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Shark Tooth Island is online and ready to be explored! The citizens of the virtual world Island for kids are having BIG shark trouble. Only you can save the day by discovering the many secrets of the online virtual world, Shark Tooth Island.


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  • On the map in the Shark Tooth Island Tourism Center, it is shown that Shark Tooth Island is shaped like a shark.
  • Shark Tooth Island can briefly be seen in a television news report on Super Villain Island.
  • The island has 2 places that are both optional to visit. Namely, The Shark Museum and the Tourism Center.
  • If you use a certain route and never get hurt, the island can be completed in under four minutes.
  • Shark Tooth Island is Poptropica’s 2nd island, released soon after Early Poptropica in 2007.
  • Visiting the Shark Museum is not necessary to complete the quest, but you do get to learn more about sharks and see Shark Boy, who is also a Poptropica Creator. It also tells you about the OPEN code. Also, you do not have to get the Shark Fin item, but it’s a free accessory.
  • Castaway Island (where Professor Hammerhead and his son are stranded) has a volleyball that looks exactly like Wilson the volleyball from the movie Cast Away.
  • According to a map in the Shark Museum, Shark Tooth Island is shaped like a shark.
  • There was a bonus hidden handheld item available for a short time in the summer of 2008. It was a chalice on top of a shark statue in Booga Bay.
  • In April 2008, there was a Roman soldier on top of a building on Shark Tooth Island who said, “How did I get here? I should be on Time Twisted Island!” For some unknown reason, he appeared again in mid-February of 2014.
  • Professor Pendulum from Time Tangled Island can be seen vacationing in the Tourist Center.
  • According to his statue in the Tourist Center, Professor Hammerhead lived from 1920-1997, but you rescue him alive at the end of the quest. Also, Poptropica only opened in 2007!

Video Guide

To see our written walkthrough for Shark Tooth Island, click on the word Guide at the top of this page.

Quick Guide

Note: For a more in-depth walkthrough, please see our Shark Tooth Island Guide.

  1. Get Carbonated Coconut Milk from the man in front of the Coconut Cafe.
  2. Go right to the Ancient Ruins and push the square block all the way to the tree on the right. Use it to launch yourself onto the temple’s roof and get the Translation Key.
  3. Go into the Temple Entrance, hop onto the swinging platform, and land on the left where there’s a green keypad on the wall. Enter the code “OPEN” according to the Translation Key. Go left to the Temple Dungeon.
  4. Climb the statue, hop onto the swinging platform, jump on the two platforms to the left, and jump down. Walk left and get the Old Bone.
  5. Go left to the next area, the Temple Treasure Room. Run left and grab the Key Ingredient. Go back up to Main Street.
  6. Go to Booga Bay, to the left of the Ancient Ruins, and obtain a Grass Skirt. Put it on and go right to the Ancient Ruins.
  7. Push the square block to the tree and climb up until you reach the top of the tree. Talk to the Medicine Man and he’ll make you a Calming Potion.
  8. Go back to Booga Bay and run right to the cannon. Click above the water to launch the Calming Potion, which the shark will consume.
  9. Now go to the right, past the now-sleeping shark, and arrive on Castaway Island. Talk to the man and the boy, and they will follow you. Bring them back to the woman on Booga Bay. Congratulations, quest complete!

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64 thoughts on “Shark Tooth Island

    • Calm Spinner says:

      Same here, and I figured you would have to do the word “Open” because, well, you know what I mean, so it only took me about a half an hour even without a guide.

      • Megan says:

        Well, in the museum, it has a journal that confirms that and the code was supposed to be there too, but of course, they make it end up on the roof. XD All in all, I agree with you two. It was rather easy.

  1. Sarah says:

    I can’t get the code from the roof. ANY SUGGESTIONS on vines to jump on?

    Scary Tomato: Read the guide. (By clicking on the “Guide” button at the top of this page.)

  2. Nice Fang says:

    SHARK TOOTH IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!!! It was probably the very easiest island, but I enjoyed it so much that I go back there all the time!

  3. Adam says:

    i was excited when this island came out because before early poptropica was the only island poptropica had! 😆 🙂
    i like this island except it takes really long. 🙄

  4. sean says:

    On shark tooth island, go get the milk by coconut cafe and go to anceint ruins and go to the top of the big building and get the paper and go in and get to the end of the room and type open and go to the other room. Get the bone and go to the other room and get the ingredeint and get out. Go to booga bay and get the skirt and go to the medicine man. he will give a potion that you’ll feed to the shark. Then go right and get the people. go left and get the medallion. You have passed.

