Island Flash-backs

Island Flash-back: Astro Knights 🚀

We are now well into springtime (at least for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere), and I hope the weather has been more pleasant for you than the pre-summer heat that’s happening in my local desert!

I apologize for the delay in this post, and I hope there is still enough time to pay homage to an island that many of you know is very important to me


There is no shortage of things I or a giant portion of this fandom could say about this island. It’s easily one of Poptropica’s most remembered, and many consider it to be the pinnacle of the game’s storytelling abilities. Compared to islands that came before it like Shark Tooth or 24 Carrot, the world of Poptropica suddenly felt expanded and full of undiscovered potential.

Concept sketches for the knights

While less remembered, a short book was also made based off this island, among a series of four others. It can still be bought, but hasn’t been mentioned by the team for a while, nor have any other islands ever been added to the series.

The villain, Mordred/Binary Bard, is also quite iconic, to the point of being featured in the spin-off island Super Villain. He also has a fair share of fans, art, and a cameo in a dating sim.

An old version of the Binary Bard, where he was intended to be a simple background character.

There is no shortage of love for this island. That being said, it is hardly mentioned by the current Pop team anymore. While the development of Fairy Tale Island is probably the most pressing thing now, it would be nice to have it remembered by the future island pantheon.

Very nice, as a matter of fact. I don’t think many fans (including myself) would have any more interest in Pop if they completely discarded the stories that got us into it in the first place.

Concepts for the Princess of Arturus

Before I conclude this post, I would also like to highlight some fanart made for the previous Island Flash-back, Wild West. Here is some fanart of El Mustachio Grande made by Dangerous Dragon!

Now here comes your part, Poptropicans! Astro Knights and other classic islands were rendered unplayable for most people in the Flash-Haxe transition, but the months of work that the artists and writers put into it should not go to waste! Make fanart, fanfiction, videos, and guest posts. Let the Creators know what you appreciate about their past work to encourage them to preserve it!

Until May!

Castori honorem ~ Maryann/Smart Bubbles

The Villain Saga

“The Villain Saga” – Episode 1, Part 2

(See previous)



Looking at a door. We hear an elevator arrive down the hall.

A moment later, DR. HARE is escorted into the room by two GUARDS, both bald.


So, anyway, I don’t know who thought it was a smart idea to have an economy entirely supported by carrots–who is that?

Camera looks at a table, where MOREAU, D., and BARD sit. BARD is at the end in handcuffs, giving HARVEY his usual grin.


I’m sorry, I thought we were just going to talk some more, not be interrogated by the Joker.


How amusing it is that you think I am the jester here.


You’re literally dressed–okay what’s going on?

DIRECTOR D. motions for him to come. DR. HARE is led to the table, to a chair near BARD.


We want to see how you work together.


And we’ll be meeting someone else soon…

(quietly, somewhat to herself)


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The Villain Saga

“The Villain Saga” – Episode 1, Part 1

(See previous)


DIRECTOR D., wearing a uniform similar to those worn by the GUARDS, heads down a long hallway. The doors are bolted shut, and security cameras turn to follow him as he walks. MOREAU is a few paces behind him, casting wary glances at the cameras.


Are you sure no one will recognize us?


Positive. Most of the news from our areas hardly reached anywhere else, unlike for some of these people.

They turn to look at a window, looking into the LUNCH HALL. Several prisoners sit at tables, some in groups, others alone. The SUPER POWER VILLAINS appear to be starting a food fight.


So, which one do you want to start with first?


I’m not quite-

DR. JUPITER approaches the two from behind, seemingly from out of nowhere. Both nearly jump when he speaks.


Who are you interested in? I can probably give you some suggestions.


(Gathering himself; pretending not to have been spooked)

Uh, well, someone a little less…violent, perhaps. Intelligent so…they can have a good conversation, and one of your more notorious prisoners…so we can still have a challenge.

He tries his best to get people who will both be helpful for him, but not cause any suspicions from the doctor. It seems to work, as Jupiter quickly begins going through a mental list of prisoners.


Ah, well…you may want to try Dr. Hare first. He’s very smart–

Cut to a door opening, looking into a small room with DR. HARE at a table, handcuffed. The shadows of DIRECTOR D. and MOREAU are seen entering.

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Island Flash-backs, Wild West Island

Island Flash-back: Wild West 🐎

The months seem to be going by faster and faster for me, and we’re already at the next island! Before we begin, I would like to thank everyone who participated in last month’s Monster Carnival Island Flash-back—we had guest posts analyzing characters and presenting hopes and ideas for the island that had been years in the making.

