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If you are ready to explore more, collect more and compete more, then become a Member of Poptropica today! Click here to get membership or learn more about membership on this page. it all

With Poptropica membership, go on a virtual shopping spree for you and your Poptropican!

  • Exclusive early island access!
  • Unlimited costumes from the Store!
  • Every Gold Card available in the Store!
  • Store up to 30 costumes in your Costume Closet!
  • View all the snapshots in your Photo Album!
  • Be able to share your Realms to the public!
  • Play 7 Member Exclusive Islands!


Get early island access!

  • Can’t wait to play the next island?
  • Poptropica will release LOTS of new islands!
  • When you sign up for membership, you’ll be among the first to explore the newest islands!

Get more from friends!

  • Store up to 30 unique costumes to wear again at any time!
  • Explore other players’ costumes and Costumize their best looks!
  • See all of the photo snapshots you’ve earned from your adventures through the islands of Poptropica!
  • Costumize a look from any photo – either in your album, or a friend’s!

Get unlimited costumes!

  • It’s time for the ultimate fashion upgrade!
  • Your closet will grow exponentially with membership! Use every costume available in the Store to craft a look unique to you!

Use every gold card!

  • Compete in head-to-head games with your friends! Cause a meteor shower to fall from the sky! Make yourself invisible!
  • When you become a member, you gain access to every gold card in the Store!


Membership Plans

  • Monthly – USD$3.95
  • 3 Months – USD$10.95 (that’s $3.65/month)
  • 6 Months – USD$19.95 (that’s $3.33/month) (Save 15%!)

Why does Poptropica have membership?

People complain that Poptropica used to be a totally free game, and now you have to pay for membership to enjoy all of it. However, it is important to understand that Poptropica is a business, and just like any other business, it needs money in order to run. If Poptropica didn’t make any money, it wouldn’t be able to afford to pay its staff and keep its website up. A Poptropica with membership is better than no Poptropica at all, right?

Also, those who don’t have membership are still able to fully enjoy a large portion of what Poptropica has to offer. They still get to play the new islands after the members’ early access period, they still get to earn credits and buy stuff from the Store, etc. Those who do pay are helping to keep Poptropica in business and are rewarded with some extra benefits, while non-members still get to play the game.

How can I get membership?

Poptropica warns that kids who make a purchase without permission from their parent or guardian may have their account permanently banned, and while so far we have not heard of this actually happening, it’s best to follow Poptropica’s terms. So here’s how you might get your membership:

  • Credit Card. An adult (usually a parent, relative, or close friend) with a credit card selects an offer and enters your Poptropican’s username and password here, then fills in the necessary credit card information required to make the payment online. If this is their first time, they will also be asked to make a Poptropica Parent account so they can manage some settings if they have to. Click Submit.
  • Request. If you’d like to ask someone to purchase you membership or credits, log into Poptropica, go to your Stats page, and click on the “Buy Membership” or “Buy Credits” buttons to send a request form by email. This doesn’t necessarily get you membership, but if the person you make a request to is willing to buy you a membership, they can follow the above steps to get you one.
  • Game Card. In Canada and the United States, you can buy Poptropica “Game Cards” for $10 in major stores like Best Buy (see full list of available retailers here) and redeem them online here. Scratch off and enter the 10-digit PIN number found on the back of your Game Card. You can choose to either redeem a 12-week membership or 1000 credits.
  • Gift/Money. To get someone willing to help you get your membership, you can ask for it as a birthday or holiday gift. Or, if you’ve got some of your own money saved up and your birthday/holiday is too far away, try offering the money to your parents and having them take it in exchange for them using their credit card to get you a membership. You can also offer to make a deal with them: do something extra that they would want you to do that you wouldn’t normally do (such as extra jobs, classes, etc), in exchange for them doing something for you (buying you membership). If they are worried that a computer game like Poptropica is just a waste of time, remind them that it would be like paying for any other entertainment (such as toys, movies, etc).

Is Poptropica membership worth it?

Think before you buy. Are all the benefits that come with membership worth the money for you? One month of membership costs around USD$3.50 (more or less, depending on which package you choose). Are there other things you would rather have that cost that much? Or do you want nothing more than to be a Poptropica Member, no matter what the cost?

With membership, you can get anything and everything in the Poptropica Store without using any of your credits. But all of it will be gone once your membership expires – unless you have plans to quit Poptropica afterward or keep giving your money to Poptropica to keep your precious gold cards.

Maybe you only want that membership for the new island that just came out in its early stages, and you have to have early access. Do you? Or is it okay for you to save $3.50 and wait just a little longer so you can enjoy the same island members enjoyed – but for free? Keep in mind, though, that with some islands, Poptropica members get to play an exclusive bonus quest. Also, as of July 2015, seven islands are exclusively locked to members only, although non-members can play a demo.

