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The kids in town are enjoying a snow day – all except for Greg Heffley, whose little brother Manny has gone missing! It’s up to you to find Manny, but before you do, you’ll have to contend with surly teenagers, crabby senior citizens, and those rotten Whirley Street kids. Join Greg, Rowley, Rodrick, and the rest of the Wimpy Kid characters for a snow-capped adventure you’ll never forget!

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Released: March 14, 2011 (for members)
or March 17, 2011 (for all)
Common Room: Photo Gallery
Preceded by: Wild West Island
Succeeded by: Red Dragon Island

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Island Extras

Video Walkthrough

For a written walkthrough with pictures, scroll down on this page!

Written Walkthrough

Walkthrough by Fearless Cheetah
Special thanks to: Slanted Fish & Super Thunder

It all started with a troublesome toddler…

Get off the blimp, and the first person you see will be Greg Heffley. Talk to him, and he will tell you that his little brother Manny, who he was supposed to be babysitting while his mom was at work, has somehow escaped from their house. Follow Greg back to his house to look for clues.

Inside, go up to the parents’ bedroom and pick up the Address Book. Grandpa Heffley’s address at 33C Leisure Towers is underlined – you’ll need that info for later.


You can also pick up a Page from Greg’s Journal from the floor of his bedroom.


Go up to Manny’s room and run to the left, where a window has been left open. Exit out that window, and follow the trail of Manny’s footprints until you get to Greg’s friend Rowley, who will tell you that his rumble bike has been stolen. Then, you will see Manny coasting down the hill on the bike.


Chase after him, and you will find the Rumble Bike abandoned by the Fast Mart on Main Street. You can pick it up if you want to – you don’t need it to complete the island, but it’s fun to ride around on.

wimpywonderland8Next, chase Manny, who is standing right next to the rumble bike, up a tree. He will jump off the tree and get away.

Go right until you reach the school. The school is closed for a snow day, but you will see Manny jump into a window and get inside. However, you will not be able to jump into that window because it is too high. So, you need to go down near the entrance of the school and find the little trash can that you can push around.

Push the trash can onto the left end of the seesaw. Then, climb up as high as you can on the tree to the right. You’ll also find a Scrap of Paper here with some numbers on it.


Jump down and aim your landing to be on the right seat of the seesaw. If you were successful, this will propel the trash can onto the second floor of the school building. Push it across, and use it to help you reach and enter the left window Manny jumped into.


Inside the school building, chase Manny out the door. Then, find Greg’s locker – it’s the only clickable one, located under the second “i” of the “School Spirit” banner, and it’s whiter than the rest. Remember the scrap of paper with numbers? That’s the combination code: 9-37-15. Note that you need to turn the lock in the direction of the arrow.

When you’ve opened the locker, you’ll find a Twisted Wizard Game Guide.


Now, go right to the Leisure Towers. Since no one under 21 is allowed inside, you will have to climb up the building, dodging angry old people and the objects they throw at you.

Every ten floors there’ll be a landing, so you won’t have to completely start over if you fall when you’re really high up. Watch for when the windows above start to open, and jump on one that isn’t opening. When you reach the top, enter apartment 33C – that’s the one Greg’s grandpa lives in.


Gramps & the Watercress Salad

Gramps will tell you that he has seen Manny, and offer to discuss it over lunch. To choke down Grandpa’s nauseating watercress salad, rapidly click with your mouse button as fast as you can (have patience, you’ll get it).


Once you manage that, he will tell you that he has seen Manny on the security cameras of his building.

You can also pass the watercress salad part by opening a new tab (Ctrl + T) and doing anything you want, then returning to the game after about two minutes.

Gramma & the Snow Shovel

Leave the Leisure Towers and go right, to Whirley Street. There will be a gang of kids chucking snowballs at you. Dodge them as best as you can and pick up the Snow Shovel that is there.

wimpywonderland19Then go allll the way left, past Greg’s house, until you reach the screen with the Laundromat. There will be a house there – it belongs to Greg’s grandma. Go inside, and she will tell you that she will help you look for Manny if you can shovel her driveway. Exit the house and use your snow shovel.

