Blue Tooth speaker pairs with Coolmath

Hey everyone, Sporty Boa here POPping in the drop some pretty cool news! Let’s hop right into it, shall we?

Blue Tooth has entered the chat!

Today, the Poptropica Creators Blog pleasantly surprised us with an introduction to a new blogger, Blue Tooth! (Check out the post right here!)

Blue Tooth with pet bunny, Dorf!

Within the introductory post, Blue Tooth mentions how the Creators have been actively working hard on new updates arriving in 2019. Considering all the exciting big moves and updates that have already arrived, I’m quite interested in what lies ahead for Poptropica.

Anyway, Blue Tooth also mentions interests in skateboarding, gaming (I see that Nintendo Switch!), and chilling on Mythology Island.

Blue Tooth’s role (which sounds quite like that of Skinny Moon, Poptropica’s previous social media manager who left in mid-2017) will include locating players’ crazy cool clubhouses and costumes to showcase on the blog. (I’ve gotta step my game up if I want to be featured!)

Overall, I like this speaker—and this development really (finally!) shows the Creators are making an effort to connect with us and the community. Plus, just look at Blue Tooth’s fluffy bunny, Dorf! So adorable! (Having my own pet rabbit IRL, I can relate to Dorf’s lack of enthusiasm with being held, lol)

Speaking of pets, the Creators’ Blog (probably Blue Tooth specifically) published another blog post reminding us that National Puppy Day is on the way! So if you have a doggo and you haven’t already done so, treat your pup some neat stuff at the clubhouse shop! 🐶

Happy National Puppy Day!

Based on the pics on these recent official posts, it looks like a new illustrator has joined the Poptropica team as well! (Or perhaps Blue Tooth herself did the drawings? Either way, pretty cute!)

Anywho, that’s not all regarding the latest news…

Poptropica is on!!!

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, it’s true! Poptropica announced the promo on social media, and I’m beyond hyped. Having grown up playing Poptropica and Coolmath games all the time with my bro, it’s a match made in Mount Olympus if you ask me!

That’s all for now. Let us know in the comments what you think about the addition of Blue Tooth and the Coolmathgames feature.

Until next time, this Boa’s gotta bounce!


Somebunny made some printable Pop valentines 💕

Hello, Poptropicans — it’s Lucky Joker here! Valentine’s Day is coming up on Thursday, and it looks like Poptropica has taken notice.

You can celebrate by printing out these 6 adorable Poptropica valentines. To print, right-click below to save the image to your computer, and then go to print the file.

They’re the perfect gift to give to your friends or that special someone on this lovely occasion.

Also, be sure to update your Poptropica Stickers app to see the 6 new Valentine-themed stickers that have been added.

You can download the stickers app in the App Store of you don’t have it yet. (By the way, will the app ever be available for Android, Creators?)

I wonder if Poptropica’s got anything else planned for Valentine’s Day this year. They did however mention that there will be “new updates coming out for pets later this month.” (Though they never actually announced the arrival of pets on the Creators’ Blog…)

Thanks for reading as always, and I’ll talk to you in the next one.

– Lucky Joker🍀

A popping new profile—but customization for members only

How’s it going, Poptropicans? It’s Lucky Joker here and I hope you all had a Happy New Year!✨ In case you missed it, you can look back on the previous year with our 2018 Rewind: a Poptropica Screen Odyssey.

And now, onto the first news item of the year: the redesigned friends page (which we first got a sneak peek of two weeks ago) is finally here! For reasons unknown, Poptropica has yet to officially announce it. Anyway, here’s a look at my customized page:


To edit your own page, just click the pencil icon at the top right corner. Note: You’ll have to be a member to access these edit options.

From emotes to flowers and more, members can choose from a wide selection of stickers to put on their sticker wall. Here they are below:

In addition to the sticker wall, members can also customize their profile by choosing a wallpaper from the 10 options available. Non-members are left with a default blue background with intersecting lines, but members’ options include these backgrounds:

What non-members can customize is their daily mood, a little bubble located up by your Poptropican’s name that displays your emoji of choice.


Everyone is also able to use the message wall, where you can leave pre-scripted comments (similar to the ones in the Blast-Off Arcade) or drop off an emote. You can do this on your own page as well as write on friends’ pages.

While visiting friends’ pages, you can also give them a “like” up at the top, and visit their clubhouse by following the clubhouse link. You can scroll through a person’s list of friends and view more profiles, but unfortunately the lists only shows about ten friends, so if you’ve added more (as many of us probably have), they’re going to be tough to find.

There’s also a space on each profile called a photo board, but it’s empty, and there currently doesn’t seem to be a way to fill it up. The Photo Booth is currently absent from Home Island, and album photos from islands completed is a feature that hasn’t carried over to the redesigned profiles. And finally, there’s the costume closet, which works much the same as before.

So what do you think of the new friends page? I’m quite a fan of the design, but I do miss some of the features that got left behind with the old onelike the display of your battle ranking, being able to see which islands you’ve completed, pop quizzes, and pretty importantly, finding specific friends and being able to add new friends. What else needs to be part of the friends experience on Poptropica? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Thanks for reading as always. I’ll talk to you guys in the next one… pop on!

– Lucky Joker 🍀


Breaking news: Pets are blasting off to Poptropica!

Hello, everyone! It’s Lucky Joker here along with some huge news — new pets are coming to Poptropica!

In 2016, Poptropica released pet packs—a dog pack and a cat pack—to members only, which weren’t very popular among players. But coming soon, Poptropica will have all-new pets in store for us in the Pet Barn! The Creators posted a sneak peek with five animals: a dog, cat, chameleon, goat, and bunny rabbit.


They’re so adorable! They’re probably the most adorable animals I’ve ever seen in Poptropica… which brings me to my next bit.

