The Villain Saga

“The Villain Saga” is a Poptropica fan fiction project based on real Poptropica villains from across the islands. TVS is created by MaryannTheConqueror, with new parts releasing frequently. Links below. Join us for the adventure! ⚡️


Erewhon contains some of the most notorious criminals in all of the world of Poptropica… but could their abilities be used for someone’s advantage?

Director D (Spy Island), a cunning and charismatic spy, and Mademoiselle Moreau (Mystery Train Island), a sweet yet spiteful Frenchwoman, are both villains who have managed to avoid the long arm of the law. They have teamed up to start their grandest plan yet, but they will need a little help.

Will justice and peace prevail above these many conflicting schemes, or will these villains be consumed by their own ambition and follow a murky path as the world collapses due to a plan they may not even be aware of?

Table of Contents

👉 Stay tuned for new releases on the PHB! 📝


Illustrated by GEAR/capax_infini. Scripted by Maryann/Smart Bubbles.



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