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“The Villain Saga” – Episode 4, Part 3

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CUT TO BARD standing alone in an elevator. A quick look at a camera shows he somehow bent it away from the corner he’s in.

As the elevator descends, time appears to slow a bit. BARD’S face turns more serious and contemplative, as he flexes his robotic hand a couple of times, studying how the joints move and react to his nerve signals. He’s gotten used to seeing it constantly for years, but sometimes he still has to notice the difference from what used to be there.

A plastic cup is spilled on the floor next to him, with soda and ice cubes leaking out. He picks up an ice cube in his left hand, his human hand, and holds it for a moment, feeling the cold. He switches it to his right, and keeps it pinched between his fingers with no discomfort.


(under his breath)

There are some things I’ve yet to learn to replicate.

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The Villain Saga – Episode 4, Part 2

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CUT TO HARE at the door of the lunchroom. The guards take off his handcuffs, release him, and quickly slam the door. HARE starts walking across cautiously, but quickly takes on his unbothered facade.


Morning El Mustachio. I see they haven’t got you to shave that off yet.


Morning Gretchen. You seem as pleasant as ever, mind if I take that?

(He snatches one of GRETCHEN’S carrots before she can even start yelling)

Ugh, everything tastes like hand sanitizer here.

The door opens again, and in comes RINGMASTER RAVEN. He hides near the wall, ignoring the gazes of the other prisoners.

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The Villain Saga – Episode 4, Part 1

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We open on the middle of a conversation between a GUARD and DIRECTOR D. and MOREAU, both of whom are at their desks.


I’m going to be honest, it’s a really tricky situation…


I do think some of them can be helped, it’s just a matter of who.

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Poptropica Portfolio

Poptropica Portfolio: Lance Fry (Part 2!)

Hello Poptropicans! Welcome to a special addition to our Pop Portfolio series, in which we showcase the work of Pop Creators. This time, we’re featuring artist Lance Fry (whose portfolio we first saw in 2016)! 🍟

Mocktropica – Poptropica Worldwide Headquarters

Fun fact: Lance Pitcher, the designer from Mocktropica Island, is inspired by Lance Fry and Jonathan Pitcher, both Poptropica artists!

Anyway, like his Mocktropica counterpart, Lance left Poptropica for a while following staff cuts in 2018. However, he returned this May and is currently working remotely, according to his LinkedIn. Along with this, he’s also added new pieces to his design portfolio, so let’s jump in!

Mystery Train – train cars

Lance appears to focus largely on background design, with only a few pieces featuring items and assets. He’s done the interiors for many areas, such as the cars in Mystery Train, Pop HQ in Mocktropica, and the Viking dining hall from Mystery of the Map.

While we often cover Poptropica’s storytelling or fun characters, we sometimes miss appreciating the stellar background art. Personally, I remember hanging out in different areas just to enjoy the environment. The color palettes are vibrant and synergize well, and everything fits the cartoony style while having impressive detail. Lance’s work certainly does not fall short in this! (Click to enlarge images!)

This updated portfolio is found on ArtStation, and most of the work comes from older islands. It’s nice to see familiar faces — er, names, I guess — among the Pop crew again!

Item Cards

To see more of Lance’s work, check out his ArtStation portfolio, as well as his older Behance page and our earlier Pop Portfolio.

Here’s to Lance’s success moving forward, and to more great art for Pop! The game has certainly inspired and motivated many new creatives.


Until next time!

Castori honorem ~ Maryann/Smart Bubbles