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Classic Islands are back, but not forever

Hey, Poptropicans! From the (temporary) return of classic islands (!!) to hot new summer items, there’s a lot to cover in this post. Let’s get started.

Players have been requesting the return of the classic, old school islands since they vanished from the map last July. Although there’s a backdoor way to access them, the popular demand ever since their disappearance has always been to officially reinstate them into the game itself. And now, they’re back!

The Creators have been listening, and this week they finally decided to bring back the classic islands. Though the team is still busy porting the islands to the Haxe Javascript build of Poptropica, they figured they would let us play the old islands while Flash is still available. To get started, find Early Poptropica Island on your map in Poptropica. Either the Flash or Haxe version will do…

…But as you can see, there is one major catch: it’s for members only. (Non-members, fear not: we’ll get to how you can join in on the fun, too.)

If you are a member, though, you’ll get a screen inviting you into Early Poptropica Island. Clicking “Play” will redirect you to the old Flash login page, where you’ll need to enter your login again to be brought to Early Pop.

From there, you can hop onto the blimp to travel across the various classic islands, as pictured earlier in this post. (And if you need them, we’ve still got guides for every island.) Keep in mind, however, that since this is old technology (Action Script 2), these islands can sometimes be buggy.

Why members only? Reddit user theodoor03 reached out to Poptropica support to ask this question, and shared the following response he received: in short, “Because of the islands’ age, they require a good deal of extra maintenance per player. [Poptropica] simply would not be able to support every player trying to access them right now.”

If you’re a non-member, don’t worry. You can still play the classic islands with the aforementioned backdoor method, which is to use idk’s Old Island Directory (also listed on our Glitching page). There are just a few more steps you’ll have to follow compared with before Poptropica’s members-only update, which are all outlined in the notes of the teleporter tool.

Happy exploringโ€”while you can! Since Flash will be gone at the end of 2020, there’s only about half a year left before these islands are no longer playable, membership or not. Make the most of this moment!

Some players have reported seeing a new cinematic trailer video for Poptropica when logging into the Haxe build. The 30-second clip animates a sea of familiar islands, from iconic ones like Mythology and Arabian Nights (where Scheherezade is summoning… herself?) to classic ones like Twisted Thicket and Zomberry Island. You can watch the epic video here.

Could this be reassurance that some of these older islands will return in the future after Flash? (Hopefully for all players, too.)

Another week, another store update! Here’s what’s in on the first week of June. In total, we have 21 items in stock, 9 of which are for members only. Most notably, the Graduate costume is free for all! (And while you’re flapping about in these robes, take a moment to read the PHB’s 2020 commencement address as a note of encouragement for all Poptropicans!)

This week’s costumes are: Graduate, Spring Fling, Unicorn Girl*, Clover Kid, Lilac Star, Hiker Cutie*, and Wild Child*. (Lilac Star and Clover Kid are relatively cheap at 75 credits.) For followers, we have the Deer*, Chick, F.R.E.D. (from Galactic Hot Dogs), and Classic Pack*. Just two powers this week: Snow Fall and Flower Planting*. In pranks, there’s Hypno-Powder*, Silly Streams, Squirrel Prank*, and Bunny Wand. Finally, in miscellaneous: Marshmallow Roaster, Hiking Shoes, Classic PopGum*, and Balloons. (* = members only)

According to the Home Island billboard, store items will continue to rotate weekly, just as they have for the past couple of months. Huzzah!

And finally โ€” it’s not only a new week but a new month, which means member gifts! June kicks off summer in the northern hemisphere, so the three flavors of Popsicles are quite fitting here. Members can also throw it back to 2015 with the Hover Scooter and Drone Flying Follower.

Like its real-life counterpart, the Hover Scooter (also known as a hoverboard) doesn’t actually hover, but simply glides, as shown in the gif below. Your Poptropican also suddenly puts on shoes to ride it.

The Hover Scooter and other June member gifts in action.

That’s it for this post! Share your thoughts in the commentsโ€”what islands do you want to see return in post-Flash Poptropica? what stands out to you in the new cinematic trailer? why is Poptropica bringing back a dead trend?โ€”and we’ll see you next time. Stay safe, Poptropicans. โœŠ

Gentle Dolphin contributed reporting to this post. Thanks also to Purple Claw (former PHB staff) for tipping us off on several news items.


11 thoughts on “Classic Islands are back, but not forever”

  1. Using the old island directory has become extremely difficult to impossible for me. When I click on an island, I get a page saying the Poptropica Teleporter isn’t working and I must download some kind of file for Chrome and some other kind of file for Firefox. The solution for Chrome doesn’t even work, as the so-called file just opens in a webpage and I am not willing to go through all this to access the old islands again. Unless I use a third option, I don’t think I can get into the old islands with the directory anymore.

    1. Um… you actually have to download an extension and download the file they ask you to and go to the extention and click setting and load rules and select that file then go to the wiki page and select the file were flash stuff is held follow the instruction and copy the char.sol and validycheck.sol and paste it in refresh the page and load a map.

  2. A hover scooter? I didn’t know it was still 2015. Next you’re gonna tell me that next week I can get a fidget spinner from the Pop store and do bottle flips at Home island.

      1. Let it also sink in that a movie that’s suppose to take place in the future only happened 5 years ago.

  3. I should explain I do not have the understanding or patience to go through all the steps that are now required to access the old islands. Anyone who understands what to do and is willing to do it can go through all the steps, but if using the directory has become this complicated where it used to take one click to travel to the island you selected then I’m not interested. I have my memories and that’s good enough for me (except Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island, which I never finished before the paywall went up because it was so aggravating to rescue the first kid and I couldn’t manage it, maybe someday I can try again in HAXE)

  4. locking the old islands behind a paywall is greedy. i can’t believe poptropica would go to this level of effort to manipulate our nostalgia for money.

  5. Pretty frustrating that after the new update happens, the old island directory has just stopped working for me. I can’t even log in because it keeps saying “notamember:experied” even though I know that the membership blocker is on.

  6. The Early Pop island isn’t even showing up on my computer, and my parents won’t let me download anything without permission. Any tips?


    Pop devs: ha ha, money go caching

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