Early Poptropica Island Guide


Poptropica’s oldest inhabitants have a problem: someone’s been stealing their stuff! To return what’s rightfully theirs, you’ll explore creepy sewers, pitch-black caverns, and even a giant’s garden in the clouds. See how it all began with the very first Poptropica Island: Early Poptropica!

For walkthroughs on Early Poptropica Island, scroll down.


Released: September 2007
Common Room: Soda Pop Shop
and Arcade (occasionally when there are no ads)
Preceded by: none – it was the first island!
Succeeded by: Shark Tooth Island

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Island Extras: Map | Official Tour page

Video Walkthrough

For a written walkthrough with pictures, scroll down on this page!

Written Walkthrough

Walkthrough by Slanted Fish & pictures by Super Thunder

Early Poptropica IslandFirst, go to Early Poptropica Island (if you are not already on it). You should be on Main Street. (Remember that if you’re not sure where you are, you can check your Map!) Go all the way to the right until you come across a sign that says “Early Poptropica.” Click on the sign to go there. Go right again and you should arrive at Early Poptropica.

Go to the right where you should pass by 3 very pixellated-looking men. Talk to the third one you see. He will say that his pig was stolen by a sneaky spider. Next, keep going to the right again until you see another pixellated man by a well. Talk to him, and he will tell you that someone stole their bucket.

Now next to the man you just spoke to, there should be a rope. Climb it, and when you reach the top you should see another pixellated man. Talk to him and he will tell you that they lost their flag.

The Glow Stick

Go back to the man who lost a bucket. Next to him is a well. Go down the well.


Then go down the rope you are on. You should arrive in the Storage Cavern. Move a little to the left, and jump downward, to the left side. (To do this, move the cursor to the lower-left corner and click.)

You should arrive onto a green platform. Now jump to another green platform on the top left side of the platform you are on. Move a bit to the left, then jump to the brown platform located on the left side of the platform you are currently standing on.

Climb up the rope on the brown platform, then jump onto another brown platform located to the right of the rope you are holding. Now jump up to the platform above you. You should see a glow stick. Walk over to it to get it!

Glow stick

You should have gotten a Glow Stick. Now exit the Storage Cavern. If you don’t know how, just follow the same steps above that showed you how to reach the glow stick, but backward!

Prized Porker

Now go back to Main Street. Go left until you see a manhole on the ground next to the Soda Pop Shop. Click on the manhole to go down.

You should be clinging onto a rope. Climb all the way down to get inside the pit. Once inside, jump down to the left where there should be a woman wearing a skull shirt.

Go past her and jump on the platform there. On the right there should be a moving platform. Jump onto it when it gets close. Watch out for the little purple spiders hanging above you! If you touch them you will get knocked over. At the end of the ride, jump down to another platform. Then on that platform, there should be another platform next to it – jump onto that.

From there jump onto the platform you see on your right. Now jump to the platform on the left, then onto the platform to the left of the one you are standing on. That platform should have a rope below it. Climb down that rope. Now wait for a moving platform to get near, then jump on it!

At the end of the ride you should see a pixellated pig. Jump down and grab it. You should obtain the Prized Porker. Beware of the huge spider guarding the pig, because it will knock you over if you bump into it! Now stay where you are and follow the next set of instructions!

Golden Egg

You should still be in the pit, where you’d just grabbed the pig. From the bottom of the pit (where the pig was), go all the way to the left until you reach the end. Click on the end to “Go Left.” You should appear in a tunnel. Go left again. Now you should be in a dark place.

You can only see by using your Glow Stick. Start at the place that says ‘Darkness Awaits.’

Now go all the way to the left until you see the first rope. Climb up the rope until you reach a place where you have to go either left or right.

Now go right until you pass by 2 ropes. Climb the second rope, which you should reach at a dead end. After you climb the rope, go left until you see another rope, and climb that rope. The words on the wall will say ‘Getting Warmer.’

