April Fools 2015: Omegon’s Takeover!


Hi Gs,

Well, as some of you may have guessed, Tobor Aureum was just a clever disguise for Omegon – and once again he came into the real world and trapped us all. BT came up with the idea, then I took care of graphics and in the end we all played a part in an awesome April Fools’ prank this year.

Tobor Aureum, if you haven’t figured it out already, means Robot Golden, which would be Omegon. Tobor is just Robot backwards, and Aureum is Latin for golden.

As the day progressed he made two posts, one with a picture of a nice, young Poptropican, the next with some of his good looking attributes gone, and finally Omegon revealed the next day. Through it all, however, there was a red glow in his eyes that I’m surprised some of you didn’t catch immediately. (Oh, and Tobor’s thank-you post also contained a hidden message that was revealed after the takeover!)

I also updated the header and background to give off a more graffiti-ed vibe. 😛

I put together 4 trapped PHB author graphics, which were fun to make. Featuring Samwow5, Spotted Dragon, Slippery Raptor, and Slanted Fish in Omegon’s infamous electro-cells!

The final product was so worth the work and I was really glad to see a good plan come to fruition. 😀


Throughout the day, we had the PHB authors gradually change their profile pictures to henchbot avatars, and because we all live in different time zones, it gave off the effect of us being gradually converted (just as we will slowly convert back to our regular avatars).


Fishy also wrote a post to update everyone about the prank that Poptropica pulled this year, the floppy-disc Text Adventure – all in Omegon’s commentary. It’s pretty enjoyable to read, so head over there and give it a look see. 😉

The best thing about this prank, however, was the comments. The majority the time it was either me, BT, or Fishy who was commenting as Omegon, and the other authors joined in by pretending Omegon had taken over their accounts. I have to say that the conversations (and sometimes arguments) were just gold. The post “The Reign of Omegon lives,” got about 400 comments which is colossal, and through these we learned a few things about Omegon:

  • Omegon likes creme-filled donuts
  • He assigns numbers to his hench-bots
  • His electro-cages have themes
  • His middle name is FEAR
  • He talks in really annoying ALL CAPS

We also learned that some of you would willingly give themselves up to Omegon and join in the fun of being a hench-bot! What loyal fans we have… 😛 The comments are really witty, so go have a read!

omegon commentsAnyway, thank you, everyone, for the fun yesterday. It was really exciting and many of you had fun trying to solve the mystery of the Blogging Intern. Until next year…

//Ok, back to my donut — hey, where did it go? What is this?  Raw fish?! Wait… no… CRAWFISH?!//




129 thoughts on “April Fools 2015: Omegon’s Takeover!”

  1. Lol. 🙂 But most of the people including me figured it that it was a april fool’s prank the moment you posted about the omegon taking over. XD

    1. I didn’t knew Aureum meant robot. In the PHC, slippery did say that ‘tobor’ if read backwards is ‘robot” and told that it was made by BT. 🙂

    1. If I remember correctly; bread face in his so-called ‘designer sturdy and fashionable suit’ (which I STILL think is a corn suit) was supposed to take all my donuts out of my electro cell! I think the electro cell was fun, though.

  2. My first April Fools prank here in the PHB was remarkable. It was fun responding to your comments and I think everyone had some fun too. Omegon won’t be coming back soon, though (He had too much donuts and sodas.). I finally got my phone back! 🙂

    1. I agree, too many donut breaks for THE GREAT OMEGON! I loved everything about this years prank! It was so fun to be a hench-bot! (At one point we had a Poetry Slam XD)

      1. The Henchbot already self-destructed. The PHB Authors are experiencing slight amnesia. XD

      2. Very funny. Check the comments to remember then, fish-boy…
        …And I can’t stop ’til the whole world knows my name
        ‘Cause I was only born inside my dreams
        Until you die for me, as long as there’s a light, my shadow’s over you
        ‘Cause I, I am the opposite of AMNESIAAAAAAAAAA!

