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Clubhouse Tour: Silver Tiger 🏡

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Silver Tiger. Enjoy!

Hello Poptropica fans everywhere! My name is Silver Tiger. I am a newer player to Poptropica, but have learned a lot and been inspired by the Poptropica Help Blog… so I decided to contribute to it. Here we go, welcome to my first Poptropica clubhouse tour!

Alright, how about we start this off by taking a quick right to my puppy playland. This is where my slightly spoiled husky puppy named Jet spends his time! Let’s see, he has his own special puppy bowl, puppy food, puppy bone, spacious puppy mini house, puppy night light, and pretty much everything in my house! Maybe slightly spoiled isn’t the right word…

Okay, now to the left! Over here is my ice cream machine, also known as: sugar rush, anyone? Also my comfy chair and my pictures of my invisible friends are located here too. Basically this is where I go to hang out. WHAT IS THAT?! Oh, yeah, my collection of super villain action figures are here too. Phew, just action figures! But just in case they come alive, I have my camera and Amelia to keep an eye on them.

Above me is my bedroom. My warm pink bed and my collection of Harry Potter books are here, so I can just sit in bed and binge-read all night! Also notice my three stylish night lights. No scary night monsters are sneaking up on me!

If you go up again, you come to my workout area. I can play football, basketball, volleyball, and soccer. Oh, just in case you’re wondering, I have a basketball hoop over to the left but it was hard to include it in my screenshot. My punching bag is here too, so I can get super buff. To stay hydrated, I have my own water dispenser. And last but not least, Steve, my warrior suit of armor is here to remind me that when playing sports, you must be valiant!  

Here is my garden! Does anyone know the names of these plants? I only know the cactus and palm tree. One thing I wish is that Poptropica would have more jungle-like plants for sale in the clubhouse shop because it would be fun to add a rainforest feel to the place. It would be really cool. And I am not just saying this because I want to yell “Tarzan?!” every time I walk in!

So now our last stop is my gaming floor. Here I can play Poptropica or blog to my heart’s content. Then I can take a break by staring at my fake jellyfish named Strawberry and Blueberry, or by riding on my hoverboard. If I get thirsty, I can grab a cup full of ice cold slushie to soothe my thirst. 

Well, that’s my tour! Since I have never blogged before I would really appreciate feedback. If you all have any tips or ideas to make my future blogs better, feel free to tell me in the comments! Thanks!

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My Place in Poptropica: Incredible Fire

This is a guest post from Incredible Fire sharing her My Place in Poptropica story, which is all about one’s Poptropica journey. Enjoy!

Hi everyone! I’m Incredible Fire and this is My Place in Poptropica. Let’s get right to it!

The year was 2014 or 2015 and it was almost summer. The sky was blue and clear, as California was in the middle of a six year drought. I was at my friend’s house for lunch and she introduced me to this wonderful little game called Poptropica. I loved it.

Drydock: This one’s gone to ground.

The very first game I played, right there, was Mystery of the Map Island. Until then, I had never played a game like Poptropica. A lot of the games I played were platformers or time management games with some storytelling elements. But the focus was always on the gameplay. With Poptropica, I could truly immerse myself in a story while also playing a pretty fun video game. (I first experienced this from the choose-your-own-path Henry Stickmin games.)

The gorgeous and fun tropical art style really appealed to me, and it still does to this day. Mystery of the Map is by no means universally acclaimed, but it will always have a special place in my heart. I made my first account that day, and I’m still using that very account.

Run Aground: Whatever floats your boat.

When I started playing, there were so many islands that even in my immense free time, I actually never finished them all. And I played a lot. It was my go-to game whenever I got any time on the laptop.

After a year or so, Poptropica stopped working for me, and it seemed like I would never finish the game. In a couple of years I moved back to India where I was absolutely sure it would never work again. But I never forgot Poptropica. It was still my favorite game. When I first started playing, I looked to Thinknoodles for help, but since I prefer written guides, so then I discovered the PHB. And I’ve been following it ever since. Even when I wasn’t playing, I still kept up to date with the PHB’s latest posts. 

