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PHB Review: Mission Atlantis Island

Hey Poptropicans! Slippery here.

It’s been a while since we’ve had a review on an island/episode, and although Mission Atlantis Island has been around for some time, we haven’t reviewed it as a whole yet – until now! (If you need a walkthrough, check out the PHB’s Mission Atlantis guide— complete with pictures!)

Warning: This review contains slight spoilers for the island. 😀

Episode 1: Into the Deep


For me, the episode is average. The episode itself was kind of uncomplicated and it lacks one thing—challenge. The island’s plot did tell that it’ll be simple but I think it needs something more. I can’t seem to find any difficult spots on the island since you only have to take a picture of the given sea creatures then move to the other but I had a bit of fun in this episode. The vastness of the ocean was seen through the visuals and the music accompanied the underwater scenery very well. What got me was the ending—it was nice and made me excited for the next episode.

Episode 2: Fortress of the Deep


The second episode was breathtaking. Curiosity started to get to me since rumors of aliens have spread throughout Poptropica. We didn’t encounter any despicable villains along the way, but some ferocious animals inside the city. It finally had a challenge after the first episode! Solving puzzles, taking footage of glyphs, getting puzzle pieces and aquatic animals made the episode very great. When I finished getting all of the animals in their cages, a couple of questions got to me: Why would it use animals to power up the whole city? Is this really a city? 

When I got to the stand where the puzzle is placed, it made me interested on what lay ahead. The music used in this episode was very appropriate for a dark place and an abandoned ancient city. The visuals and animations are really cool, especially for the sea creatures. The ending was quite startling because when the door opened and sucked us in, what would come next was left vague… I thought that we’d be in another dimension, and it made me very inquisitive for the final episode.

 Episode 3: Out of the Blue


The episode’s name speaks for itself—unexpected. Let’s start with the soundtrack. The music is so thrilling that you’d probably notice we’re in the climax of the story! Then the visuals are fine even to the details, and the animations were awesome – especially to the Leviathan, Atlantis drones and even the thingamabobs all over the ship. The visuals barely tell that we’re not in Atlantis at all, but in an alien ship!

This episode was the finest of them all. The revelations, the discoveries and everything was just amazing! The challenges were quite hard especially the disc part with the Leviathan.  What I loved the most was the ending scene— everyone was amazed at what we’d discovered! Mission Atlantis had a fine ending. 🙂

On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your pain? er, Mission Atlantis gets….


What do you think? Do you agree with the score? Let me know in the comments! 😀

13 thoughts on “PHB Review: Mission Atlantis Island”

      1. Huh. But I got updated that this post was published a few days ago by mail.

        Only thing I can think of is that SR accidentally misclicked and accidentally published it.

  1. Pain – 0.4
    Effort – 10.0
    Time – 10.9

    TOTAL – 7.8
    I have to admit…it was cool. I always think ANYTHING is possible. If you disagree with me; then ask me and I’ll let you know whether you’re right or wrong.

  2. P.S. – Spotted Turbulent Dragon is still in her hench bot suit. Ya might want to tell her to get out of that corn suit. To establish credibility; tell her to get out of the bread faced mask and corn suit.

  3. Graphics was the center of my admiration. The idea…that was, too, the REAL DEAL! Simply putting it; imagine a kind of world like that 25-50 years down the lane…what kind of a world would it be? I personally think anything’s possible; but I always thought that the end of the world dawned by water.

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