Once you are up that rope, go left until you see a huge Golden Egg. Walk over it to take it.

Go right now, past the Getting Warmer sign and go climb the rope. Go left and climb the first rope you see. Go left again, and there will be a rope going down. Just get through it, and wait for the rope past that. Now, after you have climbed it, go right, and you will find a rope that leads up. Go up and you’ll be at the Poptropica Towers.

Reaching the Skies

You should be at Poptropica Towers. Now run all the way to the left until you see a brown building.

Jump up on the first window ledge of that building, then the second, then the third and stop at the fourth window ledge. From the fourth window ledge, jump up, but to the left side.

You should land on a stone statue. From the statue, jump to the roof of a red building on the left. On the roof of the red building, jump to the left side, where you should now find yourself on the window ledge of a blue building.

Keep jumping up onto the window ledges above you and stop when you reach the blue building’s roof, which looks like a mini-restaurant. Between the 2 tables should be a vine. Go up the vine!

Water Bucket

Climb up the vine again, and now you should be in the skies. (Note: The Map labels this place as “The Purple Giant.”) Go all the way to the right until you see a huge pair of feet.

Click on them to talk to the giant. You will give him the Golden Egg and he will lift up his spiky weapon and let you pass.


Now go right. Go to the right again, and you should now be in the Giant’s Garden. There should be a gardening tool in front of you. Walk on it as if it were a ramp and you should soon be doing the same to a vine.

Now jump off of the vine, and you should land on some gigantic vegetables. Jump off of the vegetables and pick up the pixellated-looking bucket on the ground. You should acquire a Water Bucket.

Signal Flag

Now go to the right. Go right again and you should arrive in the Aircraft Graveyard. Jump onto the cans in front of you, then jump again onto the brown aircraft.

From there, jump onto the red and white aircraft. Now jump off the white and red aircraft, and grab the Jet Pack on the yellow table. You can wear this item! When wearing it, you can fly. This item can only be worn on Early Poptropica Island.

Now put on the jet pack and go left, back to the Giant’s Garden. Stand on the shovel and fly over it to reach the hole in the clouds marked ‘Exit,’ and go down.


You’ll land on top of the water tower on Main Street, and behold… a pixellated flag! Fly over to it to grab the Signal Flag.

Now go back to Early Poptropica.

Returning the Items

Go back to the pixellated man who said his pig was stolen. Talk to him, and the item “Prized Porker” will be removed from your inventory, and the man’s pig will be returned.

Now go to the pixellated man by the well. Talk to him, and the item “Water Bucket” will be removed from your inventory, and the well’s bucket will be returned. Now go to the pixellated man who said the Early Poptropicans’ flag was lost.

Talk to him, and the item “Signal Flag” will be removed from your inventory, and the flag will be returned to the flagpole next to the man.

Claiming Your Reward

You’ve earned it. Now go get it. Climb down the rope near the man with the flag, and go right. There should be a boat at the very right with another pixellated person.

Talk to the person on the boat, and he will reward you with a medallion! You can wear the medallion by going to your Early Poptropica Inventory and selecting the “Island Medallion” card, and clicking on “Put On.” You will also be awarded credits which can be spent at the Poptropica Store. Congratulations!

Looking for more walkthroughs? Check out our Island Help page! 🙂

Album Photos

These pictures are collected in your Poptropica photo album in the profile section. Click to enlarge.


