and letting us pick up on the clues for ourselves? Are we getting a part 2 to Fairy Tale Island? And most importantly, is Poptropica gonna be able to pull it off? I don’t actually think I’m right, but I’m excited to find out!

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Incredible Fire. If you did, you might also enjoy other posts from her, such as her My Place in Poptropica story.

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Clubhouse Tour: Dangerous Shadow 🏡

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Dangerous ShadowEnjoy!

Hi! The name’s Dangerous Shadow, and imma show you my Poptropica clubhouse!

Let’s do the front entrance. So first, we have a totally awesome skateboard (though I fell and hurt my knee when it tipped over). There’s my diamond skull saying ”Hello” — it’s ever so kind!(lol) And then there’s my bag and cap on that smiley-face-whatever-thing.

Hm, next we have… Oh! The two parts of the living room! There’s the fireplace, which isn’t on right now because it’s summer. Then we have a really nice looking couch. They’re really fluffy, too! And there’s a little stool with a plant cat! Man, it’s cute.

On the other side, I also have a moon chair (I mean I think it’s a moon chair, it looks like one). There’s a very comfy hammock there, and a TV. And then there’s that unicorn thing… I’m pretty sure it’s a pillow, if not, let me know in the comments down below!

Now let’s go to my pets’ room — ugh, what is happening with my eyes there? So anyway, my kitten is named Toast! You can’t see it in the pic, but it’s just a cat with grey fur and a toast head.

My puppy, which you can see there, is named Dino. Here is my dog’s little house. He loves to play with the ball in there. There is some pet food in that bowl, which the pets share, and nearby is my cat’s little home-y kinda thing (I’m not doing well at remembering the names 😦 ). And there is her yarn, which she adores.

Let’s move onto the kitchen now… :OOO Someone hid my chocolate cake behind the bread basket, and I was trying to find it — I wanted my chocolate cake! *jumps up to get it* Almost there! Lol, to tell you the truth, I just never got a table, and I don’t know why! But I do have a fridge, drink machines, and food.

Let’s move onto my bedroom. It’s my favorite part of my whole clubhouse! Okay, I couldn’t get everything into one picture, so I took two. So I have my very comfy bed, with my penguin toy animal holding my phone—hey! What are you doing with it! *penguin just stares* Oh, wait. It’s a toy. Toys don’t talk.

I have a bookshelf. I love love love love to read! I have my grumpy-looking owl lamp there, with a chest full of more books and a couple more toys. I have more books on top of the bookshelf, as well as some lanterns — at least, I think they are lanterns. On the wall I have a pink moon decoration and some pictures of my friends. And I needed those beautiful light-up trees. Okay, onto the other part!

It’s my… gaming station! There’s a gaming chair. It’s pretty comfy. I have two speakers giving off some “Keeping It Loud” vibes. There’s my gaming computer, and you can see there’s that hanging chair with that orange pillow, and of course another one of those light-up trees.

Next we have what is kinda like my chillaxing/calm room. I have my (one) window in here, my music thingy majingy and a huge rainbow beanbag, plus my basketball stuff (okay, basketball isn’t really calming — I just put it there XD). I have my phoenix here too. Say hi, Feather! Oh, he’s in a calm/chillaxing mood. Better close our eyes with him — Dino, I said, “Close your eyes with him!” Hm, Dino ain’t listening to me today.

Well, that’s the end! Also, if you’d like to friend me, my username is: foxamazing1 (you don’t have to tell me, I know it sounds silly). Byeeeeee!

~Dangerous Shadow

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Dangerous Shadow. If you did, you might also enjoy other clubhouse tours we’ve featured, such as this Hare-y home from Invisible Ring. Consider sharing yours, too!

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My Dream Island: Megatropolis by Invisible Ring

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Invisible Ring. Enjoy!

Hey there, Poptropicans! It’s been a while, but I think I am ready to showcase my dream island!

Maybe a few of you already know a thing or two about my dream island from my backwater YouTube channel, or from the Poppies 2021 nominations. My original submission to Poptropica’s 2020 Dream Island Contest is found in this little video right here:

 …It was the rush job of a lifetime. All those pages on the video were burned through in the last three weeks of the contest… during finals at the end of the school semester… while trying to make daily holiday advent videos at the SAME TIME!! …Although I was proud of what I made at the time, I almost lost my mind doing it!

