Blast from the Past, Snapshot Series

Blast from the Past, Episode 1: Superstars

Hey PHB readers! I’m starting a new series here on the PHB called “Blast from the Past” where I showcase interesting things from Poptropica’s history.

For some of the more long term readers, this is going to be a walk down memory lane, inspiring some nostalgia. For some of the newer readers, this may be the first time they encounter some of the awesome things Poptropica has done!


The first episode of this new series is titled Superstars. As some of you may have guessed, this has to do with the five “Superstars” of Poptropica. Three years ago exactly to the date, the Poptropica Creators started a week-long series of posts showcasing some of, who they deemed, Poptropica’s greatest players. These players included Grumpy Icicle, Fierce Moon, Grey Icicle, Quiet Boot, and Sporty Boa, some of whom were avid PHB readers!

These players had achieved some pretty amazing feats such as being in the top ten island finishers for Shrink Ray Island, winning 93 games of Sky Dive, and being undefeated in the Prepare for Impact mini-game. The Creators even gave Fierce Moon’s blog, Poptropica Cheats and Secrets, a subtle shout out.

Back in the day, everyone wanted to be the next superstar. People posted their “superstar resumes” on their blogs, and even in the comments here on the PHB.

Do you remember the PCB’s Superstars, or is this all new to you? Let me know about that and what you think of this new series in the comments below.

Poptropolis Games Island, Snapshot Series

There Can Be Only One Winner…

Ha! Bet you thought I was talking about Poptropolis Games, huh?


Well, I’m not. You see, humans tend to have self-centered thoughts at times. This is no exception for Shark Boy. For example, if someone were to declare him “Best Shark”…

Well, I bet he’s thrilled. He made a whole post about it, just to get the point across. According to Shark Boy, “I’d like to thank the little people.”

Did anyone happen to notice that Shark Boy is, ah, smiling? Yes, smiling! Well, anyone would be smiling if they won a contest. Do you think Shark Boy is the best shark, or do you think there’s a better shark in town, uh, Poptropica?

And, if you are having trouble with Poptropolis Games, and you fear that the one winner can’t be you, remember to check out our Island Help. There, you can find the Poptropolis Games Guide (or click HERE) written by PHB author Icy Comet and you can be the one and only champion! Just keep in mind that there’s no tribe like Pathfinders. 😉

~Super Thunder

Snapshot Series, Sneak Peeks

‘Wheel’ now know about the next book.

Hey guys. 🙂 (update: see below for “Photastic” post!)

The Creators have posted the cover of the next Wimpy Kid book. Here it is…

The third wheel? I didn’t even know that we had two to start with!

From what I’ve heard from the news (Jeff Kinney was at a childrens books writers’ expo in Sydney, NSW, Australia) it’s basically about Greg trying to find a date to the valentines day dance. My guess is, he’ll say that he’s got a great chance of going with Holly Hills or something, but he’ll end up just going with his best friend, Rowley.


*flies away into clouds*

EDIT (Hijuyo):

We’ve recently heard from a PHB reader, Lucas, that his Poptropican jaramillo14 (Lone Heart) is the one featured in the PCB’s “Photastic” post. Congratulations, Lone Heart, for earning all 109 photos currently available in Poptropica’s photo album! Hard work does pay off. 🙂

How many photos have YOU earned on Poptropica Friends? Do you have more or less than your friends? Let us know in the comments below!

Poptropolis Games Island, Snapshot Series, Twisted Thicket Island

Happy Poptropolis Games & may the odds be ever in your favor

There’s been a lot of hype lately about the next island, the Poptropolis Games! Who’s excited? I know I am! Before we jump into the Games, though, the Creators have announced that Twisted Thicket Island will be available to everyone on Wednesday, May 2nd.

And for those too lazy to check the Daily Pop, PHB commenter legodirectorfilms shared with us a compilation of pics for the upcoming Olympic-themed island:

The PHB’s Discussion Page for the Poptropolis Games is also up! Check it out here.

In other news, for the first time ever, the Creators are showing us fan art they received from a Poptropican called Super Sky!

Looking good there! Which reminds me, the PHB has a guide on How To Draw a Poptropican if you’re interested in trying it out. 🙂

And now…

Snapshot Series

Museum visit

Well, well, well. What have we here in this new PCB post? It’s a new year, and as ST mentioned: Happy New Year, everyone! Of course, now that that’s over with, Dr. Hare is at it again! Poptropica’s little evil minded genius will start once again this year to travel all over the world’s different locations.

This photo came along with his most recent visit.

Eek! Don’t get too close to that thing, Dr. Hare. I’m afraid it’s not as fake as it seems and may eat you alive ;). Just kidding. Hmmm…upon closer examination he appears to be in some sort of museum. The cat is obviously a motionless yet realistic prop…what museum could this be? I could think of one major one: The Smithsonian Instituition of Natural History. Long name indeed. Before they oficially post the answers, it’s time for you guys to take your best shot :D.

Guess away!

EP out!