And now for March’s Island…

Wild West!

While not as popular as others like Super Villain or Mythology, Wild West Island is still beloved and remembered by many. It is another great example of Poptropica’s ability to simplify backgrounds based off real-life locations while still keeping a certain charm. And I won’t deny that one of the most memorable parts for me was our Poptropican being able to ride the horse, Elmer.

Concepts for the horse’s design and animation

Wild West also incorporated a similar map style as Skullduggery (later used in Ghost Story), where you could travel between ports or locations from a bird’s-eye view, while sailing your ship or in this case, riding your horse. It also incorporated 3D elements!

Part of the map used to travel between different towns in the island!

I also cannot legally finish one of these posts without mentioning any villains. El Mustachio Grande is well-recognized for his flashy design, and while lacking in backstory, he manages to make up for it in personality!

Now here comes your part, Poptropicans! Wild West and other classic islands were rendered unplayable for most people in the Flash-Haxe transition, but the months of work that Poptropica’s artists and writers put into it should not go to waste! Make fanart, fanfiction, videos, and guest posts. Let the Creators know what you appreciate about their past work to encourage them to preserve it!

Until April!

Castori honorem ~ Maryann/Smart Bubbles

The Villain Saga

Announcing “The Villain Saga,” a Poptropica fan series (with prologue)

Long, long ago, there were rumors of a Poptropica movie or TV series. Fans speculated on what it could be about, from a whole new story to a Mystery of the Map spinoff. Flash forward to today, and that dream never became a reality.

So in my traditional fashion, I decided to do it myself!

As much as I would like to see an epic, shiny, animated finished product, there’s no way I (and my carpal tunnel) could do all that, so I’ve decided to just release the script in episodic form! Stay tuned for a sneak peek of the first episode!

I’m going to try to update this fairly frequently (perhaps every week), but I won’t make any promises currently. I do have the plot all figured out from beginning to end, and plenty more script to release!

But enough with my rambling! Let’s get to the story!



We see the tall prison from a worms-eye view, near the ocean. Even though it is still evening, dark storm clouds surround the sky, shrouding the prison in night. A few windows glow as lights from inside the building are turned on.

A HELICOPTER lands, hovering a bit and billowing clouds of dust on the small landing pad next to the prison. It finally finishes its descent as we get a closer look at the area. Several prison guards are standing nearby, and a bearded man, DR. JUPITER, is waiting to greet whoever is inside the HELICOPTER.

A MAN jumps out from the side door. The darkness hides most of his face from view, along with a WOMAN who jumps out behind him.


Well, this isn’t quite what I expected!



Did you expect a luxury hotel?


No, I just didn’t think the weather would be so…

He looks down at the stormy waves, crashing against jagged rocks.




It helps protect us from onlookers, at least!

(He looks at the WOMAN)

And hello, Miss…

The WOMAN extends her gloved hand. DR. JUPITER takes the cue and kisses it.


Lesser. Camille Lesser. I’m his assistant.


You seem awfully dainty for this line of work.


Trust me.

(She grins. There’s something a little suspicious about it.)

I have experience with these sort of people.

DR. JUPITER steps back. His friendly smile leaves his face.


I should hope so. We’ve had many psychologists analyze our prisoners…few were able to help much.


They should be willing to work with me, if we give them time.

The smile returns to DR. JUPITER’S face. He steps aside, motioning for the newcomers to enter the building.


Well then, let’s get started.

The two enter as the HELICOPTER ascends. DR. JUPITER remains behind with the GUARDS, discussing something with them.

As they cross through the doorway, framed with lightning-bolt decorated pillars, the WOMAN turns to the psychologist.


Well, that was certainly easier than I expected, Mr. D.

They enter a lit area, revealing the faces of notorious criminals DIRECTOR D. and MADEMOISELLE MOREAU. DIRECTOR D. smiles.


Trust me, miss Moreau, my plans are all very simple.

We look from the outside, as they head deeper into the prison.


“Erewhon contains some of the most notorious criminals in all of the world of Poptropica…but could their abilities be used for someone’s advantage?

Director D., a cunning and charismatic spy, and Madimoiselle Moreau, a sweet yet spiteful Frenchwoman, are both villains who have managed to avoid the long arm of the law. They have teamed up to start their grandest plan yet, but they will need a little help.

Will justice and peace prevail above these many conflicting schemes, or will these villains be consumed by their own ambition and follow a murky path as the world collapses due to a plan they may not even be aware of?”

Castori honorem ~ Maryann/Smart Bubbles