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“The Villain Saga” Episode 3, Part 1

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We open on DR. JUPITER in his office, which is buried in papers that have been ignored for weeks at least. On his desk are two diagrams he’s editing. To the left is one of a machine, quite similar to what RAVEN saw before. To the right, heavily shadowed, appear to be some sort of magical instructions.

A knock on the door. JUPITER quickly shuffles the paper away among the others. A GUARD enters.


Dr. Jupiter, we just had to intercept another major fight in the lunchroom.


Any injuries? I hope the high-risk ones weren’t involved.


A little bump here and there, but that’s it. And no, the “Big Four” are still eating separately.


Ah, good. I want them kept well for what’s going on this week.

The GUARD looks uncertain, especially towards JUPITER’S clear prioritizing of certain inmates. She pauses.


With all due respect, Dr., I feel that if we started more programs for the less dangerous inmates, they might have a higher chance of rehabilitation.

DR. JUPITER stands, sighing.


“With all due respect”, we are a HIGH-RISK prison. None of those here have any hope. All we can do is see what use they have while they remain here.


But some of them are quite peaceful–that, raven man, for example. I don’t think it’s right to focus on what they can just do for us–

DR. JUPITER glares at her. The GUARD falls silent. A dark aura seems to appear around him.


I will not have any of this. Good day, miss.

The GUARD freezes, opens her mouth, then closes it. She turns and leaves the office. Once the door is closed, DR. JUPITER rolls his eyes and reaches for the phone.


Yes…I’m interested if we can hire new guards.

CUT TO Dr. Hare, sitting by himself in the lunch room, nibbling on a carrot and completely ignoring the rest of his food.

A green-haired man rushes to the window, tapping on it rapidly.


Ugh, what’s going on Spike?


Heyhey Dr. Hare! You should have seen it!


Seen what?

Several guards come and try to pry SPIKE from the window, but he keeps talking.


The fight! It was epic! Even that Dr. D…dude…was impressed! Very!


What is with him watching everyone eat lunch?

The GUARDS finally pull SPIKE away from the window and take him away. HARE shrugs and turns back to his carrot.


Eh, we’re all up to something here.

Castori honorem ~ Maryann/Smart Bubbles


7 thoughts on ““The Villain Saga” Episode 3, Part 1”

  1. Wow! That’s so interesting!
    Hm, I wonder if the beginning part with the guard is crucial to the story, and we’ll see her again later on? Or maybe the new guards Dr Jupiter was hiring are secret villains like Director D?Can’t wait for the next part!

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