The task here is to shovel all the snow out of the way before your body temperature gets too low (indicated by the bar to the side). Click and hold the shovel to collect snow, then dump it to the right by releasing the mouse button.


When you’re done, Gramma will tell you that she will look for Manny – after she plays a game of bingo at Leisure Towers. *sigh*

One day I’ll be rich and famous, but for now…

Go back to Greg’s house, and you will find Greg (that slacker!) playing video games. Use your game guide to help him past a level he’s stuck on, then help him beat it by playing Twisted Wizard yourself. Remember to click the wizard at the start screen to enable easy mode!

For a more in-depth guide, click here for our Twisted Wizard Guide.

Twisted Wizard: click to start

Returning the game to Rowley

After you beat the game, Greg will ask you to return the Twisted Wizard Game to Rowley. Rowley, however, is stuck inside his house. He asks you to come in, and not to touch his dad’s car. If you knock on the door, though, his dad won’t let you in.

So, go over to Rowley’s dad’s car and jump on it. When Rowley’s dad comes outside to see what is wrong, hide in the bushes, and when his back is turned, sneak in through the open door.

Return the game to Rowley, and he will reward you with a Joshie Fan Club Membership Card.


He is one weird kid!

Getting Rodrick out of the way

Go back to Greg’s house, and use the card to open the laundry room door, which is jammed. Then, click on the power control panel on the wall and shut off the power in Rodrick’s room. He will leave and take his van with him.

Enter Rodrick’s room and take the Dog Dish that is lying there (it’s the orange one labeled “Sweaty”; can’t miss it).

wimpywonderland27Then go to the garage – which is now open since Rodrick’s van left – and grab the Leaf Blower.

wimpywonderland29Leave the garage (the exit is at the bottom of the screen) and go left until you see a snowman (the creepy one that says “Mrf” when you speak to it. Use your leaf blower to blow away the snow from the snowman, revealing… Fregley!

Fregley will give you a Bingo Troll doll as a thank-you gift.

wimpywonderland32 copy

And Bingo was his name-o

Now, go back to the Leisure Towers. Use your troll doll as a blotter to play a game of Bingo.

You’ll have three cards, and each one has a free space you can blot in the center! The letter/number combos will roll at the top of the screen, and as they roll, check all three cards to see if you have it. If you do, click on it to blot it! It’s possible for a combo to appear in more than one card, or not appear in any of your cards. If it rolls off the screen and you had it, it’ll be too late to blot it, so be alert!


If you don’t win, keep trying until you do, and you’ll win a Soothing Sounds: Classical Music CD.

Wiper Fluid

Go left until you see the Fast Mart. Enter and talk to the store owner, who complains about the teens hanging around outside. He says he will give you a bottle of wiper fluid if you can drive them away. Use your CD, then turn the volume all the way to the max in the music box by the entrance to shoo the teenagers away.

The store owner will thank you with a jug of No-Freez Wiper Fluid.


Now go right until you reach the school. Just past the school building, you will see a guy with a plow. He tells you that he can’t drive because his windshield wipers are frozen. Use the wiper fluid to help him extract exactly the 4 liters he needs. (Make sure you’ve picked up the dog bowl from Rodrick’s basement room earlier!)

wimpywonderland37Here are the steps:

  1. Pour the 10-liter No-Freez jug into the Sweaty dog bowl. (7-0-3)
  2. Pour the contents of the dog bowl into the middle cup. (7-3-0)
  3. Pour the contents of the No-Freez jug into the dog bowl. (4-3-3)

And… zoo-wee-mama!

The Finale

Go back to Greg’s house for the last time. He is playing video games again. Argg…. Open up the curtains next to where he’s sitting and he will get zapped by the light.

