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PHB Sneak Peeks: Never Shaken, Never Stirred

While looking around, I stumbled upon a picture of these two unseen costumes – Stealth Agentย (with super-epic night vision headgear) and Spy Agentย (with toilet plunger gun). As it turns out, new Spy Island figures will soon be added to Poptropica’s lineup of 3-inch figurine toys, and come with these!

New Spy Items!

UPDATE: Reader Nicholas (Squeezy Wing) tells us that he messaged Poptropica about these toys and was told that it was buyable for a limited time, and now that the time is over, it can’t be bought again. Strangely, though, they’re still listed as “Coming soon”!

The page for these upcoming Spy Toys is already up, though not yet listed with the rest of the Poptropica toys. Like the other 3″ toys, they’ll probably be sold as an island pack together and only have one actual set of arms and legs (the other is just clothing you can switch on it to customize).

Here’s the official description and picture of the toys:

Spy Island’s top operatives are ready for their next assignment! Disappear into the shadows with the undetectable Stealth Agent, or take center stage with the unflappable Spy Agent.ย Coming soon!

Spy toys

I have to say, though, the Stealth Agent toy is rather lacking compared to its ultra-awesome-looking online code-redeeming counterpart. ๐Ÿ˜› What do you think of these toys? How about the costumes?

Side note: James Bond likes his martinis shaken, not stirred.

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Meet the scarecrow… I mean, winner!

๐Ÿ™‚ Poptropica Help Blog has reached the 700,000 hits milestone! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • throws cookies in your direction*

Wait, did you like the flavor? We’ve got jam ones too… or do you prefer peanut butter?

Shark Boy, the host of the Poptropica Popularity Contests, congratulates everyone who voted and participated:

avatar imageThe results are in and the winner is…the secret agent from Spy Island! Congrats and thanks to all those who voted! We will be putting together a couple T-shirt designs of this character and will allow you to vote on your favorite design.

Cool! Be on guard for new T-shirt designs at Poptropica’s online store (after we vote for it, of course)! ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s Mr. Spy Guy standing proudly on the podium:

There is a small problem, though. Vince Graves and Medicine Man sure looks upset! Let’s just hope they don’t go seeking revenge… maybe we should go read a Goosebumps book instead…

Ready for some Goosebumps? Take the blimp to any of the 8 islands and run to the right edge of Main Street, and you should find something like this:


Enter if you dare…

You dared, didn’t you? I’ll explain what’s inside so you don’t get lost and scared… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Floor | Side | Function
Bottom Left: Clickable Poster for ordering online
Middle Left: Scarecrow costume
Middle Right: Pale-green mummy costume
Middlish-Top Right: Clickable Poster for ordering online
Middle Middle: Goosebumps Quiz Game
Top Right: About the DVD (Return of the Mummy)
Top Left: About the DVD (The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight)
Top Middle: DVD Trailer Video

Want to jump higher on Poptropica? Check out Director Lion‘s newly discovered cheat, now updated for the Cheat Codes page! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Criminal in the Final?

Ladies and jellybeans,
Tables and chairs.
Cross-eyed mosquitoes
And bald-headed bears!

I welcome thy Poptropicans to take a quick vote for…

Popularity Contest #6: The Final Round!

Before we get to that, let’s take a look at #5’s contestants: Poptropica’s criminals!

D, otherwise known as Vince Graves of Giza 1, Nabooti Island, received 63% of the votes and was declared the winner. Now we see that he has moved onto the finals, along with all the others that were voted for…

I guess it doesn’t pay to lead a life of crime, Vince, because C,ย a handsome agent at Spy Island’s Headquarters is winning by far, claiming 57% of all votes! Wow! It also proves how popular Nabooti Island is – 2 of its characters are in the Finals! This poll isn’t over yet, though: there’s still a chance for the others to win!

To make things better, the winner of the Finals gets a T-shirt design made of them, the Poptropica Creators say. They will probably be sold on Poptropica’s online store, “T-shirts & More”!

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Mixed Races

Welcome to another round of Poptropica Popularity Contests! It’s the third one this week, and this time we’ve got mixed races: 24 Carrot, Super Power, Spy and Nabooti Islands are all crammed in one! Check it out:

Don’t they all look cool? Whether it’s the policewoman, grass-head, or mayor that you like, remember to head over to the Creators’ Blog to vote. To vote, simply visit the Poptropica Creatorsโ€™ Blog and look for the poll widget on the right side. Once you find it, read through the options and use the picture above to help you choose! Click on the box(es) you want to give a vote for, and then press Submit. Happy voting! ๐Ÿ˜†

“A” looks really smart! (It must pay off, too, because he’s winning so far.) Who did you vote for? Today I picked A, C, and G!

If you missed yesterday’s contest, don’t worry. You can still read all about it in the post below!

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Say Roar, Cool Tiger!

Say roar, Cool Tiger! Congratulations!

Yep, a new Snapshot Saga from Vlad the Viking. Thanks for detecting that, Oumer26! And of course, here is another one of Vlad’s amazing tales:

Finding my way around in the dark was easy. I just followed a mysterious red beam that occasionally flashed down from the sky, and found my way to the streets of a grand city. The first Poptropican that I ran into was walking down the street in front of the Hair Club. I had asked how they were able to build such tall buildings, when that same red light from before burst from the sky and struck him on the head! The Poptropican’s hair was vaporized in an instant, and I had to duck through the front doors of the Hair Club to save my beautiful locks from a similar fate.

To my surprise, many Poptropicans have also taken cover inside the building to save their own hair from the cursed beam of light! I met Cool Tiger there, and I think her name was very fitting, for she did not look in the least bit concerned about the hazardous hair removal occurring outside. Cool indeed.

I took her photo to add to my collection before she left to conquer the mysterious light on her own! A very, very cool customer.

That was definitely one cool photograph! Don’t forget to check out the post below for another one with Astro-Knights Island!