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Pop 5: Ranking the Islands of 2008

Yoohoo Poptropicans, long time no speak. Yes, it’s true – LJ hath returned! I feel like I’ve been gone so long that I don’t even know how to write anymore, but bear with me. ☠️

How many islands have been released in the last half year? None? Okay, so I haven’t missed anything. Speaking of islands, lately I’ve been reminiscing back to when they were actually good, ahem ahem. So today I’d like y’all to accompany me in this ride of nostalgia as I rank the islands that first popped up on the map nearly 15 years ago – the five islands of 2008. If you don’t know, this includes Time Tangled, 24 Carrot, Super Power, Spy, and Nabooti. Do you feel old yet?

Disclaimer: This is not a full review for each island, so each analysis will be kept brief.

#5: 24 Carrot Island 🥕

At the unfortunate placement of 5th, we have 24 Carrot Island – originally released on June 6, 2008. Not at all do I think this island is bad on its own, but I don’t think it’s up to par when compared to the other islands from this year. Being one of the first islands in the game, it is noticeably simpler than most. However, we must remember that simple does not necessarily mean low-quality.

It’s no secret this island debuted the single most iconic character of the entire game, Dr. Hare, so we have that to thank it for. Another thing about 24 Carrot island I love is that it feels so quintessentially “Poptropica” (if that makes sense). Obviously it’s held up after all this time since it’s one of the only old islands that’s still playable from the map.

#4: Time Tangled Island ⏱️

In 4th place, originally released on April 15, 2008, is the transtemporal quest Time Tangled Island! I like that this island is very educational in an organic way, which at its core is what Poptropica is all about. I enjoy not only traveling to different parts of the world, but in different time periods as well. It really serves to amp up the satisfaction factor.

It’s not the most original concept, nor does it feature any memorable characters, but it’s definitely fun to play through. There is also something to be said for the amount of brain power needed to complete it which is something that today’s islands seem to lack in my opinion.

#3: Nabooti Island 💎

Next is none other than Nabooti Island, which was released at the very end of the year on December 11. At one point, this was actually one of my all-time favorites, and for good reason. The adventurous nature of this island is exhilarating and the scenery is quite beautiful for this time in Poptropica (when most scenes were a bit bland in my view). Another fun tidbit about this island that I’m not sure many newer players are aware of is the cool cell phone trick used to get various costume parts by dialing specific numbers. (refer to the trivia section in our island guide)

What this island is missing, though, is an array of interesting characters – or even at least one or two for that matter. So for all of these reasons considered, Nabooti sits smack dab in the middle of this ranking at 3rd place.

#2: Super Power Island 💥

Where do I even begin with Super Power Island? I can almost say for certain that everybody likes this island to some capacity. What kid wouldn’t want to become a superhero and defeat bad guys for a day? This island, albeit uncomplicated, is a super entertaining classic. If you don’t agree, I’ll have to respect your incorrect opinion.

Super Power (released on July 24, 2008 – just two days before the PHB was born!) manages to find a perfect balance of being tough to beat while still remaining enjoyable and not too stressful. (I’m looking at you Virus Hunter…) The amount of creativity spawned from this island (i.e. fanart) alone is a testament to how good it really was while it was around. Characters like Betty Jetty and Ned Noodlehead remain popular to this day and the rest of the villains get their fair share in the spotlight as well.

It was a super close call to determine which island deserved to be crowned my top island of 2008, but in the end the coronation goes to… 

#1: Spy Island 🔍

Released on September 9, 2008 was Poptropica’s 6th quest to grace the map, Spy Island. Like time travel and superheroism, espionage is another perfect theme for an island, and it was done very well! All of the gadgets were really fun to utilize (my favorite being the chameleon suit), and although the grappling bowtie could be a little frustrating, it was fun to just monkey around with whenever you needed a little break from the actual island.

Moments like sneaking around the dogs, memorizing the ingredients to become a chef, and the snatching of Director D’s wig have lived in my head rent-free for the past decade and a half. And overall, the story and plot of this island was *chef’s kiss*. At the time of its release, Spy Island definitely had the most complex story and the most challenging tasks. This island was surely a pioneer for the many exciting islands yet to come and it certainly made its mark on the game. There’s even a printable sheet for the decoder kit used in the island, which is rare for any item in the game! How cool is that?

Ah, sweet sweet memories. 2008 was a pretty good year for island releases, and it was a pleasure to talk about them for a little bit. Most of them are gone, but they will never be forgotten.

Did you get a chance to play any of these islands? Which one was your favorite and least favorite? Leave your rankings and any other thoughts in the comments section below.

I’ll hopefully talk to all of you soon. Pop on!

–LJ 🍀

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Signaling the next up on Survival Island 🚨

Surviving the times? Pop Worlds isn’t, but over on this side of Poptropica on Haxe (desktop and mobile), the next installments of Survival Island have just been re-released for both members and the public!

