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“The Villain Saga” – Episode 2, Part 3

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DIRECTOR D. and MADEMOISELLE MOREAU are leaving their office, both looking rather pleased and excited.


I’d say after that, I deserve a relaxing break for today. A nice bath, and perhaps they have some decent food hidden away here…


Hey, you’re not the only–


(from down the hall)

Oh! Hi there! Could I bother you for a moment?

D. and MOREAU’S expressions instantly turn sour. They force themselves to face NYAH, with the most fake, plastic smiles one could ever have.


It would be our…pleasure!


Great! My name is Dr. Nyah, I help Jupiter a lot, especially in the…

(leaning closer, whispering)

super secret floor!

(stops whispering)

But we wanted to ask for your help with one of our prisoners. You haven’t seen much of him, but Jupiter’s really insistent that he get some treatment…He’s been through a lot.

MOREAU and DIRECTOR D. share a glance. MOREAU nods.


Lead the way.

NYAH leads them to the elevators, and takes them up surprisingly high. The two watch curiously as the floor number gradually goes up, towards the top.

They stop at floor 12, right before the final one. This one has a particularly small area, with lots of strange machinery and locked offices. DR. NYAH directs them into one room, where RINGMASTER RAVEN sits, alone at a table. She leaves.

There’s a long silence. Finally, DIRECTOR D. and MOREAU slide into their chairs, waiting for someone to speak.


Um, hello…

More silence.


A quiet one, is he?

(con’t, somewhat quieter)

Well, I can’t see him doing much for us.

RAVEN chuckles, a hoarse, sad noise. Both look at him in surprise.


Of course that’s what it is…I should have expected no more than to be used again.

He finally looks up, straight at them in the dim lighting. It is the first time the two get a good look at him. Inverted eyes, black with white pupils, a nose and jaw that jut forward like a beak. He has a brief moment of grandeur as he reveals his wings, which had been folded behind him. Bony, small for his size, with large black feathers.


Ah, I should have known!

(His sense of pride immediately turns into bitterness.)

It’s at least nice of you to let me know what you’re planning, instead of leading me along like everyone else.



What…are you talking about?

RAVEN snorts.


They didn’t bother to give you any background, did they?

(He folds his wings, shrinking again.)

Here’s the jist: I was once the leader of a circus. I returned to the town I was chased out of as a boy, and decided to give them a taste their own medicine.

DIRECTOR D. eyes him. Now this he might be able to take interest in.


How do you feel about it now? Was it worth it?


Heh, of course not, but everything before was worthless as well.

He pulls a small shard of mirror from his pocket, tossing it a couple times. It glimmers in the light, and MOREAU and DIRECTOR D. find themselves entranced.


Hypnosis…is something I never cared to use. I didn’t want to force anyone to do or become anything, but at least it’s less painful than when you’re aware.

DIRECTOR D. snaps back.


Wait, don’t you–


Pff, I can’t do anything with just this.

(He stops tossing the shard.)

I’ve already learned who you and everyone else here are. And until you can prove to me you’re something different, don’t even bother.

(He looks sadly at his reflection)

I always hoped someone would be different…

The scene transitions to a series of still images, all faded like vintage photographs. We see a young RAVEN at the circus, smiling as people walk past the entrance.


I was an orphan. No one was willing to take me in afterwards, so the townspeople just sent me to the local circus. Every day as those bright and cheerful people passed…I hoped one would notice, someone would care.

The images shift. Someone screams at the child RAVEN, and we see the hand of the old ringmaster grasp his fragile wing, dragging him away, to be sat in the focus of a dunking game.


I don’t care what you’re planning on doing. You seem pretty odd for some psychologists, but what do I know?


If you’re really going to help, say something now, and maybe I’ll actually be interested.

There’s a very long pause. Both know he’s not willing to engage with their plan further, nor are they capable of offering any words of comfort.


Just as I expected.

(Shouting, to the guards at the door.)

Time’s up already!

MOREAU and DIRECTOR D. leave the room. Both share a look, and MOREAU shrugs.


We’ve already found who we need.


True. Let’s just continue with who we’ve got while nothing is in our way.

Behind them, RINGMASTER RAVEN is led out, though in the opposite direction. He keeps his head down as they go down the hall, but a spark of light piques his interest.

He looks toward a partially open door, and sees a large, human sized tank being welded together, along with an assortment of medical equipment and tubes and monitors being prepared. He tries to get a closer look, but the guards immediately catch on and force him to go forward.




That’s confidential! It’s not something you’ll be involved in.

Despite those words, an uncertain look remains on RAVEN’S face as they reach the other elevator at the end of the hall, taking him back to his cell.



6 thoughts on ““The Villain Saga” – Episode 2, Part 3”

  1. This was kind of sad… but the end was very interesting. I wonder if, after seeing that strange equipment, Raven will side with Moreau and Director D., thinking they’re the good side.

  2. Maybe Raven should try to assemble his own team of reformable villains to investigate what’s really going on in the prison.

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