Thankfully, Poptropica started working again after Poptropica Worlds came out, and I was grateful for the chance to finally finish the game. I finished most of the islands, but then began what I would call the downfall of Poptropica. I actually really liked Poptropica Worlds, especially compared to the dumpster fire that is, unfortunately, Haxe Poptropica. It really started falling apart with Greek Sea Odyssey, which I found very lackluster. That’s about the same time Poptropica laid off a lot of its senior staff, so take from that what you will.

Greek Sea Odyssey on Poptropica Worlds

During the pandemic, I had a lot of free time on the computer. All my life, I’ve never had an online presence because the internet is a weird place with stranger danger. Those are still very real concerns. But I felt like the PHB was a very safe, friendly environment. So I finally took a plunge and joined the PHB on Discord (also known as the PHC). 

I actually had a lot of fun and made some friends on the PHC. I loved getting to know and sometimes even helping creative people: artists, bloggers, writers, YouTubers. But after having an unpleasant experience on other, less friendly sites, I decided to go back into my shell. I still occasionally comment on the PHB, and I may write guest posts like this every once in a while.

Playing Poptropica today is… disconcerting. I really miss the old, good quality, polished game. Although it still makes wonderful art, I miss what made Poptropica my favorite game. The stories. The fleshed out, whimsical, sometimes silly stories. 

Basket Case: What a deflating voyage.

I’m not as old as the Poptropica veterans, but I have grown up a bit since 2014 or 15. And somehow, California is still in a drought. Poptropica brings me back to my childhood, though not with its recent direction of treating players as children in need of handholding, if you know what I mean. I love Poptropica, but I don’t know if it can make a comeback, considering the track it’s on right now. But I’ll always have great memories of the game and there’s always hope.

It’s difficult to end this post, considering my journey with Poptropica hasn’t ended. I’m still finding my place. But Poptropica will always have a place in my heart.

Pop on,
Incredible Fire

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Adventurous Poptropica Worlds House Tour: Invisible Ring 🏡

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Invisible Ring. Enjoy!

Hey everybody! Surprised to see me? After my complete collection of Poptropica clubhouse tours, I wasn’t sure I was going to post anything else here. But when I looked at the comments section of my last tour, I was suggested to try Poptropica Worlds next, so here I am! 

Like with Poptropica Original, I gave my Worlds clubhouse a recent makeover. I made a video of what my Worlds house looked like before I changed it, so it can be compared with my tours. What do you think?

It’s time for me to get down from this swingset and get into my clubhouse!

So this is what my clubhouse on Poptropica Worlds looks like, huh? Hmmm… I like the lighthouse painting and aquarium, but I wonder about that map. I can’t quite put my finger on it…but I think it looks just like the map of Skullduggery Island!

Speaking of skullduggery, I think I want to watch a pirate movie!

…oh no, not again! Do I not have a remote for this TV either?? I have a bone to pick with whoever is in charge of all the clubhouse TVs. If we don’t get remotes, there should at least be an on/off button on our TVs. Otherwise, how the heck are we supposed to watch ‘em?!

Oh, well. Moving up to the second floor… hey, it’s dark up here! …wait a minute, it’s dark out there, too! This place is REALLY giving me the creeps…

Oh, look, a door. Normally, I wouldn’t think twice about going in that door and seeing what’s inside, but not this time! I’m NOT looking for trouble around here. I’ll use the rope over there and move up to the third floor instead.

Holy smokes! Is this the top floor of my clubhouse? It’s incredible! It looks just like an ancient fortress or the inside of a warship or… something that’s mysterious and awesome. It feels like I just traveled back in time!

I like how that Athena statue is pointing right at that map! I can almost hear her tell me, “Go forth, young warrior!”

Ok, I’m ready to go forth and open this door — Aw, snap, it’s locked! Open Sesame! …Doggone it, it won’t open! Maybe these musical instruments will help… no? Too bad I don’t have my reed pipe with me, I bet that would’ve opened the door!