  5. Angry Leopard says:

    um sean, i don’t understand and sarah do you see the big rock that is blocking you on the way to Booga Bay? push it straight to the coconut tree,jump on the rock.You will later see some planks, jump on them.You can see the roof from up there.Jump.You get the code already.:D

    -Anngry Leopard

  6. Katie says:

    I need to complete Shark Tooth Island but i can’t find any walkthroughs?
    Any websites?

    Scary Tomato: Yes, in fact if you scroll up a little, you’ll find a button that says “Guide”. There’s a walkthrough for Shark Tooth there. 😉

  7. Grey Flame says:

    This has got to be my favorite island- not for the quest part, though. I just love visiting Shark Tooth! The quest wasn’t that easy and it took me about a week to finish. (second longest, Super Power took me about two weeks to complete because of Betty Jetty)

    • Cool Wing says:

      I like sitting in the palm trees and looking out into the wide open spaces! My second place is the water falls at nabooti island! I think poptropicans should have Houses of there own in poptropica! and A choice of eye color!

      • Neat Turtle says:

        I agree!(But, honestly, I wouldnt really want a closet because,what if your on astro knights,and you just stopped at lets say…The ice planet!And, you REALLY want to change for battle.You have too go all the way too your home, look through your closet,and figure out what you want too wear.Plus, me and my blown Swing Bag have been through lots together!) But a poptropican house would be cool!it’d be cool if you when you defeated an island, you would get 100 credits, and get your house upgraded! 😉 And if you got to choose an eye color, that might be nice 😉

        ❤ Neat turtle ❤

  8. Maroon Hamburger says:

    I also like shark tooth island to resort, but when AstroKnights comes out, that will be my new resort. Or, maybe Reality tv, or the french island.

  9. Shiny Mosquito says:

    ST, there are some changes on Shark Tooth. First, there is no caterpillar( the one that crawled on the gold shark. Second, the orange and white thing on the coconut cafe is bouncy. It wasn’t before.

  10. purple paw says:

    SHARK TOOTH- beware of sharks

    a story about how poptropica was started. look for the first part under early poptropica island

    ….As he was louging on his boat, he looked up and saw another island, and he could see that it already had buildings on it. He brought the boat over to the island. There was another boat there. He walked on the until he came to the building. It was very run down. it was falling apart and had vines growing all over it. It odveosly hadnt been used in many many years. Then he saw a man fishing. He went over and said “hello, do you live here?”
    “No, this is just a great spot for fishing” said the man “those ancient ruins back there are realy neat” said Jeff. “I bet it would atract tourists” “yeah, probably” said the man. “Maybe I should call some”. jeff replyed and thats just what he did. When the tourists came they found it very interesting. The next day they phoned Jeff and told him the island would be under construction. A week later they told him to come see there new tourist center. the next day he went and there was a dock, a path that led to a tourist center and next to it there was a shark mueseum. “this is it”. said the tourist “very cool” said Jeff. The next day he came back and saw the man fishing. He had brought his son this time. “catch any good fish lately?” he asked “nope none yet.” said the man “maybe youll catch more farther out” “why dont you use my boat?” Jeff asked “sure, thanks!” the man replyed “and we have an extra rod. would you like to come with us?”
    “of course!” replyed Jeff “oh boy!”
    said the kid. They set off.

    • READ THIS purple paw says:

      They caught a few fish. Suddenly the boy screamed “sharky want worm!”
      “son, what?” said the man when suddenly a big mouth rose up and took a bite out of the boat. All three of them fell into the water. The man said “son over here!” but the shark was blocking the way. The boy was in the watet on the other side with Jeff. “dont make any sudden movenents” Jeff whispered to the boy “uhh..” the boy said. He had a scared look on his face. They slowly backed away. The shark lowered its self into the water so you could only see its fin and inched tword them. The man went over to the shore. The boy and Jeff backed up and came to a small island. The shark went the other direction and disapeard. “its not safe to go back into the water unless the shark is gone” said Jeff “we may be stuck here for a while” He was right. They were stuck there for a week. Then they were happy as could be when a poptropican came and brought them back. He went back to early poptropica. He was lounging around at his house and thought he might look for more islands the next day since he had found 2 already.