        Sound familiar, Rappy?


    Haha, yup, this was all my idea. I was the one who originally wrote when Omegon was disguised as Tobor and I also posed as Omegon a few times too. It was a lot of fun, honestly. Thanks, HP, for visualizing my idea! It was a fantastic effort from all of us.

    By the way, I still haven’t forgotten about those donuts. 😛

    1. The MFB one was fun too- writing with bad grammar took a lot more effort than I thought it would XD

  4. brian (me) started typing in all CAPS like omegon and moody tuna (me) started going in binary code! (btw, brian likes cs)

      1. A: It’s ‘friends’. B: …He got my name right! It’s going to rain cats and dogs! C: Hm. I’ll have to think on that. I don’t have any friends; so…you’d be my first.

      2. she did say ” DON’T TELL NEE-SAN THAT I CHANGED HER GRAVATAR! I’m Rasuke; Adsuke’s little sister.”

      3. can you please answer my question, ad vi.. adsuke? I WILL MAKE YOUR CUTE SIS’S PUPPY EYES! its not that hard. 😉

      4. i said its not that hard because you just need to hold a puppy. i have proof. she said” call this my puppy eyes! x picks up a puppy and holds him in front of the reader’s face x “

      5. Again; RASUKE did that…so she’s cute. NO ONE ELSE can be as awesome as her in the puppy eyes.

      6. can you please answer my question, adsuke?the question was “can we be friends?”

      7. Brian…I dunno about the whole ‘friends’ thing. MAYBE (if possible) we can be comrades. Or even teammates (I actually have a lot of nicknames. Komodo Dragonflies, Hidden Snakes, Myriad Spiders, etc.) if you’re up for it. But…I don’t have any friends, and…I don’t plan on having any for the rest of my LIFE.
        P.S. Rasuke says she’s grateful of the fact that you’re trying to be my friend.

  5. Prickly Monster 3000 ▂▃▅▇█▓ⒽⒶⒾⓁ ⓄⓂⒺⒼⓄⓃ▓█▇▅▃▂ says:

    Probably one of the best April Fools pranks ever. XD But the real question is: What happened to Cheerful Singer? 😮

    P.S. Can someone please get me out of this robot suit? I’m still stuck. ._.

    1. Cheerful Singer mysteriously disappeared completely after her supposed poll commitment – we didn’t hear from her at all despite attempts to contact her, so she was removed from the blog staff. Sorry to disappoint. 😦

      *pulls you out of robot suit*

      1. uh dude. look. *pulls elastic so you can see it* its superglue!
        *mike! get the chainsaw!*

      2. prickles (thats what cs called you. ;( ) how in cheerful singer did you get that ▂▃▅▇█▓ⒽⒶⒾⓁ ⓄⓂⒺⒼⓄⓃ▓█▇▅▃▂into your name?

  6. This was the best prank I have witnessed or done. The best part was lying to my friends that weren’t on the blog and saying there was gonna be no prank when ToborAureum showed up when there actually was going to be a prank xD Then replying to the comment; omg some of those comments were “golden” hehe see what I did there? LOL This was a great prank and I hope we fooled everyone 😛

    1. x plays the guitar and snakes come all around me x Hebi, zehi subete no mawari kite, anata to anata no saiai no shisha no kawa o ubau… Hokori o motte, sorera o umeru… x snakes go around Anime.Neko.Girl and take the leather with them x Done. By the way; I am back from my daily 10-hour fighting lessons.

      1. Come snakes, come all around and take away with you the leather of your beloved dead…bury them with pride.

        Happy now? You can check for yourself, lover boy. Geez…
        Rasuke: x runs up to Brian Lewis x Hey, Brian Loser!
        Adsuke: Uggggghhhhhh….x face palm x You know what; I’ll leave you 2 to it. I have to go back to training anyway. x disappears x
        Rasuke: So…this is awkward!

