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Fanfic: The Witch’s Heart, Part 1/6 🧙‍♀️

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by HeartOfEnder. Enjoy!

Hello everyone! I’m HeartOfEnder, and I have been playing Poptropica for about three years now. Previously I made two guest posts on the PHB under the alias Spotted Thunder: a Pop Worlds house tour and intro of my Popsonas. If I had to say what my favorite old island is, it’s probably Vampire’s Curse

For the past few weeks or so, I’ve been writing a Poptropica fanfiction called Storm’s Calamity, about a Poptropican named Gwendolyn (Spotted Thunder) and her friends who suddenly have to save Poptropica from an ancient calamity. While writing, I had the idea to make a short story for a guest post here.

This story features Alouette Rees, or Fearless Dragon, one of the main characters in Storm’s Calamity. Alouette is Gwen’s cousin and a talented witch from Fairytale Island. But what exactly is her backstory? That is what this six-part story aims to answer. Without further ado…

The scene is the dark forest from Fairytale Island, focusing on a lone tower in the woods with a sign pointing to it saying ‘Witch’s tower, approach at your own caution.’ There is a small garden outside, but for the most part, not a lot of people visit this tower.

We focus on a newspaper titled ‘Fairytale Newspaper.’ It reads: 


Residents of Fairytale Island reported their happy endings were missing on the morning of April 22. While the how is unknown, it was discovered 10 minutes after the incidents were reported that the culprit was a mysterious man disguised as the king, who is now missing. Exact details are unknown at this time. The mysterious man later transformed into a shadow after a Poptropican who seems to be the apprentice of a witch said his name, RumpelStiltSkin, three times. 

All residents affected have received new happy endings, and Fairytale Island is safe again. Forces have been sent to investigate the real king’s whereabouts. 

In other news, Cinder’s debut song, “Take back your flipp’n glass slippers whatever-stilts-man” has reached number one on Poptify. We interviewed her about this extraordinary debut…

The scene zooms away to show SABRINA, a witch with pointed ears, black dress, and a black cat by her side. There is a cup of tea in her hands as she looks up from the newspaper. 

New happy endings, huh. How many did you even create under what? 20 minutes?

The scene focuses on ALOUETTE, a younger figure sitting on the other side of her with a bowl of cereal in front of her. 

Three. Some of them are really weird. Did you hear what happened to Cinder? Oh, and that Snow White’s true love was a goat? Out of all things, a goat?

SABRINA nods, aware of all these new endings her daughter managed to create.

All these new happy endings are amazing, Witchlet. We women can do our own things, we don’t need knights and princes saving us! That’s right! We are our own saviors! 

ALOUETTE stares at her mom with an odd look, before checking the time and suddenly standing up. 

Shoot! I promised that I’ll help Red with delivering pizzas today! I’ll get breakfast on the way, don’t worry mother! 

With that, she rushes over to a small table where a crystal wand, plus several other mysterious objects, are sitting. Grabbing them in one big swoop and putting them in a satchel, she slides down the stairs and out into the dark forest.

The dark forest hasn’t changed since RUMPEL escaped. As ALOUETTE walks through the forest, she spots something white in the bushes. 

That’s weird. Maybe it’s a broken piece of wood from someone’s house? Or that one white owl?

ALOUETTE investigates the white object and finds out that it’s not an owl, or a broken piece of wood, but an egg. It’s too big to be a chicken egg though, so what could it be? Where did it come from? ALOUETTE takes the egg and puts it in her bag. Maybe she could find out later.

The scene changes to Red’s Pizza Basket, where RED is preparing to open the shop for the day. ALOUETTE exits the dark forest and immediately heads towards RED.

Alouette! It’s nice to see you again! What took you so long? Not that I’m angry at you or anything, I’m wondering if something happened that delayed you or something. 

Not necessarily. Mother’s gloating about my recent mishap with that Rumpel guy. Anyway, found this in the dark forest. 

ALOUETTE shows RED the white egg. RED stares at it in awe. 

An egg! But what was it doing in the forest?

(shrugs) Exactly, I don’t know myself. 

Maybe we can hatch it? Then we’ll find out. 

Just then, CINDER and SNOW WHITE arrive at Red’s Pizza Basket. 

Hey we thought we might pop in and maybe order a pizza or two-

CINDER notices the white egg on the table.

What is that?! 

Aww, it’s an egg! It’s so shiny and cute!

Yea it was just chilling in the dark forest so I decided to bring it with me. Maybe it’ll hatch into something cool? 

I bet! We’ll help out too. Don’t you two have pizzas to deliver?

ALOUETTE and RED both nod, before waving goodbye to SNOW WHITE and CINDER and getting to work. 

SNOW WHITE and CINDER take the egg to the castle gardens. SNOW WHITE starts making a nest for it, while CINDER plays calming and quiet rock music for the egg. After ALOUETTE finishes helping RED, she sits by the egg and observes it carefully. 