Greg tells you that Manny is probably just looking for his blanket, Tingy, and that if you find the blanket, you’ll find Manny. (Why didn’t you say so in the first place, Greg… >.<)

Now, go left until you reach the Laundromat. Manny has taken the plow and plowed the entrance, so you can go in now. Inside, you’ll find Manny and Tingy sitting by a washing machine. Yaaay! Now you, Greg, and Manny just have to get home before Greg’s parents do. You leave the Laundromat when suddenly…

The Whirley Street kids are at it again, attacking you with snowballs. You and Greg mow them over with a giant snowball (just click on it), and then sled home. Whee!

Greg’s mom is pulling into the driveway just as you arrive, and congratulates Greg on his responsibility. To reward you for your help, Greg gives you the Island Medallion and credits! Congratulations, you have completed Wimpy Wonderland Island!

Looking for more walkthroughs? Check out our Island Help page! 🙂

Album Photos

These pictures are collected in your Poptropica photo album in the profile section. Click to enlarge.


  • Wimpy Wonderland Island is Poptropica’s 18th island. It was released to members on March 14, 2011 and March 17, 2011 for non-members, a much shorter wait than the usual one month. It coincided with the movie Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules, released on March 25, 2011.
  • As of July 10, 2015, the island became locked to members only, with a demo for non-members.
  • This is the first Diary of a Wimpy Kid island. Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a book series by Jeff Kinney, who is also the creator of Poptropica.
  • The book Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever was published on November 15, 2011, also with a snowy setting. Because the island is drawn in the style of the book’s illustrations, the characters are not customizable.
  • Members who logged in during March 2011 would receive a bonus Paper Boy/Paper Girl costume, which also has the ability to “Paperize” other characters.
  • Common room: Photo Gallery
  • On April 1, 2011, Twisted Wizard was added into the island. Before that, players did not have to beat Twisted Wizard for Greg.
  • The carrot from chasing Manny is not required to complete the quest, though you can put it on the snowman (Fregley) just for fun.
  • Only the items have color. Everything else is drawn in black and white.
  • None of the items in this island have descriptions.

walking in a wimpy wonderland~


367 thoughts on “Wimpy Wonderland Island Guide

  1. Rosie502 says:

    Great walk-through, thanks so much, just one question. In the basement of Gregg’s house there is a door marked “hi Rodrick” It gives you the option to enter, but then it says that the door is bolted shut. Is there any way to open the door?

    Hijuyo: No, that door is not part of the quest. The “Hi Rodrick” door is a reference to Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

    • RGGE3 says:

      It was in the second diary of a wimpy kid book “Rodrick Rules”. In the book, Rodrick gets the flu, so Greg’s Mom and Dad go out for the weekend, when they left, Rodrick called every friend he ever known and told them he’s having a party. Then Rodrick told Greg to get folding tables from Rodrick’s room in the basement. When Rodrick’s friends arrived, Rodrick told Greg to get more folding tables then Rodrick locked Greg in the basement and would not let Greg out so that’s where Greg was stuck. The party was going strong since it started and the party ended at late afternoon the next day. The basement door was unlocked so Greg went out, Greg’s Mom and Dad will be home soon so Greg and Rodrick had to clean up. When they were done cleaning Greg and Rodrick noticed the bathroom door had the words “hi Rodrick” on it. So the two got screwdrivers and switched the bathroom door with the door from Rodrick’s room. Greg’s Mom and Dad found out about the party after thanksgiving when they saw a picture from Rodrick’s party so Rodrick was not allowed to exit the house for a month and Greg was banned from playing video games for two weeks.

  2. Gentle Lion says:

    Great Guide! 😀 I would’ve used it but I figured out the island myself. 😦 (I usually use guides, but I couldn’t find any guides)

    • Gentle Lion says:

      Oh, and I forgot to mention:

      *The plow (after you un-freeze the windshield) was driven by MANNY, to get to Tingy.

      *You can also get the carrot the little boy had after Manny destroyed his snowman, which can let Fregley talk and say “Can you get me out of here?”

      *You can also get Greg’s Diary page upstairs in his room, and the green address book in his parents’ room.

      P.S The last two items aren’t required, just thought you would like to know. 😉

  3. postopialucy says:

    I have been working on the island for 3 days, And His mom just got home?! My how time flies. I mean, how long was she gone for?! Sorry, it just makes me laugh..