      1. Sakura: Brian-kun! x running and catches up with Brian x I have a song which you can keep for yourself. You can be cured finally!
        Starfire: Oh, joy! He will be the happy?
        Beast Boy: I sang the song for Terra…she’s gone, bro! Whaaaaaa! x cries x
        Raven: Whatever.
        Cyborg: x crying x It’s x sniff x such a…x sniff x beautiful song! x cries x
        Robin: Starfire, I–
        Beast Boy and Cyborg: x singing the song x
        Sakura: Here…this is the link:
        Adsuke: x silently watching from up a tree and no-one knows she’s there. Thinking x Hm. So THIS is why they were hogging the TV for 14 hours straight…they’re so annoying. x staying there x

    1. You missed all the fun 😦 But don’t worry… OMEGON IS ALWAYS HIRING, AND OMEGON NEVER SLEEPS! XD I’m sure you will be able to partake in next years prank! 🙂

  7. Hey, guys; do me a favor – DON’T TELL NEE-SAN THAT I CHANGED HER GRAVATAR! I’m Rasuke; Adsuke’s little sister. I’m trying to prank her (Yes; I said ‘her’. Adsuke is a girl) by changing her gravatar. She told me something about ‘Fear’ so I just HAD to tell you what her fear is. You want to hear it? It’s VALENTINE’S DAY. She’s afraid of LOVE! I’m telling this to you so you can prank her. So; PWEEEEAAADE do this for me! I call this my puppy eyes! x picks up a puppy and holds him in front of the reader’s face x PWEETY PWEEADE!

    – PIKACHUUUUUU! x disappears x Owww…SASUKE! You’re so DUMB!

      1. Hey; just because Adsuke is my nee-san (elder sister (GIRL)) it does NOT mean it’s funny! YOU GOT THAT, BRIAN LOSER?!

      2. opps, adsuke’s comment dissapeared. rasuke thank you. tell me if i need to make a list.

      3. adsuke, didn’t you get a tattoo? the rainbow pony? XD how “manly”

      4. Adsuke’s gone for training; and she got a tattoo on her collar bone. It’s not a rainbow pony (HA! She’d rather DIE than have a tattoo that’s not manly); it’s the word ‘Broken’.

      5. Yea. When Adsuke was a 1 year old kid; she broke her collar bone while climbing a table.

      6. The bone didn’t break TOO much. So the doctors managed to fix it. Still, though; she can’t hold her hand up for very long without it hurting.

  8. The April Fool’s prank was amazing this year! I especially liked reading the comments about Omegon and his *annoying* all caps replies. xD Although, as soon as a I read the Intern post I knew it had to be a prank, and I bugged Sam and SD about all day (you can ask them; I even thought that they were probably gonna take over the PHB)! I did notice the red eyes, too. They kinda creeped me out at first. o.o I didn’t think he would be Omegon, though…

    1. I know what you mean. I was surprised because I never had heard of ‘ToborAureum’ before and the “Blogging Intern” thing was so sudden. I suspected something, but not an Omegon takeover! It was the best prank the PHB has ever done, and it was so fun conversing with THE GREAT OMEGON. I loved everything about it and enjoyed being a Hench-Bot. I’ll never see Omegon without thinking of Creme-Filled donuts! XD “CRIES”

      1. *adding omegon to the list of things i miss,above cheerful singer (with hearts around her)*

      2. x face palm x Alright…changing the subject now before it gets even MORE awkward…x holds up a picture of CS that Omegon stole because he wanted to see Brian suffer x…let’s just…figure out a name for ourselves.
        #1. Komodo Dragonflies.
        #2. Hidden Snakes.
        #3. Lava Spiders.
        #4. Storm Hailers. (Pun intended)
        #5. Viking Berserkers.

        What do you think, Lewis?

      3. here is mine: 1 japan singers, 2 omegon annoyers, 3 poptropica singers, 4 magic singers, 5 shy singers, 6 red singers, 7 zippy singers, 8 short singers, 9 rasuke helpers, 10 cheerful singers. dont call me lewis.

