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Pop 5: Ranking the Islands of 2008

Yoohoo Poptropicans, long time no speak. Yes, it’s true – LJ hath returned! I feel like I’ve been gone so long that I don’t even know how to write anymore, but bear with me. ☠️

How many islands have been released in the last half year? None? Okay, so I haven’t missed anything. Speaking of islands, lately I’ve been reminiscing back to when they were actually good, ahem ahem. So today I’d like y’all to accompany me in this ride of nostalgia as I rank the islands that first popped up on the map nearly 15 years ago – the five islands of 2008. If you don’t know, this includes Time Tangled, 24 Carrot, Super Power, Spy, and Nabooti. Do you feel old yet?

Disclaimer: This is not a full review for each island, so each analysis will be kept brief.

#5: 24 Carrot Island 🥕

At the unfortunate placement of 5th, we have 24 Carrot Island – originally released on June 6, 2008. Not at all do I think this island is bad on its own, but I don’t think it’s up to par when compared to the other islands from this year. Being one of the first islands in the game, it is noticeably simpler than most. However, we must remember that simple does not necessarily mean low-quality.

It’s no secret this island debuted the single most iconic character of the entire game, Dr. Hare, so we have that to thank it for. Another thing about 24 Carrot island I love is that it feels so quintessentially “Poptropica” (if that makes sense). Obviously it’s held up after all this time since it’s one of the only old islands that’s still playable from the map.

#4: Time Tangled Island ⏱️

In 4th place, originally released on April 15, 2008, is the transtemporal quest Time Tangled Island! I like that this island is very educational in an organic way, which at its core is what Poptropica is all about. I enjoy not only traveling to different parts of the world, but in different time periods as well. It really serves to amp up the satisfaction factor.

It’s not the most original concept, nor does it feature any memorable characters, but it’s definitely fun to play through. There is also something to be said for the amount of brain power needed to complete it which is something that today’s islands seem to lack in my opinion.

#3: Nabooti Island 💎

Next is none other than Nabooti Island, which was released at the very end of the year on December 11. At one point, this was actually one of my all-time favorites, and for good reason. The adventurous nature of this island is exhilarating and the scenery is quite beautiful for this time in Poptropica (when most scenes were a bit bland in my view). Another fun tidbit about this island that I’m not sure many newer players are aware of is the cool cell phone trick used to get various costume parts by dialing specific numbers. (refer to the trivia section in our island guide)

What this island is missing, though, is an array of interesting characters – or even at least one or two for that matter. So for all of these reasons considered, Nabooti sits smack dab in the middle of this ranking at 3rd place.

#2: Super Power Island 💥

Where do I even begin with Super Power Island? I can almost say for certain that everybody likes this island to some capacity. What kid wouldn’t want to become a superhero and defeat bad guys for a day? This island, albeit uncomplicated, is a super entertaining classic. If you don’t agree, I’ll have to respect your incorrect opinion.

Super Power (released on July 24, 2008 – just two days before the PHB was born!) manages to find a perfect balance of being tough to beat while still remaining enjoyable and not too stressful. (I’m looking at you Virus Hunter…) The amount of creativity spawned from this island (i.e. fanart) alone is a testament to how good it really was while it was around. Characters like Betty Jetty and Ned Noodlehead remain popular to this day and the rest of the villains get their fair share in the spotlight as well.

It was a super close call to determine which island deserved to be crowned my top island of 2008, but in the end the coronation goes to… 

#1: Spy Island 🔍

Released on September 9, 2008 was Poptropica’s 6th quest to grace the map, Spy Island. Like time travel and superheroism, espionage is another perfect theme for an island, and it was done very well! All of the gadgets were really fun to utilize (my favorite being the chameleon suit), and although the grappling bowtie could be a little frustrating, it was fun to just monkey around with whenever you needed a little break from the actual island.

Moments like sneaking around the dogs, memorizing the ingredients to become a chef, and the snatching of Director D’s wig have lived in my head rent-free for the past decade and a half. And overall, the story and plot of this island was *chef’s kiss*. At the time of its release, Spy Island definitely had the most complex story and the most challenging tasks. This island was surely a pioneer for the many exciting islands yet to come and it certainly made its mark on the game. There’s even a printable sheet for the decoder kit used in the island, which is rare for any item in the game! How cool is that?