And on this side of the museum… it doesn’t feel like that adventure hallway over there.

I think this feels more like a warrior hallway. There sure is a lot of Viking stuff on the walls, and it looks like this knight won’t let me through that door. Not that it matters, though, it’s locked anyway. Perhaps I’ll just sit here for a minute and finish sightseeing. Then I’ll keep exploring!

I’ll just drop down like a ninja and… GERONIMO! Woohoo! Perfect landing right on the bouncy chair! WHEEEE!

That was fun. Hey, wow! Look at that! This is COMPLETELY different than that dark hallway over there. I bet whatever is behind that door is gonna be just as great as what’s out here! But I’ll have to come back to it later. I’m not quite done with my tour yet.

Another garden? Cool! If I buy more plants and trees, I can make another indoor jungle to explore! It seems sort of controversial to pair it with the skyline painting and rocket lantern up there, but then again, I can pretend I’m on a cross-country adventure! Yeah!

…This could make a great movie. I should’ve taken the movie director from my first clubhouse tour with me.

I’m back where I started already? Wow. That was quick. But why am I surprised? I know for a fact that Poptropica Worlds’ clubhouses are years older than the Poptropica Original clubhouses. I bet that’s why these Worlds clubhouses are that much smaller.

What am I going to do with my two bonus rooms on the second floor? I’d better root through my closet and think of something quick! …um…

Thanks for joining me, hope you enjoyed my tour, and I’ll be back soon to share the other two parts of my Worlds clubhouse tour! See ya!

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Invisible Ring. If you did, you might also enjoy her many other Poptropica clubhouse tours, such as this dreamy one!

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Fairytale Fanfic Challenge: Dangerous Dragon

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Dangerous Dragon, made before the winners of the Fairytale Fanfic Challenge were announced yesterday. Enjoy!

Hi, DD here! I know everyone is sad about the old islands being gone, and I am too. At least we got a new one this year, Fairytale Island.

I think it rocked! Still, it wasn’t at its full potential. Yeah it got modern and I liked that the creators put cutscenes but it lacked gameplay. They could keep the cutscenes but also add more asking dialogue, like old times, plus add item collecting!

Don’t worry, I’m going to imagine extra stuff for the island. Remember the Fairytale Fanfic Challenge? Here’s what I shared with the creators:

Where did Rumpelstiltskin disappear to? Will he ever return?

So here he has gotten free after troubling every fairy tale. Back on his home planet, he has a secret army! He is training his army to come back and attack every fairy tale further.

What does the prince’s fate hold? Will he have to get a job?!

Since his father has disappeared (for now), he has no choice but to move on from his royal past and become a normal person. You’ll see him working clumsily, as he has never done housework before. Sad sad prince… FOR NOW.

What comes of the new happy endings for Red, Snow, and Cinder?

Red’s got some babies to take care of… pizza-eating babies!

Oh, Snow White? She’s gone to college to study different animals!

And Cinder’s doing a concert at PoptropiCon. She’s famous now!

What friendship blossoms between Little Red Riding Hood and the Seven Dwarves?

They all are happy. Red and the dwarves are working together to make pizza now, since the dwarves love it!

Does Snow White open her veterinary practice?

She’s started practicing on hamsters, dogs, cats, and other small animals, but she’s still studying how to care for the bigger ones!

Do the Huntsman and Cinderella fall in love? Hopefully the Huntsman’s left behind his homicidal hijinx…

The Huntsman goes to Grandma and apologizes for his mistake. He also gives her a wedding card… to celebrate his and Cinderella’s love! It seems like Cinder’s attention is not only on her music, but also her soon-to-be husband!

And what did Rumplestilskin do with the real king?

He is his slave now! Now the king is helping Rumple, sadly, but he wants to escape because he knows what a GREAT DISASTER is coming their way… THE GIRLS ARE HAPPY AND SAFE… FOR NOW.

