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Museum visit

Well, well, well. What have we here in this new PCB post? It’s a new year, and as ST mentioned: Happy New Year, everyone! Of course, now that that’s over with, Dr. Hare is at it again! Poptropica’s little evil minded genius will start once again this year to travel all over the world’s different locations.

This photo came along with his most recent visit.

Eek! Don’t get too close to that thing, Dr. Hare. I’m afraid it’s not as fake as it seems and may eat you alive ;). Just kidding. Hmmm…upon closer examination he appears to be in some sort of museum. The cat is obviously a motionless yet realistic prop…what museum could this be? I could think of one major one: The Smithsonian Instituition of Natural History. Long name indeed. Before they oficially post the answers, it’s time for you guys to take your best shot :D.

Guess away!

EP out!

29 thoughts on “Museum visit”

      1. Its called Taxidermy. Many people do it, like Chuck Testa, for museums or for creepy furniture. The animal is stuffed but it died before they stuffed it. It also isn’t gross.

      1. the dark ages lasted between the fall of the roman empire and the renaissance.

        Rainbow Dash: It lasted until the fall of the Holy Roman Empire.

      2. a factor to why airline food tastes so bad is the sound produced from the jet engine and general crampness in economy

  1. ST? You mean BT? I didn’t say Happy New Year in a post. And the answer was already posted. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    @lazy moon above, Most museums do stuff dead animals for their displays. Either that or they made a model.

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