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Fanfic: Story of Smart Lightning, Part 2/6 ⚡️

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Young Rider. Enjoy!

Hey everybody! It’s me, Young Rider, back with part two of Smart Lightning’s story. Sorry to keep you waiting — the next one should be here in the upcoming weeks. In case you missed it, here’s part one.

(Continued from Part 1…)

Smart Lightning’s disappearance has had no effect on New Tropican, and nobody has noticed the flash. 

Meanwhile, Smart Lightning panics as she reappears in a tree, near a golden fruit. 

“Hello?” she calls out, taking in her situation.

Another flash appears above her, making her jump.

A loud voice booms out, “Why have you summoned The Flashing?!”

“Who are you?” Smart Lightning responds.

“I am the controller of The Flashing! The wielder of storms! I AM ZEUS!” Zeus shouts, causing Smart Lightning to step back.

Zeus appears above her, along with three cloaked figures. He whispers what sounds like nonsense.

But the cloaked figures step forward, making Smart Lightning take yet another step back. The figures corner her, and she suddenly begins to glow. She does not realize the change, and starts to maneuver around her enemies. It is not until she starts to run that she sees her glowing legs. She stops and stares in shock. 

“Now you see, now you will pay!” Zeus takes the advantage, rushing forward along with the figures.

Smart Lightning seems to be paralyzed with shock, and it is not until she is handcuffed with bonds of light that she regains her senses. She is trapped, and reality sets in as her captors grab her. She stops struggling and lets her captors carry her away…

Meanwhile, Brave Star paces her room with a worried expression on her face. She decides to head out to look for Smart Lightning, bringing an umbrella with her. She asks the people she meets on the way if they have seen her, but nobody has.

She starts to head home, but scorched marks on the path make her pause. They form words: “The friend you seek has left your world, moved on to the land of the rulers.”

Brave Star gasps, remembering her medallion collection. She heads off to a rusty shed, uncovering a worn, yellow blimp…


Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Young Rider. If you did, you might also enjoy her My Place in Poptropica story or other fanfictions we’ve featured.

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“The Villain Saga” – Episode 7, Part 1

(Table of contents) (See previous)



RAVEN and WIDOW are both sent back into their cells, RAVEN holding another pie plate. A few days have passed since the last episode.

The guards who brought them up head back to the elevators. The two prisoners stay silent, listening by the doors as the elevator descends.

Once it’s gone:


Finally, they got chocolate this time!

WIDOW wipes some crumbs off her black suit–most of the characters are still wearing their signature outfits, with jackets or name tags or some other identifier over them. After all, no point in looking recognizable if you can’t ever escape.


I think I’m going to get…hypoglycemia, was it? Those things have so much sugar.

RAVEN finishes the pie plate and tosses it to the side of his bed. A fairly respectable pile of tins has formed there.

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Fanfic: Story of Smart Lightning, Part 1/6 ⚡️

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Young Rider. Enjoy!

Hey everybody! It’s me, Young Rider, and I came up with my own fictional Poptropican, Smart Lightning. Her story will be composed into six parts, and will be featured here on the PHB. Hope you enjoy!

The phone rings. “Hello, it’s Smart Lightning, how can I be of service?”

A cheerful voice answers on the other end. “No need to be so formal! Just me, your fabulous bestie!”

“Oh, sorry, I didn’t know it was you, Brave Star!”

“No problem, I know you make, like, twenty calls a day! But listen, I know it’s storming, but I’m in a bit of a pinch. Can you come over to my place?”

“Ok, see ya in a few!”

Smart Lightning heads out the door, despite the storm raging outdoors. We see her walk down the busy streets of New Tropican.

“Geez, maybe I should have brought an umbrella!”

Lightning strikes a few yards away, and Smart Lightning jumps backwards.

“Ack! I gotta be careful!” 

“Hey! Watch it!” an angry citizen shouts, bumping her away. She falls down into a construction site that has signs warning: Keep out! High Voltage zone!

“Ugh, that hurt. Wait… What’s that?!”

A lightning bolt heads straight for Smart Lightning, giving her no chance to escape. A flash of light appears before it strikes, and Smart Lightning disappears.


Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Young Rider. If you did, you might also enjoy her My Place in Poptropica story or other fanfictions we’ve featured.

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“The Villain Saga” – Episode 5, Part 2

(Table of contents) (See previous)

CUT TO CRAWFISH, sitting in the medical ward. He’s taking a close look at pretty much every item in sight as the doctors try to corral him to the table.


What’s this? Why do you have so many hollow ropes?


They’re just tubes, ignore those they’re not–


Why are all of you wearing white? Don’t’cha think a darker color would be better with all the mess?


It helps us notice any stains, now–


Yea, that’s my point. You can simply hide it!

The DOCTORS all grimace.

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Fanfic: The Witch’s Heart, Part 6/6 🧙‍♀️

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by HeartOfEnder. Enjoy!

Wow, can you believe we’re finally at the last part of The Witch’s Heart? I want to thank everyone who tuned in to this crazy journey with me. Catch up on Part 5 here if you haven’t already!