  • Early Poptropica Island is Poptropica’s 1st island. It was the pilot island released when Poptropica first opened in September 2007.
  • Common rooms: This is the only island with two multiplayer rooms, the Soda Pop Shop and Arcade. The Arcade only appears when there are no advertisement buildings.
  • There is a hidden Hypnotic Costume within the green building of Poptropica Towers. To learn more about this easter egg freebie, check out our Glitching page.
  • The sign in Early Poptropica says that the settlement was established (Est.) 1982, though Poptropica was only released in 2007.
  • You can change your skin color with the pigment balloons at Poptropica Towers.
  • The 8-bit pilgrims is likely due to the pixel art style of early video games.
  • Early Poptropica Island used to be the only island without a logo, until the first revamp of the official Island Tour pages. The words Early Poptropica were written on the Map with Poptropica’s title font, Ghostkid AOE.
  • This is considered one of the easiest islands to complete, along with Shark Tooth Island.
  • The Pop Art Museum on Main Street features the characters and works of artists such asLeonardo da Vinci, Vincent van Gogh, and Georges Seurat. The museum is also visited during the Counterfeit Island quest. Its name does not quite fit with the exhibit, which does not contain any works from the pop art movement.
  • The Purple Giant is an obvious reference to Jack and the Beanstalk.

Quick Guide

Note: For a more in-depth walkthrough, please scroll up to the Written Walkthrough.

  1. Go all the way right to the Early Poptropica settlement and talk to the three pixellated men who will tell you that their pig, bucket, and flag is missing.
  2. Go down the well next to the man who lost his bucket. Get the Glow Stick from this Storage Cavern.
  3. Go back to Main Street and down the manhole in front of the Soda Pop Shop. Inside the Pit, go down and grab the Prized Porker. Still in the Pit, go left and you’ll be in the Dark Room.
  4. Use your Glow Stick to help you navigate the area until you obtain the Golden Egg. Then go back to Main Street.
  5. Go left to Poptropica Towers. Jump up to the top of the blue building and climb up the vine until you reach the skies.
  6. Run right until you see the Purple Giant’s feet. Talk to the giant to give him the Golden Egg, and he will let you continue right. Jump off the vegetables in the Giant’s Garden and pick up the pixellated Water Bucket.
  7. Continue right to the Aircraft Graveyard and grab the Jet Pack on the yellow table. Put it on and go back to Main Street. Fly up to the top of the gray water tower and grab the Signal Flag.
  8. Go back to Early Poptropica and return each of the items to the person who had lost them. When you return the Signal Flag at the end, a boat will arrive. Talk to the pixellated man on the boat to receive your reward. Congratulations!

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241 thoughts on “Early Poptropica Island Guide

  1. Roxy! says:

    Hi Scary tomato,
    I just completed early poptropica island for the 2nd time and did NOT recieve my 50 credits, just the island medallion. Do you think its a glitch? Please help, its really annoying, was going to buy something in the store for 250 credits…
    Roxy D: 😥
    Aka – on poptropica ‘Gentle bird’

    Slanted Fish: (I don’t go by Scary Tomato anymore.) It’s not a glitch. You can only win credits the first time you complete an island.

  2. StarCat says:

    can i use the pictures from your guides on my blog? i don’t know how to take pictures like that.

    Slanted Fish: If you do, give credit where it’s due (this guide’s pics are by Super Thunder) and be sure to hyperlink it. Put the credit clearly at the top of the guide.

  3. awesomeguy112 says:

    Hey guys, any of you who don’t have membership, if you go to poptropica towers, then go to the green building, if you check all the windows ( hover your mouse over them) you will eventually get your hand pointer, now click. you should get the “hypnotic” members only pack! I stumbled upon this while playing around with the jetpack. Hope you non-members enjoy this! And also, thank you scary tomato for providing this walkthrough!!!! (please somebody reply! thank you again!)

  4. gatorsrule!!!!!!! says:

    slanted fish- i cant find the golden egg on the island thats after looking trough the whole maze and following your blog and then restarting the island do you think its a glitch pleas help

  5. Grey Paw says:

    Umm… Excuse me Fishy, but why do our poptropicans do all the dirty work? Just asking, sorry if this is off-topica

    Slanted Fish: That’s kind of the point of Poptropica. Our character is always the hero. 🙂

    • quietcatfish says:

      u need to make sure that u gave everything to every early poptrop citizen then talk to the guy near flag make sure he rises it if he didnt u probaly forget to let the items load when you giv them to the citizens.add me im lone_werecat hope this helped.x3

  6. Crazy Hopper says:

    I didn’t do the steps in order, and I’ve already got the bucket and the pig, but now the pixellated flag is no where to be found! Can someone help me please?

