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Illustrative Instagram stories and bizarre bunny memes 🐇

Happy beginning of hot blazing horrible weather, everyone! 🌞

Poptropica’s social media activity has been up this week, with tons of new Instagram stories, as well as an odd Twitter post recalling our dear Dr. Hare. First, let’s turn to the ‘gram…

Among the feature are highlights to the latest Poptropica store update and the nearing end to the first of the new Monthly Costume Contests.

There is also a particularly large number of shares for fan art features:

There’s some really cool art in here! Glad to see entries for the Monthly Costume Contest as well. I personally love the sharp design and dramatic color scheme of the Black Widow piece! 🕷

Meanwhile on Twitter, the Creators tweeted a “Feel old yet?” joke, featuring Dr. Hare and a Snapchat photo of actor Matthew Gray Gubler in pink bunny ears with the caption “I hate it here.”

Wait, what was that?

While memes can be a fun way to spread hype and provide some comedy to a community, this more obscure and random one is a bit out of character for Poptropica’s usual social media antics. Several people were quick to comment with a mix of amusement and confusion.

What do you Poptropicans think? Are there any particular artists or pieces you like from the gallery, and what do you think of this odd addition to the Twitter timeline?

Until next time (yes I do remember the Island Flash-backs, they will be returning!) stay creative, maybe by making some Poptropica memes and joining our Community Creations this month!

Castori honorem ~ Maryann/Smart Bubbles

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“The Villain Saga” – Episode 1, Part 3

(See previous)


DIRECTOR D. and MOREAU are watching the prisoners from outside the lunchroom, through the window. Inside, the GUARDS are leading the three to their table.


What if we just told them who we actually are? Perhaps they would work better with a bit of fear pushing them.


Do you really think we can intimidate them? They may be desperate, but I doubt they’d all be willing to obey our every command if they felt they were being used.

MOREAU pinches her forehead.


If only one of them could keep them in line for us…

As if almost on cue, more (real) prison guards enter the hall, leading an older man dressed as a pirate, just as the AGENTS leave the lunch room.


Hey, is there any chance we can add him? He slept past lunch and we couldn’t do much about it.

One of the AGENTS shares a concerned glance with D. and MOREAU.


(Points at the window, towards the three)

…I don’t think it would be safe to put him in with them.

The PRISONER chuckles, leaning towards her, showing yellowed (and one real gold) teeth. MOREAU backs away.


I believe I can handle them m’dear!

DIRECTOR D. turns to the AGENT.


Let him in.

D. and MOREAU watch intently as the pirate is led into the room. Surprisingly, the other prisoners do not protest his seating at their table. One of the GUARDS hand CRAWFISH a tray of food before leaving. CRAWFISH practically starts drooling, and ties a cheap napkin to his shirt as though he were about to begin a 5 star feast.

DR. HARE picks at his food.


I understand that this place has limited vegetarian options but…why are the mashed potatoes green?


If you think that’s bad, I think I chipped a tooth on the bread here once.

The COOK (Note: The same chef who served Myron Van Buren in Survival Island) enters from the kitchen, scowling.


Is that complaining about the food I hear?


Unsurprisingly yes-


Ah, don’t listen to ‘em! This is delicious!

(He turns to the COOK, aware of who she is but just playing.)

Give my thanks to the cook.

The COOK chuckles, and gives him an extra serving before walking off. CRAWFISH starts to chow down, while the rest look at him in confusion.


You actually like that stuff?


Compared to the months of maggot infested biscuits I had to endure, this is heaven!


I had to endure months—years—ages without anything. Without the brilliance of my cybernetics I most certainly would have perished of hunger!

(Somewhat to himself)

Per aspera…


Oh here we go again with the sob story.

MORDRED glares at her, but once again his grin hasn’t faded. WIDOW doesn’t back away but loses some of her boldness.


I don’t want your pity, I want the world’s punishment for what happened—

CRAWFISH stands, slamming both hands on the table.


Enough! I’m certain everyone here has a horrible tale to tell, but can I have a meal in peace?


Who are you to order me around?

CRAWFISH turns to him, his tone suddenly becoming more cautious.


I was simply making a suggestion for your own good, sir.