Ah, sweet sweet memories. 2008 was a pretty good year for island releases, and it was a pleasure to talk about them for a little bit. Most of them are gone, but they will never be forgotten.

Did you get a chance to play any of these islands? Which one was your favorite and least favorite? Leave your rankings and any other thoughts in the comments section below.

I’ll hopefully talk to all of you soon. Pop on!

–LJ 🍀

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Pop 5: Most Underrated Islands

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Silver Shell. Enjoy!

Hey Poptropicans! It’s Silver Shell again with a new Pop 5 post.

You’ve heard of Pop 5: Underrated Characters. You’ve seen Pop 5: What would happen if there were no Villains. But now it’s time for a Pop 5 of Most Underrated Islands — a top 5 list of amazing islands that don’t get the attention they deserve.

#5: Wild West Island

I love this island, but it’s not super popular among the majority of the fandom. I think everyone enjoyed riding Elmer, playing Slap Jack, and herding cattle, but like most of the islands on this list, this adventure was overshadowed by the longer, more challenging islands.

#4: SOS Island

When Old Poptropica was brought back for a short while in 2020, SOS Island was the first classic I played, and I loved it. I liked how although you didn’t interact with NPCs all that much, there were a lot of little mini-games, each revealing a little part of what really happened after you complete them. I loved the twist ending as well.

#3: Nabooti Island

This one took me forever to complete. I loved flying around Africa, exploring different regions and collecting jewels. (Spoiler alert: Not gonna lie, though, the part when the totem pole comes to life, talks, and flies away did freak me out.) I had to look up how to play Mancala before I could even do the Mountains of the Moon part because I had no idea what this game was, and I didn’t really understand what I was supposed to do when I was taking pictures for Big Zeke, but this was still one of my favorite islands.

#2: Big Nate Island

I feel like the islands based on comics, books, and other franchises unrelated to Poptropica don’t get as much attention as the more original islands do, but Big Nate Island really nailed it as far as gameplay, storytelling, and humor goes. I really miss playing this one. 

And last but certainly not least…

#1: Great Pumpkin Island

Okay, you gotta love Charlie Brown and this island. Even though I didn’t know what to do when the Red Baron ship was chasing me in Snoopy’s mini-game, and I had a really hard time with the part where you roll the pumpkin over to the Van Pelt house, I loved the simple yet challenging gameplay, the hilarious cutscenes, and the lovable characters. This was an overall fantastic island that feels like it should be more popular.

So there you have it! These are five islands I believe to be underrated and don’t have all the attention they deserve. Hope you enjoyed it!

On another note, does anyone here know about Blooket? It’s a site where you can take random quizzes and play games, and I recently created a quiz about Old Poptropica!

It’s got a range of trivia questions about the game from basic to advanced, and I’m always adding new questions! You’ll need a free account to play. Once you log in, look for my “Ultimate Poptropica Quiz” by searching for it under the “Discover” tab.

Please try it out and let me know what you think of it! You can share your suggestions for new questions in the comments. Thanks for reading! 

Pop Nonstop,

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Silver Shell. If you did, you might also enjoy other Pop 5 posts of hers: Things You Need to be Poptropica’s Protagonist as well as Antagonist.

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Pop 5: Things You Need to be Poptropica’s Antagonist 😈

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Silver ShellEnjoy!

Hey Poptropicans! Recently, Purple Paw made a post about how to be Poptropica’s protagonist, which inspired me to write a Pop 5 post about being its antagonist — the enemy who actively opposes the hero.

You’re always saving Poptropica: doing good deeds, helping people, protecting the planet, et cetera. But what if you feel like doing something different for a change, being a villain just this once? If so, you’ll need traits that check off this list:

5: A Thirst for Revenge

Countless Poptropica villains had a sad background that fueled their anger and their need to take revenge. Take Ringmaster Raven. His village treated him terribly and later forced him out, and he chose to turn the entire village into monsters. If you’re a villain, you’re usually acting out because of anger and the need for revenge.

