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My Place in Poptropica: Tall Storm

This is the My Place in Poptropica story of Tall Storm, an 8-year-old who found Poptropica from Jeff Kinney’s author blurb on Diary of a Wimpy Kid. See below for details on how to send in your MPIP story to be published here on the PHB!

Welcome, Tall Storm here! In this post I will explain how I came to Poptropica. 

Discovering the old-school way, with Diary of a Wimpy Kid

So, it all started when I got a copy of Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Old School. After seeing this book, I wanted the rest of the series. (To this day, I love reading these books. But anyway, let’s get back to Poptropica.)

I can’t remember when, but one time when I finished one of the books, I saw the blurb describing the other stuff that Jeff Kinney, the author, has done. One of these things was that he created Poptropica. So, one day I decided to play Poptropica. 

Biting off that 24 Carrot — and more islands

I didn’t really play the game until a long time after I discovered it. But anyway, I first played Monkey Wrench Island, which was the tutorial island at the time. After that, I went on 24 Carrot Island

And that’s where I got stumped. I didn’t know what to do. I looked on Google for guides on how to beat 24 Carrot — and that’s when I came across this very blog where you are now reading this post.

Thanks to the Poptropica Help Blog, I was able to complete 24 Carrot and get its medallion. And Time Tangled Island, which I completed, again, with the help of this blog.

Recently, I saw a post here on the PHB talking about the old islands returning. It was very exciting news for me, and for the second time, I got my own membership to access them! So far I’ve played Wimpy Wonderland, and of course, used the PHB’s guide to help me beat it.

By the way, my Poptropica username is Coolclam98 — so if Poptropica ever brings back the feature to add friends by username, you can add me! That’s all I have to say. Bye! 

Hope you enjoyed this “My Place in Poptropica” story! If you did, you’ll probably enjoy our other MPIP stories here on the PHB.

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~the Poptropica Help Blog


3 thoughts on “My Place in Poptropica: Tall Storm”

  1. Wow, haven’t seen a MPIP for a while. This was really fun to read! It was cool who you actually found the game on your own, since many players usually find the game when someone else tells them about it.

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