There are also a bunch of exclusive members-only freebies (costumes, powers, etc) in the Store, but ask yourself, can you live without them? And unlimited Store costumes sounds great, doesn’t it? But since you get a free 150 credits for every island quest you complete, you could spend those credits on the same Store costumes without having a membership. Even better, once you step outside of the Store, the Poptropica world is full of characters you can interact with, and that includes using their clothes (via the Costumizer tool) to create your own unique look!

In the end, Poptropica is awesome even without the membership, but if you’re interested in the extras, just pay a bit of extra money and there you go! Just remember: Non-members will still get to play islands once its early access period is over, and they can use credits to keep any Store items forever.

Only you can decide based on your own needs and/or desires whether or not it’s worth forking over the extra money to enjoy membership.

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109 thoughts on “Membership Tour

      • Bananachick9 says:

        They gotta make money? Would you rather they close down & you can’t play ever again, or would you rather pay a measley 4.00 or 10.00, I want poptropica to stay, i’ve been playing for 6 years.

      • Annette says:

        this is impossible to be a member and this is stupid why can’t they make all the cards free for everyone, it will make it a deal

  1. Fluffy wuffy buffy says:

    Is it worth it even though you lose all the gold cards you get with member ship?
    I dunno about membership.
    Sorry creators but im still not convinced!

  2. Daniel says:

    You don’t need membership to get everything, anyway! Just buy five or six Game cards (one at a time, of course, or you’ll be broke) and activate the credits. It’ll cost about the same as three months of membership, anyway!

  3. Little Toes says:

    ugh. i thought poptropica was pure. no stupid membership. why dont people just make a game where all is free?? other people buy it, and the sensible people feel bad and angry because the other people have better accounts, farms, towns, whatever!!!! the point is, what the point! MONEY. yep, these days money seems to be a nessity in life, second to food water and air. see im so ticked im not even useing good spelling and grammer anymore! STOP MEMBERSHIP!!!!!!!

    ~ Little Toes

    • -Toki-Obi-Oki-Anjii- says:

      Little Toes, the Creators need to make money. If they don’t have any money, ZAP. Good-bye, Poptropica. They don’t magically get money for food for their family by doing a completely-totally free game for their job, no matter how popular Poptropica is. At least be glad Poptropica membership isn’t like Club Penguin membership. If it were, it would be baaaaaaaaad.

      • Little Toes says:

        Sorry.i was having a bad day.i didnt mean to yell at everybody. sorry i feel bad…

        ~Little Toes

      • mkxuyt says:

        actually, they get money for the froot-loops advertisments and so on. but i still want that red ninja costume in the store. 🙂

      • infjsinger says:

        Sorry Popular Jumper,there’s no way you can get free membership unless,you contact the people who make those “free membership” videos,but if you look at the comments you can see those videos require downloading and they’re scams most of the time. Because of the scams,and how it might hurt your computer,I sugest not taking the risk,but of course it’s your choice. You still can buy membership though.

  4. hungry brain says:

    actually the game cards are like $10 for 4 months and it is really great being a member plus every thing in the poptropica store costs 0 credits (i should no i was 1) 😀

    • analol123 says:

      hey wimpykidfan! im from the future and i friended you and it says for u: membership expired but still pretty eimpressive sorry if i spelled that wrong sometimes i dont care about my spelling an grammer as you can tell

  5. poke217 says:

    Hey everyone if you get membership you can choose between membership and 1000 credits MEMBERSHIP SUCKS! Credits rock and remember was poptropica was free ah the good old days!!!

    • Tyrese'sstory/hatersloveme4897/hatersloveme2490 says:

      Membership rocks,I mean 1000 credits if you see store items you want really badly e.g. Minimizer,Phantom,Followers etc. that will be a waste of credits,you might need about 10000000000 credits to get everything in the store.

  6. Icy Lightning says:

    I reccomend people either :
    > Buy the credits or just earn them in quests .
    > OR if you pretty much have defeated every island on Poptropica or you just have one island left to complete , defeat the island / islands you have not defeated . If that is not enough money for you , buy the amount of credits you need .

  7. Gleek says:

    Arg. I wasted my allowence (5 dollars) of a freakin game and now my whole closet is gone. All the clothes I had-gone. Even the ones as a nonmember! Next time, I’m saving up for a game card and just getting credits. Say-with the credits, do you get to keep the stuff?
    Loves and hugs (ok so sorry having a bad day about the rest)
    Fierce Fire

    Hijuyo: Yes, you get to keep items forever with credits. However, members get early island access, which is something you can’t get with credits.

    • Jumpy Tomato says:

      I disagree they had a Gold Card for early access to Couterfiet Island for 500 credits which is a rip off , but it was free.