Pause. MORDRED nods, and the tension in the room settles a little as they all get back to eating. We look back at DIRECTOR D and MOREAU, who are so interested in the prisoner’s behavior that they don’t notice a shadowed DR. JUPITER lurking behind them.


He—he’s a leader.


Of course he is. Even evil pirates don’t want to face a mutiny.


Yes, but he knows how to work with them! Mademoiselle, I believe we’ve found the ones who can work for us.

The camera follows JUPITER leaving them, both “psychologists” still not even suspecting his presence. He turns down a corner, before mumbling to himself with a faint smile.


As have I, friends. As have I.



And here we are! I’m just as excited to see where this goes as some of you are, and I’m happy so many of you have expressed interest in this series!

Of course, I can’t have a Villain Saga post without mentioning the amazing recent additions to the comic GEAR made!

Castori honorem ~ Maryann/Smart Bubbles


Mood boards bring a POP of color 💫

Hey Poptropicans! A new creative trend has swept the Poptropica community, and we’re here to share some of it with you. Unveiling: Poptropica character mood boards! 🤩

Mood boards are a collection of images and color schemes that relate to a particular subject (in this case, Poptropica characters). They’re common in the world of design, and the Poptropica fandom’s been getting in on them too. Check out these collages inspired by NPCs (non-player characters), from people of the PHC:

In addition to NPCs, OCs (original characters, perhaps your own player Poptropican) are also a popular subject. Check out these OC mood boards from various Poptropicans, where the pic pile might inspire your character’s next wardrobe and vice versa!

Like a visual version of the Popsona, or Poptropica persona, where one creates a story for their Pop character, these collections sure have a lot of personality! Now, what story does your character tell?

Thanks to all the above artists for sharing their mood boards with us! You can find them on our Discord server, the PHC, particularly on our #pop-art channel. Plus, feel free to share your own creations there too, and/or in the comments of this post. We hope you enjoyed this aesthetic feast and maybe feel inspired to make your own too. 💫

Keep on popping, Poptropicans! ✨

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Clubhouse Tour: Purple Paw 🏡

Hey there everybody, Purple here with a new addition to the popular series: Clubhouse Tours! 🏡

I’ve done multiple redos of my Clubhouse since the feature first arrived, and I think the style I have now might be the best version yet. Step on inside and see what you think!

I always feel like somebody’s watching me…

Upon entrance, you’ll find you’re being closely watched by a wide-eyed skull. Eek! Luckily it’s just a glass decoration…but it still has the tendency to give you chills.

Moving past this skeletal decor, kick off your shoes and make yourself at home! Be sure to place them on the shoe rack instead of leaving them lying around, as I like to keep my floors clean. Once you’ve done that, follow me; we’ve got lots to tour!

Jump, like the ceiling can hold you–

If you’re feeling energetic today, pop up to the higher left floor, where you’ll find an assortment of sports gear! Bounce on the trampoline, shoot some hoops, and admire the surfboard collection if you’re up for it. While you go about burning off your energy, stay hydrated with a cup of water from the machine; flipping on a trampoline sure does make you thirsty. 😅

I wonder what flavor of gumball I’ll get this time.

You probably worked up an appetite after all those sports — I know I sure did! Jump down to the kitchen below the sports area, home to a full fridge, a gumball machine, and multiple very tempting soft drinks and juices. Don’t mind the pet food on the table; my pet gecko’s got a bigger stomach than I do. He’s probably hungry too.

One Poptropican’s trash is another Poptropican’s treasure.

Before we tour the rest of the upstairs rooms, I’ll show you the very messiest part of my home: the Awe-Inspiring Artifact Collection, or, if you want to be less fancy, just the good ol’ junk pile. I’ve built up a high pile of oddities over the years from adventuring across the islands, and they all seem to end up in this area. A flaming phoenix, a guard gnome, the classic Legendary Swords rocket — messy or not, I’m quite proud of my haul.

🎵So throw those curtains wide, one day like this a year would see me right…🎵

Up on the floor above my artifact heap is my bedroom, which simply screams that this clubhouse belongs to a half-cat. I do enjoy playing around with that yarn and lounging on the cat tower…as well as admiring my whiskers in the mirror…but there’s no time for that now, we’ve got a tour to complete! I guess I’d better throw those curtains wide and let some light in before we continue. What a view!

Nothing like a good nap to get your creative gears spinning!