Days pass since the egg was discovered. One fine morning, before most citizens are awake, the egg started to crack…


What animal is going to hatch from the egg? And what kind of adventures will this animal and Alouette go on together? Find out in part two, coming soon to a Poptropica Help Blog near you!

For more from this universe, Storm’s Calamity is available to read on Tumblr and Quotev. Enjoy, thanks for reading, and have a great day!

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by HeartofEnder. If you did, you might also enjoy her Pop Worlds house tour and intro of her Popsonas.

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Fanfic: The Princess and the Raven, part 2 👸🏻🐦

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Shy Scorpion. Enjoy!

Hi again! I’m Shy Scorpion and earlier this month I wrote a fan-fiction called The Princess and the Raven based on a picture by a fellow Poptropican named Barefoot Knuckle. I said that I was going to continue it, so now I think it’s time. Hope you enjoy it, here we go… 

“The Princess and the Raven”

An examination room in Dr. Snow White’s veterinary clinic. Dr. Snow White is holding a clipboard and a pen. While Ringmaster Raven sits in a chair and looks around with curiosity and judgement. 

So let’s start this off. How are you today, Mr. Ringmaster Raven? 

I prefer Mr. Raven, but I am completely fine. 

Good to know! But Mr. Raven, if you are completely fine, then why are you here today? 

As you know, I had quite the episode and was branded a criminal. Even though I am not in prison anymore, I am still watched closely everywhere I go by the Poptropica justice system. I have been told that I need a physical and mental check, and that you can CLUCK provide that. 

(smiles) Yes, I can. Now let’s start that physical exam? 

DR. WHITE takes a stethoscope to measure RAVEN’S heart rate. Next she looks in his ears, eyes, and mouth. She takes many notes on her clipboard, all while she and Raven ask back and forth questions. 

CLUCK Why did you decide to open a veterinarian office? 

I’ve always loved animals, and opening a doctor’s office where I could help them was a dream come true. 

(mutters to himself) CLUCK Must be nice for a dream to come true.

(looks sadly at him for a moment, then brightens) Well, Mr. Raven, you are in excellent shape and are very healthy and strong. Good job! Now we’re going to do the mental exam. Please answer honestly, it makes my job a whole lot easier. 

(loses self-confidence) Do we CLUCK have to? I CLUCK really don’t feel CLUCK like it today. 

(thinks for a second) Look, Mr. Raven, I get that your life has been pretty rough and that you have done some pretty bad things. But I once read a fortune cookie that said “A bad start doesn’t dictate a bad ending.” So just try! I know you can do this. 

(looks stunned for a second) Okay, let’s do this.

Well, that’s it for now! Check out the original post by Barefoot Knuckle and the first part of The Princess and the Raven here. I hope you enjoyed this! Be on the lookout for the next part! 

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Shy Scorpion. If you did, you might also enjoy Barefoot Knuckle’s post which inspired this one!

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Fanfic: The Princess and the Raven 👸🏻🐦

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Shy Scorpion. Enjoy!

Hi there! As you may recall, our fellow Poptroican named Barefoot Knuckle shared several of her amazing Poptropica fan art pieces here on the PHB. One stood out to me particularly: “The Princess and the Raven.” After I saw it, I decided that I wanted to know what they were saying, so I wrote a scene imagining just that. So here we go…

“The Princess and the Raven”


A BLOND-HAIRED LADY sits behind a desk. Several other people are in the room, all holding pets: a LADY WITH A CAT, a MAN WITH A DOG, and a YOUNG MAN WITH A LIZARD. But one MAN, COVERED IN FEATHERS, has nothing, is fidgeting nervously. The people in the room regard him strangely.  


(whispers to man with dog) You know what’s up with chicken legs over there? 


(whispers back) No, but he sure looks nervous. Something is familiar about him though… 


Of course there is, that’s Ringmaster Raven himself! 




Oh, yeah… didn’t he turn all those people into monsters? 


Yep, he sure did… but some adventurer kid saved them all. Huh, I thought he thought he was a chicken.


(mutters to herself) And I thought I had problems. 

RINGMASTER RAVEN can hear every word and glares hatefully at the floor.


Mr. Raven? Dr. White is ready for you.

RAVEN sighs and gets up. His nervousness has returned. He walks down a hall and goes into the first open door. It is a happy room with pictures of forests and healthy animals on the walls. RAVEN sits down in a chair and sighs unhappily, then he shakes himself. 


(angry at himself) Raven you are a ringmaster! Stay cool and calm! You only have a slight CLUCK problem with being a CLUCK chicken. 

A pretty LADY enters the room with purple scrubs, long black hair, and a big smile.


Hi, my name is Dr. Snow White. How can I help you?

I hope you enjoyed this post! Stay tuned for the next part of the script!

