Snapshot Series

Museum visit

Well, well, well. What have we here in this new PCB post? It’s a new year, and as ST mentioned: Happy New Year, everyone! Of course, now that that’s over with, Dr. Hare is at it again! Poptropica’s little evil minded genius will start once again this year to travel all over the world’s different locations.

This photo came along with his most recent visit.

Eek! Don’t get too close to that thing, Dr. Hare. I’m afraid it’s not as fake as it seems and may eat you alive ;). Just kidding. Hmmm…upon closer examination he appears to be in some sort of museum. The cat is obviously a motionless yet realistic prop…what museum could this be? I could think of one major one: The Smithsonian Instituition of Natural History. Long name indeed. Before they oficially post the answers, it’s time for you guys to take your best shot :D.

Guess away!

EP out!

Astro-Knights Island, Sneak Peeks

Cyborg Jesters and Nabooti Museums!

Three things to report! We get a sneak peek of… a robotic joker? What island could this be a sneak peek of? Reality TV Island? The new mechanical island recently announced? Who knows? Also, if you head over to the Poptropica Creators’ Blog, you might be entertained by the jokes in their post. Blog picture below:


The second sneak peek presented is of the Nabooti Island museum! I predict that this will be Nabooti Island’s equivalent of the Pop Art Museum on Early Poptropica Island. However, I don’t really recognize any sculptures. Hmm. Maybe my theory could be totally wrong and they were just made-up artifacts, but if you recognize any, feel free to comment! =)


Finally, a new poll is on the Creators’ Blog! It questions, “How many stars does your character have?” So far, I am shocked by the results! Apparently, more people have FIVE stars than three stars. o_o Go figure. I personally only have 3 stars. Also, thanks everybody for the overflowing views! I didn’t mention it before, but we have 110k hits! Crispy cookies to you all! =) Keep telling all of your friends who like Poptropica about us! =D