4: A Way With Technology

In plenty of islands, the villain messes around with technology to defeat you, like how Gretchen Grimlock pretended to be Harold Mews to get the location of Bigfoot, or how Director D used mini-robots to stop you from getting to his spaceship. Being a villain requires using technology a lot of the time, so learn to be tech-savvy!

3: A Unique Outfit

The protagonist of the island (you) usually wears whatever they want, wherever they want. But the villain should have a noticeable, awesome costume that makes them stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s pirate attire or a bunny costume, be sure to find a cool outfit to show you’re a villain.

2: An Awesome Villain Name

For some small, not-super-important villains, like Gretchen Grimlock, Dr. Silva, Ghost Story’s magistrate Henry Flatbottom and more, they use their own basic names. But the best of the best, like Binary Bard, Dr. Hare, the Black Widow, and Captain Crawfish, have a really cool villain alias that makes them iconic and infamous. Go for greatness.

 1: Trickery

Tons and tons of villains have deceived you to get what they want. From Zeus stealing your sacred items to Binary Bard masquerading as the Princess of Arturus, it happens a lot. To be a successful antagonist, you must be willing to resort to trickery.

So, how many of these did you get? Have you got everything it takes to be a true villain? If you don’t think this is for you, you can always go back to being the good guy. Thanks for reading!

Pop Nonstop,

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Silver Shell. If you did, you might also enjoy other posts of hers, such as Pop-TROPE-ica: Inter-Island Connections.

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Pop 5: Things You Need to be Poptropica’s Protagonist 🗺️

Hey there, everyone!

Imagine you step into the shoes of your avatar and become a Poptropican hero, hopping from island to island and saving the day. And imagine that, to apply for this thrilling occupation, all you have to do is check 5 requirements off a list presented to you. Only 5. Sounds easy enough, right?

If you think you’re up for the job, grab a pen, gather your wits, and keep reading!

1: Courage, bravery, and a strong will

First and foremost, all the greatest heroes are brave and courageous, and refuse to shy away when danger strikes — as it often does in the world of Poptropica. If you’re looking to protect your home from all the odd terrors it’s riddled with, you must swallow your fear, stand your ground, and hold your head high no matter what you’re facing!

Swords Drawn: Adventuring is not for the faint-hearted.

2: Speed and agility

While courage is important, it’s not the only thing. Saving the day often requires physical strength as well! To navigate your way through Poptropica’s perilous adventures, you’ll need to be agile and speedy. Whether it’s dodging weapons, jumping high walls, or outrunning Myron Van Buren, tough obstacles arise at the unlikeliest of times. Whew!

Breaking In: Better be quick on your feet.

3: A bottomless bag, for your numerous possessions

We never did get an explanation for our mysterious bottomless bag (which has the capacity to hold a picture frame, a trident, and a model Statue of Liberty!) — so it’s good to have a spare just in case it doesn’t show up right away. Or if it becomes beyond repair during the events of Mocktropica. Where would you keep all your useful items then?

In the Bag: Well, not anymore.

4: Within your bag, a handy First-Aid kit

Fast as you may be, finishing an Island unscathed is a feat Poptropica’s protagonists have yet to complete. If you’re not drowning at the hands of Gretchen Grimlock, being kidnapped by the Black Widow, attacked by Director D’s and Binary Bard’s robots… etc, etc… you’re probably still falling into cacti or being knocked off your feet by rogue animals. Poptropicans may be tough, but a handy First-Aid kit is always a good idea.

Drink Up: Even the hero’s tired sometimes.

5: Knowledge!

Knowledge is key, and this is no exception. Doing research is an excellent way to prepare for what’s in store. While reading about mythological creatures and the best way to steer a rocket may seem like a waste of time, you’ll thank yourself for doing it once you’ve boarded your blimp. Besides, you won’t have much time to read while you’re undergoing your adventuring career; best to absorb all the information you can beforehand!

Book It: Reading is fundamental.

…and that’s it! How did you do? If you managed to check everything off the list, congratulations: you’re Poptropica’s newest adventurer! If not, I’m sure there’s something else out there for you. I personally had trouble getting my hands on that never-ending bag. 😜

Anyways! That’s all for today, and I’ll see you next time.