What happens next is up to your imagination! Now, here are a few other ideas I had for gameplay on Fairytale Island…

🍕 Making pizza with Red: So instead of just starting the mini quest delivering the pizza, what if we would get to first find the ingredients inside a kitchen and then assemble a pizza?

📘 Finding a book for Snow White’s vet dream: Maybe along your adventures, you get a book from someone who was a vet, and later, you can give it to Snow to start her journey.

💄 Getting the lipstick as a real item: You get it in your backpack. Instead of Amelia telling you everything… you get a little suspicious. Then you discover that in the mountains, there lives a wizard who knows the difference between a good spell and a bad one. There’s another side-quest where you find this wizard, and when you find him, you show him the lipstick and he tells you it’s a trick. Then, going back to Snow, you find her “true love” (goat).

👗 Spending more time with Cinder: More parts to the journey with Cinder would be fun. Let’s say something happens to her dress, hair, makeup, and so on… you go through a few stages to get her closer and closer to the ball… and by the end, she becomes the fuming Cinder we know and love!

Thank you for reading! I liked the island, and I hope you like my opinions! If it won the Fairytale Fanfic Challenge, I would have tears in my eyes!

Keep Poppin,
DD 💜

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Dangerous Dragon. If you did, you might also enjoy getting to know him in his Popular Poptropican interview!

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Pop 5: Creatures of Poptropica 🐶🐴

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Smart IcicleEnjoy!

Hello again, Poptropicans! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Remember the poll I made last month about “Who is your favorite Poptropica creature?” Thanks to all the people who participated, including a few PHB staff, and especially to those who made whole lists!

Now I’m here to announce the top 5 creatures based on the poll. Note that #5, 4, and 3 were all tied with the same number of votes, so they are ordered randomly here. Anyway, let’s get into it, shall we?

#5: Narf (Mocktropica Island)

Ah, the hilarious and adorable creature, Narf. Narfs can be seen in Mocktropica Island if you toss them some cheese puffs. Their last known location: the bridge. Try not to feed this funny creature.

#4: Fluffy (Spy Island)

Adorable but vicious, Fluffy is one out of the three dogs the player has to pass on Spy Island. Fun fact: guard dogs have better hearing than humans.

#3: Whiskers (24 Carrot Island)

Next we have Whiskers from 24 Carrot Island! In 24 Carrot Island, the player encounters this pet and has to get it back to Charlie. Fun fact: Cats can detect vibrations and earthquakes.

We are almost there! Keep reading for the last two winners!

#2: Elmer (Wild West Island)

In second place, it’s Elmer from Wild West Island. This tamed horse helped the player travel from place to place on the mission to capture El Mustachio Grande. Fun fact: Horses can communicate their feelings by showing facial expressions.

Finally! We’ve made it to the big one. And the winner is…

#1 Merlin (Astro Knights Island)

In 1st place, it’s Merlin from Astro Knights Island! This adorable robotic creature was seen multiple times in Astro-Knights and helped the player defeat Binary Bard at the end. Fun fact: Owls are a sign of wisdom. And yes, robotic birds are real.

Congrats, Merlin! But there is one more creature spotlight award to give out. This was first started by PHB guest writer, Dangerous Dragon, so I’ve decided to make it a category for him. Time to announce…

Favorite Poptropican Creature: Minotaur (Mythology Island)

This award is given out to the Minotaur, who is half Poptropican, half creature. In Greek mythology, the Minotaur is a half human, half bull hybrid. In the game, the player needs his nose ring to help Zeus. Many players might like the Minotaur because of his fun yet challenging labyrinth maze.

That’s all for this post! It’s been a blast doing these PHB polls and I’m glad readers enjoy them! If you haven’t already, please check out my other guest posts on the PHB as well as my new blog about Poptropica and other things I enjoy.

Also, feel free to suggest what you thought of the results, and what other topic I should do a poll on. Bye everyone!

~Smart Icicle 📚❄️

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Smart Icicle! Check out her original Who is your favorite Poptropica creature? post and visit the comments to hear more votes on other critters from the game.

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