Follow me up to the higher middle floor, my personal favorite: the relaxation room! This is the perfect place to nap, brainstorm, read, and generally take it easy. The shady palm trees provide a taste of tropical paradise, and you’ll never run out of books to indulge in on those shelves! I like to keep the curtains of this window closed to provide extra peace and quiet, although some sun now and then is enjoyable. A nice rest in that hammock really gives you a good recharge…I think I’ll take one after we finish this tour!

🎵Just dance, gonna be okay, da-da-doo-doot–🎵

Lastly, up on the highest floor on the right we have a multipurpose gaming room. This is the perfect setup to watch TV, play video games, and listen to my favorite music playlist on repeat through those speakers; and dance along, too! I’m planning on settling down in that comfy chair tonight to rewatch past episodes of my favorite show, Reality TV, with my glow-in-the-dark heart, moon, and flamingo. Maybe I’ll grab a soda and some snacks from the kitchen to accompany my RTV marathon…

Home, sweet home.

Well, it looks like it’s getting late now, and we’ve popped in just about every room, so I should probably wrap up this clubhouse tour for now! Let me know down in the comments what you thought of my redone home. ⬇️ If you’d like to visit my clubhouse in-game, friend me on Pop with the username PurplePawzz. I’ll see you all next time!


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Spring shopping and Pop blog hopping

Howdy, Poptropicans, it’s LJ with the an abundance of Poptropica news for you all today. Let’s pop into it!

First up, the store items have rotated, with a brand new Golden Warrior costume! The current inventory includes (items listed below; * = members only):

  • Costumes: Golden Warrior*, Prom Princess, Space Bounty Hunter, Slice of Pizza Tees, King & Queen Hoodies, Glam Gamer Girl*, Sweater Weather, Sunny Sport, Friendly Face Masks, Orange Julius*, Mardi Gras Jester, Rock Star 2*, Swan Ballerina, Angel, Robin Hood, and Pop Star
  • Followers: Red Dragon Follower*, Mood Clouds, Baby Alicorn Follower, Baby Penguin Follower, Dolphin Follower*, Deer Follower, Cupid Follower, Atlantis Drone, and Dryad
  • Powers: L.E.D. Me, Jetpack, Crushing Power*, X-Ray Visor*, Atom Power*, Cinnamon Fire Flavor Popgum, Torch, and Electrify
  • Pranks: Leprechaun Wand, Levitation Spell Book, Spitball Shooter, 8-Bit Birthday Pig Pixel Power, Inside-Out Power*, Zombify, and Silly Streams
  • Miscellaneous: Reversible Octopus, Heart Bubble Wand, White Combat Boots, Fox Mug, Unicorn Mug, Cat Mug, School Backpack, and Notebooks

There’s been a lot of cool and cute things lately in my opinion! I really like the Golden Warrior costume, Leprechaun Wand, Reversible Octopus, and Unicorn Mug. There’s a wide selection of stuff available to non-members again too, so that’s a plus. Only 1/5 of the items are members exclusive.

In other news, the enticing daily credit login rewards we became familiar with since they were introduced last year have seemingly vanished. The pop-up is nowhere to be seen and it’s currently unknown if the credits are still being added to our accounts every time we login. Perhaps it’s a glitch? Any information on this would be appreciated. As for now, we’ll miss you, daily rewards…

Also, the Creators’ Blog has undergone a few formatting changes! For one, the sidebar has a new widget with the latest news.

Furthermore, the “Love it/Like it/Not interested” voting buttons have been removed from the bottom of posts, which I think is a real shame considering it was a quick and easy way to leave feedback for the creators. Instead, all we have now is a dashed line.

The last of the noticeable updates is a refreshed commenting form. Take a look at everything for yourself in the screenshots below:

According to Invisible Ring, one of Poptropica’s guest bloggers and a PHC frequenter, Poptropica may be moving to a new blogging platform soon. Here’s what she shared with us on the PHC:

Poptropica emailed me last night and told me that since they are moving the blog to a new platform… blog business is a little quiet now, but they will have new posts coming soon.

Invisible Ring on the PHC

I guess we’re all in for a surprise as to what this means! We’ll be sure to keep you posted. Anyway, that’s all the news for now. Thank you for reading and I’ll to you guys in the next one. Pop on!

– LJ 🍀