They don’t look quite “Poptropica” to me, if that makes sense. Compared to just about every other animal we’ve seen in Pop, they don’t really fit in — they look more suited to Worlds with the extra shading and thicker limbs if you ask me. Not really a complaint though, just an observation. 🙂

Also, the Blast-Off Arcade has been remastered and has officially opened! There are a few differences to be noted since the lase time it was open.

Blast-Off! Arcade

There have been a few minor design changes here and there, but the biggest difference would probably be with the Blaster Crazy game, or should I say, Blaster Attack.

Instead of being an ad game for the LEGO Star Wars play sets, it is now more original to Poptropica (and a little reminiscent of Astro-Knights Island in particular).

The gameplay is pretty much the same as before: first, choose a blaster, then, dodge and blast obstacles by moving your mouse around and pressing the space bar.

Lastly, an advertisement for Disney’s upcoming animated movie, Ralph Breaks the Internet, has surfaced and can be found on Home Island. There are two prizes to be earned, and to earn the first one, you must watch the video trailer. Go ahead and do that now… finished? 😉 Now onto the mini-game!


The mini-game is really easy, and mimics the one you’ve probably seen the little girl playing in the trailers for the movie on YouTube!

All you have to do is swipe the milkshakes to the cat, and swipe the pancakes to the bunny in the allotted time—without making more than seven mistakes. Don’t worry, the bunny won’t explode. 😜


Once you complete the game, you’ll win a Blockhead Transformer card and an awesome Vanellope Glitch Power card! Congratulations!

And that’s about it for now! What do you think about the Blast-Off Arcade? Are you going to watch “Ralph Breaks the Internet” in theaters next Wednesday? Most importantly, how do you feel about these new pets? Share it all in the comments below!

Thanks for reading as always, and I’ll talk to you in the next one… pop on!

 Lucky Joker 🍀


YouTubers AwesomeTheSauce, Gaming Grape take on Poptropica

Hey Poptropicans, check out the camera—new vids are popping up! 🎥

Some of you might remember from last December when two popular YouTube channels, EthanGamerTV and DanAndPhilGAMES, streamed some Poptropica gameplay with personal commentary. While these guys have yet to make a Pop comeback, recently two more gaming channels have decided to take on our beloved Poptropica.

First, there’s AwesomeTheSauce, who started a Poptropica series in June and has so far gone through Shark Tooth (“#1: Getting Stereotyped in POPTROPICA?!”), Early Poptropica (“#2: I’m A Pig Killer Confirmed?!”), and most recently Reality TV (“#3: This REALITY TV Grandpa is EVIL”), the latter of which is below. The video titles may give you an indication of his humor style, and there is some mild language. If intrigued, check it out:

With a few Poptropica videos already (click the links above to see the other two), it looks like there may be more coming from AwesomeTheSauce. So if you liked what you saw, be sure to subscribe to keep up with his videos!

The other recent Poptropica streamer on YouTube is Gaming Grape, one of the gamers on Annoying Orange Gaming, a channel with several producers.

The channel has only made one Poptropica video, in which Gaming Grape narrates gameplay of Monkey Wrench Island in a nasally voice, kind of like the viral video the YouTube channel is named after. Check it out:

Both YouTubers come to the game with distinctly unique styles of entertainment, and it’s pretty cool to see Poptropica reaching more game-streaming audiences!

What did you think of the videos? Do they stack up to Ethan, Dan and Phil? Are there other YouTubers you’d like to see play Poptropica? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and share Poptropica with your favorite game streamers, too!

Peace, and pop back later,


New Smiles & Styles for New Poptropicans

Hello, everyone!

Lucky Joker here to report a minor update that has sneakily made its way onto Poptropica Original in the create a character process.

Lots of new hair and mouth options (some of which are purchasable in the game, like the lips from the Pop Star outfit, for example) have been added in for both boys and girlsreplacing many of the older ones.

Here are some GIFs showing all of the new stuff: (Click the images to enlarge them or visit Poptropica for crisper quality.)

You can even see some of the randomized NPCs sporting these new looks too! That’s how I came across this update in the first place. 😛

New NPC looks.png

Though this update is pretty insignificant, I have to say that I absolutely love the new variety of hairstylesespecially the afro!

Well, that about wraps this post up. Thanks for reading, as always! Talk to you in the next one.

– Lucky Joker 🍀

The Easter Bunny has come early this year…

Hello, everyone—Lucky Joker here to help you find this week’s March Prize!

The prize this week is the Dr. Hare Plushy—which was once an unlockable prize you could earn by buying the real-life Dr. Hare plush toy and redeeming the coin code. Now it’s free, and it’s located somewhere on Mythology Island!

March Prizes 2

If you click the image on the billboard on Home Island, you’ll be led to almost the exact spot the plushy is located. Convenient, right?

Where is it, you ask? He’s hanging out on top of the Midas Gym. Better be quick, because you only have about a week to claim him!

In other news, the Poptropica Creators have recently taken to social media to ask for suggestions from us players on what we want to see in the game!

Calling all Poptropicans!

The posts on their Instagram and Facebook pages have received a vast range of suggestions, varying from themes for islands to upgraded common room features. Personally, I’d like to see the friends feature added to Poptropica Worlds, as well as the winning costumes from the #MyPoptropicaCostume contest. (We’ve been waiting an awfully long time now!)

If you’re reading this, Creators: We here at the PHB have listed many of our proposals in our Pop Petition series—as have our readers, who’ve shared loads of cool island ideas in this discussion post from back in January.

I have to say it’s nice that Poptropica is reaching out to its players to seek ideas for new content. It’s been a while since we’ve had any communication from the Creators, so this a nice step forward.

What new (or old) features would you like to see in Poptropica? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

– Lucky Joker 🍀