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Phantom Pop Creators make an artistic return 👻

Hello again, Poptropicans! Dropping by with a few updates!

Unfortunately, the Creator’s Blog still hasn’t been active since the end of February, but there have been small updates on social media and additions — or in one case, a subtraction — to the game itself.

First, let’s show off some wonderful fan art features from the official Pop Instagram. Click the artists’ names to view the original posts!

The Creators also announced this month’s member gifts: a White Phantom Rogue costume, White Phantom Rogue Power that turns you partially invisible, and a White Phantom Butterfly Follower. 🦋

The ensemble is a little unusual compared to most other outfits in the game, particularly because of its monochrome color palette. Nonetheless, it’s interesting and quite refreshing!

Meanwhile, non-members and members alike can go shopping with the new rotation at Adventure Outfitters, now stocked with swords aplenty. If only these Astro-Knights came with the long-lost island itself! ⚔️

Have you been keeping up with the Daily Comics from the in-game map? After 300+ strips from the series which began its daily showings in July 2022, the comic strips have been reset. So rather than continuing on with the story, which had ended on a cliffhanger, the strips have been removed and are now being re-uploaded from the beginning. Seems like this was just another way for Pop to manufacture novelty!

Finally, long-time Poptropica Creator Jonathan Pitcher posted a couple tweets on his personal account related to his work for the game: a piece of concept art for the Multi-Tool in Steamworks Island, and compliments to pop band AJR for being his muse as he works.

So, are you about to join a masquerade while donning your phantom costume? Will you listen to the music of the night as you work late into the days on fanart? Are you interested in going down once more into the antics of Jorge and Oliver?

Whatever you plan on doing, all I ask of you is that you think of me and the PHB team as you continue on your adventures!

…I’ll see myself out.

Castori honorem ~ Smart Bubbles

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“The Villain Saga” – Episode 7, Part 2

(Table of contents) (See previous)

CUT TO inside the building. BLACK WIDOW is being led back to her cell.

Once they reach the doors, the guard pulls out his key, letting WIDOW back into her cell. He’s about to head out, but then he hears strange, clanging noises from RAVEN’S cell.


What are you doing?

He knocks on RAVEN’S door.



More noises. The GUARD unlocks it and peeks inside–

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“The Villain Saga” – Episode 7, Part 1

(Table of contents) (See previous)



RAVEN and WIDOW are both sent back into their cells, RAVEN holding another pie plate. A few days have passed since the last episode.

The guards who brought them up head back to the elevators. The two prisoners stay silent, listening by the doors as the elevator descends.

Once it’s gone:


Finally, they got chocolate this time!

WIDOW wipes some crumbs off her black suit–most of the characters are still wearing their signature outfits, with jackets or name tags or some other identifier over them. After all, no point in looking recognizable if you can’t ever escape.


I think I’m going to get…hypoglycemia, was it? Those things have so much sugar.

RAVEN finishes the pie plate and tosses it to the side of his bed. A fairly respectable pile of tins has formed there.

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“The Villain Saga” – Episode 6, Part 2

(Table of contents) (See previous)

CUT TO RAVEN and WIDOW’S prison cells again. From both sides of the wall between the cells, we can see that both are sitting on their beds, WIDOW listening to the end of RAVEN’S story.




One of the people here undid the hypnosis on me, and that’s it.


Ah. That’s…a lot.


Pff. It’s okay, most people don’t know what to say either.

(He leans back on his bed, staring at the ceiling.)

I sure don’t know what to think.

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“The Villain Saga” – Episode 6, Part 1

(Table of contents)(See previous)


We open inside the window of a shop. A couple dusty toys are on display, but there’s a shiny, new ninja robot in the center of them all, with all kinds of buttons to do different actions.

A small girl with short, unruly black hair peeks into the window, gasping with joy when she sees the toy is still in stock.

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