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Pop 5: Most Overrated Characters

This is a guest post written by Red Tomato, a Poptropican who’ll be sharing a “Pop 5” list of Poptropica characters who take up too much of the spotlight among the fan community. Enjoy!

Hi everyone! It’s Red Tomato and today I have the sequel to my Pop 5: Most Underrated Characters from last week. This list is all about the overrated characters—the ones who get a little too much attention. Let’s go!

#5: Zeus

Zeus aka Spruce aka Moose aka Santa Claus is the Greek god who is the main villain of Mythology, Super Villain, and Greek Sea Odyssey. This deity is probably one of the most popular characters in the fan community. It’s easy to see why, though! Just look at that beard!

#4: Balloon Boy

No, not the one from “Five Nights at Freddy’s,” but the kid from Counterfeit Island! Ever since you gave that a boy a balloon and he floated away, we’ve caught glimpses on him, still in the sky, in the island adventures that followed. Is he still up there? We may never know….

#3: *gasp* Your character?

Think about it… most of the fan art and fanfics in the Pop fandom are about somebody’s own Poptropica character! (Also known as someone’s “Popsona,” or Poptropica persona.) Anyway, my Poptropican (Red Tomato 🍅) is very happy to make it on this list!

#2: Dr. Hare

Ah yes, the first Poptropica villain besides the Early Pop spiders and Booga shark. This furry—I mean, mad scientist—gets second most overrated because, well, he’s everywhere! His hometown island, 24 Carrot, was re-made twice: once for SUI format on Pop Original and more recently on Pop Worlds. He also appears on the Daily Pops, in countless fan art pieces, and even Super Villain Island!

And now… the number one most overrated Poptropica character is…



#1: Shark Boy (aka Shark Guy)

It was tough to pick between this guy and Dr. Hare, but I think Sharky deserves the #1 spot because this guy has been around longer than Dr. Hare. And don’t forget the whole Mystery of Shark Boy drama! Shark Boy, do do do do do do do…

Well, that was my Pop 5 list of most overrated Poptropicans! This post is not meant to be negative, but rather to point out some of the more popular characters. Bye!

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Red Tomato! If you did, you may also enjoy her other post Pop 5: Most Underrated Characters.

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17 thoughts on “Pop 5: Most Overrated Characters”

  1. I do certainly agree that not just Doc. Hare, but 24 Carrot in general is pretty overrated. Mostly because he and his island get a little too much attention that they deserve. I mean for crying out loud, it is the only island that got released THREE times.

    Although, I kind of don’t understand what is up with all the fan art of that guy from Survival. Maybe it is because there is something of him that I missed 👐, since I was not really all that interested in Survival to begin with.

    That reminds me that I kinda wished that Omegeon was used more impactfully, which is a shame since his character design is pretty sick.

    1. I mean, he’s just (well reminds me of) one of those guys who hunt you down and describes and judges you in a way as if you’re some sort of animal where the majoraty of its decisions are based off of insticts.

      I don’t really remember his diolouge or why he had you hostage, but the fact that he hunts you down really reminds me of those types of antagonists. Those types of antagonists are kinda wierd anyway TBH cause of the fact that they’re hypocrits.

      1. I personally like Myron Van Buren because he’s one of those antagonists that hunt you down, which is one of the types that I enjoy. I also liked how poptropica had a little bit of a darker island. Not to mention he’s based off of General Zaroff in my favourite short story.

      1. Oh would ya look at that? A store update!… That has a disproportionate number of members only items… Again… -_-

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