      • gloria19012 says:

        Same here, only that I haven’t even finished it, and I have been doing it for about 1 month. WTF???

        PS: My username is my ‘name’. Friend e!

    • Animal Crossings Fan says:

      Yeah that is funny. Wouldn’t it be funny if your Poptropican asked where she had been and she said, “Oh what? Well I have pie in the refrigerator. Let’s Eat!” And the Poptropican stares at her. Then she’s says oh here’s your credits and Wimpy Wonderland Metal ! And then she says GET OFF MY PROPERTY AND NEVER COME BACK! (LOL)

  4. Red Kid says:

    I still can’t get pass giving the game to Rowley. Every time I hide in the bushes, it doesn’t give me the option to go in. What should I do?

    Hijuyo: It seems to be a glitch with many Poptropica users. Supposedly, you should have the option to enter the house once Rowley’s dad’s back is turned, but if it doesn’t work, just wait for Poptropica to fix it.

      • Red Kid says:

        Suprisingly, I was able to get in even though it didn’t give me the option to go in. This could probably be the reason the maintinence happened, could it be?

  5. Friendly Pandaa/Ravenclaw Born&Bred says:

    Oh dear oh dear…. I just had a blonde moment (not good considering I’m ginger). I misread the guide and so spent about 15 mins trying to get all the way past the Whirley Street kids. I made it, but then realised I had to go back! All that work for nothing!!! NOTHINGGGGGGGG!!!!
    Oh well ;] C’est la vie & all that!
    Love from
    Friendly Pandaaaa ;D

  6. Funny hippo says:

    Its so hard to prevent the watercress salad from burping it.I cant even hold the salad and i clicked as mad like a tornado.

  7. Angry Berry says:

    To get the salad down, I cheated. What I did was that I found an app found on the internet that can send false signals to the computer and using a button you can trigger it to clack as much as 9999 times a second. Its kind of hard to figure out but here’s the link.

    Hijuyo: You should only really download this if you’re really stuck on the salad game, otherwise, try doing it by yourself first.

  8. Jacob says:

    It says I don’t know the combination of the locker but I don’t even get to try to put the combination into the lock, it just says it.

    Hijuyo: You need to make sure you get the slip of paper in the tree found near the school, which has the combination numbers written on it.

  9. Jacob says:

    I have a trick to the watercress salad and the old people part. For the old people trick, get onto the “c” side, and click close to the window, near the ledge. Not too close to it or you’ll fall. Do not stop holding the mouse, you’ll soon get up to 33C. For watercress salad, if you have a laptop, click with a regular mouse, the left button by the keyboard, and the mouse pad on the laptop (tap on that one <—-) This goes really fast and I won on my first try. 🙂

  10. theflamebringer says:

    Wow. I really hate this island. I haven’t finished a poptropica island in a long time! I haven’t won any credits or a medal since Skuduggery! The creators should make the islands a bit easier, don’t you think?

  11. Pick Your Own Apples says:

    Or they should just fix the stupid glitch to get into Rowley’s house! I mean-it feels like they’ve been slacking off these past few islands.

    • Red Kid says:

      Looks can deceive you on this island. When it looks like it’s not giving you the option to go in, just walk out of the bushes and click on the door. Even though Rowley’s dad might see you, you’ll still be able to go in.

  12. MimiBanks says:

    UGHHHHH….. I skipped the WaterCrest Salad part and did the rest and when I got to un-freezing the windshield part I didn’t see a guy next to the plow. Do I have to do the WaterCress Salad part?

    Hijuyo: Yes, you do – skipping parts usually results in something that is supposed to happen not happening, which would prevent you from continuing with the island quest.

  13. Strange Hippo says:

    ugh… my 18th time and I still cant get passed the water cress salad… other than that… GREAT GUIDE 😀

    • Strange Hippo says:

      I ended up getting it in a certain way | this is how:

      I had been trying to do it on my home computer and even though I was close I wasnt making it. Later, I tried it on my laptop (with the laptop pad and buttons) that was much easier… if you could have either choose the laptop!

