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Popsonas: Dragon Keepers of Lightning and Ice

This is a guest post written by Spotted Thunder, a Poptropican who’ll be sharing her original “Popsonas,” or Poptropica personas (characters). Enjoy!

Oh hey everyone! Today I will be sharing my some of heroes, created in Poptropica, whom I call the Dragon Keepers of Lightning and Ice. (I’ve got more characters up my sleeve, but we’ll start with the main ones.) Let’s get into it!

Spotted Thunder

Perhaps one of the most experienced magic users out there in Poptropica, Spotted Thunder comes from a family of humans and elves, including her aunt, Lumia, the elf of water and fire.

She doesn’t know which island she came from, but was raised on Mystery of the Map Island. At some point, she was taken by Zeus, who gave her the golden spear—ST’s first magical item. These days, she lives on Home Island with her magical pets, ready to protect Poptropica from whatever dark life lives out there.

Fearless Dragon

Fearless Dragon was born in a world of elves, where she learned how to use her acacia wand. She doesn’t know why she had to leave the elf world to come to Poptropica, but she did know it was important.

Fearless Dragon became friends with Spotted Thunder, not knowing she was related to her as a cousin, the only daughter of Spotted’s aunt Lumia.

Fearless has a pet, a light fury named Pelus. She spends much of her time flying to the hidden world and protecting dragon life from fizzing out.


Speedy Coyote comes from a rich family. He’s a huge fan of Speedy Catfish (aka Thinknoodles) so he dresses up like him.

Born on Home Island, Speedy has traveled all around Poptropica, but his favorite place is Camp Keepers, a summer camp for Dragon Riders. Speedy is a gifted Rider whose main weapon is his Enchanted Sword, which cuts the desires of the heart.

Icy Bird

Icy Bird discovered Camp Keepers when his blimp crashed into the forest nearby. Prophesied to hold the power of ice and defeat a strong evil force, Icy still doesn’t have a dragon, but he’s a great rider, or that’s what he thinks. Icy Bird’s main weapon is his bronze sword that transforms from his pen (which comes with a lid).

Icy Bird is also in the same class as Fearless, Speedy and Spotted at school.

And those are my main Dragon Keepers! Let me know in the comments what you think, and whether you’d like to hear more about them. I’ve written some chapters about this crew, and I’m thinking of adding some PHB staff into the stories as well.

Finally, I’d like to give huge credits to ANNE14TCO for the inspiration behind the Dragon Keepers. ST out!

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Spotted Thunder! If you did, you may also enjoy her house tour post. Also, check out the Popsonas of some of the PHB staff or other Popsonas highlighted by the Creators!

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8 thoughts on “Popsonas: Dragon Keepers of Lightning and Ice”

  1. **Speedy Coyote**

    grey almost long hair, and colored glasses…

    And has the word “Speedy” in his name…

    “…ANNE14TCO for the inspiration…” Okey, now it all comes together.

    1. All this seems… very neat actually! The store does seem a lot more organized (even though just gold cards and costumes were simple enough).

      Side note: I gave my purple cat yellow (zombie) eyes, he is now one step closer to becoming Big.

      Anyway, there are some downsides:

      -you cannot access your store items on non-SUIs anymore, only the SUIs you can

      -all your store items are only accessed on SUIs. So if you have a lot of store items (like me), it will take some time to scroll all the way where you’re looking for. This is why there were pages, so you don’t have to scroll forever.

      This are just stuff that don’t have anything to do with the store, but… They messed up some of the controls. If you keep moving straight, it will stay locked of which isn’t how it was suppose to work.
      Also, now that there’s a new friends page and store, it is IMPOSSIBLE to logout! How did they overlook this?! BUT if you’re as snoopy as me, you would know that you CAN logout by:

      1. be on a non-SUI
      2. go to you’re items
      3. Click on the top blue bar and select CLOSET
      4. exit out of your closet and the logout thing should be at the top right

      *sigh* So is Pop Worlds just gonna be neglected?

    2. Hey, the pop creators gave us a (long overdue) answer about there being no islands. Seems like the game will still be playable after flash gets shut down, but the pop creators just won’t be able to update it after. Course, with my limited knowledge on computers I may be wrong.

      1. So basically, they’re saying that the whole time we’ve been complaining about Poptropica becoming Mocktropica, they’ve been working on ensuring the game’s survival after flash’s death…

        I could be wrong, but still though, they really need to work a little something called 𝘤𝘰𝘮𝘮𝘶𝘯𝘪𝘵𝘤𝘢𝘵𝘪𝘰𝘯

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