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Fanfic: The Witch’s Heart, Part 2/6 🧙‍♀️

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by HeartOfEnder. Enjoy!

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening everyone! Whatever time it may be, I hope you had a wonderful day, and if you just woke up, I hope that you’ll have a wonderful day! And it will be, because I, HeartofEnder, is back with the second part of The Witch’s Heart

We left off from part one with the white egg minutes, if not seconds, away from hatching. Without further ado, let’s catch up with our heroes!

Eggscellent: You’re a shell of your former self.

SNOW WHITE, CINDER, and RED are staring at the egg, now in a homemade nest, watching the cracks appear one by one. It is quite early in the morning, when most early birds are starting to wake up and catch worms. 

ALOUETTE arrives looking very tired, and her hair looks like a bird just used it as a nest.


Um, Alouette? Your hair is—


Oh yea, one second.

With a swish of her wand, ALOUETTE’S hair magically brushes itself, returning to the usual long braid she always has her hair in.


I was going to ask why you decided to wake me up so early in the morning, but I guess my answer is (points to the egg) right here. 

For the next 30 minutes or so, our heroes watch the egg carefully. Finally, the last crack appears and out emerges a small white baby dragon.


(excited) Oh my gosh you’re the cutest thing to ever walk on this island! Except Gwen’s pet owl Merlin, I guess. Actually, he doesn’t count because he flies, therefore has never walked on this island. Still, you’re cuter than Merlin! Look at those big eyes! Awww who’s a good dragon?


(sighs) It hasn’t even been a minute and Alouette has already fallen in love with it. 

ALOUETTE picks up the white dragon and watches it chew the ends of her braid. 


At least it likes you back. 


It’s like a living, four legged, cute little Pearl!

The white dragon stares at Red, responding to the word ‘Pearl’. 




I think I accidentally gave them a name. There goes all the other name ideas I had. 


Well, Pearl is a cute name, so I guess it works. I can’t wait to show this to my mother! I know she really likes her black cats, and I have suddenly become the owner of a white dragon, so who knows how this will work out.

As if on cue, a black cat suddenly appears from the bushes, holding a small note in her mouth. ALOUETTE picks the note up and reads it out loud.


Breakfast is ready, don’t know why you left, hurry home before the toast becomes cold as ice, Sabrina. 


How does toast become that cold? Magic?


There’s no questioning a witch’s metaphors, I guess. Wish me luck!

ALOUETTE waves goodbye to her friends before following the black cat back to her house. PEARL the dragon curiously looks around as they enter the dark forest and arrive back at the tower. Her mother is waiting in the living room.


Oh hey, I was about to freeze your toast just to show you I wasn’t kidding about—

SABRINA notices the little white creature in her daughter’s hands and stares at it, very concerned. 


You’re gonna tell me we can’t keep him as a pet? 


No, you can keep the baby dragon, but it’s something else I’m concerned about.

SABRINA walks towards the window and glances as if she was looking out for something.


Dragons are very, very protective of their young. They don’t care how you obtained the baby, or if you helped keep them safe, they will show no mercy to claim it back. I fear with that little dragon in your hands—

In the distance, we hear a roar. Over the dark forest, a large shadow flies overhead. Through the massive trees, we see a flash of white scales.


As I was saying, we better return the baby dragon to its mother before that giant dragon burns down this entire island. We have no time to waste.


What exactly does the giant dragon want from the citizens of Fairytale Island? You’ll have to wait until the next part. I’ll see you guys later! 

The Witch’s Heart is a short story from the universe of Storm’s Calamity, which is available to read on Tumblr and Quotev.

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by HeartofEnder. If you did, you might also enjoy her Pop Worlds house tour and intro of her Popsonas.

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