  14. angelica says:

    how can you stop pouring the liquid stuff in the plastic cup?!

    Hijuyo: You can’t choose when it stops pouring; it stops pouring when there is no more liquid in the container you are currently holding or the container you are pouring into is full.

  15. RGGE3 says:

    Did you know that Poptropica creator Jeff Kinney is also the author and illustrator of Diary of a Wimpy Kid!

  16. leeleekoo( Silly Sinker) says:

    It says to click the wizard after you turn on cheats to turn on easy mode. When do you click the wizard? I try clicking him when I build the castle, but the block just appears behind him. Then I try clicking him when the ogres come, but the electricity from his wand hits him but doesn’t hurt him. Can you please help me? (P.S. I’m a female who’s a tomboy. I just felt like typing that. Sorry.)

    • meyy says:

      you click on the wizard right before you press start. its in the main screen with the wizard on the castle and the ogre on the bottom

    • leeleekoo( Silly Sinker) says:

      I know when to click now…but the third wave is so HARD! I’ll probably finish it sometime while I’m still alive. >O<

  17. Marielez says:

    Please tell me how to eat while grandpa is talking easily?I kept losing!Please, making you answer easy will help me to beat Greg’s grandpa.

    Hijuyo: As explained in the instructions of the game, you are supposed to click your mouse button as fast as you can while Grandpa talks. If you click fast enough, you win. If you lose, it means you need to click faster.

    • Icy Grape says:

      I found a glitch so all you have to do is play then immediately go to new tab wait for 3-5 minutes then when you go back it will pause then go down real fast! you should try it!! it’s a real cool one..

  18. Random Wolfie says:

    when i try to go up the old people’s home, it says i don’t know anyone up there and I’ve done everything!!!!!! I don’t get it!!!!! D:

    Hijuyo: Make sure you’ve followed every step mentioned in the guide before that part. You need to collect the address book at Greg’s place (see very first paragraph of guide) so you will “know” someone who does live there.

  19. Quick Kid says:

    I’m stuck! I have no idea how to choke the watercress salad thing in his apartment…. Can you please help( the steps) because I was only stuck there…
    BTW, you’re awesome! Thanks 4 the guide though…

    Hijuyo: As the instructions state (both on this guide and on Poptropica right before the salad minigame starts), all you have to do is click the left mouse button as fast as you can. If you do it fast enough you win. That’s all there is to it.

    • Quick Kid says:

      hijuyo, thanks for the reply but I read other people’s comments and I tried using the normal PC i click left mouse button and left button in the keyboard(arrow) the salad goes down REAL fast so that’s one trick it’s like double clicking … Thanks anyway, you’re a Poptropica life saver!

  20. Shaggy Peanut says:

    Something really awesome happened with the soup part. So I was on like, my 20th go, and in the middle of holding the soup down part, I gave up. So I just left it in the middle of the mini-game and went to a different tab, then when I went back to poptropica, I had WON! Even though I didn’t do anything. :d

  21. MagicMoonA.K.A.Savvyrocks!A.K.A.FierceDragonA.K.A.MoonStorm547 says:

    if you get a carrot and use it on Fregley the Snowkid, will it effect the game?

    Hijuyo: No, it’s just for fun. That’s the only use the carrot has anyway.

  22. MB says:

    If you guys are having problems with the watercress salad game, try plugging two mice in at once (one wireless & one hardwired) and click them both rapidly at the same time.

  23. Prickly Dolphin says:

    If anyone needs help on the watercress salad thing, try clicking very fast. For Twisted Wizard, use my guide. For whirley kids, at the beginning, don’t get them, get the shovel. For the ending, started ducking and jumping. Fast and easy tips.

  24. Annabell says:

    ok you knnw how it says in the guide to climbb up the retiremennt building? ok well it wont let me my personn keeps sayinng that she dosent know annyonne up there if annyonne can help me please do ,……

  25. Fast Singer says:

    I think I’m just having a bad time with the game but can someone tell me where Greg’s locker is in the school? I run my mouse over the lockers and none change. I did chase Manny out of the school too.