Without further ado, let’s enjoy the finale…

Crystal Caves: Untold riches await, for those who dare.

(Missed the earlier parts of the story? Find Part 1 here!)

ALOUETTE is standing on a large field, facing a large group of white dragons who are all awaiting commands from their leader. The WHITE DRAGON is at the very front, looking at the young witch. 


I think he belongs to you. 

ALOUETTE opens her bag and takes out PEARL, who has claimed the bag as his ‘nest’. She hands PEARL to the WHITE DRAGON, before taking a step back. 


Goodbye Pearl. You have a family to go back to. You’ll be safe with them. Goodbye dragons. Have a safe trip back home. 

ALOUETTE turns around to leave, but the WHITE DRAGON stops her. 

The WHITE DRAGON glances at PEARL, who seems a little sad. They turn to face the other dragons, before handing PEARL back to ALOUETTE. 


You’re leaving Pearl with me? 

The WHITE DRAGON nods, before roaring at the sky and taking off, the other dragons following closely behind. ALOUETTE and PEARL watch them leave for their home. PEARL waves goodbye to the dragons, until they disappear into the clouds. ALOUETTE then starts heading back home after a long day. Fairytale Island had just been saved again, after all. Hopefully Rumpel wouldn’t come back for a while.

When she arrives home, she is surprised to find her mother talking with someone else. Someone she saw before when Rumpel stole the happy endings. Although she couldn’t remember their name…


Welcome home, dear. Say, have you met Amelia yet? 



The guest, AMELIA, stands up. In her hand is a letter. 


It’s nice to meet you, Alouette. Your mom told me about your previous two adventures on Fairytale Island. You can never trust a man with magic powers. Never.


*annoyed* Especially if he escapes twice. 

AMELIA looks at ALOUETTE before handing her the letter. 


We’ll never know when Rumpel will strike the island again. This letter is my gift to you, to prepare you for when he comes back. 

ALOUETTE reads the letter:

To: Alouette Rees (Fearless Dragon)

You have been invited to join Camp Bravery, a summer camp for curious adventurers to sharpen their skills and answer the call of help when needed. 

You have answered the call of help from Fairytale island not just once, but twice. Rumpelstiltskin may have escaped you both times, but you already show potential in defeating him once and for all. You helped Red, Snow white, and Cinder find new happy endings, and rescued the white dragons from Rumpel. You showed us that your heart is pure and full of kindness you’re willing to lend to others. 

The new camp year will start on July 2, please let us know if you will accept this invite before June 20. We will be awaiting your response.

Amelia Earhart & Red Baroness, Camp Founders


I believe that if you join Camp Bravery, you will be able to perfect your abilities enough to take down Rumpel when he strikes again. I do hope you like the alias I gave you. It was fitting considering what you did to save the dragons. The choice is yours, Alouette. 

ALOUETTE turns to face her mother, who smiles and gives a nod of approval. PEARL also nods, chewing ALOUETTE’s hair out of boredom. 


I’ll accept the invite. I want to be able to protect my home island like my mom did years ago. I want to become powerful enough to defeat Rumpel. 

AMELIA smiles, taking a sip of tea.


I am happy to hear that. Also, what kind of tea is this? I like it. 


It’s dragon leaf tea. 

We skip ahead to June 28. ALOUETTE is standing on the docks of Fairytale Island with PEARL on her shoulder, excited to go on a new adventure. She watches the ferry crew load her luggage onto the boat. 

SABRINA approaches her daughter with a leather bag. 


Give this to Amelia when you reach the camp, okay? It’s dragon leaf tea, so be careful with it. Okay?

ALOUETTE takes the bag from her mother.


Of course I will. Amelia’s going to love your gift so much. I can already see her face of happiness. 

The CAPTAIN of the ferry grabs a megaphone to make an announcement.


Attention passengers boarding the ferry to Camp Bravery! We will be leaving soon, so please start boarding the boat.

SABRINA takes a look at her daughter one last time.


You have fun, my dear witchlet. Make new friends, learn new spells. Go make me proud, dear. And remember to write, too.

ALOUETTE nods, waving goodbye to her mother before turning away to board the boat. PEARL waves goodbye to SABRINA as they head into their new journey. There would be new friends, new opportunities, and most importantly, new lessons and skills awaiting the young witch.

And in three years’ time, a calamity to answer. But that’s another story…

Cause a Row: Hope may float, but sometimes dreams need to sink.

And with that, The Witch’s Heart is complete. But that does not mean Alouette’s story is over. 

If you want to continue following her journey, then check out Storm’s Calamity, my other fanfiction on Tumblr and Quotev, where things are crazier than what Rumpel has managed to cause so far.

And keep an eye out on the PHB as well, since I have plans to write another short fanfiction series exploring the origins of another character from Storm’s Calamity.

Thanks for reading The Witch’s Heart! I will see you later. 

Heart out!

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by HeartOfEnder. If you did, you might also enjoy her Pop Worlds house tour and intro of her Popsonas.

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