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Fairy Tale Island turning from fable to reality πŸ§šβ€β™‚οΈ P.S. farewell Flash, hello Haxe πŸ‘‹

Hey Poptropicans! The long-awaited announcement for the Design Your Dream Island Contest winner is here β€” but apparently, it’s only just the beginning. 🏝✨

Dropping in late Monday night (around 8 p.m. Eastern time), the Creators’ Blog finally posted a winner whose idea will turn from fable to reality in Poptropica: Fairy Tale Island by Perfect Crab! But wait, there’s more: blown away by the hundreds of entries they received in the past couple of months, the Poptropica Creators will be announcing multiple winners for this contest. Stay tuned as we await further news this week!

Transported by the magic of the movies.

Meanwhile, Perfect Crab’s idea is sounding like the perfectly twisted fairy tale. Here’s what the Creators had to share about it:

The plot:Β On an island ruled by fairy tales, something has gone awry. The fairy tales are getting mixed up and no one is getting their happily ever after.Β 

We loved this entry because it had a full storyline, a great set of characters, and intrigue! It also touches on a bunch of classic tales that are rich in storytelling.

Poptropica Creators’ Blog

Congrats to Perfect Crab for this crowning moment, which comes with a one-year membership prize! And, although it’ll probably be a while before the island gets made, we can’t wait to play Fairy Tale Island.

(If you’re reading this, Perfect Crab, we’d love to share more about your island idea here on the PHB. And for everyone else who isn’t Perfect Crab, we’d be happy to share yours too β€” just contact us!)

Whether you have stakes in the game as a contest participant or just want to hear about other people’s island ideas, you can join us over on our Discord server, the PHC, as we eagerly anticipate the rest of the results of the Dream Island contest. May the greatest islands win β€” and may we all win when Poptropica pulls up with new adventuresome islands, like Fairy Tale Island, in 2021!

In other news, December 28 was also a big day in Poptropica for one other reason: it was the official end of the Flash era of Poptropica, with all Flash accounts scheduled to smoothly transition over to the game’s Haxe build, which has steadily been updating since February of this year.

So if you’ve been playing on Flash, you may log in to see some changes β€” most notably, the fewer islands on the map β€” but rest assured, most of your stuff (from items to islands completed) has made it over to Haxe. Scrolling through my items, I found many classics from the Flash days that haven’t formally been introduced to Haxe until now, like the 8th birthday balloon and even the infamous Fart Gun.

Some players have reported still being able to access the game on Flash via the unofficial Format Loader tool. But with the plug being pulled on Flash any day now, that’s probably not going to last for long β€” so be ready for the inevitable migration. We know, it’s sad to say goodbye, but at least the presence of Early Poptropica on the map (i.e. all the classic islands for members) might assure us that Poptropica is keeping their promise of making the old islands accessible after 2020.

There are some new store items in Haxe, too. Well, more like one item recolored a few times and being passed off as differentβ€”take a look at the jackets of the Boss Babe, Neon Rockstar, and Pretty Tough costumes. New hair, same styles. The other items in the store are similar to last week’s selection, though some costumes were switched out.

Catch you all soon in the next update β€” we’ll be waiting for the other winners of the Dream Island contest. 🀞 What a way to end the year!

So much has happened in the past 365 days… and we’ve got a lot of it on the record. Tune into the PHB on New Year’s Eve for a look back on 2020 in our upcoming annual Rewind! πŸ₯³

Keep on poppin’ on,
~slanted fish 🐠

15 thoughts on “Fairy Tale Island turning from fable to reality πŸ§šβ€β™‚οΈ P.S. farewell Flash, hello Haxe πŸ‘‹”

    1. Yup, all the islands that were on the app are still there, which means it has the most islands of any version of the game outside of the soon-to-disappear Flash version. πŸ™‚

  1. Congratulations to Perfect Crab!! I’m excited to see how Fairy Tale Island turns outβ€”it sounds quite similar to the idea I submitted. The next best thing to winning! πŸ˜€ πŸ“–

  2. Congrats to Perfect Crab! (And the other winners coming up!) I’m so excited to finally get a new island!
    And a moment of silence for Flash…


  3. i remember when i heard about the contest in 2014 i was super sad i missed it. i missed this one too and i didnt get to submit anything, but i am glad im able to experience it at least

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