    -Crazy Hopper

    • Dec.53 says:

      first get the glow stick under the well in the earyly poptropica part then go back to the spider place and left you will find the maze the egg is in the maze once you reach the part were getting warmer is on the wall go left to find the egg the go up and you will be at the towersgo up to find the giants climb the purple tower to go up talk to the giant you will give him the egg then go right and go right again you will find the jetpack go left and go under the find you will find the flag
      hope this helped

  7. Sweet potato says:

    its impressive that you know how to complete these islands so fast
    have you done other games before scary tomato ?

  8. Lillipupgirl1 :D says:

    Hai Fishy! Add meh, plz? ;D UN: lillipupgirl1 SN: Trusty Panda. Anyone can add me if they like, just reply with your UN. :3

  9. Macy says:

    Hi everyone! I love poptropica! today I completed Early poptropica AND wild west, all thanks to this guide! Thanks LOTS scary tomato! you rule! 🙂

  10. TotodilesRule!! says:

    I think I’ve gotten a bug, it’s annoying !! I’ve gotten everything, and I’ve returned it to everyone but the prized porker guy. I keep talking to him, it says it’s returned but it doesn’t give him the pig back, it’s weird

  11. laura says:

    im really in need of help! i gave all the things back to the people, and when i went to look for the boat, it wasn’t there! i’ve restarted and re-done the island twice! what do i do? i really need help! – laura

  12. Anime.Neko.Girl says:

    @laura you give the objects to the pilgrims and go right and talk to the man. (also, you should get a medallion and 50 credits… if you don’t then you already completed it.) 😉

    • Crazy Lightning/HermioneGranger112 🐧 says:

      Congratulations 🙂

      I find written guides often more helpful than video guides (fun fact XD) but sometimes in the more complicated directions (i. e. go right, climb up, jump onto top left platform… I look at the video 🙂 Have fun on your Poptropican journey! :DD

  13. Chiainfjt says:

    HI! I got a cute new glitch/cheat to share.Idk if y’all already knew it but I’ll say it anyway…You can use it anywhere in poptropica i guess,so just press CTRL+Shift+3 (the angry emotion) and when your face is red press CTRL+Shift+4 (the jumping emotion) and while you will be jumping you will have a red face lol!

  14. Sophia says:

    Did it glitch for anybody else? I went to talk to piggy man and he said thanks for returning my pig. I had never been on that island before nor in the manhole.

  15. lloydrules says:

    help! I went to the giant and under his club walked left past an ad and ended up underground! I also cant find the graveyard

  16. lloydrules says:

    help! I went to the giant and under his club walked left past an ad and ended up underground! I also cant find the graveyard I keep ending up in the wrong places PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. HappyHappy760 says:

    Haha, I love this blog and the guides, and it’s so funny to look at the comments that have “Scary Tomato” in it, because I only know Slanted Fish as well, Slanted Fish!
    Reliving the good old Scary Tomato’s blog days…:P

  18. Rocky Rockstar says:

    Yeah, I wish so too, but if we got to use them on other islands, that would give us an unfair advantage because we could easily fly over obstacles. Although you can still use the Jetpack on Wild West Island.

  19. Rocky Rockstar says:

    No, you don’t have to stay in place for one minute. You must stay in range of the pilgrim until you see the items being pulled out of your inventory and given to them, which should take much less than one minute.

  20. PoptropicanSam says:

    To get up to the skies, it’s more fun to jump to the first clothing line and then bounce up to the tops of the buildings. 🙂 just a note to anyone who scrolls down this far

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