A popping new profile—but customization for members only

How’s it going, Poptropicans? It’s Lucky Joker here and I hope you all had a Happy New Year!✨ In case you missed it, you can look back on the previous year with our 2018 Rewind: a Poptropica Screen Odyssey.

And now, onto the first news item of the year: the redesigned friends page (which we first got a sneak peek of two weeks ago) is finally here! For reasons unknown, Poptropica has yet to officially announce it. Anyway, here’s a look at my customized page:


To edit your own page, just click the pencil icon at the top right corner. Note: You’ll have to be a member to access these edit options.

From emotes to flowers and more, members can choose from a wide selection of stickers to put on their sticker wall. Here they are below:

In addition to the sticker wall, members can also customize their profile by choosing a wallpaper from the 10 options available. Non-members are left with a default blue background with intersecting lines, but members’ options include these backgrounds:

What non-members can customize is their daily mood, a little bubble located up by your Poptropican’s name that displays your emoji of choice.


Everyone is also able to use the message wall, where you can leave pre-scripted comments (similar to the ones in the Blast-Off Arcade) or drop off an emote. You can do this on your own page as well as write on friends’ pages.

While visiting friends’ pages, you can also give them a “like” up at the top, and visit their clubhouse by following the clubhouse link. You can scroll through a person’s list of friends and view more profiles, but unfortunately the lists only shows about ten friends, so if you’ve added more (as many of us probably have), they’re going to be tough to find.

There’s also a space on each profile called a photo board, but it’s empty, and there currently doesn’t seem to be a way to fill it up. The Photo Booth is currently absent from Home Island, and album photos from islands completed is a feature that hasn’t carried over to the redesigned profiles. And finally, there’s the costume closet, which works much the same as before.

So what do you think of the new friends page? I’m quite a fan of the design, but I do miss some of the features that got left behind with the old onelike the display of your battle ranking, being able to see which islands you’ve completed, pop quizzes, and pretty importantly, finding specific friends and being able to add new friends. What else needs to be part of the friends experience on Poptropica? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Thanks for reading as always. I’ll talk to you guys in the next one… pop on!

– Lucky Joker 🍀



11 thoughts on “A popping new profile—but customization for members only”

    1. I just read your post. I definitely do agree with all of them, as well as some suggestions in the comments.

    2. This is some good stuff, but I’m unsure how the “Birth Video” would work in terms of coding and if it would work on some older accounts; I think a “Birth Photo” is more plausible. Other minor details: I think your 5th suggestion has already been resolved (which, thank god), and remember that your realms world can not be visited unless it has been shared, which is a members-only feature. Great suggestions nonetheless!

      Poptropica Creators, take notice!

  1. Gee, too bad not many people go to commen rooms. But hey, at least the friends you make are at least interactable instead of just following what they do and have access to there closet (that actually sounds kinda creepy in context). Although, the fact that you can’t see what islands you’ve completed without going on the map, or see your battle ranks is a huge bummer. Being able to add friends is a thing they could simply alter.

    The membership stuff is basically something I couldn’t care less about, especially at this point.

  2. I’m really late for this post but man, I can’t say I’m happy with the new changes to the friends page. I guess everything does look sort of neater and has a more blog like aesthetic, but like you mentioned, I really miss being able to look at the photo albums and the pop quizzes. Not to mention everything felt way less buggy–the site crashed as soon as I clicked the friends page! Maybe its just the Flash player. I do hope that the current Poptropica Creators know what they’re doing with original Pop, because the direction they’re taking it in isn’t looking too good at the moment.

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