The Haxe map now boasts 3/5 episodes of Survival Island.

Ep. 3: Distress Signal is now on the map and open to members, while Ep. 2: Hook, Line, and Sinker is finally, after six months, open to all. Keep our Survival Island Guide handy if you’re embarking on this adventure!

Thanks to Dizzy Feather and Magic Poptropican for sharing this news!

While this wilderness saga is taking its sweet time to release on Haxe, Survival Island can be played in its entirety via Poptropica on Steam, with all five episodes included in a paid bundle alongside other islands.

Whether you’re a member or not, enjoy the new episode at your fingertips! (Guess we’ll have to wait a bit longer for the hinted Mission Atlantis…) And if in distress, visit our guide to get out of your mess. 😄


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Dr. Hare in Roblox: City Slam Survival 🐰💥

Hey Poptropicans and Robloxians!

Poptropica’s spin-off Roblox games studio, Suit Up Games, just dropped a new Roblox game: City Slam Survival. Alas, it has nothing to do with Poptropica, save for one freebie you can get: a cubic Dr. Hare pet.

To get this pink bunny block following you around on Roblox, click on the backpack button inside the game and go to Pets. From there, enter the promo code as shown on a Home Island billboard — HareDoc (case sensitive, so only capitalize the H and D) — to get your li’l Dr. Hare. 🐰

As an ad for Lunchables 100% Juice, City Slam Survival is seeing much more impressive stats (25K+ visits so far) than Poptropica’s previous Roblox releases. The game’s premise is simple: smash to collect, collect to build, and build to survive. It’s quite the swerve from typical Pop…

While Dr. Hare is out getting his brand deal on another platform, another character isn’t so lucky. PHC user Fearless Star noticed that in the current PoptropiCon Island, Ep. 2, a poster was quietly removed.

The banner in the in-game convention center featured a superhero called “Proto-13” who resembled the manga character Astro Boy. We guess it might have been taken down due to copyright concerns, despite all the parodies on the island. Welp, RIP Proto-13 🙏

Despite the loss of one art piece, there’s plenty more to be admired on Poptropica’s Instagram stories. Here are their latest fan art features:

Don’t forget, the Holly Jolly Holiday Design Contest is open until November 16! Try your hand at designing the next batch of member gifts for winter — you might win your own idea made into the game. 🎄


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Autumn Home and Atlantis Hint 🍂🐡

Happy November! As we bid farewell to Red October (did you check out our delightfully devilish Hallowinners??), we’re ushering in a new look…

Home Island has pulled another one of its infamous switch-a-roos, and the landing base is now covered in yellow and orange fall foliage. 🍂🍁

Inside Adventure Outfitters, the shop floor is now offering some distinctly underwater inspired costumes and sea creature clubhouse props! Though the Pop Creators haven’t mentioned anything yet, we can’t help but wonder if this is a hint for Mission Atlantis Island, which had its first episode re-released on Haxe (desktop and mobile) for members the last time some of these items were in the store. One year on, is the island finally going to open to non-members?

Enjoy the latest fan art features from Poptropica’s Instagram stories, collected over the past couple of weeks. We’ve got OCs galore, a few memes, and even a sketch of the scary Red Queen!

Anyway, the deep sea isn’t the only blue tide lately! Catch some more of the beautiful blues in our Community Creations and Halloween costume contest winners. Sea ya in the next wave, Poptropicans! 🌊


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Zomberry Hero: Back a Second Slime 🍍🧟

Hey Poptropican heroes — the limited time special event Zomberry Hero is back with a similar dose of infected zombies to cure!

To get started with this mini-game inspired by the classic Zomberry Island, talk to the school bus driver on Home Island or find its map icon.

Almost exactly like the version that debuted in 2020, your task is to search for zombies among the dark cityscapes and blast them with your gun filled with pineapple slime antidote to rid them of their disease. But if you get too close, your fear meter will go up — too high and you’ll have to restart the level. After three levels, you’ll win 1,000 credits!

To see how it’s done, check out this official playthrough video or our Zomberry Hero Guide from when the game first released. When in Poptropica, Covid’s got nothing on tainted blueberries!

While the latest Zomberry outbreak appears pretty similar to the previous, PHB reader Silver Horse noticed that some of the infected Poptropicans from the original game in 2020 are merely scene assets in 2022, making the game much easier with fewer actual zombies this time around. Some characters were also switched up, with new additions like Burt Diamond and Black Widow replacing others like Shark Boy. And as Dizzy Feather notes, some NPCs have had their dialogue cut.

Despite the two years that have elapsed since the first Zomberry Hero event, which promised a sequel, no new levels were added. Once again, upon completion, players will simply see “To be continued…”

Besides the return of this special event, we’ve got a few spooky season shindigs here on the PHB too: be sure to enter our Halloween costume contest and make some art for Community Creations and Poptober.

🧟‍♀️ Now go be a Zomberry Hero! 🧟‍♂️