  11. Shy Lobster says:

    Shark Tooth is soooo easy! My friend timed it and said it took him less than 10 minutes! :0 But that was without getting the code, since he memorized what ti was. 🙂

  12. Giant Hawk says:

    Hijuyo, the proffesor isn’t the kids dad…or at least I thought he was just the mom’s child. I don’t think it said he was a dad. C ya! 🙂

    Hijuyo: By the plot, Professor Hammerhead is the mom’s son’s father. 😉

  13. alexandra b says:

    This island is fairly easy.
    You don’t feel like playing it again and agian, then it gets fairly tedious. Unlike Counterfeit, Reality TV or Spy island, which have replay value.

  14. clubpenguin4607 says:

    How Shark Tooth Island was formed:

    After the day Poptropica started poptropicans started coming into the new home they called “Poptropica”. But as the days grew Poptropica became more boring. A few poptropicans settled to new land while a huge eruption happened. Another island next to Early Poptropica was formed! When the poptropicans saw this they thought this “What?! How did this happen?” The blimp had alot of attention. Every poptropican came into the island. They thought “Gee, maybe we should do some stuff to this place” They all did their work and built and built. When it was done a big shark appeared and teared up almost everything! (Do you remember the shark?) The poptropicans built and built again and found a pair of teeth from the shark lying on the ground. They decided to name the island “Shark Tooth Island” and Poptropica gre more exciting. However it was only 2 islands…

  15. Cool-io says:

    This only took me an hour, and I didn’t even use a guide until the end. I was dumb and forgot to rescue Pro. Hammerhead and that kid, so I looked it up. I love this site! 😀

  16. cool bite says:

    Hello (^_^)/ my name is Theresa Rose AKA cool bite. Today I’m going to tell you the guide.

    If you are not in shark tooth island bring you blimp there.
    First you go ask a guy with a guitar next to a stand saying ” Today’s special Coconut” and talk to him and he will give you carbonated Coconut milk. Now go to ancient Ruins and go to the temple. In the temple there is two swinging
    Platforms and a moving one. When you arrive the gate… I forgot something. In ancient ruins you see a tree and jump on the temple roof and you see a paper piece…….Back in the temple again LOL you go to the gate and the code is OPEN. Now click on the upside down triangle and the eyes turn green and the door opens. Next you see a statue of a shark and go over it but watch out for a green long caterpillar. Now you see spikes don’t touch em. Now fall in a hole and to your left you will see a skull of a dinosaur with a bone, Pick it up. And see a moving platform across the spikes. Next you head to an empty room but there is a key ingredient you see. Pick it up and out of the temple Leaving a big hole. Go back to ancient ruins and grab a square shaped boulder and push it until you see a big tree. but watch out for falling coconuts then you see a guy in a mask and grass skirt but he said that he only talk to native islanders, Now go out of the tree and head straight to Booga bay and see a guy in a grass skirt and talk to him and he will give you a grass skirt. Go back to ancient ruins and go back up the tree and put on the grass skirt and talk to the guy with a mask and grass skirt and he’ll put all the ingredients in and give you a calming potion. Now get out of the tree and go back to Booga bay again you will swim to an island with a cannon and a sign saying feed the shark. Click on the well an aim any were you want and click anywhere and BOOM! The shark eats the potion and turns green. Now go to the other island and you see a guy looking like Santa and a boy with a white tank top and talk to him and will follow you back to the main island and talk to the girl in a purple outfit and the guy with the Santa beard will give you a gold medallion. You have beaten shark tooth island.

    Cool bite

  17. Yellow Comet says:

    It only takes me about 7 minutes to complete Shark Tooth Island…
    As for the thing in the trivia, with Prof. Hammerhead being dead in 1997 when Poptropica opened in 2007, maybe as he disappeared they put his disappearance date?

  18. 15wongnh1 says:

    The part where you fight Booga may be a reference to Jaws, except it’s more family friendly and doesn’t involve the shark exploding. Also, Booga himself could be one (pardon the pun) giant reference to the titular shark in Jaws.

  19. read more says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing this operating people you probably understand what you’re speaking approximately! Bookmarked. Be sure to additionally go to this site Equals). We shall have a weblink switch deal among us

  20. FairyTale says:

    ”If you use a certain route and never get hurt, the island can be completed in under four minutes.”

    Which is the certain route?

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