  26. Fast Singer says:

    Never mind I got it. I think it should be classified in the guide that you have to read Greg’s journal paper so you can click on the locker.

    • DJScratchStep says:

      You don’t need to read Greg’s journal page. Just look for the second “I” in the “School Spirit” banner. It should be whiter than the rest.

  27. Speedy Cheetah says:

    That was a lot of help.Especially the part where you are supposed to pour
    the No-Freez wiper fluid.Thanks for the help Fearless Cheetah, Hijuyo, Brave Tomato,and the rest of the group!

  28. KittyKat says:

    my cursor keeps changing to the loading symbol whenever i jump on Mr. Jeffersons car,so i cant go in. any help here?

  29. BlackVisx says:

    Okay, so I just talked to Greg playing Twisted Wizard but as I was walking, he started following me O.O Is this a glitch? It looks SO weird…

    • mysterygirl21324 says:

      Here’s a cheat to get past it: right when you open the mini game open a new tab. Wait awhile, be patient. When you open the game again, it will be won for you!

  30. rainbow ponies says:

    I was trying to talk to his grandpa and it said nothing.And when I tried to walk its was like sliding you feet on an invisible slide without moving your feet and when I walked the opposite way it was like doing the moon walk without moving your feet and I couldn’t jump.Last time it did the same thing with my older acount but it let me talk.Someone pleease help.WHAT”S GOING ON!!

    Peace+Love+Happiness+Hugs=ME!!(and rainbow ponies)

  31. mysterygirl21324 says:

    Here’s a cheat: when you open the salad game, open a new tab. It’ll win the game! It works!

  32. ashleigh says:

    the trash can part is REALLY easy ? and balloon boy,, if you never use cheets then why are you on a cheet site?

  33. Rani says:

    I CANT GET PAST WHERE YOU HAVE TO EAT ALL THE SALAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. guest says:

    what do i do if i cant go up the Leisure Towers?i try to go up but just says “i dont know anyone who lives up there”.HELP!!!!!!!

  35. striped ring says:

    it wont let me past the plow part because apparently I don’t have the right things!!! pleasssse help me!!!

    Slanted Fish: Make sure you’ve followed all the steps prior to that point in the guide.

  36. Jordin says:

    how do you gwet invited to play bingo?????????

    Slanted Fish: You’ll need to get the bingo troll blotter from Fregley. Read the guide for more details.

  37. lollypop says:

    hi how do you get in the leisure towers are you supposed to click on the arrow that say go up and if you do then it says i dont Know anyone up there.good work Fearless Cheetah

    Slanted Fish: You do go up, but if you “don’t know anyone” it means you didn’t pick up the Address Book in Greg’s house.

  38. sally922912 says:

    ill tell u guys a secret an easy way 2 finish the salad is to watch a video do anything else but don’t open the poptropica tab

  39. silver bird says:

    The easiest way to finish the watercress salad is to click “start” and then open a new tab and stay there for sometime. When you get back YOU WIN!

  40. Chilly Ice says:

    Every time I click on the locker, my poptropican(Chilly Ice) says,” I don’t know the combination.” Help! Please reply ASAP. Thanks.

    Slanted Fish: Get the combination from the piece of paper on the tree near the school first.

  41. petman73 says:

    slanted fish can you please add this? If you are finding watercless salad too hard,open a new tab(CTRL+T),wait for 2 minutes,then your watercless salad part will be complete ☺

    Slanted Fish: It’s there now. 🙂

  42. Tiffany Pasaoa says:

    I need help. I am up to the gramma and snow shovel part with the whirley street kids. Whenever I almost passed the building, it says splat when I didn’t get hit in the face with a snowball. This happens every time. What should I do?

    Slanted Fish: You just need to grab the snow shovel. If there’s a glitch preventing you, try contacting Poptropica.

  43. randompoptropicagirl2133 says:

    This island is hard. What do i do after I return the game to Rowley? Thanks 😀

    Slanted Fish: Just follow the guide in chronological order and you’ll be fine!

