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“The Villain Saga” Episode 3, Part 1

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We open on DR. JUPITER in his office, which is buried in papers that have been ignored for weeks at least. On his desk are two diagrams he’s editing. To the left is one of a machine, quite similar to what RAVEN saw before. To the right, heavily shadowed, appear to be some sort of magical instructions.

A knock on the door. JUPITER quickly shuffles the paper away among the others. A GUARD enters.


Dr. Jupiter, we just had to intercept another major fight in the lunchroom.


Any injuries? I hope the high-risk ones weren’t involved.


A little bump here and there, but that’s it. And no, the “Big Four” are still eating separately.


Ah, good. I want them kept well for what’s going on this week.

The GUARD looks uncertain, especially towards JUPITER’S clear prioritizing of certain inmates. She pauses.


With all due respect, Dr., I feel that if we started more programs for the less dangerous inmates, they might have a higher chance of rehabilitation.

DR. JUPITER stands, sighing.


“With all due respect”, we are a HIGH-RISK prison. None of those here have any hope. All we can do is see what use they have while they remain here.


But some of them are quite peaceful–that, raven man, for example. I don’t think it’s right to focus on what they can just do for us–

DR. JUPITER glares at her. The GUARD falls silent. A dark aura seems to appear around him.


I will not have any of this. Good day, miss.

The GUARD freezes, opens her mouth, then closes it. She turns and leaves the office. Once the door is closed, DR. JUPITER rolls his eyes and reaches for the phone.


Yes…I’m interested if we can hire new guards.

CUT TO Dr. Hare, sitting by himself in the lunch room, nibbling on a carrot and completely ignoring the rest of his food.

A green-haired man rushes to the window, tapping on it rapidly.


Ugh, what’s going on Spike?


Heyhey Dr. Hare! You should have seen it!


Seen what?

Several guards come and try to pry SPIKE from the window, but he keeps talking.


The fight! It was epic! Even that Dr. D…dude…was impressed! Very!


What is with him watching everyone eat lunch?

The GUARDS finally pull SPIKE away from the window and take him away. HARE shrugs and turns back to his carrot.


Eh, we’re all up to something here.

Castori honorem ~ Maryann/Smart Bubbles

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Island Flash-back: Game Show & Mocktropica 💻

It’s the end of the year, and we have two islands to mark it (totally not because I got so lost in the holidays that I forgot to make November’s post!). I’ll be highlighting both islands selected for the past couple months, which are…

Game Show & Mocktropica!!

While not often listed among the most favorite classic islands, many fans have good memories of Game Show Island, and it has a particularly unique design and setting! It takes the futuristic aspects of Astro-Knights and the apocalyptic ones of Steamworks, and fuses them together in an A.I.-takes-over-humanity story. Also includes the fun and games style of Reality TV, this time with more danger!

More Robots: It’s like they’ve taken over or something.

But unlike Sprocket and Merlin, these robots are not so friendly, all culminating to an epic battle against the evil supercomputer Holmes… who you defeat with a flash drive. Ahem. Definitely a brains-over-brawn island!

Deep Thought: Putting processing power to good use.

All jokes aside, this island does have a lot of fun puzzles, at times requiring players to test their real-world knowledge with fun facts! It also features several IRL locations, including Istanbul, Miami, and Buenos Aires.

Operating System: When technology meets talent, anything is possible.

For our second and final feature, Mocktropica Island is a special one that is not remembered so much for storytelling, worldbuilding, or puzzles, but for its humor that pokes fun at the game itself, and all the negative directions the game and its developers could turn… some of which are hitting a little too close to home now.

Also, the theme music is severely underrated.

Strap In: Concussion prevention starts with sensible headgear.

Mocktropica is definitely a cult classic. But will the devs ever re-release an island that would be even more self-deprecating now (especially considering the references to former employees)? Only time will tell. And let’s not forget the official Mega Fighting Bots website!

Let’s remind the Pop Creators why these islands became so memorable, and why the efforts that went to create them should not go to waste. Encourage them to preserve their past stories and their potential!

Until next year!

Castori honorem ~ Maryann/Smart Bubbles

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Flowers and Fall Furnishings 🍁

Hello Poptropicans! As we await the release of Goofball Island, I have a few small updates to report. Hope you have your pumpkin spice and cute sweaters ready (that is if you don’t live in the Southern Hemisphere or certain exceptionally warm areas, heh)!

This store update brings back some cozy outfits, as well as the new Denim Delight! Mission Atlantis merch is also still available.

The clubhouse has also got some new fall decor, including a Coffee Maker, Fall Wreath, Pumpkin Bean Bag, and Autumn Leaf Garland. If I’ll be honest, I think a fall forest themed clubhouse background would look so pretty with some of these!

There’s also a new ad for the upcoming Disney movie “Encanto.” It can be found on Mythology Island or accessed through the map.

Upon watching the trailer, you’ll receive the Capybara Follower and Flower Power rewards! This Flower Power is slightly different from the OG one though, with the flowers in a similar style as the movie’s.

And that about wraps it up! Have you done any fall decorating in your clubhouses or IRL? And are you excited for Encanto? I haven’t been watching many movies lately, but it looks interesting — and very pretty!

Castori honorem ~ Maryann/Smart Bubbles

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Island Flash-back: Ghost Story 🎻

Time for spooky season, Poptropicans! 🎃 While there are several contenders for creepy Poptropica Islands (including Vampire’s Curse and Virus Hunter), I decided on one that, in my opinion, is the absolute peak of Pop’s storytelling. Many people know I love a good bittersweet tale, and this island is exactly that…

Ghost Story!!

Repent: Or they’ll lock you up and throw away the key.

While naturally family-friendly, Ghost Story takes on some deep topics compared to past islands, notably death, betrayal, and the difficulty to forgive and find peace, both from the actions of others and yourself.

I actually did cover this island before in the PHB’s Ramble Review series, and you can read it here!

Spooky Scenes: Could this be a scene for a new Poptropica Island?

Ghost Story also has some quite impressive art and background design, and also included the 3D sailing map seen in Skullduggery! This is used to go from island to island in this… island. In each area you learn about the different characters, and eventually how they are all connected, from the lighthouse to the prison.

Stringing Along: Play the music if the spirit moves you.

Ghost Story is also one of the first islands (pre-SUI, i.e. pre-Sound Updated Island) to include sound! Many Poptropicans remember the shock of hearing the voice of a character, Fiona — something that wasn’t done again until Survival Island and PoptropiCon. Along with that, there’s also the short but very sweet violin song you get to play.

Ghost Story also has some soundtracks made and released by Jeff Heim! They appear to be for whenever it would be updated to SUI or ported to Haxe, although this has yet to happen.

So let’s continue Fiona’s legacy! Ghost Story and other classic islands were rendered unplayable in the Flash-Haxe transition, but it should not go to waste. Let the Poptropica Creators know what you appreciate about the island to encourage them to preserve it!

Castori honorem ~ Maryann/Smart Bubbles

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“The Villain Saga” – Episode 2, Part 3

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DIRECTOR D. and MADEMOISELLE MOREAU are leaving their office, both looking rather pleased and excited.


I’d say after that, I deserve a relaxing break for today. A nice bath, and perhaps they have some decent food hidden away here…


Hey, you’re not the only–


(from down the hall)

Oh! Hi there! Could I bother you for a moment?

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