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“The Villain Saga” – Episode 5, Part 2

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CUT TO CRAWFISH, sitting in the medical ward. He’s taking a close look at pretty much every item in sight as the doctors try to corral him to the table.


What’s this? Why do you have so many hollow ropes?


They’re just tubes, ignore those they’re not–


Why are all of you wearing white? Don’t’cha think a darker color would be better with all the mess?


It helps us notice any stains, now–


Yea, that’s my point. You can simply hide it!

The DOCTORS all grimace.

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Halloween Habiliments and Homepage 🎃

(Hey, I used a big word!)

Hello Poptropicans! Following up on the earlier Halloween costume peeks, we’re now bringing you the final four of the six September costume contest winners. Plus, stick around for more October chaos!

For our winners we have: Candle Cat by White Moon, Flowy Man by Happy Chicken, Jellyfish by the PHB’s own Purple Paw, and Zombie Redcoat by Magic Poptropican. Purple Paw tells us their design was submitted many months ago and Poptropica must be digging into their archives — but hey, as long as we’re getting some good ones!

Anyway, congratulations to the winners! Soon others will be wearing your designs across the game.

Perhaps these costumes will give you inspiration or even parts for yours! There’s still plenty of time to enter the PHB’s Halloween costume contest, open till Oct 29. Alas, I wish I could take part, but Smart Bubbles is currently in the middle of a fight with Dr. Hare. 😛

“Zombie Redcoat” seems to share similarities with this revolutionary from PoptropiCon… great minds think alike?

Poptropica is entering fully into spooky season now, and we even have a new background for the login screen! I have to admit, I’m digging those reds… reminds me of Vampire’s Curse Island.

If you’re an artist looking for ideas for your own work, check out Poptober, our daily drawing prompts for the month of October! Even if you’re starting late, it’s okay to go at your own pace, or picking whatever prompts inspire you.

Happy creating!

Castori honorem ~ Maryann/Smart Bubbles

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“The Villain Saga” – Episode 5, Part 1

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We open on a wide shot displaying Erewhon Prison. It’s a rare non-stormy day, where bits of sunlight can actually be seen through the fog. The island is in perpetual shadow, but you can just barely tell it’s afternoon.

CUT TO inside the prison, on the first floor near the doors. Only a couple guards are stationed there, one sleeping and the other playing a game of solitaire on a work computer.

The camera heads to the elevator, then speeds up the building. We at last arrive at Floor 13, where a guard is leading DR. HARE into the medical and testing side. The doors to JUPITER’S strange machinery remain closed and locked.

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Poptober 2022: An abundance of art! 🍂🖌

Happy October! It’s finally that time again… doesn’t feel the slightest bit close to fall in my desert, but still the spooky season is near!

Autumn is a major source of inspiration for many creatives, thanks to its beautiful foliage and harvest seasons. Some of you may remember my Poptober drawing challenge from 2020. I’m here to announce an updated one for 2022, still with daily prompts to inspire your art.

Since I’m a little late on this one, we’ll go easy with the first prompt.

There are zero rules to this challenge. Any medium is totally fine, and you can interpret the prompts however you wish. If you’re swamped with projects or short on time, feel free to just do whichever days you’d like, or do a prompt for each week!

Speaking of drawings, maybe you can find some inspiration for your creative endeavors from the latest fan art features from Poptropica’s Instagram stories, at least for fall decorating… 🍁

Also, here’s a throwback to LJ’s Poptober 2020 gallery to inspire everyone in this month of drawing challenges!

“Medusa and her stone victims” by LJ

Castori honorem ~ Maryann/Smart Bubbles

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“The Villain Saga” – Episode 4, Part 3

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CUT TO BARD standing alone in an elevator. A quick look at a camera shows he somehow bent it away from the corner he’s in.

As the elevator descends, time appears to slow a bit. BARD’S face turns more serious and contemplative, as he flexes his robotic hand a couple of times, studying how the joints move and react to his nerve signals. He’s gotten used to seeing it constantly for years, but sometimes he still has to notice the difference from what used to be there.

A plastic cup is spilled on the floor next to him, with soda and ice cubes leaking out. He picks up an ice cube in his left hand, his human hand, and holds it for a moment, feeling the cold. He switches it to his right, and keeps it pinched between his fingers with no discomfort.


(under his breath)

There are some things I’ve yet to learn to replicate.

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