  44. nice biker says:

    i don’t know what to do to see the grandpa it keeps saying that it dosnt know anyone there when i climb the building

  45. potatoecakes says:

    idk why you guys say this is hard , it couldnt be if your cheating . And most of the game is easy , there are just a few spots that are hard but it even gives you instructions so you should at least have a slight chance

  46. the best says:

    what cd
    slanted fish?
    and how do you get the teens away

    Slanted Fish: You’ll get a classical music CD when you win at Bingo, which you’ll need to use on the music box to get the teens to leave. 😛

  47. Maddy J says:

    I am at the part where you have to jump on the car and hide behind the bush. I keep jumping on the car and then running to the bush but whenever I reach the bush and try to click it that little loading sign comes up and Rowley’s dad has to go inside for me to be able to move again. Any tips? Am I doing something wrong or is there a glitch? Thanks so much, ~Maddy

    Slanted Fish: That’s supposed to happen. After Rowley’s dad goes inside, you can then sneak into the house to return the game to Rowley.

  48. Dignity AJ says:

    O.O When I was climbing up da building to get to Greg’s grandpa, on my first try I hopped on one side and got there very fast, and no one hit me or opened the window which I was hoppin’ on.

  49. Mikayla says:

    When I left the game for 2 minutes then returned it didn’t get me past the part where you eat with grandpa.

    • LuckyOwl says:

      Do you know how to stop my character from saying, “I don’t know anyone that lives there.”
      When I came to Leisure towers, I tried to go up but it keeps stopping me! I’ve already blow-dried Fregly, gave back the game to Rowley, and shovel out the driveway for Greg’s grandma. I don’t think there is anything more I have to do. The only thing that is stopping me is that my character won’t go up higher to the seniors’ windows!!! Help me plzz!!!!!!!!! It’s so frustrating when you try to do everything, but it’s not helping!

      Slanted Fish: Go into the parents’ room in Greg’s house and take the Address Book. 😉

  50. Hungry Toes says:

    Uh…guys I could use a little help here…Can anyone tell me where to play the Bingo game u see when I go to the leisure towers, there is no place there to play the bingo game so can someone tell me where exactly can u do that?
    The desperate one 😦

  51. cmdnub2 says:

    hi, when I try to go on the old people home, its says “you don’t know anyone who lives here” or something like that. plz help

  52. Austin Novoa says:

    theres a glitch where if I try to jump up in leisure towers it says I cant go up because I don’t know anyone. Can I have some help

  53. Muffinhead28 says:

    I try to jump up to do the elderly building thing, but it says “I don’t know anybody up there.” Am I doing something wrong?

  54. Caitlin says:

    I was trying to go to Grandma’s house to shovel her driveway, but they said that I needed membership. I thought playing was free…?

    slantedfish: It was, but recently this island (and some others) became locked to members, with only a demo for non-members. 😦

  55. SquzPw says:

    Yay! Completed it! Add me my username is greatpumpkinvampire and i have been playing Poptropica since 2012 (Vampire’s Curse release) I have completed 41 islands (Wimpy Wonderland latest)

  56. Cheerful Starfish and Crazy Storm says:

    I think that Wimpy Wonderland has just been open for everyone again as when I was traveling on the blimp, I saw that there were no more “members only” word in front of the island anymore. The same for Wimpy Boardwalk.

  57. lucky bird says:

    Hey guys, I’m done with bingo and now I’m having a new problem!
    The thing is, I took the dog dish from Rodrick’s room AND I have the wiper fluid, but I’m not able to find that man past the school building! Hey wait, should I do the watercress part for that? Btw, I skipped it. Plz help me in my dilema fishy!

  58. Little Thunder says:

    Listen to George Micheal’s Flawless( Go To The City) There’s a rumor that it helps with games. Its true!! I couldn’t beat the watercress salad for YYYYYEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAARRRRRRRSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! Until I heard it and actually Beat It!!!!!

  59. TeaLiefs says:

    OMG I FINALLY FINISHED THE TROLL GAME! After a really constipated looking face, sweat, and tears from the past frustration.

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