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Pop 5: Most Missed Old Islands

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Silver Shell. Enjoy!

Hey Poptropicans! It’s been a while since my last post, but anyway, this post is about the top 5 most missed classic islands.

Before I start, I want to make it clear that I can’t speak for everyone, so don’t feel bad if your own favorite islands don’t come up here. This list was made by looking at comments on the Pop Creators’ Blog and the PHB, and seeing which islands seem to be in the highest demand for return. So let’s dive in to the Pop 5 most petitioned islands!

#5: Super Power Island (see walkthrough)

Because you are given an awesome outfit and the ability to fly, this island is pretty popular throughout the fandom. While the ending is rather annoying in my opinion (why would they give the medallion to Hot Dog Boy??!!) I loved the plot and getting to defeat all these villains all in one island. When do you get multiple main villains on one island?! Coming in way before Super Villain Island, this was a first.

This island has so much to do and certainly keeps you busy, making you go back and forth a million times. It’s definitely in high demand.

#4: Spy Island (see walkthrough)

This one was definitely one of my personal favorites, because it’s actually an island I’ve always dreamed of! It’s really cool when you receive all your top secret spy stuff. My friends and I certainly enjoyed camouflaging and flying around with our bowties like Spiderman.

I feel like what made this island really popular was earning your spy gear instead of it just being handed to you, plus getting to free each agent one at a time, slowly uncovering Director D’s secret. To be honest, when I played, it took me like five weeks from starting the island to figure out how everything came together (shhh… don’t tell anyone).

#3: Astro-Knights Island (see walkthrough)

Do I even need to explain this one? I took one look at the name and it was already one of the greatest islands I’ve ever seen. The combination of medieval knights, astronomical science, and connections to the legend of Camelot made it really exciting to the majority of players. It was undeniably original and all the twists and turns made it truly interesting as well as intriguing.

Similar to Spy Island with the slow reveal of Director D’s true character, the disappearance of Mordred and the princess continuously came up throughout the first half of the island, leaving bits of information for you to piece together. Getting to design your own spaceship was cool, and trying to defend it from space sharks and evil aliens (unlike the hospitable ones of Pewter Moon) was rather thrilling. I enjoyed the mini-quests you had to conquer on the smaller islands like the Ice Planet, and how you kept getting tricked into thinking the princess would appear when you defeated one.

Overall, this island is just a great story. Hope it comes back soon.

#2: Mystery Train Island (see walkthrough)

On this island, you board a train and find out a crime has been committed. Most Poptropicans favor this island because of the stimulating problem that arises out of nowhere, getting to interrogate famous historical figures, and the emotional rollercoaster of how a person is suspicious one second, and the next they’re proved innocent.

I loved exploring rooms, snooping through people’s luggage, running on top of the train, and getting to stop it whenever the heck I wanted just by talking to the captain. Hehe.

The end was great in my opinion. Piecing together the identity of the culprit with President Grover Cleveland was enthralling and somehow made a lot of sense in the end. All in all, one heck of a good island!

#1: Skullduggery Island (see walkthrough)

Reputed to be the longest island ever to appear on Poptropica, there was always work to do on Skullduggery Island. When you first get on it, you can clearly see the place is in bad shape. Rather depressing, I guess, what with all the ruins and problems.

People say they enjoy this island because of how much trading you get to do throughout, from helping out the locals because I want to win and gets loads of credits HAHA out of the goodness of our hearts, to travelling from island to island, trading tediously to gain wealth so you could reclaim the rightful treasure of Fort Ridley.

Getting to purchase ships and hire a crew is fun, and it was pleasurable solving the mysteries of where the map pieces were. Fighting sea monsters, getting sunk every once in a while, and navigating from port to port made this island interesting and action-filled.

So there it is! Five islands that are petitioned for the most! Put your favorites in the comments. If the Pop Creators are reading this, I hope this gives you an idea of which islands to start working on. Thank you!

Pop Nonstop,
Silver Shell 🥈🐚

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Silver Shell. If you did, you might also like her My Place in Poptropica story, or another Pop 5 list of classic islands missed, here on the PHB.

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