  8. chris says:

    this game oh this game just makes me mad i loved the good old days but now the new days are freaken making me mad i have to save up 19 for a year membership cause i dont want to go on there and it will say your month is up or something just make a everything free game or MAKE POPTROPIC free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Silver Bubbles says:

      Guys you have to remember that Poptropica needs the money, or else good-bye Poptropica. I’m not a member, and I still can have a cool outfit and such. Some gold cards in the store are actually available to non-members for around 250 credits. My username is silverbubbless

      • Friendly Comet aka Captain Comet aka Super Comet says:

        Silver Bubbles-
        Completely off-topic, but I had a friend that played Poptropica with the same name as you!

  9. michael says:

    i love poptropica i dont care what people thinks but u need to get poptropica membership i have it for 6 month if u need help to beat all the island call me 267-770-5007 my name is quiet fly i beat all the island i am the ultimate poptropican peace

  10. Samwow5 says:

    Fishy what do I do? I renewed my membership until January 23, 2012 (confirmed it in email) but when I go on my account it say I don’t have membership and I can’t get any of the members items! What do I do?

  11. tallspider says:

    Hey, for people who said membership sucks It’s ok we have different opinions but it is awesome. Early island access is fun,the bonus quests give you special items that are members only, there’s the outfits and powers for every new island members only and having everything free from the store is kinda fun. But you have your opinions too…..

  12. CheeseLuver says:


    • CheeseLuver says:


    • Nunna Yo Business says:

      You know, all Poptropica Memberships automatically renew at the end of the term. I bought a one month membership back when I was in fourth grade, and now I still have it, although its been several months after my purchase. Your parents won’t have to be charged for renewal. However, they can cancel your renewal(either if they want to or you asked them). Then your membership lasts only until the end of your term. In order for my mom to agree for paying a membership, I had to give her four dollars of my OWN money. If you buy any Members Only items or regular items from the Poptropica Store, when your membership expires your regular Gold Cards you bought during your Membership trial are gone until you buy them again, but you get to keep your Members Only Items forever. So in fact, Non-Members are just about having as much fun as Members are. If you are a Non-Member and you are getting teased by a member, DON’T ever believe them.

      Fierce Wing, age 10
      P.S. I understood these once I became a member.
      P.P.S. memberships are dirt cheap, so you will do a lot less chores than you thought.


    WHAT THE HECK?????

    I bought membership @ Toys R Us for ten bucks in December. It’s supposed to be 6 months, but I only get 3- until February!! And everyone else I know!!

    Can you please explain this to me because the expiration date should be in May or just later than February…

    Thanks for being a great website =)

  14. hatersloveme4897 says:

    And I have all 34 medals 🙂
    All 138 cool photos 😀
    1803 friends 😛
    30 unique costumes 😆
    All personal questions 🙂

    And the user is knucklehead5249 (Little Heart)
    Solved islands at least 2 times!Except Skulldugy,Steamworks,Red Dragon,Game Show etc.

  15. Nunna Yo Business says:

    Anyway, I only have 18 medallions but I mastered it all. See, i told you that memberships will renew at the end of term!

  16. Lolopop4933/lovierosie says:

    I am just going to get one for Christmas friend me and I love this website friend me I’m slantedfishreal. I made that account cause I’m a fan of slanted fish

  17. wimpykidfan says:

    fish i have a question! When i buy the game card from best buy how do I know if its going to give me 1,000 credits or membership for 11-weeks?

    Slanted Fish: I believe you can choose which option you want when you enter the code.

  18. Strange Speck says:

    I think the poptropica memberships are fair. if u want unfair, try animal jam. its 60 dollars for a year! you can add me ( horserider1217 ) btw i am a member and i have to do extereme work for it

  19. Strange Speck says:

    oh and i collect plushies! i’m ur person for all ur plushie needs! oh and join me on october 31 for halloween trick or treating at my den!everyone gets free plushie of there choice and games and more! this year is the 1st annual time!

  20. Clean glove (garfield2087) says:

    What if you have unlimited membership!! Then you could get anything forever! I was so mad when I was playing the red dragon island and try turned it over to members only!! I even used the teleporter necklace and it didn’t even work!! Those creators sure kn

  21. Clean glove (garfield2087) says:

    Sorry! My last post didn’t finish the sentence let me start it again. those creators sure know what they’re doing.there thats better.

  22. The Poptropica Costume Creators says:

    Hey guys! We have a question about membership. Let’s say you get something for free while you have membership, an item that you could buy with credits. After your membership expires, do you have the chance to buy that item again with your credits?

    To make that question a little clearer:
    Let’s say that, while I have membership, I get the Pop Star costume from the Store. When my membership expires, my access to the Pop Star also expires, correct? But do I have the chance to buy Pop Star again with my own credits afterwards?

    Thanks! 🙂

    • SlantedFish says:

      Nope, membership status doesn’t affect what you can and can’t customize. That depends on what Poptropica allows to be customized, but our Cheats page lists some ways you can get costume parts that are otherwise unattainable. 🙂

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