      4. x stone faced x Hm. I do help her. But we need something AWESOME not DUMB as our names. Baka means ‘Idiot’ in Japanese.

      5. That means ‘Awesome Singers’. I suggest Baikingubasaka . It mean VIKING BERSERKERS. Or do you want ‘Hanran Faundasu’ (meaning ‘Rebel Founders’)?

      6. Sowwy! I am back from Japan! I found Sakura, Brian Loser! Also…cool name! SHADOW OF JAPAN! AWESOME!
        Sakura: I know how it feels to lose someone you love, Brian-kun. I lost Sasuke-kun a long time ago…I only wish the pain would fade…x cries x
        Rasuke: You’re even more annoying than NARUTO; Sakura!
        Adsuke: Pain… x walks away to the beach and climbs up a tree. Reading a book x
        Rasuke: I told you you were annoying, Suckura.



      7. Sakura: Here…to remember those who have left us by…x gives Brian-kun a picture of Cheerful Singer x I am Sakura Haruno. I know how it feels to–
        Sakura: x cries x
        Rasuke: CLEAN UP IN ROOM 4!
        Random guys who come in: x takes Sakura out x
        Rasuke: You can keep Sakura-chan if you want. But beware of the drool Naruto will slobber on Sakura. She’s outside if you need her…x whispers x she’s training with Adsuke right now.

        – Rasuke

      8. sakura, thanx so much! you are the first person who cares. sometimes things never change…

      9. Sakura: x blushes x Aw, that’s so sweet of you! You’re the first person who cares as well! After Sasuke-kun left, well…it’s been so hard. I…I…I miss him so much! x cries x
        Rasuke: x thinking x Cry baby.
        Adsuke: x thinking x Unfortunately…I feel sorry for her. Even though it’s someone she has a CRUSH on…she misses a person who left her. I feel sorry for her for once. x puts hands in pockets and walks away x
        Naruto: Sakura-chan…
        Rasuke: Out of here, Naruto. x pushes Naruto out of the door and locks it. Sakura and Brian left in the room x

        – Rasuke

  9. it says ” //Ok, back to my donut — hey, where did it go? What is this? Raw fish?! Wait… no… CRAWFISH?!//” captain crawfish, maybe?

    1. iit says ” //Ok, back to my donut — hey, where did it go? What is this? Raw fish?! Wait… no… CRAWFISH?!//” captain crawfish, maybe?

  10. Drone Voice: OMEGON WILL TAKE OVER THIS PATHETIC BLO- Normal Voice: Oh its a joke! *Nervous laugh* I TOTALLY knew that! LOL???

  11. I survived! I survived not getting affected by Omegon.. I stayed in the aBout page for two days

      1. It’s ‘sarcasm’ and I learnt sarcasm from the best (Adsuke). By the way; I’m only telling the truth, you know!

      2. x stone faced x You’re off to a bad start. I hate people who are lovestruck. I hate them even MORE when they’re my comrades. MOVE ON, bro. Or should I call Sakura over here?

      3. Sakura: Here…come for a hug! x hugs Brian to help make him feel better x
        Rasuke: x out of the room x
        Naruto: x out of the room x
        Adsuke: x out of the room. Thinking x Yuck…
        Rasuke: Can I get a hug, nee-san?
        Adsuke: No.
        Naruto: What about me?
        Adsuke: I’d rather kiss a toilet seat.
        Naruto: Yuck!
        Adsuke: Kinda the point.


      I`M SHIVVERING IN THE FREEZER ROOM WITH MYCREMEFILLED DOUGHNUT~opens the fridge.stash of doughnuts is gone~NOW, WHERE`S MY DOUGHNUT~picks up a cutlass and pirate hat, along with some sushi~WHAT IS THIS?RAW FISH? WAIT. NO, NO, IT CANNOT BE. CRAAAAAAAAAAAWFIIIIIIIIIIIIISH(AND YESS, I WILL NOM Y0U)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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