The contest came and went, and although this island didn’t win, I’m glad it didn’t, because it gave me the chance to finish what I started. From the beginning of January 2021 all the way to the end of May, I fine-tuned my quest and completed my dream island once and for all. The last thing I did was compile my whole island story into new YouTube videos.

I’m much happier with these videos than I was with that old submission video. (I can’t even look at what’s in the old submission video anymore!) Anyway, enjoy Megatropolis Island told through comic panels in this trailer, five chapters, and even a bonus:

So, my dream island is complete at last, and I think it’s gonna blow your mind. But if you don’t have time to view it now, feel free to subscribe to my channel and check out my dream island comic videos (and any of my other videos) anytime you like!

Please let me know what you think of my dream island, either in this PHB comment section or in the comment sections of my videos! Thank you, and Pop to you later!

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Invisible Ring. If you did, you might also enjoy other posts in our My Dream Island series, such as the Poppies award-winning Cherryfall Island by Smart Icicle. And consider sharing yours!

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Fanfic: The Princess and the Raven, part 4 👸🐦

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Shy Scorpion. Enjoy!

Hello! Shy Scorpion here with the next part of my fanfiction. In case you missed it, catch up on part 1part 2, and part 3 here.

“The Princess and the Raven”

Scene: 1:00 p.m. at the Ye Olde Roastery Co. Ringmaster Raven is sitting under an umbrella waiting, half nervous and half excited. He keeps adjusting his signature top hat. Then Snow White arrives, looks around, spots Raven, and smiles.


Hi! I’m sorry I’m a little late, my wolf Pepperoni had to go out. 


No, it’s okay! Shall we order? 

They go to the window and each order a coffee, then return to their table. Both of them are all smiles. 


So, you have a wolf, an interesting choice.   


Yep, but I love Pepperoni, he is really sweet. Okay, what is one super random fact about you? 


(thinks for a moment) I can remember every face I’ve ever seen, does that count? 


WOW! That is so cool! 

Raven smiles, then a bell dings. They get up and get their coffees then return to their table. Snow White opens her mouth and closes it, then does it again. Raven calls her out and asks what is the matter.  


(hesitantly) Can I ask you something, about your past? 


(face flushes) Sure. 


(rapidly) Well, were you born with wings? Did you really start the fire? Why did you get left behind? Are your parents just like you? 


(flustered) Well, um, let’s see, what? 


(calms down) I’m sorry, I just want to know who you really are, not what some newspaper says.  


Okay, my parents were normal Poptropicans, but for some reason the mixture of their genes caused a rare mutation. It gave me wings and feathers. They raised me as best they could but one day in a freak accident they died. I survived and ran away and just started wandering around until I got to a small town. Then the citizens found me and the rest is history. 




Yeah, now Snow White, you have to tell me who you are. 


Well, I’m technically a princess of a medium-sized kingdom. But my whole life I wanted to be someone else, a veterinarian! Unfortunately, my father betrothed me to a whiny prince. But when Rumplestiltskin kidnapped the king of Fairy Tale Island, it threw off the whole thing. So until they find him, the wedding is off and I can go live my dreams! 


So, you got your happy ending? 


(smiles) Yeah, I guess I did. 

They chat happily for a while longer, then they both get up and throw away their coffee cups.  


Thanks for the lovely coffee and talk. I hope we can do this again soon. 


Yeah, I agree. Let’s definitely do this again, bye! 

I hope you enjoyed it! Feel free to tell me in the comments what you think should happen next!

I also would like to give a shout out to another AMAZING fanfiction called “The Villain Saga” by MaryannTheConquerer here on the PHB. Episode 2.2 was just recently posted, and this saga was part of what inspired me to write my own Poptropica fanfiction. So if you like mine, feel free to check hers out. Well that’s it for now, see you next time Poptropicans! 👋

Just brew it.

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Shy Scorpion. If you did, you might also enjoy The Villain Saga, which inspired this fanfic!

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