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Shy Scorpion. If you did, you might also enjoy Barefoot Knuckle’s post which inspired this one!

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Fans deliver fantastic Fairytale fanfics 📚 ✨

A little over two weeks ago, the Creators made a call for the Pop fandom to write and submit their own alternative endings for Fairytale Island—and, unsurprisingly, you knocked this contest out of the park!

Similar to the results of the Dream Island Contest, the Creators had trouble choosing just one entry, and instead ended up featuring four (very deserving) winning submissions.

Congratulations to Speedy Eagle, Mighty Fox, Slippery Sword, and Tall Cactus (from the PHC) on winning the Fairytale Fanfic Challenge! From the origins of Rumplestiltskin’s name, to the reveal of the real king, to an explanation for that mysterious tube of lipstick’s role in the story, your fanfics covered just about all we’d been wondering after Fairytale Island’s strangely abrupt ending. Read the full submissions here!

Between fan creation highlights on Instagram, the Fairytale Fan Art Challenge in April, and now this fanfic challenge, the Creators have been offering a lot of attention to their creative fanbase, and that’s great! It’s awesome to see them connecting with players as regularly as the Creators are, plus welcoming them to submit their own creations for possible features.

But asking players to write a whole new ending for an island, even if it won’t be canonified in the game, is slightly odd. Fairytale’s ending was generally unsatisfactory and left many important questions unanswered, which the Creators acknowledged previously in their blog post announcing the Fanfic Challenge. Where did Rumplestiltskin vanish to? What happened to that poor prince? Did somebody arrest the Huntsman for his attempted homicide?

Leaving these questions to be answered by the fanbase instead of simply including them in the island itself is… a bit weird, to say the least. Did the Creators not have the time to write a full ending for Fairytale? Are they planning on surprising us with a sequel, or are these fanfics the only endings this shorter island will ever see? 🧐

Either way, let us know what you thought of the winning fanfic submissions in the comments. And if you entered your own story, feel free to share it with us in a guest post! See you next time, Poptropicans.


Fairytale’s various characters may have gotten their happy endings in fan fiction… but what about the island itself?

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Fairytale’s fate left to fans with flair ✏️💫

Hey Poptropicans! This post comes to you with a few updates: an official contest, the return of a legend, and more fan art features. Let’s pop in!

First, the Pop Creators have announced a Fairytale Fanfic Challenge, calling Poptropicans to write an original ending for Fairytale Island.

Acknowledging that questions were left unanswered in the island’s ending, the Creators decided this little contest would be a fun way to open it up to us to decide what happens next for the characters we’ve come to know and love. Questions such as…

  • Where did Rumpelstiltskin disappear to? Will he ever return?
  • What does the prince’s fate hold? Will he have to get a job?!
  • What comes of the new happy endings for Red, Snow, and Cinder?
  • What friendship blossoms between Little Red Riding Hood and the Seven Dwarves?
  • Does Snow White open her veterinary practice?
  • Do the Huntsman and Cinderella fall in love? Hopefully the Huntsman’s left behind his homicidal hijinx…
  • And what did Rumplestiltskin do with the real king?

The Fairytale Fanfic Challenge is open from now until next Friday, May 21 at 8 pm PST. Send your rewritten ending as text or a file attachment to Poptropica’s submissions form for a chance to win some credits and be featured on the Creators’ Blog!

But also, what about that lackluster ending to Fairytale Island? While it’s exciting to get everyone’s creative juices flowing with these fanfiction writing prompts, fans also want to experience more complete narratives in the game itself, from the creators themselves.

The creators haven’t made any promises on changing the island’s ending in the game or adding an Episode 2, though some of the island’s dialogue hints at it. Could this be a compromise for wanting to add more but not having the time and resources to do it just yet? And is this what Perfect Crab, the Dream Island winner, envisioned for Fairytale Island? Whatever the case, at least we’ll be seeing some semi-canonical conclusions with the fanfic challenge…

While we’re talking Fairytale Island, a very special video playthrough dropped just this week. Some of you may recognize Thinknoodles, the popular gaming YouTuber who got his start years ago with Poptropica walkthroughs. Although he doesn’t play much Pop now, he dropped by with a “Road to Captain Thinknoodles” let’s-play for the OGs!

The vid starts with (a younger looking) Think playing through the new Home Island mini quest, but he soon makes his way to Fairytale Island, where he intensifies the jumpscare of the forest wolf, appreciates the “aged up” jokes, and even sings along to Cinder’s guitar riff. Enjoy!

Last but not least, here’s the latest round of fan art features from the creators’ Instagram stories, with OCs and villains galore:

That concludes this update! You’ve got about a week to come up with a better happily-(or sadly?)-ever-after for Fairytale Island and might win some credits for it. Plus, rack up some more by playing through the new Lost Cubs mini quest. 🐻 Keep on popping on, Poptropicans! ✌️